A Shift in Sands

A. Phallus Si

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A Shift in Sands

A Shift in Sands Special Agent Jacob Sands just landed the case of his FBI career Eager to prove himself Jake s willing to play Carlyle s games to get what they need What if he gets than he bargained for Edward Carly

  • Title: A Shift in Sands
  • Author: A. Phallus Si
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: ebook
  • Special Agent Jacob Sands just landed the case of his FBI career Eager to prove himself, Jake s willing to play Carlyle s games to get what they need What if he gets than he bargained for Edward Carlyle is slick, but trouble s brewing at The Fronds when a second body is discovered on their grounds Then in stumbles Sands providing an irresistible diversion A littleSpecial Agent Jacob Sands just landed the case of his FBI career Eager to prove himself, Jake s willing to play Carlyle s games to get what they need What if he gets than he bargained for Edward Carlyle is slick, but trouble s brewing at The Fronds when a second body is discovered on their grounds Then in stumbles Sands providing an irresistible diversion A little quid pro quo and suddenly the stakes have changed.

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      385 A. Phallus Si
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    One thought on “A Shift in Sands

    1. Vivian on said:

      Smut happens.Due to a conflict on interest I can't rate this, but if any of the following interests you: Contemporary, MM, D/s, public activity, multiple partners, impact play, rope bondage, ass play, breath play, humiliation, one-handed read, situational violenceThen you'll probably enjoy this story.

    2. Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion on said:

      HHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!And KIIIIIIINKKYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!And it had some cloak and dagger FBI investigative shenanigans!BOOYAH!!!!!Jake (FBI undercover agent) gets sent to a tropical locale to infiltrate Mr. Carlyle's inner sanctum, garner as much information as possible in any way possible in an effort to bring down the highly evasive Ziehe. Ziehe's a bad guy. What he does that's so bad? He's got a pretty extensive track record of murdering agents. Ooh oooooo AND he has a [...]

    3. Emma Sea on said:

      it's out! Free read in the BDSM group here (NSFW).***is it the 11th yet? huh, huh, huh??? Is it??***see this book!? I beta read this book! Hot sex is hot! Apparently I have a thing for voyeurism.

    4. Kristan on said:

      4.5 I need a cold shower starsHot story is HOT.Dirty talk, humiliation, voyeurism, some dubious consent, rope play, and one certain scene that opens up a whole new world for our MC? *shivers* Yes, please.Jake is FBI, undercover and willing to do just about anything to get the information he needs to take down a very dangerous man. And the things he's willing to do *lecherous smile* are a pleasure to read.The lines become blurred between he and his informant, and now he's wondering about what wil [...]

    5. Bree Cheese on said:

      I might have gotten an advanced copy of this story, but it was even better to read it in its complete form! Wonderfully delectable.

    6. Sunny on said:

      There is an actual story that I liked, but for me, it was all about the sex. Wonderful, kinky, pervilicious sex. *savors memories of scenes*My favorite? I think the spa scene *fans self* and the vulnerability as Jake was displayed.But it is difficult to choose, because they were all so good. The ass play made me so happy :)I would have liked to get more of Jake's thoughts as he discovered his taste for cock, and a little pain in his play, but it still worked for me. In a very good way :PWith the [...]

    7. Elizabetta on said:

      3.5 starsWhen the ropes came out and the flogger started flogging and the sweet subby started begging for more… well, all sorts of steam came wafting off my Kindle. Ahem.It’s such salacious fun, watching Jake— an FBI agent, undercover at an exclusive beach resort— slowly come undone as he discovers all his dark and hidden D/s yens and yearnings. That he’s also into pain, humiliation, and public sex certainly adds to the honey pot. And how much he's willing to give up for the jobOn the [...]

    8. Lila Hunter on said:

      A really interesting take on undercover assignments. The BDSM aspects were on point and the characters displayed their lifestyle knowledge. The story was well-written and it was pretty hot. The public scenes worked good without being too dark. The sub's emotions and his state of mind gave another dimension to the D/s relationship. The addition of the third (silent) partner was brilliant. I only had trouble with the original setup and the quick ending, but overall this story was a good read.

