Trouble in Paradise

Emme Rollins

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Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise When I met Tyler Cook it was the end of a past I didn t want to look back on and the beginning of a future I couldn t wait to start One lick of Tyler and that s all it took I was addicted To him to

  • Title: Trouble in Paradise
  • Author: Emme Rollins
  • ISBN: 9781516963119
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • When I met Tyler Cook, it was the end of a past I didn t want to look back on and the beginning of a future I couldn t wait to start One lick of Tyler, and that s all it took I was addicted To him, to his wild, raucous life as a rock star on the road with the band Trouble, and eventually, to most of the drugs I discovered he was taking to make that life and the secretsWhen I met Tyler Cook, it was the end of a past I didn t want to look back on and the beginning of a future I couldn t wait to start One lick of Tyler, and that s all it took I was addicted To him, to his wild, raucous life as a rock star on the road with the band Trouble, and eventually, to most of the drugs I discovered he was taking to make that life and the secrets he was being forced to keep a little bearable But I couldn t quit him, no matter how much it hurt If you met Tyler, you d understand why I think he s so worth it The man plays guitar like he f cks plugged in, turned on, and set to the ultimate high Every girl wants him but I m the only girl he wants Now he s clean, he s mine, and I have everything I could have ever dreamed of Until it all comes unplugged and our world goes blacker than black And then I have to decide if the tormented, broken man I love than anything is worth everything even risking my own life.

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    One thought on “Trouble in Paradise

    1. April Symes on said:

      This is such a fantastic story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Katie has moved to LA to be with Tyler because his tour is finishing up. Katie and Tyler have been in love for so long. They have gone thru A LOT, this is their time to make their life be what they want it to be. This book picks up where Trouble Makers ended. Katie is out of rehab and headed home. Home to her lover , ready to start living her life with her love. See, Trouble Makers told the story from Rob and Sabrina's persp [...]

    2. Morilyn on said:

      I received an ARC from Emme Rollins in exchange for an honest review & who could say no? I love all the Trouble books & Trouble in Paradise is no exception. Emme Rollins writes about real people in real-life situations with a genuine appreciation of the problems, the highs and lows and even the tragedy that can strike out of nowhere. She is, undoubtedly, a gifted writer. Tyler and Katie suffered through drug addiction and recovery and are now back together, with their loved ones surround [...]

    3. Mindy on said:

      This is a MUST READ! Another wonderful and heart wrenching story! Emme Rollins is amazing! I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review and I have to say I loved it! You get to see the story continue to unfold from Sarah and Tyler's perspective. You're able to see truly what makes them who and how they are in the previous books. It feels like all the pieces come together and you can see the story as a whole. This book is emotional, exciting, and written spectacularly. There is so [...]

    4. Cheryl Graham Petit on said:

      Emme Rollins has her own style of writing with great attention to details and thought-provoking story lines, and wonderful characters that tie into the previous books in this series. Her characters aren't just characters, they are people; people who have real feelings, real struggles, and real strengths. Trouble in Paradise is emotional, enthralling, intriguing, consuming, overwhelming, captivating, intense, gritty, and raw. Filled with angst, secrets, revenge, tragedy, and of course, unending l [...]

    5. Christine on said:

      This is my honest review wow that was good. very easy to follow along with even with many characters in it but I found that I love how they held strong as a family. addiction is hard in itself to deal with with even childhood trauma on top of it that's even harder. great job. plus I liked how the two main characters help each other not give up even when they messed up.

    6. Lory on said:

      Wow this was an such an intense read. I felt like I was on the emotional roller coaster and I was physically drained afterwards. There was so much emotion hurt going on in this book. Trying to overcome the heavy burden of demons that plagued your everyday life it just lets me with goosebumps after I was done reading it. Overall a great read.

    7. C. Erani Kole on said:

      *received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*Oh boy, this was intense. I've never read a book about drugs before (do detective novels count?) so it was definitely new territory for me. And I enjoyed every terrifying, sappy 'oh my god' moment. It started out frighteningly enough, but I got so caught up in Katie's memories that I forgot how the whole thing started before she brought it back to that point. By then, I was anticipating the tear-jerkers as if I was watching a bloody crime show. T [...]

    8. Doris on said:

      Emotional…with what I have read today I feel like I’ve been through everything right along with Tyler and Katie. That only happens when you have an author like Ms. Rollins who knows how to write a book that takes you along for the ride with the characters of her book. I read this in one day which for me hardly ever happens. I couldn’t put it down because I felt so invested in Tyler and Katie.Tyler and Katie’s relationship was every fan girl’s dream; meet famous and sexy rock star, have [...]

