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Vannetta Chapman

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Joshua's Mission

Joshua s Mission Joshua s Mission is a new standalone novel in the Plain and Simple Miracles collection from popular author Vannetta Chapman These stories of love and family and Amish community in Oklahoma tell of the

  • Title: Joshua's Mission
  • Author: Vannetta Chapman
  • ISBN: 9780736956055
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Joshua s Mission is a new standalone novel in the Plain and Simple Miracles collection from popular author Vannetta Chapman These stories of love and family and Amish community in Oklahoma tell of the miracles that can happen when lives are lived in service to God and to one another.Joshua Kline travels from his farm in Oklahoma to offer aid to an Englisch town on the gulJoshua s Mission is a new standalone novel in the Plain and Simple Miracles collection from popular author Vannetta Chapman These stories of love and family and Amish community in Oklahoma tell of the miracles that can happen when lives are lived in service to God and to one another.Joshua Kline travels from his farm in Oklahoma to offer aid to an Englisch town on the gulf coast of Texas after a category 4 hurricane has ravaged the area He brings his brother with him, who needs a change of environment The last thing he wants for Alton is another brush with the law He is pleasantly surprised when he hears that Becca Troyer, the bishop s granddaughter, plans on joining their team.What will Joshua find when he arrives in Texas A lack of electricity, certainly, which poses little problem for the Amish volunteers as they help restore order from destruction But a budding romance A call from God And a possible healing of his relationship with Alton Joshua s Mission is a story of love, forgiveness, and the grace of God that carries us through even the worst situations.

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    One thought on “Joshua's Mission

    1. Vera Godley on said:

      Cracking the spine of a new Vannetta Chapman book is always a pleasure and an adventure. I always know that I will be reading a satisfying story told within the bounds of Christian morals and priorities. Joshua's Mission was no exception.Using a technique where two stories in two different locations are running along the same timeline with totally different themes and characters, Chapman tells about the coastal area of Texas bracing for a super horrendous hurricane and a quiet, unassuming commun [...]

    2. Tina Watson on said:

      Travel between Texas and an Amish community in Oklahoma, Vannetta Chapman sets the story before a major event happens that merges these two states and characters. Is it a foreseen calling on the bishops part? Can all characters find the healing they are personally needing to move on in their lives and relationships?I highly recommend "Joshua's Mission" by Vannetta Chapman to be read by all readers. "Joshua's Mission" truly does make you rethink your own personal life-in where it's going- and it [...]

    3. Elizabeth on said:

      Joshua”s Mission ( Plain and Simple Miracles )By: Vannetta ChapmanJoshua’s Mission is the second book in Plain and Simple Miracles, but it can be read as a stand-a-lone novel in this collection. Wow, what a novel Vannetta Chapman has weaved us . This is not her normal Amish story. She gives us several twist in Joshua’s Mission. Chapman had me hooked right from the start and did not let go till the end. I caught myself with tears in my eyes and holding my breath several times. This is one o [...]

    4. Laura on said:

      JOSHUA'S MISSION is another Wow, what a story! I wasn't sure Ms. Chapman could top Anna's Healing for a story that would stay with the reader long after the pages of the book were closed but JOSHUA'S MISSION didn't only come close, it surpassed. Joshua and Charlie are the two main characters, though there is a female lead, Becca. The main story is not the romance, but more about Joshua and Charlie. I loved this story, felt the power in the hurricane,and while I enjoy the hurricane's and the forc [...]

    5. Cheryl Baranski on said:

      Joshua’s Mission by: Vannetta ChapmanJoshua’s Mission is book two in the Plain and Simple Miracles Series by Vannetta Chapman.I love the characters in this story. They each have the own personal struggle in their lives to deal with. What a different and unique story line for this book. I was drawn in to this unique story line right from the start. There is so much love, compassion, faith, hope, growth and understanding in this story. This book is a winner in my book! Be sure to order your co [...]

    6. Maureen Timerman on said:

      Joshua’s Mission is really a couple of missions and we are about to experience a wonderful book as we learn about them.Alton Kline is experiencing his rumspringa, and seems to be having quite a good time with it, including seeing the inside of English jail. All his life Joshua has felt responsible for his brother, and takes a lot to heart, including arguing with Alton about his behavior.This story has it all with the devastation of hurricane Orion hitting Port Aransas Texas, with its death and [...]

    7. Nancee on said:

      Two different cultures converge after a natural disaster destroys a community along the Gulf Coast of Texas. A hurricane completely ravaged the small community leaving its inhabitants with virtually nothing but destruction. A group of Amish young people from Oklahoma join a Mennonite Disaster Service in a mission trip to help rebuild the Englisch community.The description of the force of Hurricane Orion is disclosed vividly. infused with the intensity the storm imposed on the community. Amish an [...]

