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Bloodlines Fired from his job at the Tulsa Zoo year old Zane Clearwater wakes from an alcohol and cough syrup induced blackout to learn his mother was killed the night before in a fire in their trailer park

  • Title: Bloodlines
  • Author: Lynn Lipinski
  • ISBN: 9780996467612
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fired from his job at the Tulsa Zoo, 26 year old Zane Clearwater wakes from an alcohol and cough syrup induced blackout to learn his mother was killed the night before in a fire in their trailer park home Zane has no memory of that night could he have set the blaze The police have a lot of questions, but so do Zane and his 14 year old sister Lettie When he gets a mysterFired from his job at the Tulsa Zoo, 26 year old Zane Clearwater wakes from an alcohol and cough syrup induced blackout to learn his mother was killed the night before in a fire in their trailer park home Zane has no memory of that night could he have set the blaze The police have a lot of questions, but so do Zane and his 14 year old sister Lettie When he gets a mysterious text that indicates everything his mother told him about her past was a lie, Zane embarks on a journey of discovery that results in meeting his supposedly long dead father Jeremiah Doom has a dangerous streak as long as the Arkansas River and a shady, secretive life Zane may share his father s Cherokee blood, but can he battle against the anger and violence that also lurks beneath the surface of his own skin Is Zane destined to repeat the sins of his father

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    One thought on “Bloodlines

    1. Lyn on said:

      Good book.Lynn Lipinski’s 2015 publication Bloodlines draws on stark reality with hints of spirituality and the paranormal to draw the reader into a mystery thriller that breathes with an earthy humanism.Reluctant hero Zane awakes after having fallen off the wagon. A recovering alcoholic, he has nonetheless succumbed to temptation after loosing his job. But getting drunk and blacking out are the least of his problems; his family’s trailer has burned and his mother was killed in the blaze.As [...]

    2. Jan on said:

      3.75 starsAction packed mystery about a mixed family with deep secrets, struggling day to day to survive.When Zane and Lettie's mother is found dead in their burned out trailer home, their lives turn upside down. Recently fired from his job, Zane soon becomes the #1 suspect in his Mother's death. After an anonymous text tells him that his Mother isn't who she says she was, Zane starts out on a path to find out the truth. And what he soon discovers is that everything he thought he knew about her [...]

    3. Debbie on said:

      Okay this was a pretty good read and pretty creepy towards the end as well.This was a story like no other I have read. I was screaming at this book several times, just like in the horror movies, "no don't do that". Of course, just like in the movies, they didn't listen to me. HA!! The book certainly held my interest as I sped right through the whole thing. I had to know who set the fire and killed the mom. Oh, but the author had other things in mind. I had to go through a lot of secrets before I [...]

    4. Monnie on said:

      Please don't misunderstand: I enjoyed reading this very well-written book, and I thank the publisher (via NetGalley) for the opportunity to read it in exchange for a review. I just wish I'd been able to feel some kind of positive emotional connection to any of the characters.The story begins as Zane Clearwater, a 26-year-old recovering alcoholic, is fired from his job at the Tulsa Zoo (Oklahoma). Upset, he goes off the wagon and blacks out, waking up to learn that his pretty much worthless alcoh [...]

    5. Petra on said:

      A very entertaining read and brilliantly different!Bloodlines tells the poignant story of 26-year-old Zane and his 14-year-old sister Lettie. After their mother dies in a fire in their home, Zane and Lettie discover that she had some dark secrets. While trying to unravel the mystery, Zane also has to deal with the police investigating the fire, taking care of his little sister and coming to grips with his identity.Bloodlines was a unique story with characters that were very believable and a plot [...]

    6. Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews) on said:

      ** I received this book as an ARC from the author via NetGalley**Such an intense, kept me guessing, twisted book!! 4.5 stars This poor family has been handed the wrong end of the stick. Zane's mother is killed in a fire and he is left to take care of his 14 y/o sister (whom I just love). But little did they know their mother was keeping secret after secret. All this time Zane thought his father was dead and gone but oh no he finds him. And all hell breaks loose. This book kept me guessing. I had [...]

    7. Debra on said:

      3.5 stars Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The book begins with Zane being fired from his job at the local zoo for an offense that he did not commit. He buys some liquor and breaks his 1.5 year sobriety and returns home. He shares his home with his mother and 14 year old sister. The next day he learns that their trailer has burnt down and his Mother is dead. He blacked out from drinking and has no memory of the night before. He is left to care for his 14 year old sister a [...]

