Four Days in April

Maria Grace

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Four Days in April

Four Days in April Sweet Austen inspired treats perfect with a cup of tea Full of hope and ripe with possibility beginnings and new beginnings refresh the spirit with optimism and anticipation Four Days in April Two

  • Title: Four Days in April
  • Author: Maria Grace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sweet, Austen inspired treats, perfect with a cup of tea Full of hope and ripe with possibility, beginnings and new beginnings refresh the spirit with optimism and anticipation Four Days in April Two letters Four Days Everything changes After offering a most disastrous proposal of marriage and receiving a rebuke he will never forget, Fitzwilliam Darcy writesSweet, Austen inspired treats, perfect with a cup of tea Full of hope and ripe with possibility, beginnings and new beginnings refresh the spirit with optimism and anticipation Four Days in April Two letters Four Days Everything changes After offering a most disastrous proposal of marriage and receiving a rebuke he will never forget, Fitzwilliam Darcy writes Elizabeth Bennet an equally memorable letter What if she answers it with one of her own From the award winning author of Given Good Principles, Remember the Past and Mistaking Her Character, Sweet Tea short stories offer the perfect bite to transport readers back to the Regency era for the first days of new love.

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    One thought on “Four Days in April

    1. Carol Perrin on said:

      Four Days I in April: A Pride and Prejudice Variation; A Sweet Tea Short StoryWhen Maria said short, she meant short! Good story of Darcy and Elizabeth at Rosings. Deals with the infamous proposal, Elizabeth's reaction to said proposal, and Darcy's letter. Upon reading his letter, Elizabeth was mortified beyond reason. Recognized her pride influenced her prejudice against Darcy so much so that she missed the man he truly was. Breaking propriety, she responds to his letter with a letter of her ow [...]

    2. Mary on said:

      I loved this sweet story but wanted it to continue! I wanted to see how hard Darcy would work at improving Elizabeth's opinion of him,how he would woo her.where it would end in that special extra fortnight they had been granted.!I recommend this to readers looking for a very short but sweet treat!

    3. Erika on said:

      A sweet little morsel.ough leaving me with a giant desire to know more!!!! Ugh the bane of the short story!!! They can be a respite from the long, all consuming novels, bringing glimpses of stories for just a taste!!! Though I have to say Four Days in April is a delightful torture to read, it leaves me with wanting to read more of how ODC sketches each other's characters better and forms an attachment. Miss Grace is such a delight and has such a way with words in which to swirl her stories to li [...]

    4. Alyssa on said:

      This story puts a spin on the events that happen immediately following Darcy's disastrous proposal in Kent. We are able to see both sides of the story - how Darcy works through Elizabeth's unexpected rejection, and how Elizabeth reacts after reading the contents of Darcy's letter. Four Days in April was simple and sweet, and I enjoyed reading it although at a certain point in the story, I was almost certain that I had read the story before. But, no -the story was so very similar to many of the P [...]

    5. Victoria on said:

      I love it for the most part, as with most of Maria Grace's books. It's a short sweet story that could have been fleshed out into a much longer one.My quibble is that instead of it just being about the two of them working out their differences, there were other "happy" moments of (unintentional) interference from other characters (such as Lady Catherine having a last minute dinner party). I found that in such a short work that it was too good to be true that everything worked out that way.

    6. Barb on said:

      I truly enjoy Maria Grace's writing. This is a sweet tale of Darcy and Elizabeth resolving their differences while still in Kent due to Elizabeth answering Mr. Darcy's letter with her own. Short, sweet, and very appropriate.

    7. Leslie on said:

      Short, sweet tale begins after Darcy's proposal at the parsonage and creates a new bit of business with Lizzy replying to Darcy's letter.

    8. Christina on said:

      Short and sweet. Good bedtime read. Left me with a happy heart.

    9. Sheila Majczan on said:

      Yes, it is a very short excerpt/variation on that insulting proposal of marriage to Elizabeth and the reaction on both parts while Darcy is visiting his aunt in Kent. I read it in about an hour while lingering over my breakfast. We all know of Darcy's long letter in which he defends himself against the charges laid at his door by Elizabeth in that totally unexpected refusal of his proposal. Propriety has already been ignored when she accepts a letter from a man to whom she is not engaged. But th [...]

    10. Nicole D. on said:

      This book opens right after Elizabeth rejects Darcy's proposal at Rosing from Darcy's PoV. It was interesting to be in Darcy's head the second after his proposal was rejected. I thought the author did Darcy and Elizabeth's voices very well and kept them true to the characters of the original novel. I thought all the characters were true to form and was very glad of that. I hate my JAFF with characters that have nothing in common with the ones I love. I loved the plot of this book and found the i [...]

    11. Kasia Burlakoff on said:

      A very sweet, short post-Hunsford story. ODC started to communicate the next day and it went from there. No angst, just D&E interactions, plus Colonel Fitzwilliam in good form. a perfect book for a rainy afternoon.

