The Mermaid Murders

Josh Lanyon

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The Mermaid Murders

The Mermaid Murders Special Agent Jason West is seconded from the FBI Art Crime Team to temporarily partner with disgraced legendary manhunter Sam Kennedy when it appears that Kennedy s most famous case the capture and

  • Title: The Mermaid Murders
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9781937909826
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook
  • Special Agent Jason West is seconded from the FBI Art Crime Team to temporarily partner with disgraced, legendary manhunter Sam Kennedy when it appears that Kennedy s most famous case, the capture and conviction of a serial killer known as The Huntsman, may actually have been a disastrous failure.For The Huntsman is still out there and the killing has begun again.

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      195 Josh Lanyon
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    One thought on “The Mermaid Murders

    1. Julio Genao on said:

      wtf is this.a him and her review special.him: what is this?Kennedy’s dick sprang free, crowding Jason in the darkness that pressed closer, smelling of faded aftershave, musk, and imminent sex.“Beautiful,” Kennedy said, reaching for him, and Jason’s cock nestled into his curled palm. “This is beautiful.”Yes, it was. After a day devoted to death and dying, sex was a beautiful, life-affirming thing. An art form all its own.her: It is an art form. A form of art.him: what does imminent se [...]

    2. Baba on said:

      4 stars. Review posted March 7, 2016“There has to be something here.” He didn’t realize he’d spoken aloud until Kennedy said, “There always is. Sometimes you know it’s there by its very absence.” Very Yoda-esque. Wise in the ways of aberrant psychology are you, Senior Special Agent Kennedy.Sitting in front of your laptop and waiting on your review mojo to reappear is probably not the best thing to do. I don't know. Sometimes life has other things in store for you and reading and re [...]

    3. Lena♥Ribka on said:

      4,5 stars!Let me congratulate us with a start of a new VERY promising series written in the best traditions of our dear author.You favour books with the main focus on a MM romance?You'll like it! You prefer a good structured mystery?Go and get it!The bad news:It is the first book and the next book in the series will appear in 2017! The good news - for me anyway:It might equally well be a standalone, and I wouldn't be disappointed. MEANS: The story has a lot of potential and could become a huge s [...]

    4. Ingela on said:

      Review written March 5, 20165 Stars - Simply perfect in every way. Terrific read!A fresh and new full length Josh Lanyon novel. Crime and M/M romance in the very best combo. I enjoyed and thankfully took in EVERYTHING reading this one. Stunned and still happydancing.*********************************************“Art is the other side of the coin. It represents the best of humanity. And what I’m here for is to try and protect that…legacy. Our cultural heritage. And by our, I mean everybody. [...]

    5. Natasha on said:

      Great. Just great.SPOILERS!Of all the Lanyon's I've read, this mystery is the one that I found most interesting. The mystery in The Mermaid Murders was beyond what I was hoping for, plot wise. Lanyon took this shit to a next level.The small town, the people, the scenery, reminded me very much of the small town from Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects. Something's just not right, and you can feel that deep in your bones. You have no idea what's wrong, or why, but you know there's something sour just on [...]

    6. Otila on said:

      I think I can safely say that this book will be in my favorites for 2016. I loved both the mystery and the romance.The mystery was fast paced, really well plotted and not at all predictable. It kept me guessing all the way to the end and I did not see it coming.The slow-build attraction between Sean and Kennedy is great. Kennedy is your typical Lanyon Alpha jerk who wants nothing to do with the young agent assigned to “babysit” him. I liked that Jason wouldn’t take his bullshit."I’ve bee [...]

    7. J *deep in the heart of Texas* on said:

      4 stars!Quality writing.Quality suspense.Quality characters.But.I found the romance a bit lacking. I love romantic suspense. Trying to figure out "who done it"which I almost never get right. I had two people pegged as the "bad guy" from the get-go and one of them ended up being right. Needless to say I definitely enjoyed the suspense aspect of this one. It had me intrigued the whole book, especially the last few chapters. Unfortunately I was a little underwhelmed and bored with the romance betwe [...]