    8. Heather L on said:

      The best part of this story was Zane and his admirable personality traits. He was very likeable and it was a sad story to see someone like him and his sister go through these trying times. It was very interesting to get a perspective of the Indians, for I am part Choctaw and Cherokee. I would like to read another story about Zane and his life going forward from this. He's such a good character.

    9. Xxertz on said:

      BLUF: Steady paced murder mystery with realistic characters and relationships.**I was provided a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review**Zane, a recovering alcoholic, was fired from work. After a night of being black out drunk, Zane wakes to learn that his mother has been killed in a fire. Shortly after, Zane receives a strange text suggesting that his mother was not who she said she was. Zane and his sister, Lettie, search to find the truth surrounding their mother an [...]

    10. Gayle on said:

      Twenty-six year old Zane is accused of setting the fire that killed his mother. Now he is responsible for his fourteen year old half-sister, Lettie.All of Zane's life he believed his father died before he was born. Now information found in his mother's belongings reveal the facts that she had a legal name change and nothing Zane thought about himself was true.He isn't even sure whether or not he started the fire since he was in an alcohol induced blackout and has no memory of that night. A man's [...]

    11. Tracy on said:

      Zane has just lost his job. Zane has also just lost his home and his mother. Life can't get much worseoh yeah, the police think he set the fire that killed her. I enjoyed the first 50% of this book very much. At a little after the half way point I started getting a little bit antsy. Zane started making some very bad decisions. If my mom had an entire secret life and a secret identity, just to make sure that she wasn't ever found by my FATHER, would I seek the man out? Would I go for a visit? Wou [...]

    12. Suzzy Day on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this mystery. The character's struggles and daily life felt very real to me, and I found myself truly worried about what would happen to the two main characters (Zane and Lettie) as the story unfolded.The story begins with the mysterious and tragic death of Zane and Lettie's mother. Zane, in his mid-twenties, has just recently lost his job and is struggling with addiction. He is almost immediately named as a suspect in his mother's death while simultaneously taking o [...]

    13. Michelle Burgard on said:

      Man oh freaking man. That was a great, great story. While i had a feeling i knew who the killer was in the beginning, im thrilled with the outcome. Zane and Lettie, you two are damn strong. The only thing about this book that wasnt my favorite thing was that it felt not as crazy dramatic in the scenes. I mean, the book did have drama but i didnt "feel" much of it until the last quarter of the book when shit got crazy. However, still a great book! Definitely a recommend.

    14. Casey on said:

      I received a copy of bloodlines in exchange for an honest review, thank you Net galley and AuthorBuzz Bloodlines is a suspense thriller but didn't live up to its premise. I liked the characters:- I liked Lettie who is 14 and a sweet kid- Zane who is 26 striving hard to get away from a trailer park life style and battle his alcohol addiction- Emmaline was interesting and I liked her little reality TV show audition and how it showed she was trying to reach her dreams as well.The problem with the c [...]

    15. Mark on said:

      One of my friends read this book and raved about how great it was, so I decided that I wanted to read it as well. I liked how this book gives readers an accurate account of family life. There are many books out there that are all cheery and happy, yet they don't really have any substance. I commend the author on creating characters that have substance and a purpose. Zane is 26 years old and without a real purpose in life. He's fired from his job at the zoo and after he wakes up from an alcohol b [...]

    16. Up All Night Book Addict on said:

      I am always intrigued by suspense thrillers. Some are beyond great. Some are good. Some, not so much. This book falls in the good category. There is enough mystery and unanswered questions to keep you reading from start to finish.This isn't just a murder mystery. There is a little hint of supernatural thrown in. We have a murder plot of who or what did it? As the story unfolds, many truths from the past arise that make the characters question who they are and who their mother really was.Overall, [...]

    17. Meghan Curley on said:

      This was absolutely intoxicating, from the first page too the last. The deeply rooted family secrets were brought too the light of day, sometimes family secrets should be kept buried. This was defiantly a page turner that I didn't want too put down. I would definitely recommend this too anyone that likes a good thrill.

    18. Roxanne on said:

      So I opened it up and couldn't stop reading. Lynn Lipinski's debut novel Bloodlines is a great thriller that really keeps you guessing until the end. Zane is a young man who finds out his mother had died in fire, he was out drinking the night before and really doesn't remember anything. So when the police question him a lot he begins to wonder if something happened and he is responsible for her death.Lettie his sister is left in his care after his mother's death and she goes on the journey with [...]