    12. Kim on said:

      What if, after his disastrous proposal, Darcy delivers his letter to Elizabeth and then hangs around a few more days? What if she writes him back? Lovely! Just lovely. And of course it leaves me wanting more.

    13. Heather on said:

      What if Elizabeth wasn't content to read Darcy's letter and suffer her revolution of feeling in silence? This short story begins as Darcy storms out of the front door of Hunsford Cottage after his proposal, shocked at Elizabeth's words in refusal and angry at the injustice in them. Still angry, he pens his letter and forces it into Elizabeth's hand the next morning. She reads his letter, and is immediately sent into turmoil of her own.This is where we break from canon. Colonel Fitzwilliam encoun [...]

    14. Maria Thomas on said:

      This was a super short novella. I felt like we were just getting started and then it was over. Had it been expanded into a novel there would have been many twists before resolution but there wasn't time for those. For example, the Colonel is talking about a letter for Georgiana but Darcy misinterprets and assumes he is referencing Elizabeth. And then there is nothing more about Georgiana or the mix up. That conversation is simply the means to get Darcy to expect a response from Lizzy but goes no [...]

    15. Jenny on said:

      I really enjoyed this book! It starts as Darcy leaves the parsonage following his proposal. He gives Elizabeth his letter the following day, but rather than leaving straight away, Lady Catherine has a dinner party forcing him to stay. It offers Elizabeth a chance to tell him how she feels about his letter.I really liked the way this book was written, particularly the mirroring of Darcy and Elizabeth's angry thoughts towards each other at the beginning. This is one of the shortest books I've ever [...]

    16. Virginia Tican on said:

      This book is the perfect way to take a ramble into the woods of Rosings Park despite it being the domain of the not~to~be~overlooked or ignored Lady Catherine de Burgh. Beautifully crafted so as to immerse the reader into Jane Austen's world.

    17. Erin on said:

      Nice quick readReally cute, short read. I was looking for something sweet to read in a day and this was perfect. Loved Elizabeth's reactions.

    18. Kimberleigh on said:

      Super quick read. The storyline was pretty good, but there were quite a few grammatical errors that were distracting. The ending seemed rather abrupt. Not bad for a freebie.

    19. Angela Whitmore on said:

      Four days in AprilVery short story based on "what-ifs" in the Pride and Prejudice tale, set in Hunsford. Leaves the reader open to make up your own ending.

    20. J. W. Garrett on said:

      Delightful, funny, angst, and another look at our beloved couple This short story was simply a delight and I loved it. I fully intend to look at other work by this author. We are looking at a small window of time…at Rosings, after the disastrous proposal…just those four days. We are in Darcy’s head as he tries to make sense of what has just happened with Elizabeth. It is hilarious to watch him work through the process of what he said, what she said and then what he should do next. He is co [...]

    21. Beth on said:

      I don't often read novellas or Austen variations- the first because they usually leave me wanting more (although I appreciate the low commitment they require), and the second because they're so often wish-fulfillment silliness with recycled plot.I can say this one doesn't read as wish fulfillment, however it gets me no closer to wanting to read more Austen variations. Mostly this is because it reads like it was penned hastily, with nothing really thought out or actually edited. And I do mean gra [...]

    22. Charlene on said:

      Awesome four days !Just loved this short story! It was wonderful and ended to soon for me. Wish the story could of continued. In this alternative it started out in Hunsford and we see Darcy and Elizabeth meeting and talking, Really talking. It is very enlightening to see how much they can actually accomplish when they talk and listen. This is a story NOT to be missed. I recommend to ALL Jane Austen, regency and romance fans to read. Really a wonderful excerpt of what could happen.

    23. Deborah on said:

      I love the twist in this novella. Darcy does not leave Kent after giving Elizabeth the letter, but encounters her at a dinner his Aunt gives that evening. I love the premise and Maria does a wonderful job with the encounter at the dinner. She leaves me wanting more of this story, but that is the problem with short stories, they very often. leave you wanting more.I received this book as a gift from the author.

    24. Alex Criddle on said:

      An intriguing variation of what happens after Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth while they are at Rosings. The writing was exceptional; it flowed well and fit the time period better than other Pride and Prejudice variations I have read. It is a short story and definitely leaves one wanting more, a testament to the author's well-crafted story and writing style.

    25. Loredana M. on said:

      Definitely a good novella, I really enjoyed the writing style! I know it was supposed to be short, but I actually wanted more than that, and I wanted it to be a little bit different from the classic. If not steamier, then at least more butterfly-inducing.

    26. Amanda Waley on said:

      A Seal of ApprovalI think Jane Austen would be happy to Read this variation of "Pride and Prejudice" if she were alive today. It's very well written, and a complete joy to read from start to finish.

    27. Teresita on said:

      Lovely!A very short but very sweet story that includes an answer to his letterMaria Grace's stories never disappoint. I'm reading the other ones next.

    28. Kelly Dávila on said:

      Pretty goodIt was as if Austen had written it. I was left wanting more. I loved Darcy's perspective and him and Elizabeth sharing more.

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