    9. Eve on said:

      There are so many great kinks in this story! Hotshot FBI agent Jake is both a BDSM and gay virgin, and yet he embarks fearlessly into this world in pursuit of his case. Or not quite fearlesslyhis trepidation made so many of the scenes in this story even hotter, as we get to experience Jake's nervousness, especially in a few slightly humiliating scenes. I really loved how well handled each scene was. I loved how enigmatic and mysterious Carlyle was, and yet how you get a sense that he is a consum [...]

    10. Dee on said:

      The author needs to take a bow! This this was sooooo good! Not just the sex, which was hot as hell, but the engaging plot!! Thank you to Kristan, A Phallus Si, and everyone else who had a hand in bringing this story to life!!Bloody brilliant!

    11. Jeanne 'Divinae' on said:

      I had to sleep on this before I started this review. Some of it will be good, but there were a couple spots that just weren't my thing(personally).This story was was written as part of the BDSM- BOYK. So thank you to the author for participating. Overall, I did enjoy the story. We had a plot and we had wrapped up at the end with a HFN ending.We have Jake, who was sent in as undercover, to a resort where dead bodies(of agents) keep washing up on the shorelines. The government agencies(Jake is fro [...]

    12. Chelsea on said:

      Obviously this was HOT, like seriously seriously HOT! All the reviews have said so and I completely agree with all of them. I love me some humilation and this ticked so many of my boxes!For me, I would have enjoyed the story just as much, if not a little bit more, without the FBI case. The characters were so interesting and I would have been satisfied just reading about them and the relationship (oh and the kinky sex, definitely that too). Nothing at fault with the case though, just my personal [...]

    13. Don Bradshaw on said:

      Smoking hot story that allows most of your kinks to run wild. Well written and did I say hot?

    14. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme on said:

      Where is the rest of this story?*shakes fist at A. Phallus Si* Wow, I finally have down time to read the luscious stories from this writing event. During Bring Out Your Kink (BOYK), I felt like a cook in the kitchen who samples a little bit of the food to make sure it is right and then can't eat anything when the food is done. Now that I am a few months removed, I can enjoy each of these delightful stories.I LOVED this story. It is absolutely fabulous. The kink is delicious. The men are sexy haw [...]

    15. Dee Aditya on said:

      Okay, so that was hot. Like, super hot. Scorchingly hot. I needed some water to cool myself down, that hot.There's humiliation and whips and public activities and all sorts of naughty goodness going on. I totally loved it.But the ending was totally unexpected and I was feeling a little sad. (view spoiler)[ I wanted this to remain a twosome! It kinda let down the Possessive Dom thing that Edward had going on. (hide spoiler)]But this is worth reading for the sex alone.

    16. Serena on said:

      I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and/or to read more within the series.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    17. Aya on said:

      I'll revisit this review when I get the chance but for nowPlease tell me there will be more

    18. k reads on said:

      Hum. This worked for me.It’s not perfect but it is very good. Temperature raising.I would have liked more of an emotional payoff at the end - it felt a little neat and tied with a bow.But this worked for me.I feel naughty.

    19. Hill *Romance Newbie* on said:

      It started off weak. But oddly enough, the middle part is quite solid. Then the ending is little vague.On the whole, it's pretty good for a short story.

    20. Katherine on said:

      Eye rolling author name aside, this was a freebie from the BDSM Bedtime Stories.

    21. Alexis Woods on said:

      Short, G-Men mystery. Jake offers himself in exchange for information. Intriguing plot twists, sweet BDSM scenes, and a great ending.

    22. Finnegan on said:

      It started of okay, and then suddenly there was a twist and NOTHING made sense anymore. I also couldn't place Carlyle's motive in it all, and his actions felt mechanical. I never felt any real emotion between the MC's.

    23. Fiordiligii on said:

      A great smutty read right until the party. Up until then I was going with a solid B but I really don't care for gratuitous sub sharing which is why I downgraded to a D

    24. coflo on said:

      3.8~4 stars. A short bdsm story. 溫柔調教系. The final twist isn't convincing for me, but I would like to read their menage story in the foreseeable future xD

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