    8. Melissa Henderson on said:

      Joshua's Mission is a story that captivates the reader with the first page. Life can be totally changed by a weather event and yet can bring people from different areas together for good. Charlie stays behind during a fierce hurricane, just to make sure everyone else is safe. He sees destruction that he has seen in previous storms, but, this one is even more devastating. When the storm is all over, people try to start to rebuild their homes and their lives. Amish folks Joshua, Becca and others t [...]

    9. Sharee on said:

      Joshua’s Mission by Vannetta Chapman is Book Two in the Plain and Simple Miracles Series.Are you not a fan of Amish fiction? Or not sure how you feel about it? Or maybe you haven’t actually read any of it but you see it everywhere. I’ve heard people talk about how they’re not sure they’ll like it but by the influx of its popularity, it appears to be on the rise. Vannetta Chapman is the perfect author for those who might be on the fence about it or for those who are new to Amish fiction [...]

    10. Dan Curnutt on said:

      There are lots of “Amish” novels out on the market and they all seem to get a bit formulaic in the way they are presented. So it is with joy to find one that has a good twist of the story to make it fresh and enjoyable.Joshua finds that his brother Alton is causing quite a bit of trouble during his “running around” phase of teenager years. He has bought a truck, taken up smoking and often times drinks and gets drunk, even though he is underage.Joshua is the much older, more conservative, [...]

    11. Gail Hollingsworth on said:

      This is book two in the Plain and Simple Miracles Collection but can be read as a standalone. Two different worlds connect when a hurricane hits the coastline of Texas. Four youth and an older lady all from an Amish community in Oklahoma make a mission trip to help rebuild homes in the small area where the hurricane destroyed so much. Charlie, an elderly man and Alice, a close friend, raising her two grandchildren are among those the Amish met and become friends with. Alice lost her home and it [...]

    12. Brittany on said:

      Joshua’s Mission is told from the viewpoints of three different people, one who is Englisch and two who are Amish. I really enjoyed this method of storytelling. It was a great way to achieve a complete and full understanding of the hurricane, the lives of the people affected, the lives of the volunteers, the rebuilding effort, and the decisions that the various characters needed to make.The build up to the hurricane was awesome. I felt like I was there with Charlie, experiencing everything rig [...]

    13. Pam Pavkov on said:

      The first word that comes to my mind after reading Joshua's Mission by Vanette Chapman , is WOW! After we are introduced to all of the characters and their story's, we are thrust into the middle of a category 4-5 hurricane! The description of the hurricane and its path of destruction made me feel like i was standing next to Charlie thru the storm. I could picture the hurricane build to full force and feel the anxiety and pain of its victims.Although the mission is to help clean up and rebuild Po [...]

    14. Jessica Baker (A Baker's Perspective) on said:

      What a wonderful story about grace, forgiveness, growth, and the importance of helping others. I had not heard a lot about Amish going on mission trips, and this book certainly opened my eyes to that. More importantly, it reminded me that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I found myself connecting to each of the characters throughout the story. I felt Becca's sorrow, Joshua's determination, Alton's free spirit, and Charlie's love for others. The pages would not turn fast enough and I found [...]

    15. Cheryl Malandrinos on said:

      This is the second book in Chapman's Plain and Simple Miracles series. Joshua's Mission stands alone, so you don't have to read the first book. I feel comfortable, however, recommending both of them highly.What I truly enjoyed about this novel is how Chapman stayed focused on the purpose of the entire series, yet delivered a total fresh plot with a story told in a very different way. Anna's Healing (first book) focused on a family impacted by tragedy and how a miracle affects their lives. In Jos [...]

    16. Vickie on said:

      In Joshua's Mission, Vannetta Chapman begins with a nail biting tale of a hurricane hitting a island just off the Texas coast. I felt as though I was right there in the action as she described the devastating hit, the aftermath, and the unimaginable cleanup. If that wasn't enough to capture my attention she also threw in to the mix a romance, God, family, and forgiveness. All that kept me turning the pages and never wanting to stop reading.I love how she threw in the perspective of both Englisch [...]

    17. Lidia on said:

      The label speaks of inspirational book, but I think only that it is a good story ories of persons, various persons all with different lifeme are tragic , happy or normal . Mrs Chapman wrote of Charlie and a category 4 hurricane that has ravaged his city , wrote of Joshua and his journey to be a better man and brotherd his love for Becca, a lovely girl with fears and concerns as other girls. This book speaks of so many persons, emotions, faith and hope and I liked it very much. When I read books [...]

    18. Joleen on said:

      Joshua’s Mission by Vannetta ChapmanYears: Present dayLocation: Oklahoma and TexasMain Characters:Joshua: Amish, works on parent’s farm, single, 28 years oldAlton: Joshua’s much younger brother, a bit wild on his rumspringa Becca: 20 year old, single, only child, feels a bit over weightCharlie: Retired high school teacher, widowerSarah: Young Amish girl suffering from bulimiaThis is not really an Amish book, which I appreciated. Christian storylines in many Amish books tend to focus on the [...]

