Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Castle Collection

Cindy M. Hogan Jo Noelle Donna K. Weaver Paige Timothy Kaye P. Clark

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Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Castle Collection

Sweet Sassy Anthology Castle Collection Readers will be delighted with five sweet romance novellas in Sweet Sassy Castle Collection In this charming anthology you will fall in love again and again Dangerous Truth by Cindy M HoganAll By My

  • Title: Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Castle Collection
  • Author: Cindy M. Hogan Jo Noelle Donna K. Weaver Paige Timothy Kaye P. Clark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: ebook
  • Readers will be delighted with five sweet, romance novellas in Sweet Sassy Castle Collection In this charming anthology, you will fall in love again and again.Dangerous Truth by Cindy M HoganAll By My Selfie by Jo NoelleA Savage Ghost by Donna K WeaverThe Ghost of Dunlow Manor by Paige TimothyRose of Sherwood by Kaye P ClarkDANGEROUS TRUTHOlivia loves everythingReaders will be delighted with five sweet, romance novellas in Sweet Sassy Castle Collection In this charming anthology, you will fall in love again and again.Dangerous Truth by Cindy M HoganAll By My Selfie by Jo NoelleA Savage Ghost by Donna K WeaverThe Ghost of Dunlow Manor by Paige TimothyRose of Sherwood by Kaye P ClarkDANGEROUS TRUTHOlivia loves everything about Belgium So far, her humanitarian trip has gone perfectly that is, until she sees a picture of a man she thinks is her father in the newspaper The father who abandoned her family nine years ago without a word She tries to forget she ever saw his photo He s forgotten about her, after all But soon it s apparent that she can t leave without knowing what happened Armed with years of hurt and the help of a gorgeous French photographer, she decides to confront him and his secrets once and for all Unfortunately, her father seems determined to keep those secrets hidden and Olivia is one of them ALL BY MY SELFIEWhile on vacation at McLeod Castle in Scotland, Gwen Mackenzie has nightly dreams of an ancient warrior bound by a curse During the day, she sees Niall, nicknamed ScottishBoyfriend Oh, and can that man rock a kilt As she gets to know him, she realizes that Niall is the warrior from her dreams, cursed to live as a ghost for the past five hundred years, to see life around him but never sense any of it except Gwen A SAVAGE GHOSTLia Savage reluctantly puts her dream of opening a dessert boutique on hold to help her dad remodel a castle he s inherited in Washington State Soon, a specter targets her younger sister Lia enlists the help of Coop Montgomery, the head gardener and her former crush As they search together for a way to rid the castle of its ghost, the romance she used to dream about with him kindles But Lia s gentle giant means to stay in Washington while she s determined to return to California She must find the courage to face both the ghost and her future With Coop Or without him THE GHOST OF DUNLOW MANORBestselling author Alexis St John needs an escape, and Nate, her personal assistant, thinks that a trip to a real castle in England will be just the thing What neither of them planned on, though, was to encounter an actual ghost Lady Catherine Dunlow hates the idea of sharing her castle with tourists and does everything she can to chase them out, much to the amusement of her roguish suitor But when her two newest guests stumble upon a mystery surrounding her death, she decides to let them stay With an eternal fate in the balance, Nate and Alexis must move quickly to bring the killer to light before Catherine is trapped forever ROSE OF SHERWOODLady Rosamund, Baroness of Ravenswood Manor, is a destitute widow, imprisoned in Nottingham Castle When the prince declares she must marry the ruthless man who had seized Ravenswood, she escapes with the help of a band of outlaws to Sherwood Forest Her first love, a battle worn knight, promises to help her find safety at a convent Confused and afraid, her heart yearns for love But are the risks too high

    • Free Download [Manga Book] ✓ Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Castle Collection - by Cindy M. Hogan Jo Noelle Donna K. Weaver Paige Timothy Kaye P. Clark ✓
      487 Cindy M. Hogan Jo Noelle Donna K. Weaver Paige Timothy Kaye P. Clark
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    One thought on “Sweet & Sassy Anthology: Castle Collection

    1. Katie W on said:

      This time of year is perfect for ghost stories and since I'm not big on the gory, over-the-top scary stories, this one was perfect for me. Can I just say, who hasn't ever dreamed of living in, or at least, visiting a castle? I sure have and in fact, a few years ago, I had the chance to see one in Germany. As I stood along the wall and looked out in the distance, I could just imagine people watching for enemies and bustling around in every day life within the walls. These stories were all differe [...]

    2. Michelle Zollinger on said:

      I absolutely enjoyed reading the tale, A SAVAGE GHOST by Donna K. Weaver. This clean, adventurous and suspenseful romance pulled me in from page one and didn't let me go till the end. "A Savage Ghost" has great characters, a whimsical setting and beautiful storytelling. I highly recommend this engaging book!

    3. Sarah Greenwood on said:

      I do love anthologies – they are lots of short stories compiled into one great read.Each of these stories has the theme of a castle in them – most of them haunted! Whether present day settings or taken back in time this anthology set is a great choice. Each has very different magical stories to tell but all as interesting as the last.I liked aspects of them all but my favourite one was All By My Selfie.Dangerous Truth by Cindy M. HoganOlivia’s father abandoned her and her family nine years [...]

    4. Cathy on said:

      I enjoyed reading each and everyone of these cute stories! I loved that each of them, no matter what country they were set in, included a castle as part of the setting somewhere. These are all novellas, so they are short and easy to read in one sitting. Andey are written by some of my very favorite authors.Cindy Hogan's Dangerous Truth was a cute book, proving that Cindy can write way more than just YA books. I loved her character of Olivia, and this book had an original plot and enough kissing [...]

