What The Heart Finds

Jessica Gadziala

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What The Heart Finds

What The Heart Finds Stars Landing ALL BOOKS IN THIS SERIES ARE STANDALONE WITH REOCCURRING CHARACTERSWhen ambitious LENA EDWARDS receives orders from her boss to go to an inn located in a small town called Stars Landin

  • Title: What The Heart Finds
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stars Landing 3 ALL BOOKS IN THIS SERIES ARE STANDALONE WITH REOCCURRING CHARACTERSWhen ambitious LENA EDWARDS receives orders from her boss to go to an inn located in a small town called Stars Landing, she follows her orders in the hopes that she will finally receive a well deserved promotion She soon finds how unprepared she is for corporate espionage as well as theStars Landing 3 ALL BOOKS IN THIS SERIES ARE STANDALONE WITH REOCCURRING CHARACTERSWhen ambitious LENA EDWARDS receives orders from her boss to go to an inn located in a small town called Stars Landing, she follows her orders in the hopes that she will finally receive a well deserved promotion She soon finds how unprepared she is for corporate espionage as well as the relentless advances of the town s unbelievably sexy mechanic, ERIC O REILLY Knowing his awful reputation, she vows to stay away from him at all costs But as time goes by, she finds herself not wanting to fight her growing attraction When the inn manager seems to be on to her, and her carefully planned life starts falling apart at the seams, will she run toward Eric s open arms, or all the way back to the city and her safe, predictable life For possible triggers, go here jessicagadziala trigge

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      403 Jessica Gadziala
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    One thought on “What The Heart Finds

    1. Nikki ღ Navareus on said:

      Ahhh, my beloved Eric finally gets his own story, and finds the girl to make his player heart want to settle down with.Cute story with a happy ending. Doesn't get better than this! As a side note, I'm totally enjoying this series with all the secondary characters. Almost feels like I know them all by now. :)

    2. Jessica Gadziala on said:

      Might be my favorite of my romance novels so far :)Eric O'reilly = swoon

    3. Christen on said:

      I'm loving the little town of Stars Landing and this series is getting better and better with each one! I love how all the side characters in town are just as important and interesting as the main characters. Makes it feel like a real place you want to visit. I absolutely adore Eric, definitely my favorite in this series. Eric has made it into my book boyfriends list because he is perfect boyfriend material; sweet, funny, attentive, smart, sexy, confidant, thoughtful, and he's his own man regard [...]

    4. Eleanor on said:

      5 Smoking hot Stars Oh MY, Eric O'Reilly be still my beating heart! So far in the series this is my Favourite. I loved Eric and Lena I was rooting for them the whole time and the little twist at the end had my heart in my mouth. Another great read in the Stars Landing Series.

    5. Ruth on said:

      I loved the first few books & was liking this one but then I really hate it when the main male shags about but the woman cries, pines & can't possibly date anyone else He's with another woman & she shags him then later just takes him back WTF self respect, woman role model ??

    6. Kodie Mackay on said:

      .I'm on a roll with this series!.I loved this addition Eric is absolutely yummy. The storyline is good and different to all the rest. It's set at a nice pace and the side characters are super entertaining to. Short and sweet now on to the next!.

    7. Cindy ~ SnS Reviews on said:

      I’ve love and can’t get enough of this author’s darker series and Stars Landing was the only series I hadn’t read of hers. It’s more on the lighter side and mostly is centered around the small town in PA and its close nit residence. Some of the books are more serious and others plenty of humor with each having some suspense in them. The characters all cross over into each of the books so we get to continue to see how a previous couple is doing even after their book. Eric O’Reilly is [...]

    8. Teresa on said:

      There is only one thing wrong with Jessica Gadziala's "Stars Landing" series. They are not all written yet I am nuts about this series. Each book is a standalone, btw. Even tho they all tie together in the town of Stars Landing, each book is easily read on it's own merit. This one is Eric and Lena's story. Lena is sent to Stars Landing by her boss, Elliott Michaels(from book 1) to look into the local Inn, which is for sale. Lena is a pretty uptight woman who has pulled herself up by her proverbi [...]

    9. Nadré Wiggill on said:

      *Claps hands*Could I just take a moment to lament the fact that I have never met a mechanic like Eric? Holy crap! I'm sure I'd be sabotaging my wheels every day just to go see him!I love the fact that he's actually an undercover good guy and doesn't let others' opinion bother him.Lena was a bit tough to relate to. I think a bit more background could have helped me to understand her personality a bit better.This series is getting better with every book! Getting ready for the next one!

    10. Kayread on said:

      I loved Eric!! Lena was a tough nut to crack but he never gave up. I did get a little misty eyed when she found the red rock in her car. I thought things might turn around at that moment but it didn't until later. I'm curious to read about James and Emily. I'm thinking Liam is going to find an author or another bookish person to get his HEA-- Maybe a librarian. Perhaps Devon gets a story as well.

