Rule's Seduction

Lynda Chance

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Rule's Seduction

Rule s Seduction Rule s SeductionThe House of RuleBook Max and Erin s storyWhen Max Villarreal finds out about the existence of Erin Rule he realizes she could be the means for the perfect retaliation against the R

  • Title: Rule's Seduction
  • Author: Lynda Chance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: ebook
  • Rule s SeductionThe House of RuleBook 4 Max and Erin s storyWhen Max Villarreal finds out about the existence of Erin Rule, he realizes she could be the means for the perfect retaliation against the Rule Corporation When he meets her for the first time, he immediately wants her for himself Yes, revenge and relief Who knew it would be as easy as taking candy from a babyRule s SeductionThe House of RuleBook 4 Max and Erin s storyWhen Max Villarreal finds out about the existence of Erin Rule, he realizes she could be the means for the perfect retaliation against the Rule Corporation When he meets her for the first time, he immediately wants her for himself Yes, revenge and relief Who knew it would be as easy as taking candy from a baby

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      243 Lynda Chance
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    One thought on “Rule's Seduction

    1. Soonya on said:

      5 Love Max stars!Let me start with the words that I love Lynda Chance heroes, they are possessive, protective, faithful and crazy over their h. What's not to like? And Max was exactly that, completely smitten with Erin. He did everything for her, and the thing with his house? Was so sweet. He was just helpless with the way her felt about her, and didn't really fight it. I loved the way he thought that he earned her to be his, really one possessive dude. The way he got worried when he couldn't fi [...]

    2. Roksana on said:

      I initially wanted to give 3 stars only, as this book was not my favorite of the other seriesI think my problem lied with the hero's overly arroganceI did not really like him that much for the half of the bookYes I like them possessive and crazy about their women but this hero in particular was too domineering and not in a good way! He was a bit too shauvinistic for my comfort and it looks as if the heroine was the weaker one, compared to his dominance.d I don't like my heroine a weak heroinesn' [...]

    3. Erika on said:

      Too many things bothered me here. Not gonna list them all because I think it's mostly me!!I think the main trouble was the huge power imbalance. Max blackmails the heroine, holds all the cards and is extremely threatening. But he is sexy I guess its okay. Erin was a huge huge doormat. She hardly even spoke up till the point where I started skimming; I actually wanted to use an electric prod so she would "wake up" and actually talk, voice her opinions, etc. God, it was aggravating. Guess I will w [...]

    4. Penny Watson on said:

      Not that great. I keep getting disappointed by Chance's newer books. Will continue re-reads of the old ones.AlsoChance was like the last man standing in terms of no anal-play, which I liked. Not any more. Alsois H/h did not work for me--I didn't really buy into their love affair, nor their lust affair. It didn't make a lot of sense.AlsoChance really built up this huge suspense about hero's need to "let loose" with the sex, and then nothing happened. Weird.Disappointed. Grade: C

    5. Victoria on said:

      4.25+ RATING- my favorite of this series by far and one of my favorites by this author overall. Lynda Chance always knows how to write great guilty pleasure stories featuring alpha assholes and the women that can't resist them. She's an auto buy for me and rarely disappoints. I thought this one rated especially high on the readability scale. It was a quick read but I loved it.

    6. Talltree on said:

      DNFNot a fan of h agreeing to be with a blackmailing H. I much prefer a h who tells the H to eff off.

    7. **Nicole on said:

      As much as I love Lynda Chance books, this one did not do it for me. Max, wasn't just an alpha, he's an asshole. AND I HATE ASSHOLES. Max has a serious grudge against Erin's 3 brothers and his revenge is to be taken out on their sister, Erin. After getting her drunk and tricking her into marrying him, he kidnaps her to a foreign country where he pretty much blackmails her into staying with him. Pretty much, here is the spoiled little rich girl who is going to sacrafice her happiness so her broth [...]

    8. Deserie williams on said:

      ok so this wasn't my favorite. I just couldn't get over how max was. yes i I know why he did it but by the time he admits he loves her and the real reason why he did what he did I just didn't really care. He sometimes came off as an arrogant ass more than a possessive alpha to me. And Erin oh god she was just stupid at times haha . The reason for three stars and not lower is because(even though Max didn't express his love in the right ways) he did really love her and the whole house thing was re [...]

    9. Coco.V on said:

      Rule's Seduction is about Max and Erin's story. I’m a fan of Lynda Chance but this one was not my favorite. I didn't click with either main characters from the start. I found Erin quite annoying and it took awhile for Max to grow on me. Overall, I enjoyed this book because I love my heroes when they are OTT possessive, protective and crazy over their women. And also because I do like the author's writing style. This could have been a 4 star read but the ending seemed rushed to me. When Max has [...]