    5. Diana on said:

      I absolutely loved all these stories in this Sweet & Sassy Collection. Everyone one of these stories were fun and exciting to read.Dangerous Truth: This story was so good, Olivia went to Belgium on a humanitarian Trip and then sees a picture of someone that looks exactly like her dad. Her dad had left her when she was a young girl and she is certain this person is him. This was a great story with mystery and suspense. Loved it and it kept my interest all the way through the story. All By My [...]

    6. Denae Christine on said:

      4.5Admittedly, I only read "A Savage Ghost" and not the rest, but I loved that one. It had a cute tale with well developed characters who had personalities and hobbies and all. The setting was unique, a castle set on the border of Washington and Canada, which was cool. We even went on a midnight picnic to see the Aurora Borealis at one point in the story. It felt muggy and calm.And yet, ghosts! This idea was not too weird and totally believable. Plot elements worked together well, from the draw [...]

    7. Sydney on said:

      ​The second Sweet and Sassy anthology book is filled with wonderful ghost stories, just in time for Halloween. In this novella compilation of five ghost stories, authors Cindy M. Hogan, Jo Noelle, Donna K. Weaver, Paige Timothy, and Kaye P. Clark come together, creating a thrilling ride for readers that enjoy a combination of contemporary fiction and ghost stories. Each other’s stories brings another twist and thrill into this fun series. I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy sto [...]

    8. Donna Weaver on said:

      Full disclosure here. I'm the author of one of these, so I won't comment on that. I so enjoyed the other stories in this Castle Collection. There's the edge-of-your-seat suspense from Cindy Hogan's DANGEROUS TRUTH (set in Belgium--I love that Cindy's book always take me places I'd love to visit). And there's a little more romance!Then there's Jo Noelle's wonderfully funny/exciting/scary ALL BY MY SELFIE. Those two ladies always find a way to make me smile even while I'm nervous about what will h [...]

    9. Canda on said:

      I'm on a kick reading anthologies and loving it!! These short stories are great!

    10. Sheila on said:

      This anthology, 5 novellas, has some wonderful stories. Each one takes place in some kind of a castle. Many of them had ghosts that they encountered within the castles. Of course there was also some type of romance to be found in each story, even with the ghosts. I loved each story, but the love story in "All By My Selfie" just got to me because of how much each character was willing to sacrifice for each other. This is truly interesting, considering one of those people is in "stasis", not reall [...]

    11. Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff) on said:

      njkinnysblog/2015/10/bThis anthology is a collection of 5 novellas and all stories have a sweet romance and often a ghost in it too! I loved the cover of the book and the intriguing title that promised me old castles with their own mysteries had me jumping to read it. All the stories are a quick read and so engaging that once I started on one story I could not leave it until the end. I love meeting new authors and through this book, I got to know of five very talented authors whose other books I [...]

    12. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) on said:

      I just love novella collections. Especially ones revolving around a certain theme- like this one. This collection is perfect for the month of October. Here you get five different stories from five different authors but each one revolves around castles and/or ghosts. It's the perfect Halloween treat! Read them one after another without stopping or breathing (Ha, just kidding. You must breathe.) Or, read them one per sitting, whenever you have time. That is the joy of anthologies.This time around [...]

    13. Christy on said:

      I love books with a collection of stories that are all related to the same topic. In this case, it is castles! This story really stuck out to me: The Ghost of Dunlow Manor.This story is a short and to the point ghost/love story. I love the setting of an English castle. And what castle doesn’t have a ghost or two right? Well, finally, a couple of Lady Dunlow’s unwanted guests have chosen to find the answers to the haunting rather than take off running. The characters are nicely developed in t [...]

    14. Kathy on said:

      “A Savage Ghost” is a great read with realistic characters. I loved the main character, Lia, and all her siblings, especially her younger twin brothers. They are hilarious trouble makers. Lia has both an internal conflict (her goals vs her family’s goals) and an external one (the ghost). The ghost also has an interesting story, which was in depth and believable. The plot was fast paced, and I adored the romance with Coop. The near kiss was my favorite part. :)

    15. Renae Weight on said:

      Review for All By Myselfie, a Scottish tale from the anthology in contemporary times with a ghost from the past. The storyline itself was intriguing and fun with interesting characters and beautiful, almost poetic landscape description. I found the first page confusing, without being grounded enough in the setting to fully know what was going on. Getting past some initial re-reading, I got into the story. However, the Scottish brogue took extra focus, slowing my reading and enjoyment. Jo Noelle [...]

    16. Tracy on said:

      I read "All By My Selfie" by Jo Noelle. I will read the others as well, but I LOVED this story. I love Scotland, and I love Niall!!!! I really enjoyed the charactersGwen, Niall, and Mrs. Fowler. The story line was great--I just wish it was longer (I heard there might be a longer version coming out--yay!)I was left wanting more because I loved the characters and story. Gwen had a nightmare when she was young that she never forgot. Years later as an adult she travels to Scotland to see a property [...]

    17. Kimterest on said:

      Dangerous Truth by Cindy M. Hogan: Ok story on terms of plot. Learned almost nothing about the humanitarian project they were on. Never really warmed up to either lead characters. Lots of lies/deception going on to each other and to their friends. 2.5 stars.All By My Selfie by Jo Noelle: Didn't keep my interest. Very wordy. DNF/skimmed

    18. Gayle on said:

      A fun collection of five short stories, all of which have something to do with a castle. All but one of the stories were contemporary (the other was a Robin Hood era story), and several of them involved a ghost of some sort. I liked some better than others, but overall, a great collection!

    19. Kathleen on said:

      Delightful!So much fun! I enjoyed so much getting lost in the stories that I could hardly put the book down. I loved that the writers included ghosts, fantasy and legends.

    20. Christina on said:

      I enjoyed reading this collection of stories by different authors although some were a bit repetitive.

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