We Never Left You

Beth Olsen Rick Olsen Andrea Cagan

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We Never Left You

We Never Left You After unspeakable tragedy one couple must forge its own path to healing in the bittersweet true story We Never Left You One moment Beth and Rick Olsen were enjoying an ordinary life filled with all

  • Title: We Never Left You
  • Author: Beth Olsen Rick Olsen Andrea Cagan
  • ISBN: 9781514677926
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • After unspeakable tragedy, one couple must forge its own path to healing in the bittersweet true story, We Never Left You.One moment, Beth and Rick Olsen were enjoying an ordinary life filled with all the joys and frustrations of raising their two children, Josh and Jessie The next moment, a drunk driver plowed through a red light at eighty miles per hour, hitting their vAfter unspeakable tragedy, one couple must forge its own path to healing in the bittersweet true story, We Never Left You.One moment, Beth and Rick Olsen were enjoying an ordinary life filled with all the joys and frustrations of raising their two children, Josh and Jessie The next moment, a drunk driver plowed through a red light at eighty miles per hour, hitting their van and changing everything.The death of both their children launched Beth and Rick down a long and winding path toward simple survival and eventual healing As shock gave way to the cruel reality of their loss, they began receiving messages that proved the existence of life after death a welcome sign that aided them in moving forward.The Olsens soon attempted traditional healing methods but quickly found that counseling did nothing to help them get a grasp on their monumental loss They then turned to nontraditional approaches a decision that led them to Peru It was there they finally began to undergo the immense physical, mental, and emotional changes that allowed them to understand everything including the accident happens for a reason.

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      330 Beth Olsen Rick Olsen Andrea Cagan
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    One thought on “We Never Left You

    1. Jackie on said:

      This is a true story of the loss of the authors two only children at the time to a horrible tragedy. I was interested in reading this book because I too lost my child (my daughter,only child) to a car accident. This book is really well written and acknowledges the many feelings we have as bereaved parents, especially in the beginning. I was also very interested in the book because Rick and Beth found a very unique approach to helping them with their loss. Everyone's grief journey is different an [...]

    2. Kristin Hinkle on said:

      "We Never Left You" by Rick and Beth Olsen is an emotional story that really tugged at my heart. As a mother I found myself wondering how I would have handled loosing my child in a blink of an eye. No matter how much I racked my brain I couldn't even begin to find an answer. The book is written in both Rick and Beth Olsen's points of view. They take turns telling their story and when reading it I felt as though they were speaking directly to me. It's unimaginable what they experienced and throug [...]

    3. Melinda on said:

      This is a beautiful memoir from Beth and Rick Olsen having to deal with the unimaginable and unexpected tragic loss of their two children, and finding a way to heal.Their story will bring tears to your eyes, and you will feel their pain. The author tells the story from the couple's point of view so you can understand how the tragedy changes their lives separately and together. Beth and Rick experienced the stages of the grieving process at different times, but they were there for each other. Oft [...]

    4. Julie on said:

      A beautiful journey of spirit and faith after devastating lossI read We Never Left You all in one afternoon, unable to put it down, caught up in the tragedy and grief and then the beautiful journey of love, healing, and support. I can’t begin to imagine the devastation Rick and Beth faced, but I appreciate so deeply their willingness to share their story. Throughout the book, we get both of their perspectives, which helps to not only move the story forward but also with the better understandin [...]

    5. Teresa Kander on said:

      One of the most inspiring stories I've read this year. We get to hear from both Beth and Rick, showing each one's journey through the most unimaginable tragedy toward a place of healing. As a parent myself, I was blessed by this story, and by the hope it offers.This is a very emotional read, so you might want to keep some tissues handy--as well as freeing up an entire afternoon for reading it, as you are NOT going to want to put it down once you start. **I received a copy of this book in exchang [...]

    6. Sage Adderley-Knox on said:

      We Never Left You is a super emotional story. My heart felt heavy reading about the car accident that took the lives of Beth and Rick Olsen's children. This book has a good balance as the parents share their family's history, details about the car accident, bits of the trial, and healing. I was in awe of how the couple remained open to many different ways of healing and communicating with their children. I think that openness allowed them to find the peace they needed to embrace a new way to not [...]

    7. Saradia Chatterjee on said:

      We Never Left You is a book that helps one cope with a tragedy of the worst kind. Rick and Beth Olsen have written about the trauma they underwent after the loss of their children and how they explored an unconventional healing process that helped them lead a normal life.I was overwhelmed after reading this book. It is a powerful message to people whose lives have been impacted by a devastating event. There are many who seek help from the conventional and mainstream resources but still don’t f [...]

    8. Aly on said:

      This book is very touching. I lost my Dad and I was so sad and lost. Some days I think I still am sad and lost. I have not lost a child. Bad things happen and we need to find ways to move on, not forget just keep living. I believe that is what is book is about living, about new beginnings and much more. * I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review*

    9. Chantol Aspinall on said:

      Read the original review over at chantolaspinall They say death is inevitable, and the Bible teaches that it is appointed unto man once to die. In an instant it comes, in an unexpected moment. It never leaves empty handed when it visits us. It takes those we treasure, those we center our lives and identities around, those we live for. Death is the easy part. Putting together the shattered pieces of life after the death of a loved one is what’s difficult. Most give up, unable to live on. Others [...]

    10. Michelle on said:

      Heartbreaking, Beautiful, and InspiringFirst of all, I have to say that if I could rate this book higher than five stars, I would. It's a 10 star book in my opinion. This book hit home for me on so many levels. Through reading this book, I have discovered new ways of coping with my Mom's passing. Instead of feeling stuck in my grief, I have found a way to learn how to accept her passing. Beth and Rick experienced something that no parent should ever have to face, but I must say that they handled [...]

    11. julie morse on said:

      Heaven isn't that far awayTo be able to embrace a tragedy is unfathomable to most people but you were able to achieve it. GOD has a plan and even if we can't imagine how our life will be affected, we just need to believe Heaven isn't that far away.

    12. Majanka on said:

      Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/book-touLosing a child is the most terrible thing imaginable. Losing two sounds even worse. It can’t be described, so I wouldn’t even dare to begin trying. But that’s exactly what Beth and Rick Olsen went through when a druk driver plowed through a red light, hit their car and thus killed both their children.It hurts to read this book, because it’s real. It’s not fiction. It details what this family went through. It hurts just to wri [...]

    13. Alohna on said:

      InspirationalThis book made me put my life in perspective and live each day filled with conquering what I believed to be impossible. Thank you for sharing

    14. Lisa Leikam on said:

      Enjoyed the read. They truly never leave us as I too have experienced. The journey they send us on to healing and our purpose in life is amazing! #spiritlife

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