England Have My Bones

T.H. White

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England Have My Bones

England Have My Bones White taught at Stowe School Buckinghamshire for four years In he published England Have My Bones a well received memoir about a year spent in England The same year he left Stowe lived in a w

  • Title: England Have My Bones
  • Author: T.H. White
  • ISBN: 9780425086681
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • White taught at Stowe School, Buckinghamshire, for four years In 1936 he published England Have My Bones, a well received memoir about a year spent in England The same year, he left Stowe lived in a workman s cottage, where he wrote revert ed to a feral state , engaging in falconry, hunting fishing.

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      215 T.H. White
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    One thought on “England Have My Bones

    1. ^ on said:

      This book is written in the form of a diary running from 3rd March 1934 to the 3rd March 1935. White writes from and of an English agricultural county; though due to the later building of a motorway, this Shire is nowadays more often driven through at great speed instead of being savoured and admired for its rich history and productive landscapes. There’s an additional pleasure for the taking in picking out and solving the clues to the name of the shire, and the various locations described by [...]

    2. Brian Robbins on said:

      Although I am no lover of shooting & fishing, and have an aversion to snakes - which takes in abot least half the content of this book, I have a great love of it. Have read it complete 4 times and often dip into it. Usually content is much of the attraction, but White has such a style and enjoyment of what he does, along with a very personal kind of reflection on what he does, that it's irresistible. He's something of a pre-Green Roger Deakin.

    3. Nic Dafis on said:

      Wnes i sgimio'n eitha aml, sy byth yn arwydd da. 'Swn i wedi darllen y lein am y gwahaniaeth rhwng rhoi slap bach yn wyneb dy wraig yn lle "punching her in the teeth" yn gynt yn y llyfr, anhebyg iawn fyddwn i wedi cadw i fynd gyda fe. Ffeindies i "The Peregrine" yn llawer mwy diddorol na'r un 'ma.

    4. Caro on said:

      I think this book was kicking around the house when we were growing up, and I grabbed it but had never read it until now. A year (1934) in the life, focusing on fishing, hunting and flying in and over the English countryside. Good for dipping into. This copy is quite wonderful: the cover (no dust jacket) is designed with White's drawings of trees, buildings, farm implements, tankards, dogs, horses, pheasants, etc totally charming. Inside, the University League Book Club has pasted in two pages, [...]

    5. Julie on said:

      This book is calming and meditative. It offers some great insight into T.H. White's interests and activities in 1934 and 1935. I thought the first part of the book, especially the one-off entries and passages on fishing, to be far superior to the latter airplane and hunting chapters. Overall, it's a great window into the life of a great writer.

    6. Amanda on said:

      I wanted very much to enjoy this book more than I did, White writes so well. Some sections just move along at a stubborn crawl, but the variety of his experiences in this year help keep the pace going.Even in the slowest of passages (for me, the flying lessons and hunts), I was rewarded time and again with gems--lovely descriptive writing, bits of humor, thoughts to ponder.

    7. Nente on said:

      When reading The Once and Future King, which I loved, I thought White was an unusual and fascinating person, and it would be great to spend more time with him. Well, that's what this book is: spending time with White, rambling around England at his side. And he does feel fascinating, very unconventional in the most conventional settings, always providing an unexpected insight, a lot of knowledgeable details, and some (not much) humour.Here are some of the descriptions he gives to himself: proud, [...]

    8. Kate on said:

      I was so disappointed in this book! I adored T.H. White's The Once and Future King, and I am such an Anglophile -- I thought I could fall into this book like coming to The Last Homely House. Instead, it was all about his experiences fishing and shooting. The fishing wasn't bad -- I'm an erstwhile fisherman myself. But the shooting bits were awful -- I don't understand English shooting, nor do I care to. No travel writing, no descriptions of any of lovely old England. Just fishing and shooting. T [...]

    9. Lisa Kuhn on said:

      /assets/layouI didn't finish it. His fiction is wondrous, but this one is a fishing memoir. At least it was as far as I got. BORING!!!!

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