    8. Sofia on said:

      a well honed Lanyon with a great mystery, great resolution and a very good ending.Lanyon gives us this FBI procedural which progresses very fluidly whilst she subtly feeds us the people and then I realised that hey I connect with these guys and I'm interested and I care. I read this so eagerly that I had to make myself not gobble it up in one go and send real life duties to perdition. I'm already smiling at the thought that next year I'll be having more :D because glaciers do melt so nicely.Lany [...]

    9. Ami on said:

      3.75 stars rounded upFull disclosure, while Josh Lanyon is still a solid dependable author for me, but I haven't been fully satisfied with anything she had released in the past two years. So I came to this one feeling a little skeptic and trying to tamper down any expectation. Also, knowing Lanyon's brand of romance, I though I'd better focus on the mystery part rather than the romantic portion.Okay, I grudgingly admit that this was better, especially if I had to compare it with Lanyon's latest [...]

    10. Vivian on said:

      Excellent mystery as the hunt for a killer or the return of a killer brings FBI agents Sam Kennedy and Jason West together as partners. One, the senior officer with experience on an earlier case that shows the same hallmarks, the other, out of his depths in an investigation he doesn't usually handle.Both guys have baggage. There's great misdirection; the construction of the mystery of whom the killer is was well done. The tentative and uncertain relationship that develops between the partners is [...]

    11. Susan on said:

      This was a delicious romantic murder mystery. It had perfect amounts of enemies-to-lovers, unresolved sexual tension, and then resolved sexual tension (hubba hubba), a head-scratcher whodunnit, and some seriously creepy bits that had me sleeping with the lights on!The Mermaid Murders follows a trail of missing young women in a town already once-stricken by a serial killer in the past. Enter in Agent Sam Kennedy, the man who captured the original serial killer known as The Huntsman. However, Sam [...]

    12. Erika on said:

      This was Lanyon like I like my Lanyon: great mystery with lots of insider-y details and two characters I want to know more about. I'm not sure I will end up loving Jason and Sam as much as I love me some Adrien English and Jake but, considering that I stayed up way too late reading this, I know I'm totally sold on this series and I cannot wait for more.

    13. Johanna on said:

      Wow. Just wow. What an exquisite start to a new series! No wonder Josh Lanyon was saying online that her fingers itch to write more about these two guys right away! This was such an intense reading experience — and such a rewarding one. The Mermaid Murders is a perfect mix of thrill, fear, fun and romance. I have no doubt that The Art of Murder series will become as loved as Lanyon's Adrien English Mysteries and her Holmes & Moriarity books. After all, it's written by one of the very best [...]

    14. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ on said:

      I'm not sure how else to explain it, and there's no one thing I can point to, but this story had such an ease to it. Despite the subject matter, I felt supported the whole way through, if that makes any sense. Surefooted in pace, development, and management of all the moving parts, I was comfortable every second while reading this.I know. It's weird. Comfortable while reading a murder mystery? But it's true.Jason and Kennedy are complex people with histories and experiences, and therefore they e [...]

    15. Christelle on said:

      Whoah…it’s a very good start. This year, I’m quite attracted by romantic suspense and Josh Lanyon is quite a sure bet. And She doesn’t disappoint with this first instalment of the “The art of Murder” series.Sam is a legend as a FBI investigator, especially for catching a very famous serial killer, the Hunstman, 10 years ago. But he’s also famous for not munching his words. He’s being called to help on a case disturbingly resembling the Huntsman MO. Did Sam screwed up or missed so [...]

    16. CC on said:

      Special Agent Jason West is assigned to the Art Crime Team where he’s earned success but recently suffered a drawback during a bust. Since being cleared for duty, West is assigned to a high profile missing persons/copycat killing case based on his availability and the regional’s need to have another agent’s casework discredited. But Jason isn’t about to be a pawn especially while having his own challenges to contend with.“But should one case, one mistake, define a man’s career- espec [...]

