The Keeneston Roses

Kathleen Brooks

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The Keeneston Roses

The Keeneston Roses Alternate Cover Edition can be found here The Bluegrass book everyone has been asking for is finally here The Rose sisters have survived the lows and enjoyed the highs throughout their lives See what

  • Title: The Keeneston Roses
  • Author: Kathleen Brooks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate Cover Edition can be found here The Bluegrass book everyone has been asking for is finally here The Rose sisters have survived the lows and enjoyed the highs throughout their lives See what events shaped Keeneston s most beloved siblings Lily Rae Rose has been headstrong since she was a child She was the oldest, after all Maybe that s why she fell for the baAlternate Cover Edition can be found here The Bluegrass book everyone has been asking for is finally here The Rose sisters have survived the lows and enjoyed the highs throughout their lives See what events shaped Keeneston s most beloved siblings Lily Rae Rose has been headstrong since she was a child She was the oldest, after all Maybe that s why she fell for the bad boy next door But Lily learns that not all bad boys can be reformed After suffering the pain of a broken heart, Lily dedicated herself to finding the perfect match for her friends This let her enjoy the benefits of love without the pain Until town gossip John Wolfe forced her to confront the pain of the past Daisy Mae Rose may only be minutes apart from her two sisters, but she always felt invisible as the middle sister When a man makes her the center of attention, Daisy blooms under his loving care That is, until he joins the war effort and leaves her behind forever But there was someone else who had loved Daisy in high school, and now he has returned At their 70th high school reunion, he decides to see if there s a reason to move back to Keeneston Violet Fae Rose was always the wild one After high school, she did the unthinkable for a single woman in the early 1960s she left the small town of Keeneston and went to culinary school in France While in the City of Love, Violet falls madly in love with the one person she shouldn t Violet quickly finds out the downside of a forbidden romance and runs away to the French countryside to lose herself in her cooking But sometimes it takes returning home to fully put things back together Violet finds peace in playing matchmaker with her sisters for many years And then one day, Violet finds herself on the receiving end of someone else s matchmaking Time can heal many wounds, but the Rose sisters wounds run very deep Will the three sisters finally find true love during their golden years And better yet, can Keeneston even handle three Rose sisters in love

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    One thought on “The Keeneston Roses

    1. Kathleen on said:

      We waited with great anticipation for the story of The Rose Sisters of Keeneston, KYAnd it was so worth the wait. Kathleen Brooks did not disappoint her loyal fans of the Bluegrass series. I give it 5+ stars. These three amazing woman are the heart of the town of Keeneston and the families who have lived for generations in this town We learn the stories behind who the sisters and how they became the matriarchs of this town. We see their heartbreaks, heartaches and how they became the woman they [...]

    2. Kim McGavitt on said:

      This story was amazing! I laughed (to the point of almost peeing my pants), cried and laughed again all within a paragraph or two throughout the book. I can relate to the heartache and betrayal all three girls endured but I'm so happy they were finally able to let that all go and find their true loves. Like they Rose sisters said - age is just a number - and they showed everyone that true love does not care what your age is! Kathleen hit another one out of the park with this one! There are way t [...]

    3. Christie on said:

      Absolutely awesomely fantastic!!Kathleen Brooks did it one more time and totally perfect! Lily, Violet and Daisy are the most wonderful characters in the entire series and I totally love them! Throughout the entire series we only saw glimpses of their past and how amazing and outrages they are, but also we know the how and why they become the got mothers and much making triplets that they are. Be a story it's heartbreaking, heartwarming, lovably and absolutely totally funny!!! I don't want to sa [...]

    4. Robin Brister on said:

      The Rose'sI am a big Kathleen Brooks fan & love her Bluegrass series. The Roses have always been some of my favorite characters. I loved getting their story of what and why. Their story is one of love, loss, and pure happiness.

    5. Victoria Sturlini on said:

      SWEET BOOK!!!What A sweet book this is! Love all the characters. Love the interactions between all of the families, etc. I love how they all work together and support each other. I have only read one other Kathleen Brooks book before this one One that takes place after this one but I am looking forward to reading all of the Bluegrass series. I want to know about all of these families featured so I will be doing a " Bluegrass" reading marathon! 😊. These books are sweet but also sexy and suspen [...]

    6. Michelle on said:

      Loved itWhat a read it had me upset one minute and happy the next it's about time the rose sisters had there happy ending, I absolutely love this one.Can't wait to read What s to come next.

