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Meri Weiss

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Closer To Fine

Closer To Fine In this luminous debut novel about a young woman putting her life back together after the death of her brother Meri Weiss explores hope after heartbreak and the myriad ways that those we love can ma

  • Title: Closer To Fine
  • Author: Meri Weiss
  • ISBN: 9780758226907
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this luminous debut novel about a young woman putting her life back together after the death of her brother, Meri Weiss explores hope after heartbreak, and the myriad ways that those we love can make us whole again.Growing up, Alexandra and her older brother Ashley were never close Her decision to move in to Ashley s Upper West Side apartment to care for him duringIn this luminous debut novel about a young woman putting her life back together after the death of her brother, Meri Weiss explores hope after heartbreak, and the myriad ways that those we love can make us whole again.Growing up, Alexandra and her older brother Ashley were never close Her decision to move in to Ashley s Upper West Side apartment to care for him during his final months surprises herself as much as anyone, but it can t erase the guilt Alex feels at the years they wasted Now, four years after his death, with a bout of depression and a suicide attempt behind her, Alex feels fragile but no longer broken As for normal only with her roommate and best friend Jordy and their gay friend Jax can she feel anything close to that.Then Alex s therapist, Sam, bequeaths her a cryptic message that changes everything The note reads simply, You re missing a piece of yourself At Sam s funeral, Alex meets Tucker the charming, cute son of one of New York s wealthiest businessmen As their romance deepens, Tucker tries to draw Alex out of her safety zone But is Tucker the key to Sam s riddle, or is the real answer still waiting to be found At once humorous and heartbreaking, and peopled with deftly rendered characters, Closer to Fine is an exquisite first novel about love, loss, and self discovery, written with uncommon verve and grace.

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      486 Meri Weiss
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    One thought on “Closer To Fine

    1. Peter on said:

      Words are not strong enough to describe how I feel about this book. No matter how many times I read it, I am thoroughly moved, especially by the first chapter. It's always a pleasure to revisit these characters, who have become strangely like family to me. You'll laugh and commiserate alongside Alex, Jax, Jordy, and Tucker. And don't be surprised if you find yourself saving a seat at your favorite East Village bar hoping for them to show up.

    2. Abbie Payne on said:

      "All I know is that normal people-people who don't feel passionate about anything, people who don't read books, people who exist for years without crying-are boring, one dimensional and usually of mediocre intelligence. I hate normal people."This quote summed up this whole book for me. I loved it.

    3. Jackie on said:

      This books dumps you right in the middle of a young woman's life. She's taking a bold and unusual step--she's come to take care of her estranged brother who is dying of AIDS. At first she finds herself ill-prepared for the task, but as they get to know each other she comes to better know herself, and then lose herself in her grief for the years she lost with this man. His death sends her spiraling downward and her loyal troupe of flamboyant friends drag her back to life--and new discoveries abou [...]

    4. Claire on said:

      My dear NY publisher friend Peter sent Closer to Fine to me in the mail with a note that said, "I'm publishing this book, and I think you will love it as much as I did." Evidently he knows my literary taste well, because I loved this book and read it very quickly. It was fantastic! A superb convergence of "real literature" and can't-put-it-down modern interest. The characters in this book are intensely real, and the relationships are compelling and original. The ending is both surprising and bel [...]

    5. Hannah Garden on said:

      It's hard for me to read a book where a person suffers from depression and yet is able to freely imbibe booze and weed at her leisure with no real repercussions. I don't personally buy it. Apart from that, this book kind of reminds me of early Anne Lamott . . . which I don't love, Anne Lamott's novels, but I *do* think Anne Lamott is a brilliant genius, so . . . yeah.

    6. Johari on said:

      This book deals with some pretty heavy topics but was written in a nice east-to -read way. I could have done with out " the missing piece" portion of the story because i think it did the main character a disservice.

    7. Elizabeth on said:

      Closer to Fine is one of those books that you can just pick up again and again and it just doesn't get boring. I learned to be yourself from this book and that its okay to figure things out later in life.