    9. Chera on said:

      Katie has moved to LA to be with Tyler when he returns home from the European leg of Trouble’s tour. She arrives to find that he and Rob live in a huge mansion that is more lavish than she could have dreamt. Expecting to have at least one day to acclimate to this new lifestyle, she is surprised when Tyler returns early. Playing as the main theme of the story, both recovering from heroin addiction, one they shared together, they are now sober and living as a couple. Starting a new relationship [...]

    10. Sue Davis on said:

      I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION . OVER 18 A TERFIC STORY, WISH i HAD KNOW ABOUT IT BEFORE AND READ AL THE PAST OOKS AND ALL THE FUTURE ONES. Katie and Sabrina were best friend and loved the rock band Trouble. Katie dreamed of meeting lead guitar Tyler Cook and he would fall in love with her forever, and that Rob Burns,lead singer would fall in love with Sabrina, and her dreams came to.Rob, Tyler, Sarah ,Daisy (Trouble's cook)and Jessie ( the driver) lived [...]

    11. Read on said:

      Not a typical rock star romance. Intriguing characters dealing with some real issues. The true history and backgrounds of the main characters evolve into a romantic suspense story and the surprises keep coming in each book. This book, Trouble in Paradise and Trouble Rising focus on Tyler and Katie and parallel the first three books in the series (Meeting Trouble, Following Trouble and Making Trouble). Where Rob & Sabrina (from the first three books) are the serious & responsible characte [...]

    12. Michele A. on said:

      This is a continuation of Katie and Tyler's story. It takes place during the same time line as Rob and Sabrina's story so some things are glossed over. I felt that Katie still had some growing up to do throughout this book. When Tyler surprises her, she pushes an issue almost from the instant she sees him and they finally realizes maybe she should have held back a bit. I get that her character is impulsive, but she spends the whole book blundering around. Yes there were some traumatic things tha [...]

    13. Jenny Brightman Harris on said:

      I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we find Katie and Tyler after the European leg of the tour has ended. Now they are trying to figure out if they can be together now that they are both clean. Tyler knows that he can't live without this woman and he will do anything to show this to her. Katie is his safe place where he feels like home and freedom. Now he need to make sure she feels those same things with him. Katie is both excited and scared to have Tyler home from [...]

    14. Melissa on said:

      I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review, It took awhile for it to truly get my attention. Then it would lose my attention and I would have to force myself to keep reading until it caught my attention again. Of course, I always have to finish a book or a movie I've started because I just have to know how it ends even if it's a bad book or movie. Don't get me wrong, it isn't the worse book I've read. I think my whole problem is with the subjects of drugs, depression and suicide. I lik [...]

    15. Linda on said:

      *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*I loved the original Trouble books about Sabrina and Rob. The Katie and Tyler books are the same timeline but from their point of view. I do enjoy finding out what actually was going on with them during that time. One thing that bothers me in the first Katie and Tyler book and in this one also, is that I feel like they are often saying negative things about Sabrina and Rob, who are their best friends. Also, I felt the first half of this book was bet [...]

    16. Cecelia Kelsey on said:

      Katie hasn't seen Tyler for a year. Trouble has been on tour in Europe and Tyler is their lead guitarist. Katie and Tyler both went into rehab for drugs before the tour. Katie knew she had to walk away until she was straightened out. Sarah came to stay with her and help her with her recovery. They flew to LA a day early. Rob, Tyler and Sarah all lived in a huge mansion. Katie was sure she would never be able to find her way around. Tyler arrives a day early surprising her. Their reunion is every [...]

    17. Jennifer Shiels on said:

      Another great book of Katie and Tyler's love story. They are finally back together again and living together in California. Trouble finished their European tour and Katie and Tyler talked all the time and skyped every night. Now that they are back together again and more in love, things are going to take work and nothing worth anything will be easy. More secrets are revealed and they both have to live with mistakes they made and things that happened. Katie hasn't always been Ms. Responsible or M [...]

    18. Jenn's Book Obsession on said:

      3.5 Stars!Emme Rollins brings back Tyler and Katie and this time around they are stronger than ever! I love how the author stays true to the character's personalities and shows the depth of their growth. I couldn't wait to find out what happens between these two. Things get intense, secrets are revealed and Tyler and Katie's love is something fierce. I liked the story overall however I can only give 3.5 stars as I felt that there was so much crammed into this and it felt rushed. There were parts [...]

    19. Amber on said:

      This is the second book about Tyler and Katie’s Story. This story fallows Tyler and Katie after Trouble’ European Tour and after rehab. Secrets about Tyler’s past as a child are revealed to Katie, but Katie isn’t allowed to tell anybody that she knows about them. We get to meet Tyler’s mother and find out some of the reasons that she did the things that she did. Katie has to learn to deal with her mistakes without overdosing and same goes for Tyler. We find out who Tyler’s father rea [...]

