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Harper Fox

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Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion Their love is the catalyst that could save the planet or cost their lives As an environmental activist for Peace Warrior Kier Mallory never hesitated to throw himself into dangerous situations Until

  • Title: Cold Fusion
  • Author: Harper Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Their love is the catalyst that could save the planet or cost their lives As an environmental activist for Peace Warrior, Kier Mallory never hesitated to throw himself into dangerous situations Until his hotheadedness costs the lives of two fellow crewmembers on an anti whaling mission.He finds no refuge in his hometown on Scotland s north coast, where everyone knows whTheir love is the catalyst that could save the planet or cost their lives.As an environmental activist for Peace Warrior, Kier Mallory never hesitated to throw himself into dangerous situations Until his hotheadedness costs the lives of two fellow crewmembers on an anti whaling mission.He finds no refuge in his hometown on Scotland s north coast, where everyone knows what this son of a broken fisherman has done Effectively homeless, Mal returns to one of his favorite places Spindrift, a rustic colony of artist and crafter huts.Spindrift is dilapidated and empty, save for a lone resident Vivian Calder, a brilliant but emotionally detached scientist who appears to have done the impossible mastered cold fusion A clean, free, limitless source of power.Despite Viv s aversion to contact, a fragile bond forms between them, seemingly one atom at a time Until Mal, determined to redeem himself by revealing Viv s accomplishment to the world, brings down the wrath of an oil dependent establishment, risking not only their love, but Viv s life.Warning Contains a disgraced environmentalist and an autistic genius who go from strangers to lovers for life in thirteen days Don t believe in miracles We ll make you.

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    One thought on “Cold Fusion

    1. Julio Genao on said:

      unbelievable's been a long month, and my disappointment with this book is so keen i find i don't even have it in me to be anything but bleakly succinct where i should be expansive and helpful.a friend put it this way: all the lovely prose in the world can't elevate a crazypants plot and a distressingly poor representation of autisme story is completely bananas. with the (view spoiler)[cold fusion on and off again like a bloody hobby, and the murdering so and so, and the bone marrow transplant ha [...]

    2. Vivian on said:

      Love at the end of Earth. “Some sounds only emphasize silence.”If you're here for the gorgeous lyricism and Romanticism of the awe-inspiring majesty of nature, then you are in the right place! Fox brings the sensory "A" game with this one. You see, feel, taste, smell, and hear the wild spaces of the sea and northern Scotland. Revel in it. The story follows Kier Mallory, a wild one risking it for the big shot that ending up costing more than he was prepared for. As a frontline environmentalis [...]

    3. Elizabetta on said:

      Intriguing. An autistic particle physicist meets a save-the-whales fisherman/activist. Love on the wild Scottish coast. Who else but Harper Fox to make this all meld together into reading deliciousness.But there is, as usual, a difficult sell. This author doesn’t like to take the easy way out. I was so put off by Mal (Kier Mallory) at the start of this, and really, for much of it, that I wondered how I could believe in his story. He’s weak and impetuous and foolhardy. He’s so intent on mak [...]

    4. Kaje Harper on said:

      I really loved the first half of this book - we're introduced to two interesting characters. Mallory left home and his father's fishing boat, and went to sea to be part of the ecological activist movement. Mal is a poet, a dreamer, and wanted make a difference in the world. But a bold publicity move on his part ended up costing two friends their lives. Mallory heads home to his remote village, unsure of what he will do other than go to the family of one of those close friends and admit his guilt [...]

    5. willaful on said:

      I don't usually rate a book I didn't finish (I did read almost half of it) but I feel a responsibility to balance out the numerous glowing reviews. The autism rep in this book is simply ghastly. Vivian, the autistic character, gets no point of view, always seen through the eyes of the narrator who thinks he's abnormal -- but hot! -- and treats him like a child. I don't want to get to sex scenes between these two, it would just be gross.

    6. Susan on said:

      If I told you that I was reading a new romance about cold fusion, you might look at me like I’m crazy. Is, um, cold fusion…sexy? Romantic? Interesting?Well, it is if the mastermind behind the breaking of the code is Vivian Calder, a distant, loner living in an abandoned artist compound, with little to no human interaction whatsover. But the man can sport a pair of work overalls like nobody’s business.Enter in Kier Mallory, a disgraced activist who returns to his childhood hometown to find [...]

    7. Mandapanda on said:

      Loved the first 30%. It was a pleasure reading this author's trademark poetic descriptions, reading about Keir's downfall and meeting Vivian. But then there was a major wtf moment and events just just continued on that incredible path. The portrayal of Vivian's aspergers was extremely inconsistent to put it mildly. The plot was all over the place. Even for someone as unscientific as me the cold fusion storyline seemed dodgy. I kept wanting to close the book and put it aside because it was kind o [...]