    8. Sherilyn Smith on said:

      Excellent story, makes you feel connected to all of the characters. Is a positive portryal of how death can bring people together.

    9. Amanda on said:

      The fifth book I read for my independent reading is, ‘Closer to Fine’ by Meri Weiss. This book was the very first this particular author wrote and she explained how death can tear family’s apart but hope can actually make us whole again. The reason for choosing this book was because I noticed the cover and I was curious as to why it portrayed a woman’s legs. I was also confused about the title of this book which made me want to read the back cover for more information and once I read the [...]

    10. Jmackarla on said:

      Closer to Fine by WeissRate 3.5 Alex finds out her brother, Ashley, is dying of AIDS. When she visits him, she realizes that they have wasted so much time. After his death, she has a suicide attempt; Jody, her friend, finds her. Alex checks herself into rehab and meets Sam -- a therapist. When Sam dies, she attends his funeral and meets Tucker -- another of Sam's patients. Alex begins seeing him and they talk and realizes that Sam didn't leave a note for anyone else. Just her. The note says "You [...]

    11. Vickie on said:

      I didn't know this was a debut book when I picked up this novel, nor did I know this after I was finished. This book is better put together than most rookie efforts, and while it doesn't have lofty goals for literature, it is satisfying and leaves me feeling that I got something from it.While I enjoy intense navel gazing as much as the next gal--Sittenfeld's Prep comes to mind for drama, and David Sedaris along the comedy vein--there was something charming yet realistic about Alex's struggles wi [...]

    12. Gracie on said:

      Wow, this was just a powerful, emotional, funny and poignant book about healing (my favorite author theme) and redemption and just the love and loyalty of friends and family and the ties that bind us all. I went through several tissues during the last 50 pages and had to pause and put the book aside a few times for the tears swimming in my eyes and fear of getting the pages wet and ruining them. Alex is a character I could really relate to. Her Neuroses were my neuroses and though I've never exp [...]

    13. Emily on said:

      I admit: I bought this book because I thought the title was just like the Indigo Girls' song, was DELIGHTED when a character mentions the band (spoiler??), and loved the book regardless.If you enjoy music and movie quotes and references, this is a good book for you.If you enjoy sibling/friend/family dynamics/dysfunction explored in truly honest ways, this is a good book for you.I was legitimately upset when I finished the book this morning and realized it was my last experience with these charac [...]

    14. Keilis Perdomo on said:

      I actually REALLY loved this book. I loved how it just places you in Alex's life in a very difficult time when her brother is suffering of AIDS and her life is just a horrible mess. She also has to deal with her best friends problem of not being accepted by his dad because he's gay. I just don't like how there's more then one death inthe book adding to Alex's depressing life and drug problems. But overall this book was a very good read and I'll recommend it to anybody who likes a good dramatic a [...]

    15. Oanh Vuong on said:

      Totally forgettable. Though Alex's brother's death and deaths period seem to be a main theme here, I can't help but feel like Alex was just talking non-chalantly throughout the entire novel about her feelings as if it weren't a big deal, even while she keeps trying to express that it was. Then when she finally finds her true love it still seemed totally downplayed. And I don't even understand why some characters were even mentioned in the novel. I fell asleep a million times trying to read this, [...]

    16. Katherine Owen on said:

      The writing is beautiful in this story. Meri Weiss is very talented as a writer. The ending was a surprise and I didn't quite believe it which is why I gave it less stars. For me, it just didn't add up to what was going on before this in the story. The heroine is a little self destructive and we want her to work it out. And, she does, but not in a way I would have expected. That's my only caution about this book.

    17. Elaine on said:

      This is an interesting journey into the lives of those living an alternative lifestyle. It is well written, and the characters are believable and likable. It's a quick read and leaves the reader with a sense of understanding.

    18. Erin on said:

      Was great to read this book while I myself was going through a bit of a restructuring in my life, albeit of a different sort.

    19. Dani on said:

      I'd give this more stars but wasn't crazy about the last 30 pages. Gripping tale about family, depression, and finding yourself.

    20. Anna on said:

      Great read. I loved the conversations between the friends in this book. Thanks for the recommendation Claire!

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