Borrowing Trouble

Mae Wood

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Borrowing Trouble

Borrowing Trouble An alternate cover edition can be found here Juggling a new boyfriend who is constantly MIA for work his mom who likes her just a little too much a best friend whose husband might be sneaking around

  • Title: Borrowing Trouble
  • Author: Mae Wood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate cover edition can be found here.Juggling a new boyfriend who is constantly MIA for work, his mom who likes her just a little too much, a best friend whose husband might be sneaking around, and a busy career saving clients from sexual harassment lawsuits is pulling Marisa Tanner apart at the seams Being with Trip is good, but is it real Will he bail on her liAn alternate cover edition can be found here.Juggling a new boyfriend who is constantly MIA for work, his mom who likes her just a little too much, a best friend whose husband might be sneaking around, and a busy career saving clients from sexual harassment lawsuits is pulling Marisa Tanner apart at the seams Being with Trip is good, but is it real Will he bail on her like her past boyfriends or for once in his life will Trip be able to maintain focus longer than the time it takes to close a business deal A follow up to Risking Ruin, Borrowing Trouble maintains Mae Wood s distinctive style of smart and sexy chick lit.

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    One thought on “Borrowing Trouble

    1. ItaPixie on said:

      In Borrowing Trouble we find Marisa and Trip exactly where we left them at the end of the first book in the series.Our heroine has some problems to keep our Hero in check,he is always so driven it isn't easy to keep up with him and his ideas but he is swoon worthy and lovable and f*ckable she can't never resist himand his charm.I've really appreciated the chance to read more about these characters journey.It was a funny,lighthearted story with a lot of family love and emotions.I've enjoyed it so [...]

    2. Morgan Reeves on said:

      Borrowing Trouble was a great conclusion to Trip and Marisa’s story. It hit almost all of the major points for me, and was, in turns, sweet, spunky, and little bit steamy. Like the first book, Risking Ruin, the dialogue really carried this book for me. It was a true joy to read the interactions between Marisa and Trip, and I found myself chuckling at several points in response to their banter. Borrowing Trouble did really well at highlighting the problems you find in a typical relationship. Th [...]

    3. Pam on said:

      Borrowing Trouble starts off where it left off, with Marisa and Trip still together. Like the blurb states, Marisa is becoming a bit overwhelmed with everything, and feels like she is being pulled at all angles. Trip seems so sure about their relationship, and Marissa isn’t quite as sure. Can love really happen that fast? She is a bit insecure as to how Trip feels about her, and how she feels about Trip. Totally normal emotions in a new relationship.Trip’s mother loves Marissa, and Marissa j [...]

    4. Ann on said:

      4.5 stars. That Trip is a keeper. Loved this author's 4 books. Look forward to what she has next.

    5. Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder) on said:

      This is the follow up to the first book in the series. You will need to read that one first. Marissa and Trip have gotten his dad's blessing to be in a relationship but things are more difficult than either of them expected. This one has a little more intrigue to it. Exes, absent husbands, s3xual harrassment suits, longing, trust issues and falling in love. Both Marissa and Trip need to decide if together is the place they want to be. The chemistry is still there, can love hold them together thr [...]

    6. Gina Sheldon on said:

      GAH I love this couple so much! Seriously I was left dying for more after finishing Risking Ruin (book 1)and Mae Woods gave us more! I devoured this story just like I did with book 1. Trip and Marissa were finally together but they now needed to figure how to be in a relationship. Borrowing Trouble was perfect in my eyes. There was enough drama to hold my attention but not too much where I wanted to strangle the author for tearing apart a couple I adore. I can't wait for more by Mae Woods! I def [...]

    7. Mary on said:

      Borrowing Trouble continues from where we left Trip and Marisa in Risking Ruin. I really enjoyed the story, it was fun and had the perfect ending. There wasn't loads of drama but they had to work at their long distance relationship and also learning to be part of each other's families. Marisa's best friends had some issues though and this actually showed Marisa that Trip cared as he wanted to help out and went further than she thought he would. This was a feel good story and I would rate it betw [...]

    8. Laura on said:

      I loved Risking Ruin so much that as soon as I finished, I had to start Borrowing Trouble. Book two picks up where book one leaves off. I love everything about Marisa and Trip. They are both smart and confident. They have amazing chemistry. They are similar in a lot of ways but their differences are perfect complements. This author quickly became a favorite, auto-buy for me. I can't wait to see what's next!

