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Unborn It s nothing personal You re just part of the transaction Cameron Briggs always wondered what the strange birthmark on his shoulder meant For his entire life it seemed he was never meant to be anythi

  • Title: Unborn
  • Author: Daniel Gage
  • ISBN: 9781939206503
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s nothing personal You re just part of the transaction Cameron Briggs always wondered what the strange birthmark on his shoulder meant For his entire life, it seemed he was never meant to be anything special, that is, until the day it happened Something dormant inside of him awoke In the near future, birthright theft is on the rise, a vast network of dealers offe It s nothing personal You re just part of the transaction Cameron Briggs always wondered what the strange birthmark on his shoulder meant For his entire life, it seemed he was never meant to be anything special, that is, until the day it happened Something dormant inside of him awoke In the near future, birthright theft is on the rise, a vast network of dealers offering desperate buyers the chance to steal a desirable next life Their power and influence is absolute, with little standing in their way However, unexpected anomalies in the process endow unique abilities to their victims who, once identified, are offered one chance to save our world or destroy it, one Unborn child at a time With the truth shrouded in conspiracy, Emma Jennings, a troubled but strong minded young agent with a defiant reputation, is determined to prove these crimes exist But in order to accomplish her goal, she ll need to find the one victim who can turn the tide of her war High octane action adventure Hold on tight, it s a wild ride Peter Cawdron, International Bestselling Author of ANOMALY and REVOLUTION

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    One thought on “Unborn

    1. JenacideByBibliophile on said:

      Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, Daniel Gage, for an honest review. Opinion: OoOoOo yeah Sci-fi/Mystery lovers, I got a good one for you today! I have been waiting for a good book to get me out of my slump of multiple bad reviews, and here we are. This book has a “repo-man” feel to it, which was probably what got me so hooked on it. Imagine the chance to be able to switch your life for a better one; to start all over again, with the knowledge and experiences you have still [...]

    2. Justine (bookwormaniac) on said:

      Okay, it's my first time to read in an e-book format. No kidding. Don't judge me. I only read this because I just felt like it.I really enjoyed reading this book. It's an action-packed sci-fi book that will make you turn its pages. The writing style was easy to get into, and I didn't realize that I could like a book like this.It could have been better if Unborn and Benefactor were thoroughly explained throughout the book. I just felt some points lacking and didn't understand the parts, and it fe [...]

    3. ABYbliophile on said:

      "It was beautiful and terrifying. Mesmerizing and hypnotic."I just finished reading Unborn novel yesterday, and I haven't posted a review about it last night because of slooow internet connectionAnyways, I just wanted to thank Vanquish Books for lending me a copy of this novel, and for choosing me as one of your book reviewers. :)It was great, the story was well-written, it's a fast-paced book, excellent character development and *insert-all-the-good-comments-here* ^_^As I began reading this nov [...]

    4. Ricah (vamptimesurfer) on said:

      *I received an epub copy from Rachel and Vanquish Books in exchange for an honest book review. This does not affect my reviews. This is all my opinion.*I fished reading Bound by Duty so I was scrolling for more books to read and I stopped by this one. The synopsis is intriguing but I don't know if I'm gonna love it since I barely read science fiction books. Just by looking by the cover, it's like tempting you to read itALERS? UNBORN? BENEFACTORS? DEALER X? SECOND LIFE DEALING? BIRTHRIGHT THEFT? [...]

    5. Aline on said:

      My Review:Unborn by Daniel Gage *3.5 Stars* 01/03/2016alinemattosreviewalinemattosreview.tumblr/instagram/alinemattosreview/user/show/2itter/alinesreviewsI received this ebook from @vanquishbooks and @rachel-reads in exchange of a honest review. This doesn't affect my opinion on this book.Unborn is a hard review for me. I'm caught up between a unique story, where I connect myself easily with the characters vs writing.Cam is just a man trying to live his life as best as possible. He isn't very lu [...]

    6. Lifesaver155 on said:

      It seems like it is getting more rare to come across a book that has a unique story line that. I was so happy when I started reading Unborn and found out that it was one of those special stories that wasn't done to death already. The story was absolutely enthralling, with the perfect balance of excitement, action, intrigue and suspense. The characters were expertly crafted and I found myself engrossed in their lives while reading it. This was a fantastic read!

    7. Feiticeira on said:

      The concept of birthright theft and its karmic repercussions was an interesting one. I don't normally read this type of book, but when I do read one, it better hold my interestd this book held it in spades. This book is packed with action, kickass no nonsense characters, and a quick-moving narrative. A very enjoyable read.

    8. Joseph on said:

      This is listed as "science fiction" and it'st. Not even a little bit. It's urban fantasy without the fantasy.

    9. Marian on said:

      Before going to the review proper, I need to establish first the concept of Benefactor, Unborn, and Dealer. Based on what I've understood, Benefactor is the one who gives the payment to undergo a birthright theft and usually the one who receives the good karma. Birthright theft is like stealing and taking over a baby's life and the whole concept of reincarnation is somehow the point of it except that the person taking over knows his past life and it was just like his whole mind and soul was tran [...]

    10. thebookishblog on said:

      “Birthright Theft” is a really cool idea that I haven’t seen used in any type of sci-fi literature or on film before. Essentially, it’s high-jacking the potential/future lives of advantageously conceived fetuses and allowing down on their luck adults to be reborn into a better situation (while retaining all their original memories and knowledge). It’s a clever notion and has so much potential. Unfortunately, Unborn never rises to the unique challenge its premise offers up.There are a l [...]