    19. Liz on said:

      I have to be honest - I have enjoyed ALL of Chapman's books. She has a gentle style that's just plain likeable. And this book was no exception. I especially enjoyed was the balance between Amish and "Englischer" characters in this story (and that some of them were older!) Charlie Everman is a widowed, retired teacher whose thoughts and experiences give the book a nice framework. His love for people, his dependence upon the Lord, and his refusal to give in to his grief made him a very inspiration [...]

    20. Patti on said:

      Joshua's Mission is a hands down must read novel! Vannetta Chapman is a masterful storyteller who has created such genuine characters that I immediately developed an emotional attachment to them. I was pulled into the story on the first page with the vivid description of the setting. I actually felt as though I was one with the characters. Joshua's Mission is so well researched I had to remind myself it was fictitious.The story is centered around the town of Port Aransas, TX and a category 4 hur [...]

    21. Sarah Ruut on said:

      I so love Vannetta’s writing! Not only do I struggle to put the book down, but she manages to weave deep truths into her story without standing on a soapbox. Joshua’s Mission left me dwelling on those nuggets well after I closed the book.We tend to get caught up in our own problems and circumstances, and Joshua and Alton are no different. I’ve certainly been there. One of the best solutions is a shift in focus. It doesn’t have to take a hurricane, but somehow we have to look beyond ourse [...]

    22. Paula-O on said:

      Vannetta Chapman writes series Plain and Simple Miracles,Book #2 is Joshua's MissionThis is the story of two brothersa Hurricane on the gulf coast -devastation and rebuild-amish volunteers.Joshua is a little older then his brother Alton and the younger one is going trough what is call Rumspringa in their community. sowing his wild oats.The Bishop learns of the rebuild and volunteers needed on the coast -he suggest that Joshua and his brother go help along with Becca and Sarah from the community. [...]

    23. kerrycat on said:

      Chapman takes her time developing believable characters who forge lasting relationships while working on personal issues, reflecting relatable real-life problems. This series continues to offer hope in seemingly impossible situations, as well as reminds that faith is key in managing the worries in our lives.A widower at 65, Charlie finds solace in looking out for his friends and neighbors in his South Texas town, saving lives and forging ahead when Hurricane Orion destroys their community. Meanw [...]

    24. Julie Zimmett on said:

      I received this book yesterday from Netgalley to read and review! Just finished today- I could not put it down and was sorry to see it end! Vannetta Chapman skillfully draws you in to both Becca and Josh's families, and later into Sarahs' as well as Charlie's and Alice's lives. The way that each character's life was intertwined really helps the reader identify. As someone who lives in Florida and knows the damage a hurricane can cause, it was another way I identified with the characters as they [...]

    25. Kav on said:

      The kind of story that leaves you feeling totally changed. Simple truths are earth shattering in their clarity as Chapman explores the emotional journey of three characters -- two Amish, Joshua and Becca, and Englischer, Charlie. Profound and gentle, funny and anxiety-riddled, the author digs deep and delivers an exceptional testimony of God's grace in various stages of life. From Joshua's impossible attempts to control his brother to Becca's insecurities to Charlie's valiant efforts to rebuild [...]

    26. Patty Champion on said:

      Becca Troyer believes she needs to take care of her ailing mother and marriage is not for her. Joshua Kline is not happy with his little brother Alvin because he is afaraid he is not going to be baptized into the Amish faith. Becca, Joshua and Alvin all go on a misson trip to help hurricane victims. I really enjoyed this book, I loved how all the characters come togather and can't wait for Alvin's story.

    27. Rebekah on said:

      Wonderful story! Believable and interesting, especially liked that it was in such a different setting than most amish stories. The disaster relief aspect as well as the added wisdom of Charlie, really made the book wonderful. The lessons and truths were inspiring and encouraging though the boo, was also real and entertaining. Not frivolous but also not depressing or negitive. A perfect balance!

    28. Kristy on said:

      Joshua's Mission is a compelling book that draws you in from the very beginning and keeps you going until the very end! Vannetta Chapman has brought to light the wonderful work of the Mennonite Disaster Services during times of great tragedy. What a great read! You will not want to put this book down!

    29. Fiction Aficionado on said:

      This is the second book in Vannetta Chapman’s “Plain and Simple Miracles” series, but it can be read as a stand-alone novel. Having enjoyed the first book in this series I looked forward to reviewing this one but while I did enjoy it, it didn’t quite capture me in the same way ‘Anna’s Healing’ did. The story is told from three different points-of-view: Charlie Everman, a 65 year old Englischer man; Joshua Kline, a 27 year old Amish man; and Becca Troyer, a 20 year old Amish woman. [...]

    30. Kristina on said:

      Joshua's Mission by Vannetta Chapman is the second book in the Plain and Simple Miracles series. Charlie Everman is sixty-five and a retired English teacher. He lives in Aransas, Texas. The area is expecting Hurricane Orion to hit. Charlie is helping Alice givens and her grandchildren get off the island. Charlie is unable to get off the island before the storm hits and witnesses the devastation to the area (gets caught in it). Joshua Kline lives in Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma. He is the older, resp [...]

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