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Trapped Outside

Trapped Outside The sequel to best selling science fiction novel Metal Boxes Blackmon Perry Stone hasn t gotten over his fear of being outside and he still hasn t settled into life in the Empire s Navy After months

  • Title: Trapped Outside
  • Author: AlanBlack
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The sequel to 1 best selling science fiction novel Metal Boxes Blackmon Perry Stone hasn t gotten over his fear of being outside and he still hasn t settled into life in the Empire s Navy After months of legal wrangling over his last assignment, he has been given a new assignment He was looking forward to getting an new posting on a spaceship or a station The problemThe sequel to 1 best selling science fiction novel Metal Boxes Blackmon Perry Stone hasn t gotten over his fear of being outside and he still hasn t settled into life in the Empire s Navy After months of legal wrangling over his last assignment, he has been given a new assignment He was looking forward to getting an new posting on a spaceship or a station The problem is that his new job is on a planet Worse, once there, the base is overrun by the enemy aliens and now Stone is trapped outside on a hostile planet, injured, and hunted by aliens bent of killing him.

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    One thought on “Trapped Outside

    1. Dianne on said:

      !!!!!!!!!LAST DAY TO ENTER ALERT!!!!!!!Alan Black is Back with a Mega Giveaway Celebrating his Metal Boxes Series! Prizes Galore! November 16 - December 6, 2015Win a Kindle Fire! Win $25! Win SIGNED Books! Win eBooks! Just click on Banner to Enter! Remember, Kindles, books, eBooks make Great Gifts!Stone is back, still a bit of a bumbling, awkward and hormonal teen, still capable of accidentally becoming a hero and savior and still fulltime “Mom” to two young drascos. So, where is Alan Black [...]

    2. Bill Tillman on said:

      Metal Boxes - Trapped OutsideWhy do so many use foul language and adult situations when PG 13 would gain so much more readership? This was an exciting book but it was like holding my feet to the fire with foul words and base sexuality thrown pell mell.

    3. James on said:

      Another Homerun!I loved the first book and pleasantly surprised to see a sequel. The legend of Midshipman Stone (one ensign) continues to grow with his drascos, Peebee and Jay. Not to give away spoilers but Stone is changing and curious to see where Alan Black leads the characters. Looking forward to Future books in the series! BTW, keep the young Spacer cook/chef!

    4. Andrew on said:

      A likeable cast of "characters," humor, science fiction, and the pompous get their comeuppance. What's not to like. Looking forward to the next installment.

    5. Cloak88 on said:

      Fun, Sci-fy Pulp in this second novel.Midshipman Stone, isn't a all that happy. His marine girlfriend has been shipped out along with all his friends, while he has to deal with the continuing fallout from his last assignment (see previous novel). And then things get worse He receives orders to take command of all ground elements, and take an explorer ship to a recently discovered planet and go and make it habitable. Except things don't really go as plannedIf you enjoyed the humor of the previous [...]

    6. Mark Zodda on said:

      Another enjoyable, light read. Not quite as good as the first book as the pace dragged at times, but still looking forward to the next in the series.

    7. M60601 on said:

      This book started off on a low note and kept repeating that low note throughout the story. I'll be clear about this: I am a woman. I understand that teen boys can be hormonal and will notice beautiful women. I accepted in the first book all of Stone's awkward boners and his attention to the women around him (despite what seems no effort to make any male friends). In this book, however, the women are sexualized way too much. For instance, one the the main characters of this book is introduced as [...]

    8. Melinda on said:

      Classic Sophomore OfferingJust when you think you've found a hot series, the second book comes out and breaks into rousing rounds of exposition; leaving characters who were once interesting, lively and witty rather dull, standard and ho hum.The story no longer a freight train barreling at top speed, but mere jogging at best. Now Stop! I know a lot of people love Mr. Black and his books, and I am glad you enjoy them. For me, this book stopped the series dead in the water. I just prefer a differen [...]

    9. Booksgotit on said:

      Liked this book and the series. The main character Stone is very young, about seventeen on a ship full of adults in their twenties or older. His youth shows at several different moments in the book, but that was to be expected, but on the upside he has intelligence. His smarts didn't shine as much as they did in the last book, but it was fun to see him befuddle people with his unconventional methods. He's growing up, literally and emotionally which was very interesting to read about. Stone's pet [...]

    10. Mike on said:

      Read the first one and gave it 2 stars, don't know why I picked this one up but had nothing on my radar and needed something to read.This book was a mess. Writing style for me was confusing, things didn't flow well. Lot's of repetition of the same points over and over.Characters do the absolutely dumbest things, and their actions/reactions are completely unrealistic.Also, for a science fiction book, this has no science. None. Things just are, without even a little bit of trying to explain. <( [...]

    11. Aleea J. Brewer on said:

      Open sky, clouds, stars, windI suppose if we had been raised inside four walls, a ceiling and floor (or bulkheads, decks etc) we too would be uncomfortable wide a wide open, unfettered sky. Plus plants and animals trying their best to kill us and we would try to stay under cover as much as possible. But that isn't always easy to do. Good book, looking forward to another metal box tale.

    12. GREGGCORDELL on said:

      Great readThis was another good read from Mr Black. The book is full of action and has a great storyline . You can just about see the planet in your mind and imagine how hard it would be to survive on it . Luckily he has a few friends especially two big ones that call him mama. Great read and fun to read on top of it all . Thank you Alan. Oh and don't forget about the four arm freaks.

    13. Jessica Roberts on said:

      Long Live the Drascos!With only one GLARING suspension-of-disbelief- snapping-out-of biological impossibility, all the xenobiology holds together and the story rocks. And Pee Bee and Jay steal the show. As it should be.

    14. Brian Williams on said:

      AwesomeThis is just such a fun book to read. I like that the author keeps the story lite and entertaining. I really hope that there's a book 3 because I feel like the altar has a lot more to write in this universe.

    15. M.L. on said:

      I enjoyed this book more than the previous installment. The dialogue isn't so unnatural and stilted, and there's way more action than speaking this time. Aside from the obvious bullshit about DNA mixing, I very much enjoyed this adventure.

    16. Laura Pope on said:

      Wonderful.A great continuation of this great series . A thoroughly enjoyable cast of characters within a great array of planet, critters, creatures evil, good aliens, cute aliens. The list goes on !

    17. Ove on said:

      Alan Black is fast becoming a favorite. This is the second book in the Metal Boxes series and it delivers nice uncomplicated military(ish) sf. Love the hero's love for 'older' women.

    18. William Hidden on said:

      A fun read.A light entertaining story. A nice pick for a summer night read. A few twists and turns so as to be a little unpredictable.

    19. Kathie Zingler on said:

      Hey, what about the piglets?Good story. Kept my attention. Must be more about Drascos, Stone, and Piglets We need another story about them all.

    20. Jesse Deleon on said:

      Recommended for up late reading.I just finished this book and it was prefect for my stay up late reading fix and hope you think so too.

    21. Barry on said:

      I believe I enjoyed this more than the first book. I hope there are many more in the pipeline.

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