    20. Mary on said:

      Katie and Tyler are fighters. They are coming out of rehab individually and learning how to build a relationship without drugs. There are many struggles as they work to find the trust and balance to have a healthy relationship as well as maintaining their individual life balance. Tyler is also facing the challenge of his medical condition, how much longer will he be able to play the guitar? Tyler opens up about his childhood and reveals all of his secrets to Katie which is shocking. Of course, l [...]

    21. Lisa on said:

      Holy Cow! How much can one person take. Katie and Tyler have been working on their relationship apart from each other. They had both just gotten out of rehab when Tyler and the rest of the band were going to be starting their European leg of their tour. Katie listened to Sarah about going. It killed Katie but she realized it was for the best. Now she is moving to California to be with Tyler permanently. But what she learns from Tyler push her away ?Tyler has secrets and demons. These are dark pa [...]

    22. EZA on said:

      There was just nothing that gripped me to this story. Usually I'm a book a day/every two days, I just usually can't put it down, but this one, I fell asleep reading most nights - which I never do.It follows on from Tyler and Katie getting clean, Tyler is out of rehab and Katie moving into the mansion.

    23. Tiffany on said:

      I won this book in a Giveaway in return for my honest opinion. Well here goes This is the first book that I have read so far by Emme Rollins. I liked this one a lot and I can’t wait to see what her other books are like. Once I began reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. To me it was well written and I enjoyed the story line along with the characters. Tyler was wrapping up his tour when Katie moved to LA to be with him. This couple has been through a lot of trial and tribulations over t [...]

    24. Susan on said:

      Wow! If I could give this book a 6 out of 5, I would. It will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, but this is a ride that you will want to be on. This book has lots of secrets that includes addiction, child prostitution, physical abuse, rheumatoid arthritis, murder, and the foster system. The book just keeps getting better as you read, and the ending is wonderful. Phenomenal writing, Emme Rollins! She does such a great job making you feel like you are part of the story, and you feel every em [...]

    25. Sheryl on said:

      I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Emme Rollins. This is book 2 of Tyler and Katie's Story by the author.Tyler Cook is the guitarist for the rock group Trouble and he lives up to the bands name for Katie. But when he gets straightened out Katie can't let go of him. Katie set her sights on Tyler because her best friend went after the lead singer. Things take a turn and start spiraling out of control Katie needs to decide if being with Tyler is worth it or not.The flow [...]

    26. Hyacinth Janecyk on said:

      OMG make sure that you have your tissues handy. Tyler and Katie got through such gut wrenching issues. I was thrilled that the first book "Trouble Makers" was included in my "Trouble in Paradise". Trouble in Paradise gives you suck a feeling for Tyler and Katie and all that they have been through together; again have your tissue box ready. I went from one right into the 2nd. Can't wait to read "Trouble Rising" and then it is on to Rob and Sabrina's story. Lots of twist and turns!!! Glad they got [...]

    27. Christina Bowling on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a gritty, emotional story of rockstar Tyler and his girlfriend, Katie, who face a lot of issues together. Including recovering from a shared heroin addiction. The price of fame and fortune is steep, and Tyler and Katie both have their demons to deal with.Overall I enjoyed the story and liked Tyler and Katie, but there were times when they were very frustrating to me. This isn't a lighthearted, cute story, but if you're look [...]

    28. Laura on said:

      Great Book!This is a great book; this book is part of the Trouble series by Emme Rollins. This book is Tyler and Katie’s story. This book has all kinds of feelings good and bad. Tyler Cook plays the guitar in the bad Trouble, between living on the road and taking drugs it finally took a toll on him. He gets cleaned up and off of drugs he wants to have a life with Katie. If you are looking for a great emotional love story then you need to read this book. I can’t wait to read the next book by [...]

    29. Annette on said:

      Great story! Tyler & Katie have a chaotic life but their love for one another never falters. They both have their share of obstacles to deal with. When she wants to give up, he is her strength and when he gives up she finds the strength to try to help him get his life back on the right path. Though their separation, revealed secrets & fear of drug relapse test the relationship, they realize money doesn't mean happiness or a perfect relationship but that their unconditional love is the gl [...]

    30. Robyn on said:

      Secrets and Lies will always be the demise; nothing good will ever come out of hiding behind your dark past. Tyler has many dry bones in his deep recesses of his mind. Purging them will be his only way out. Can he do this and risk losing the only one he has ever loved? Katie is so entangled in her relationship with Tyler. Katie’s character appears very immature. She is not a strong woman even after her rehab. The details and back story helped the story line move. The plot twists with Tyler, Ro [...]

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