    11. Joyce on said:

      Always a sucker for a happy ending! Ok, so this one is for the hottie, womanizer mechanic. And I have to say thus was my favorite so far. But I can't wait for James to meet his perfect match!

    12. Anna on said:

      Couldn't put this book down! Great continuation of the Stars Landing series.

    13. Naz on said:

      This series has been a welcome surprise. Having been so wrapped up in Jessica’s awesomely created Navesink bank universe, I didn’t think I could love another place but Stars Landing has its own charm. The third book is about Eric finally finding the woman for him and Lena realising that her dream is not what her upbringing shaped her to think it was. As the two collide, there’s witty banter, a tiny bit of angst and a grand romantic gesture! you also meet previous characters which make you [...]

    14. Tara on said:

      Town bad boyEric is such a flirt, and so charming. His Character was written very well. And Lena was snarky and uptight. Until Eric came to sweep her off her feet. I loved watching their characters develop. The differences from the beginning to the end were so sweet. I love everyone in Stars Landing. I wish I could go visit!

    15. Daniela on said:

      You gotta love Eric O'Reilly!!! I have personally loved him from the first book. He's a man who knows who he is and what he wants - how refreshinglol. Lena was a bit of a hard ass but she challenged him and in turn challenged herself. Again, loved all the other characters in this wonderful little town of Stars Landing. Can't wait for Liam's story.

    16. Crystal LoCicero on said:

      Perfect chic flick in book formI loved Lena, she was relatable. She just wants to be sucessful in life. And then there is the man whore with the heart of gold. Ugh, this story was so good and fun to read.

    17. Heather Emery on said:

      Another good book from this series. I didn't really connect to the female lead character. The author was able to grab me from the first few pages with the plot. The secondary characters were wonderful done. Can't wait for them to get their own book and learn more about them.

    18. Karen Jones on said:

      Love Eric from book 2. Again what's with the lack of editing?

    19. Leigh Parrish on said:

      This one seemed to drag a little bit for me in the beginning so I gave it 2.6 stars.

    20. Emmie on said:

      What a wonderful series. I love every new book. I hope there is one for Liam as well

    21. Angela on said:

      I loved it! Oh! I how I needed this book today! A workaholic like me and smoking hot mechanic! Can I get the directions to Stars Landing?

    22. Leslie Stawarz on said:

      The third in this series does not disappoint. Watching ther heroine Lena try to go against her instincts to spy on the inn was a great story. Watching her interactions with the hero, Eric, was enjoyable too. I loved how Eric got her to be more relaxed and enjoy the little things in life. This series is set in such a fun small town environment and love all the interactions between all the characters, both the past and the ones you know are coming. I want to live here!

    23. Skip on said:

      Back at the office (you know, the one where Hannah met Elliott at EM Corp), we meet ambitious MBA Lena, who is working below her potential as an executive assistant, hoping to gain some recognition of her true abilities. Elliott sends Lena to secretly check out the Stars Landing Inn, where he stayed while trying to retrieve and win over Hannah, where Lena's mission is to get as much information on the inn by stealth so Elliott can decide whether to go ahead with his plan to buy the inn as a surp [...]

    24. Marta on said:

      This perhaps is the one heroine that was hard to relate to at first. I related to the wanting to have a better life with stability that she had before but the haughty kind of snobby shell didn't resonate with me very much. With that preface, I did have to take into consideration that she has been working at a demanding job for two years. Her life has been work, work, work as well as making the impression of being well to do but not always having the funds. I think this story makes you think and [...]

    25. Brittney Criss on said:

      Hopefully you’re reading these books in order as you get the most bang for your buck that way. Mama Maude has predicted it again! It has been two years since Eric fell head over heels for Annabelle (second book). Lena shows up in Stars Landing in order to review a hotel that EM wants to buy his wife Hannah (first book). She meets your local bad boy and sparks start flying. Questions you will ask yourself while reading this book: will they be able to make this work, who will move where, will Er [...]

    26. Diane on said:

      So Good5 stars I was at first a little disappointed because it read like the other books . But then I got pulled into the drama. And I couldn't put it down So waiting for the next one.

    27. Bookish on said:

      Never thought I would rate a book simply on annoyance for the use of an endearment. Eric O'Reilly's "baby" made me want to gouge out my eyes after reading in the second book. I think this series is just a little too sweet for my taste.

    28. Thea™ on said:

      Stars Landing reading order (according to Jessica!):1. What The Heart Wants #22. What The Heart Needs #13. What The Heart Finds #34. What The Heart Knows #45. The Stars Landing Deviant #5

    29. Theresa on said:

      I liked this book. there was a few editing things that drove me crazy. him instead of her and calling Eric Elliot. but what do I know. other wise I liked this one.

    30. Christina Sweeney on said:

      I loved Eric and Lena's story I can't wait for liams story

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