    7. Jessica on said:

      Can I just say I love the Rose sisters? they are just so amazing! So glad we finally got to see what happened in their lives to make them who they are. Longer review to come.

    8. Sandy on said:

      Ken rosesWell this is the last book I have read.I just wish there were more to these stories.I loved each and every one.

    9. Diana on said:

      I love every single book in this series! Kathleen Brooks is such a master at writing these stories, she makes me want to live in a quaint town in Kentucky that doesn't even exist! I am in love with Keeneston!

    10. Lisa Reigel on said:

      The Keeneston Roses – Kathleen Brooks (A Bluegrass Singles Novel)The Keeneston Roses is a wonderful story about the lives of the Rose Sisters, triplets from Keeneston, KY. It starts from their early years and goes through to current times. We witness each of their heartbreaks, as each have their hearts broken by men who didn’t deserve them. We see Lily, who had already experienced her heartbreak at a young age, finds herself the only daughter left at home. She begins playing the town’s mat [...]

    11. Andrea Akers on said:

      The Roses of KentuckyWe all love the Rose sisters and this book tells us about their heartbreak and how they each found love. Keenston at its best. This is a standalone book but if you haven't read any of the previous books many parts of this book will not make sense.

    12. Mayas on said:

      The anticipation is over for the story of the three sisters who are the heart and soul of Kathleen's fictional southern gem of Keeneston, Kentucky. The childish rivalry, to the teenage dreams, to young heartache, to picking up the pieces and finally living. All my questions were answered as I laughed, cried, remininced, cheered, and cried some more. This is the best work from Kathleen and proved just what I expected of rivaling Final Vow. It was erie how much I related to Lily, Violet, and Daisy [...]

    13. Peni on said:

      Not what I was expecting, to say the least, actually better. I wasn't sure how Ms. Brooks was going to go about telling this story that spans so many decades. She did an abmorable job. As it is so closely tied into the entire Bluegrass series' I would not recommend reading this without reading the rest. There are a lot of characters and without the background, I would have been lost. There was a lot packed into this relatively short story.I would like to have had a bit more background and inform [...]

    14. Shauna Stewart Hougham on said:

      If you have ever read a book by Kathleen then you know it is like coming home. and when you read the pages of Keenston, you literally want to hop into the book, and be there in the B & B, be on the horse farms, eat at the Blossom Cafe, and so on.We fell in love with the Rose sister many many years ago and now we get to see them as young teenagers and as they grow thru the years. We laugh, we cry, and we clap. I love this book, this series and frankly I just plain love this town, the people, [...]

    15. Toni on said:

      In the Bluegrass Series by Kathleen Brooks, and again in the Bluegrass Brothers, we are introduced to the good folks of Keeneston, KY. All the characters are marvelous and following their stories is exciting; but the real glue that holds Keeneston together is the Rose sisters, Lilly, Daisy, and Violet. The three sisters are the oil that keeps Keeneston wheels turning.Ms. Brooks has kindly written this book, The Keeneston Roses, to give us a look into the lives of these extraordinary women. From [...]

    16. Jo on said:

      Rose sisters born in 1930s, in that moment, women always staing home at housewife, not like Daisy, went to university, Violet, study abaord for being chef. Lily, may be she had her chance, but the boy runined it. Sisiters never met their real half, it was little bit sad, becuase what they had been through, they chose to be single and stay closed. they are nice, funny with their strong character, they love being the matchmaker, a hundred copules, wow!!!when they step into their old ages, they fin [...]

    17. Michele A. on said:

      This book starts off by giving us the back story on Lily, Daisey and Violet's love lives. All three of them have been burned and start to become matchmakers in order to find happiness in other people's love. Lily and John Wolfe's story comes to light in this book and it was nice to read. Daisey and Violet both find love in unexpected places and the story was told in such a nice way that you were kept apprised of how all of the characters in Keeneston were doing throughout all of these years and [...]

    18. Pam on said:

      Kathleen Brooks best work ever!!! Ms. Brooks gives her characters such depth and her storyline is so real. I have read the entire series and this was by far the best! I laughed. I was broken-hearted. I cried. I cried some more and then I laughed until I cried. I was transported through the series to reminisce with the characters from the series and loved every minute of it. Lilly, Violet, and Daisy captured my heart throughout the series but to finally know their story, I feel privileged to have [...]