    17. Eli Easton on said:

      I've been reading a lot of mystery/thrillers lately, so I decided to pick up this Josh Lanyon to get my m/m romance fix along with a mystery. In "The Mermaid Murders", John Lanyon shows she knows how to write a solid murder mystery and m/m romance, and how to combine them without skimping on either one, which is quite a feat. The story has Jason, an FBI agent with a specialization in art theft being teamed up with a renown FBI serial killer hunter, Sam Kennedy, to investigate a murder. Jason was [...]

    18. Leanne on said:

      Classic Lanyon!Wonderful writing- she does dialogue so bloody well, a solid (pretty engrossing actually)mystery and the beginnings of a romance with a delicious burn that is slow but pretty intense as two very interesting (and interested) MCs circle warily around each other. I couldn't put this one down. Sadly, this is a series that will only pick up again in 2017 but the ending is satisfactory.Highly recommended.

    19. Martin on said:

      Amazing! This book is f***ing fantastic!!!I am probably biased because not only does the title refer to mermaids (I am obsessed with mermaids, LOL), but the story itself revolves around mermaids and mermaid related items. I loved it.And we even get to see a real one in the story, as scary as this may sound. Not this kind of mermaid, though.Not this one, either, sorry (but good excuse to post this pic, right?).This is the type of ‘mermaid’ that you’ll encounter in the course of the story. I [...]

    20. Wendy on said:

      WowI really liked this one ;)So special agent Jason West has been called in to help notorious Sam Hunter with a murder investigation. As it turns out, it could be that, the capture of a famous serial killer a decade ago by Kennedy, was a failure and that the killer is back. It could also be, that there is a copycat at work. Which ever is the case, Jason is supposed to assist Kennedy with his investigation, but also report back to his superiorwho is watching Kennedy's every move and would love to [...]

    21. HJ on said:

      I don't want to post spoilers because the book has not been released yet. To review it properly I need to comment in detail which would amount to spoilers. So I will just say that Josh Lanyon has done it again, written an excellent book. There is an enthralling and engrossing mystery which is very well plotted and executed. There is a lovely romance which is credible and pleasing. The main characters are beautifully drawn and revealed and, again, entirely credible (as are all the characters, act [...]

    22. CrabbyPatty on said:

      Well, that was pretty darn amazing. Did Sam Kennedy arrest the right man or is The Huntsman still claiming victims? The murder mystery is so well done, and the way it unfurls is brilliant. AND I loved the ending that "not-even-a-HFN" for their relationship but a "to be continued."

    23. Lila on said:

      "Sam Kennedy was a legend. The kind of legend Special Agents in Charge told bad little subordinates who wouldn't eat their vegetables. The Bureau's very own Bogeyman."- from Winter Kill Consider me interested.

    24. KC on said:

      Perfect in every way and so very excellent! Well-drawn, exciting mystery that kept me guessing, vivid storytelling that made everything come alive: the delicious side stories, Rexford-a particular favorite-I could hear and see and feel it, a character in its own right. And on top of all that breathtaking awesomeness, I also fell in love with the main characters, Sam and Jason, *swoons* and I can't wait to hear from them again. What a wonderful beginning to a new mystery series!

    25. Jaya on said:

      If I can erase that lame excuse of a book cover forever sometime, this was actually a pretty good read. Very old-school kind of murder mystery surprisingly not contrived at all, sans any cheese factor in the romance between our protags.So all requisite boxes for a romantic suspense/thriller: CHECKSolid 4 starred read

    26. Alison on said:

      This is really excellent. I loved it. It's a fast-paced, exciting mystery story coupled with a slow-building romance and it's fantastic. The mystery is well done and so completely engaging. Beautiful, concise writing as always from Josh Lanyon. The tension is marvellous and it's wonderfully creepy at times. I loved both main characters and they're so well crafted. I'm really looking forward to the next book. This strikes me as classic Josh Lanyon. Read it--you're in for a treat.

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