    19. Kristine (A Cozy Booknook) on said:

      This is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat tale that quickly grabs your attention and keeps you captivated through til the end.This is about Zane, a young man in his mid-twenties who suddenly becomes guardian to his younger sister, Lettie, after a fire at the family home kills their mother. Zane wonders if he possibly had anything to do with the fire, after being sober for almost two years, he has an alcohol induced blackout. Zane tries to gain more information on the fire to determine if it was po [...]

    20. Cheryl on said:

      It's just a darned shame at times that we don't get to choose our families.Zane Clearwater is 26 years old. His mother just died in a trailer fire, he just got fired from his job at the zoo, and he can't remember whether he was involved in the trailer fire or not - because he was in an alcoholic blackout after 1-1/2 years sober.So now Zane is responsible for his 14 year old half-sister Lettie, he's not sure where the money is going to come from, and he finds out his mother had not told him and h [...]

    21. Julia on said:

      This is an interesting mystery/suspense novel. The story is about Zane, a 26 year old who one night drinks too much, blacks out, and in the morning finds his trailer burned to the ground, and his mother inside, dead. So Zane tries to get to the truth of the incident. Was it an accident, was it murder, or did Zane kill his own mother. As the book progresses, we learn more about Zane and his sister Lettie. Zane is a good hearted person who is trying to do the right thing, but he keeps making stupi [...]

    22. Pattyh on said:

      Thank you NetGallery for the advance copy of Blood Lines. Zane and Nettie are brother and sister - Zane's an alcoholic in his 20's and Nettie is just a teenager. Their mother is killed and the siblings are thrown into a situation to find out what happened. This is a story of family secrets and just how much we are tied to our family blood. This novel is steady and has some scary situations that take our young characters on a perilous ride.I bought into this story and got invested in the characte [...]

    23. Jo Mckee on said:

      This book had me from page 1. Not necessarily a could not put down book, but a page turner! Could not put down.what was next? Did not totally figure out the villain until almost the very end. Definitely a great first book for Ms. Lipinski. Anxiously awaiting the next book. This was a book I won from the Giveaway.

    24. Janet on said:

      Thank you to Net Galley for bringing this book to my attention. It is a well written, quick to finish mystery of who done it. It has twists and turns that you will not see coming. This is what made me read it so quickly. As much as I wanted to get to the ending, when I did, I wished there was more.

    25. Rachel Chiapparine on said:

      I was able to download a free copy of this book from NetGally in exchange for my honest review:I really enjoyed the beginning and middle of the book, however the ending of the book and the "big twist"/revelation of the "bad guy" at the end of the book felt very rushed to me as if the author was suddenly in a hurry to finish the book. Overall I personally rate this book a 6/10.

    26. Jay Williams on said:

      This book backs so much action into its pages that you end up with a "wow" feeling. The story has elements of mysticism, native beliefs, Christianity and madness, all bearing on a young man's discovery of his father and his heritage. All the characters are vividly drawn and very true to life. They are real people with all the issues that real people have. It is a great story, told well.

    27. Jane on said:

      Interesting take on dysfunctional families, family secrets, trying to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and what really helps people help themselves, all tied up in long-ago and recent murders. Intriguing.

    28. Itsy Bitsy Book Bits on said:

      Bloodlines is about Zane Clearwater and how his life is not what he thought it was. One night while ruining his good streak of being free of alcohol and AA meetings, he has relapsed. About 15 minutes after he leaves his home in Majestic trailer court in Tulsa his trailer and mother are both gone, perished by a fire. This story is well written by Lynn Lipinski, it flows well between the story line and characters. You feel like you are going through all of the scenarios with Zane trying to figure [...]

    29. Meghan on said:

      What will you do for those you love? What would you do for one you trusted? This is a thriller and has some gripping scenes in the action filled pages, but what stuck out to me the most was the relationships between the different characters. The love and family relationships, the romantic relationships, the economic relationships and more were very detailed and an intricate part of this story.This was a very well written and developed story. I had questions at the end of the book, but not becaus [...]

    30. Robin Lynn on said:

      Bloodlines Zane Clearwater wakes up the day after being fired from his job at the zoo, hungover from the night before, and learns that his mother perished in a house fire the night before. Zane blacked out, and can't remember anything from the night before, could he actually have killed his mother, like the police believe? Or is he innocent like he and his young sister believe? In trying to discover who really was behind the murder of his mother, Zane meets his father. A man Zane had been told [...]

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