    8. Kathleen on said:

      Ok, so the ex's actions toward the end of story were unbelievable. And the primary plot device was over the top. There was much to love about this book. The author did succeed in ripping my heart from my chest, putting me on life support, and then unceremoniously stuffing it back through my ribcage. But it was atmospheric, the language was beautiful, and the characters brilliantly drawn. I doubt I'll soon forget how this story made me feel. For me, that's a good romance.

    9. Leanne on said:

      4.5 starsI love Harper Fox's writing. It's pretty much guaranteed I'll love just about anything she writes- even, yes shock horror some super fast, but also totally believable instalove. I read in a review somewhere that if this were a movie (I wish) Cumberbatch should play Vivian. God, I loved Viviand Mallory. So, as wild and improbable as the plot gets it's the gorgeous writing and wonderful characterisation that sucked me in. I loved this book. What's not to love - with quirky, fallible endea [...]

    10. Jax on said:

      The lovely writing goes a long way in making you forgive the liberties taken with science and medicine. There's also an unlikely last-minute assist to their cause which strained credulity, but the sweet romance made it all worth it.

    11. Mark on said:

      Sally: I was absolutely delighted to pick up Cold Fusion by Harper Fox recently and even more delighted when Mark said he was reading it too and how about a ‘buddy read’. Of course I jumped at the chance and we spent a happy few days squeeing to each other. What did you think, Mark? Harper’s use of language is what makes me pick up her books, no matter the subject matter, but with this one - oh my the suspense!!Mark: Well, I must admit Sally that Harper had me on the edge of my seat with t [...]

    12. ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣ on said:

      4.0 StarsRight, so 4 Stars for a HF book is like 2 Stars for anyone elsed I think it's because the book tried to do too much. Between Mal's Sea Shepherd Peace Warrior mission, the Evil Petroleum Industry saboteur/assassin, Viv's Aspberger's, success in perfecting Cold Fusion (which would solve the global energy crisis), going on the lam, all of that awesome sex & being huntedwell, to throw that last bit with (view spoiler)[ rapid onset Drescher's Disease, with an experimental treatment/cure [...]

    13. Izzy on said:

      4.75*Harper Fox’s latest novel is a beautiful sweeping story of love, dedication and betrayal. We start on a Peace Warrior ship in the Norwegian Fiords with Keir Mallory (aka Mallory or Mal) attempting a publicity stunt that goes terribly wrong and results in the loss of two of his ship-mates. Mallory returns home to his unwelcoming Scottish Highland home of Kerra. As expected, he is given no refuge from his drunken father, retiring mother or neighbours who all know what has happened and blame [...]

    14. Samington on said:

      Oh God, the science in this book was complete garbage. Forget strangers to lovers-for-life in thirteen days; the idea that ONE GUY working essentially by himself could successfully create cold fusion destroyed my suspension of disbelief completely and I couldn't get into the book at all. The romance was buried beneath my incredulity.Successful cold fusion would be one of, if not the, single greatest scientific accomplishment in human history. People have been working on cold fusion for decades a [...]

    15. Pjm12 on said:

      I really like Harper Fox's idea of romance. She takes me right to the brink. There's always breath-taking scenery described in lovely ways, and often one of the MCs is a poet or a writer, and this Vivian is especially extraordinary.Keir Mallory meets physicist, Viv under desperate circumstances, and the attraction is immediate. But with their lives in danger, and a snow storm threatening, there's other stuff to worry about.But gosh, I got caught up, and found their growing feelings very appealin [...]

    16. Suki Fleet on said:

      I do seriously love Harper Fox's writing. I adored Vivian! The way the Scottish backdrop was described was glorious and beautiful!(view spoiler)[Viv's sudden illness (it was foreshadowed a very tiny bit, but still unexpected) hurt my heart and I almost wanted to stop reading because I wasn't sure how much the ending was going to hurt! But in the end everything was perhaps a little too polished and perfect, maybe too a case of too much sunshine and rainbows! (hide spoiler)]

    17. Ulysses Dietz on said:

      Here's my Review for Prism Book Allianceof course I loved it:prismbookalliance/2016

    18. Arch Bala on said:

      Kier Mallory is a tree-hugging poet who made a fatal decision on one of their anti-whaling missions that took the lives of his two crewmembers. Disgraced and with everybody turning him away, he found himself heading to Spindrift. The place that is once a lair for artists and such is now deserted and dilapidated save for its lone inhabitant.Vivian Calder is the son of a local laird. With Asperger’s syndrome, it leaves the young scientist emotionally and socially awkward. His lonesome existence [...]