    9. Maggie Schuler on said:

      Again Wood brings on the strength and structures of her already romantically witty characters with Marisa and Trip. Borrowing Trouble only helps ground Wood's as a witty, humor filled author with the skills to tie in a sold plot, and continue the beauty of examining what happens in real life. Her strength as a writer only shines brighter with book two and both Risking Ruin and Borrowing Trouble are well worth the reads.

    10. E-Reader Addict on said:

      There’s nothing that takes me higher than finding an author who makes me fall in love with every single one of their written words. The downside is the crash that happens when I’ve read everything they’ve written (I read Ms. Wood’s books backwards from the way they were released, reading This Time Is Different first, then Plus One, then Risking Ruin followed by Borrowing Trouble). And that’s where I am right now with Mae Wood. I’ve scoured her website just to read anything else of he [...]

    11. Michelle on said:

      3.5-4 stars. Borrowing Trouble picks up from where Risking Ruin ends. Now that Marisa and Trip are an official and publicly open couple, this seals the deal as far as how potentially serious they are. Although Marisa still isn't fooling herself into thinking Trip is thinking of a long term future, his mother seems to have that idea. And as Marisa and Trip share more of the deeper parts of themselves, it becomes apparent that even with Trip's constant absence from traveling, they have something w [...]

    12. Michelle on said:

      Oh Trip, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.1. Your dirty mind.2. Your high sex drive.3. Your love for "Runner Girl".4. Your love for your family.5. That dirty mind again. While I found that Marisa over thought a lot of things, I liked that she thought things through. I loved that she had Erica to turn to to help her with her self doubt thoughts. I wanted to smack her a few times and be all "LOOK at what Trip is doing for you". I FLOVED the "I mean it"'s.

    13. Kim Houlden on said:

      Book 2 in the series. The relationship between Marisa and Trip is building in its intensity but life throws in conflict for family and friends. This whirlwind romance has some things to overcome. As with book 1, Risking Ruin, this book is very well written and contains some really great characters. I highly recommend this great series.

    14. Elizabeth Evans on said:

      Oh myI absolutely LOVED trip and Marisa storyline! I kept wanting more!!!when the epilogue came up I read and all I could say was "oh my" ! Please give us more on them!!!

    15. Sara on said:

      4/5 Stars!Borrowing Trouble gives us more of Marisa and Trip! Their story continues with Marisa feeling less than confident about her relationship with Trip. Trip, on the other hand, is confident and sure about what they have together. I was quite impressed at how real the relationship between Trip and Marisa felt. They had real life complications and fears. Reading them work things through and find their HEA was pretty great.

    16. Alyse on said:

      Borrowing Trouble finds Marissa & Trip right were we left themyou MUST read Risking Ruin before this one.There was quite a bit going on not just between Marissa and Trip but all around them.Marissa is still strong and independent and is not quite sure about her feelings for Trip. Trip is all in and does everything he can to convince Marissa that this real and time means nothing.Between a traveling boyfriend, meeting parents and best friend marriage problems, Marissa is just a bit overwhelmed [...]

    17. Connected By Books on said:

      I was excited to start book 2 in Mae Wood’s Give Me Memphis series and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I didn’t really know what to expect as the previous book didn’t truly end in a cliffhanger – for me it didn’t – but the author did a good job at bringing this series to a more final conclusion.Borrowing Trouble pick up where Risking Ruin ended – Marisa and Trip decided to give their relationship a go, and went as far as asking permission from Jimmy, Trip’s father, to be able t [...]

    18. Jody on said:

      Review first posted on my blog 'A Spoonful of Happy Endings': spoonfulofhappyendingsspoMarisa Tanner still can't quite believe she is actually making things work with her handsome boyfriend Trip. Her experiences with her ex-boyfriends weren't the best ones, so she can't help but have her doubts about Trip as well; will he eventually run away or is he really in this for the long run? While struggling to run away from possible heartbreak or give things a go, Marisa also has other things to deal wi [...]