    10. Vee Paige on said:

      Loved this one. I like how OTT possessive, growly and sneaky Max is. I don't know what that says about me. LoL! Anyway, this has a Harlequin Presents feel to it. The ending and resolution felt a bit abrupt. Otherwise, if you're looking for a guilty pleasure read where you have a hero who can be deliciously underhanded to get his woman, this book is for you.

    11. ♡Tonya♡ on said:

      Classic Lynda Chance. ott alpha, no cheating, no ow/om drama and HEA. Max was a bossy guy who initially set his sights on Erin based on her last name. Once he saw a picture of her and found out more about her he knew he had to have her. My heart hurt for Erin she started putting pieces together about his deception. I knew she had feelings for him and was happy when he admitted he loved her too. I hope we have more of this family in the future. Looking forward to more books by Lynda Chance!

    12. Megan Fall on said:

      I love this series and really, really hope this wasn't the last book! Max was a jerk, possessive and demanding, but I loved him. Alpha males rule!!!!!!

    13. 100sweet on said:

      When I first read about Max in the other books, I did not like him, but he was amazing in this story. Oh, the way he would speak to the h made me shiver. He was so HOT HOT HOT!!! He tied the h to him when they slept so she didn't leave him at night. That was so caveman!! Ms. Chance is the queen and she proves it with every book. My problem was with the h. She was being blackmailed by the H who threatened her family. This really really REALLY bothered me. Why did the h give in so quickly? If she [...]

    14. RCK on said:

      Unfortunately, I skimmed a lot! It seemed very detailed not enough dialogue.

    15. Hana ♡ on said:

      Loved. It. 5 Stars!! My new favourite in this series!! Max was amazing, I'm not usually a fan of from vendetta to love stories but this one really worked. Here's a little taste of the sexy Max :)“Because I’m obsessed with you. Because I love you. I love everything about you. I love the way you feel in my arms when you’re asleep. I love the sounds you make when you’re climaxing around me.”

    16. Sarah on said:

      3.5 starsYou know I love me a good alpha male and Lynda Chance did not disappoint! Max was way OTT, and I ate it up like candy. Yum.

    17. Diana's on said:

      I was so happy to see there was another Lynda Chance book outShe's an auto buy for meI LOVE her over the top Alpha Possessive men

    18. Bianca on said:

      Hero was a total possessive, obsessive, jerk, hyper-alpha male!! And I totally loved it!!

    19. Poonam on said:

      This could have been easily a 4 star but the ending was really rushed.What I liked: I loved how obsessed the H was with the h(view spoiler)[ He stalked her on social media, got to know her likes and dislikes and renovated his whole house to her liking, before tricking her into marriage. He went searching for her 2 to 3 times in a day and tied their wrists together to make sure she stays with him through the night (hide spoiler)]What I did not Like: The h was spineless. She did not stand up even [...]

    20. sammie on said:

      Nobody does it like Lynda Chance. GAWDDD was Max the hottest hero ( second to Marco of course!)1. Initial Reaction to MAX 2. Then a bit into the book reaction to MAX and how he is with Erin 3. Then his words had me wishing he was mineSigh A girl can wish upon the stars for a fictional lynda chance hero.

    21. bookaholic on said:

      I absolutely loved this book! Max was completely OTT obsessed with Erin from the very first page!!! I loved how alpha and dominant he was. He needed to know where Erin was and what she was doing all the time. This was the best book in the entire 'House of Rule' series. I just wish Ms. Chance would write longer stories.

    22. Vins on said:

      Ughhhh!!! Too much conflict for my peaceful reading likability .And Max turned out to be more of a bully than aAlpha male .

    23. Laura on said:

      What a load of rubbish. This author needs to get back to her best.

    24. Booked on said:

      It was good but everything was resolved pretty quickly. It seemed rushed.

    25. TheFlair4thedramatic . on said:

      The heroine was such a stupid piece of work. If a guy you had a one night stand with tricks you into marrying him, kidnaps you and tells you that he's doing so in the name of vengeanceyou do not react so fucking passively!!!!You most certainly don't fall in love with your kidnapper - who wants to ruin your brothers (who you should be loyal to!). She pissed me off so fucking much. She needs to grow a backbone and not be ruled by her hormones!! Then she keeps whining about her fairytale. *vomit*Th [...]

    26. Shannon Sparks on said:

      DisappointedI have all of Lynda chance 's book. I really like her earlier books, they were great alpha males that also had a story. But her more recent book seem rushed. I won't be looking for future books.

    27. Maria on said:

      I am a big fan of LC, but this one was not good. There were too many repetitions with the same internal monologue It took me weeks to read 165 pages! I usually finish her books in a few hours. I hope she corrects it on the next one.

    28. Rv on said:

      Just okay. I preferred the first and second books, really. Erin and Max's story was hurried and so unbelievable. I do feel a little sad about the end of the series, but the dissatisfaction with the couple in the story is more

    29. Dar on said:

      Total swoon! This felt like an old fashioned romance novel from the 80s and I couldn't have loved it more

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