    19. Maygirl7 on said:

      The first two-thirds was really good. Beautiful prose and it-hurts-so-much-that-it's-good storyline and THEN (view spoiler)[the disease of the week that will kill him within a fortnight and the unknown and quirky sister coming to the rescue with her stem cells and then a Harlequin worthy HEA. (hide spoiler)] What. The. Fuck. Happened? Did I fall down a rabbit hole? Or maybe Harper Fox dropped some acid. Definitely not how I expected that to go.

    20. Hot Stuff for Cool People on said:

      I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Oh, gosh. I love this book. I just… I’m nuts about it. I’ve been a Harper Fox fan for a while. She has a beautiful, deceptively simple‐seeming way of writing. I mean, her prose is never flowery and her characters tend to be pretty normal people who sometimes do really interesting things and sometimes just… tend sheep or something. But it never matters that that should all be a setup for something relatively dull, [...]

    21. WhatAStrangeDuck on said:

      2.5 stars rounded upThis is a well-written, well-edited book and Harper Fox has a beautiful style, no doubt about that. However, this particular book didn't really work for me.Ah, I don't know. I have the feeling I should have liked this book more but, honestly, right from the beginning there was something off for me. I didn't really warm up to any of the characters but I can't really put my finger on why that didn't happen. Oky, so Mal is a bit high-strung and Vivian seems to have an on and off [...]

    22. Lena Grey on said:

      Like a breath of midnight air, like a lighthouse, like a prayer, like the flicker and the flareLove heals. There are those who shield their hearts, who quit before they start, who've frozen up the part of them that feelsWhen you feelyou can't go on, hold onto love, it'll keep you strong'll bring you homeWhen the pain's too much to bear and when life's so unfair and you're drowning in regret, just don't forget, Love heals.” ~ RENT (Love Heals)It may not be a cure as most people think of one, bu [...]

    23. Annie ~ From Top to Bottom Reviews on said:

      Review also posted at From Top to Bottom Reviews.The story starts with Kier Mallory aboard the Sea Hawk, on an anti-whaling mission for Peace Warrior. When something goes tragically wrong and two of his crew members loose their lives because of a desicion he made, everyone turns away from him; his crew, his boyfriend and his parents all want nothing to do with him. Because he has nowhere else to go he decides to visit Spindrift, a place where he used to take shelter when the situation with his a [...]

    24. Joyfully Jay on said:

      A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsOh, I just love Harper Fox’s writing you guys. It is so moving and beautiful and she can create a sense of place so strongly you feel like you are there. Fox just has a way with words that is so eloquent and totally captivating.I think what I liked best here are these two characters. Mallory is a guy that can be a little hard to like, and I kind of love that. He starts off the book proud and a bit arrogant. He is dedicated to Peace Warriors and only looking to do [...]

    25. Ellen Gregory on said:

      I jumped up and down and put my life on hold when this arrived on my kindle. Harper Fox is one of my favourite authors, and Cold Fusion doesn't disappoint. Like many of her books (the best ones) it's narrated first person with expression and imagery and depth of emotion that take my breath away. Kier Mallory (Mal) is flawed and broken and headstrong and passionate. At times he made me furious, at times he made me weep, at times I just wanted to hug him. He is at the lowest point in his relativel [...]

    26. Vanessa theJeepDiva on said:

      Cold Fusion is beautifully written but a bit wordy. Kier Mallory is a poet living as a tree hugging, world saving, conservationist, fisherman’s son. Readers see the world that Harper Fox has created from Mal’s point of view. His poet heart sees things differently and he expresses those thoughts and feeling in his beautiful poetic ways. To the extreme opposite we have Viv. He has Asperger’s and sees thing quite differently than Mal. His contact with others has always been limited. Some of t [...]

    27. Daphne on said:

      Another amazing book by Harper Fox. There's something about the way she writes relationships that just epitomizes romance. It's like she takes flawed strangers with baggage and somehow makes them complete the other, in non cheesy ways. Kier Mallory was reeling from a failed but heartfelt attempt to save the world via whales that ended up costing him everything. Vivian Calder was of the Beautiful Mind variety, isolated and creating scientific miracles, and suffering silently. They met, saved each [...]

    28. Sunne on said:

      AhsI love books with flawed MCs. Human nature in its quirks itself is so interesting. Add the right setting, great wrting and I'm convinced.I love Vivian, he's utterly honest, broken, brilliant, charming, can we make an action movie out of this book?Mal is the kind of character that grows during the story, I didn't think too much of him in the beginning, he makes mistakes as it's human nature, but he got better with each page.Is the story believable? Well, if you aren't too much into science, yo [...]

    29. Erica on said:

      In the beginning, I found Mal to be so unlikable I thought I might have to give up. Luckily, I stuck with it and he went through some good character development and I ended up enjoying this story immensely. It was all kind of a lot, plot-wise, totally over the top and implausible, but I sometimes like my stories that way. The writing was lovely, as usual, and I couldn't be happier for these two in the end.

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