    19. Leslie on said:

      I am ruined! Yes, you've read that correctly. I'm ruined, Mae Wood has ruined me for any other and honestly so did her character Trip! Trip and Marisa are back in this amazeballs sequel to Risking Ruin her debut novel. This book picks up exactly where the first one left off so, if you haven't read Risking Ruin- YOU NEED TO!! Don't shortchange yourself of Marisa and Trip's story by jumping in on this book. It CAN be read as a stand alone but trust me, it's soo much better read in sequence. Two la [...]

    20. Ashlie on said:

      Deserving of a re-readI loved this story. Trip and Marisa's chemistry and dynamic made this such a great read. I enjoy the way Mae is able to convey her character's personalities and voices. Marisa occasionally rubbed, me the wrong way, but she always brought me right back. Her inner monologues helped in those moments. Trip and Marisa's partnership throughout seemed to continue building in all the right ways. This book made me laugh, it made me cry, but overall, it made me happy.

    21. Cai on said:

      Borrowing Trouble picks up exactly where Risking Ruin finished. See my review here: thebookfeedblog.wordpress. In Borrowing Trouble, Marisa tries to rationalise how fast her and Trip are moving. Especially as Trip can be a bit impetuous and is frequently away for work. She panics and argues with herself in her own mind constantly and to make matters worse, Erica and Josh, the one couple she looks up to, are having marital issues too.I can't begin to describe how much I love this book. I can comp [...]

    22. Shelly Wygant on said:

      I was so glad that there was a second book that we could follow Marisa and Trip's relationship. The best thing about this book was watching the two of them explore their relationship and discover love. Ms. Wood made their struggles realistic. Marisa is trying to juggle her time with Trip, her work, her family and his family. Trip truly was a sweet, romantic guy. There were many times that I wanted to strangle Marisa because she was so unsure of herself and the relationship, which made it feel li [...]

    23. Scottiedog on said:

      My Kindle fogged up. This is another steamy romance from Mae Wood and I'm looking forward to more. Following on the first in the Give Me Memphis series, Borrowing Trouble tracks Trip & Marisa's romance as they move from lust to love. it's told from Marisa's POV and I enjoyed getting into her head. No big drama (no kidnapping, no stalker, etc.) but that made the story more real and credible to me. It read like the story of two people falling in love and figuring out how to make it work betwee [...]

    24. Autumn on said:

      I felt like Marisa was second guessing most of her relationship with Trip. Is he doing X because of Y? It was never-ending. I did like to see a little more backstory to Trip, and I liked seeing more of his parents. The whole Erica and Josh issue was really a non-issue and I think the book could've survived without it. I thought the Marisa/Bitsy kitchen scene was the funniest part of the book. I didn't like how the book ended, I thought it was rushed, although the epilogue by Trip was pretty good [...]

    25. Zeia Jameson on said:

      Borrowing Trouble is the second installment of the Pig & Barley series and is the continuation of Trip and Marisa's story. Mae Wood's writing is positively unique and refreshing, filled with wit and charm. This book escalates into exactly what I'd envision a lawyer's life to be - chaos. Marisa is dealing with a lot: sorting through relationship doubt, managing her busy work life, helping her best friend through a difficult time. It inevitably all comes to a head and what remains in the after [...]

    26. Angela on said:

      Enjoyable ReadA continuation of Marisa and Trip's story. I really enjoyed the down-to-earth banter between these two. Marisa has all the insecurities we all have, where we talk ourselves down off the ledge as well as reach out to others for advise. And Trip may not be an Over-the-top Alpha male, but he is all man. A loving, doting one at that. But these two are perfect for each other. There were times in the beginning where things got a bit wordy and there were a few editorial mistakes. But I'm [...]

    27. Konny on said:

      Borrowing Trouble by Mae Wood is the second book in the " Pig & Barley " series.Marisa and Trip are in a relationship now. But they are both very busy. They have very little time for each other. Marisa has doubts about their relationship, she´s very insecure. But Trip is very sure this is his one.Borrowing trouble is my favorite read in this series so far and I really can´t wait till the next installment.5 Stars and Thank you Mae Wood !!

    28. Natasha on said:

      Yes we got the Happily Ever After in Rising Ruin, but now we get more of Marissa and Trips story. This couple is loveable, relatable and sexy.They both are hard working lawyers that love there jobs. The relatable issues make you swoon at every page. We get more of Bert the best friend we all need in our lives. I won't spoil anything because you all need to go get this book. Its amazing and the writing is fabulous.

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