    19. Karen Bowman on said:

      I loved this book from the beginning cover to the ending cover! The blanks about the Rose sisters were all filled in and everything they had done behind the scenes throughout the years was explained. I laughed, cried and wanted to punch some of the characters for what they did to the sisters. The little pill scene was so funny I couldn't breath! When Marshall investigated two people making out at the high school to come and find a Rose sister and him peeling out of the parking lot again hysteric [...]

    20. Katy on said:

      I love Kathleen Brooks' Bluegrass series, regardless of whatever generation she is featuring in the book. My three all-time favorite characters though are the ROSE SISTERS, who are the central part of these stories. These nonogenarians (is that the correct word for the people who are in their nineties) are feisty, independent, and loyal. This is their story, of who they were, the choices they made, and how they lived, laughed, cried, and loved. Since, to the best of my calculations, they MUST be [...]

    21. Carolyn Anthony on said:

      I have never felt so many range of emotions as I did with this one! I have read all of the Bluegrass novels and novellas, and I have to say that without a doubt this is by far my favorite one! I am looking forward to many more books from Kathleen! If you want to read a story about southern manners, falling in love, heartbreak, and second chance at love when you thought that there would be none, this is the book for you. You will laugh, cry, sigh, scream, laugh, and laugh and cry together while y [...]

    22. Nancy on said:

      Love it!!!I have read every book from this author to date and each book holds a special place in my heart. The town of Keeneston is so quaint and the characters so loveable I wish it could be a real place to go to. The gossip spreading and the matchmaking Rose sisters are the heart and soul of Keeneston. This story is theirs and believe me reading it will put you on a rollercoaster ride of the best kind. Not to offer spoilers here, but I highly recommend this book and this series.

    23. Rhonda Brewer on said:

      I have read all of Kathleen Brooks books. I have to say this one is by far my favorite. It spanned over many years but it was so great to see why the Rose sister ended up doing what they did. It was also nice to finally get their happily ever after. Also the inclusion of all the characters from previous books in the series and characters from future books makes you feel like you are part of the town. When you read these books you grow to love the characters as if they are family. I can't wait fo [...]

    24. Neena Christianson Martin on said:

      Growing up RosesAwesome book!! This is the ultimate read for anyone who has read any of the Bluegrass or Keeneston based books. To learn the life stories of the Rose sisters was a truly enjoyable event. They have been such an integral part of every Keeneston book. You will read all about their loves, disappointments, heartaches, and joys. This book will make you happy, sad, and homesick. It will answer all your questions except for one, How does John Wolfe get all his gossip first?

    25. Shirley on said:

      Wow again Brilliant just a Brilliant read from Kathleen Brooks I new the Rose sisters were gonna be a brilliant read but wow who new all that had happened in there life no wonder every one went to them for advise.I laughed, cried and cried for what they went through in their Young lives but they more than made up for it and found their own happiness again.Thank you Kathleen for hours of wonderful joy in reading this can't wait for more from the children of Keeneston

    26. Penny Harbaugh on said:

      Rose BlossomsKathleen I truly love the Rose sisters story. I have loved those ladies since the first book. Lily has always been my favorite. My heart broke for them with what happened to them in the beginning. Then finding love again all those years later. The charm bracelets added a beautiful remembrance to the before stories. Tears up and grabs a Kleenex. This was never of the most beautiful fitting weddings I have read. When all the men showed up to walk them down the aisle. Sighs. Then when [...]

    27. Teresa on said:

      The Keeneston Roses; This was one of the best books I've read in quite sometime. I would recommend that you read the Bluegrass series in order to get the full effect of the Rose sisters and the Keeneston town. It was hilarious, sad, heartwarming, and gave you an intimate relationship with each sister.There is no doubt I will continue to read Mrs.Kathleern Brooks series, excellent, I do have one tiny criticism( my first) I would have started a new book after the wedding. (Spoiler) but that's just [...]

    28. Carien on said:

      This is the second of the Bluegrass Singles novel that I have read out of order, but I needed a pick-me-up! Oh boy! Was this a surprise! I cried so many tears for Miles and buckets full for Gemma but the Rose sisters? I cannot decide if I laughed or cried more this time round. What a fabulous tribute to these three legendary ladies!If you've learned to love these meddlesome old biddies through all of the Keeneston stories, then you MUST read this.

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