    11. Korinne on said:

      "He could see everything in his mind's eye. Every potential path an action could take long before it began, where every flicker of fire could go, and where it would be extinguished. Even color seemed to fade as Zeke's arm traveled through the air, small flames flickering from his fist."- Unborn, Daniel GageWhen Rachel and Vanquish books offered to send me a copy of this book in exchange for a review I was intrigued. The idea for the book is very unique and I knew immediately I wanted to read it. [...]

    12. Colleen Lowe on said:

      Cyberbunk is swiftly becoming my favorite science fiction subgenre, and stories like ‘Unborn’ are among the reasons why. It’s the future proche, which means the whole story is rooted in a reality that could reasonably come to be as we work fervently today to close the gap between technology and biology. Just like any new ability to manipulate the human condition, some people will try to take advantage. And so we have The Birthright Theft Series.I thought Daniel Gage did an excellent job of [...]

    13. Tina Soetzenberg on said:

      I have to give the author credit when it comes to this storyline. This is so unique and I've never seen this done before. That alone is a big bonus because I have always read books that have similar stories. Unborn started off with a bang and usually I'm not the action type but I loved reading about the cool fights and action. This world is also set in the future so all the great gadgets and new inventions made this book even more entertaining. However, that's about where everything good about t [...]

    14. Hsin on said:

      Such an intriguing idea for a novel, and the author pulled me in straight away. I personally have entertained the idea of rebirth, and the author brings it to life in Unborn. With technology, it is now possible for someone to steal the life of an unborn baby, and Cameron Briggs, even though he didn't know it in the beginning, was caught up in it. It's actually a fascinating blend of reincarnation/karma and science fiction, done in a way I have never seen before. I read plenty of science fiction [...]

    15. mica on said:

      i totally forgot to put this as a currently reading book! My bad.I was given this book to review and I have to admit I was a bit wary at first. I never heard of Daniel Gage or the Unborn series, so I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. But I totally did. I never expected it to be about rebirth, and it was such an exciting and interesting topic to read about. The author made a cocktail with three essential ingredients: reincarnation, science fiction and karma. It kept me guessing page after pa [...]

    16. Neelam on said:

      I received this book free from Vanquish Books in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book.Just the premise was enough to grab me. I mean, birthright theft? What’s not to be intrigued about? And it's what pushed me to finish reading this novel. Nothing is fully explained until the latter half of the book and there were so many threads to weave together, making it a struggle at times, but I'm so glad that I persevered. The writing was really good. The dialogue n [...]

    17. Nuraina Abdul Razak on said:

      I was approached by Vanquish Books to give an honest review in exchange for a free copy of this book. I had no idea how the book will turn out to be but the summary intrigued me and I knew it'd be something that I would have picked up at the library anyway. And boy, is this book packed with plot and action! I don't want to say too much cos I feel like it's a book best to go in blind and let the story grip you but wow. The entire world of birthright theft and Unborns is complex and it takes a whi [...]

    18. Cheryl M-M on said:

      I thought this was quite an intriguing premise, birthright or birth theft. First of all being able to buy a new life to extend the one you have and being able to pick whom you are born to. Of course it also means the baby you steal the life from has to go somewhere else. Instead of their planned life they are subjected to a life of negativity, bad choices and in general an abysmal life. The thief gets a life of positivity, riches and pleasure.The so-called Unborn are marked and identifiable, whi [...]

    19. Kelly Lynn on said:

      Excellent book with great twists!! Wow what a great concept for a book! I could not put this book down once I started it. I even had to tell my friends all about once I was done. To think that you could make a deal with someone, start your life over from birth knowing everything you know now and plus not have anything bad happen to you! Of course there are consequence involving your "unborn"! It's a story that makes you think wether you could do it or not. It's like making a deal with the devil [...]

    20. Ben Myers on said:

      An absolutely cracking read.It is a story line that i have not seen before and it was such a treat. The characters are well written and likeable, even the villain of the piece has enough of a likeable character that it will make a good series.I cannot wait for the next book to come out.

    21. Rachel Mckay on said:

      This book is a fantastic and enticing Sci-Fi read that I truly love. The world and characters are beautifully built and its such a unique concept that I highly recommend.See my full review and thoughts here: rachwithbooks.wordpress/2

    22. Cassie Holcomb on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. I thought the concept of birthright theft was very original. I will be continuing with this series.

    23. seturidze ani on said:

      i won this book in a giveaway and i'm so glad i was one of the lucky winners!this book is full of surprises! i loved it!!!

    24. Ashley Tomlinson on said:

      First of all look at the gorgeous cover! I knew as soon as I saw that beauty that I was in for a treat with this book and I was not disappointed at all. I know I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but it's hard not to look at this book and not want to read it. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I guess I actually need to talk about the story some and not just about that beautiful cover, that's the last time I swear. thankfully, the story was just as good as the cover, that's the [...]

    25. Wendy on said:

      “Unborn” an action-packed, explosive thrill-ride heats up when Cameron Briggs an ex-con with a mysterious birthmark on his back yearns to change his life, saving his construction boss at work never expects that his life is about to change significantly after he’s accosted by a gang of punks at a hover station displaying supernatural speed, strength and healing power in the confrontation. When Agent Emma Jennings an agent working for the Agency of Family Continuity investigating the truth b [...]

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