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Girl on Geek

Girl on Geek I felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff ready to admit my own sexuality ready to jump but she seemed terrified of jumping with me What sort of future did we really have if she was too afra

  • Title: Girl on Geek
  • Author: Hayden Archer Mia Archer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff ready to admit my own sexuality, ready to jump, but she seemed terrified of jumping with me What sort of future did we really have if she was too afraid to tell the world the truth about who she was School, writing, and gaming That s all Amber had time for, and not necessarily in that order Romance wasn t a complicationI felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff ready to admit my own sexuality, ready to jump, but she seemed terrified of jumping with me What sort of future did we really have if she was too afraid to tell the world the truth about who she was School, writing, and gaming That s all Amber had time for, and not necessarily in that order Romance wasn t a complication she needed, online or off All she wanted from life was go to her creative writing classes during the day and blow off steam role playing with friends in the juggernaut online game Tales of Elassa at night Love was the last thing she was looking for, especially with another woman Only life had other plans for the geeky gamer girl who closed off her heart Because romance is coming for her in the form of Kaira, a strangely compelling woman she meets in game who has a way of turning a phrase that goes straight to Amber s heart and heats her up in a way no man ever has online or in the real world But is it real Amber s about to find out when her whirlwind online romance that spills over into the real world in a major way as she s pulled into a geeky Cinderella story at the biggest convention in the world with her mysterious online stranger acting as Princess Charming The geek girl wasn t looking for love, but will she let it in when it comes looking for her

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    • Unlimited [Comics Book] ✓ Girl on Geek - by Hayden Archer Mia Archer º
      429 Hayden Archer Mia Archer
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      Posted by:Hayden Archer Mia Archer
      Published :2018-09-07T10:34:04+00:00

    One thought on “Girl on Geek

    1. NollySepulveda on said:

      ConflictingI gave this story 3 stars because even though I was enjoying it, Amber's little speech on Kaitlin coming out to the world was a bit frustrating. I have been an "out" Lesbian for close to 40 yrs and have met my share of "closeted" individuals. Coming out is a difficult decision for many people for whatever reason and for a character in a book who is experiencing their first same-sex relationship to demand of the other to expose themselves to the world for their own feelings of security [...]

    2. Mike Briggs on said:

      An interesting book that combines a gaming experience, convention experience, and romance. Did quite well, that combining. There is a big need to suspend your disbelief. Willing suspension of disbelief. For several reasons. Mostly because the underlying idea of two people meeting via a gaming platform and then instantly bonding in about three seconds flat then having one being willing to spend massive amounts of money on the other requires a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. On the othe [...]

    3. Amy on said:

      I read this title through the Kindle Unlimited program.I have to admit that there were a lot of things in this book that I loved. First, of course, I'm a sucker for romance, and at its most basic, this was a sweet girl on girl romance. Second, I'm a bit of a geek and a bit of a gamer myself. There were a lot of scenes in this book that struck a chord with me on that level. If you've never lost yourself in countless hours of playing an online rpg (role-playing game), you may not understand the co [...]

    4. Angie on said:

      Girl on Geek is full of much geekery and sexy times! When not attending classes or doing homework, Amber spends all of her time in her favorite online role-playing game. She's in it mostly for creating storylines, and doesn't tolerate anyone breaking character, or worse, looking for a hookup. But then a new character strolls in and Amber is immediately intrigued, and finds herself breaking her rules for this sexy newcomer. Amber gets swept away in an online affair, and then the mysterious "Kaira [...]

    5. Lexxi Kitty on said:

      This is either the third or first story I've read by this author. I really have no idea. Even the website tacked onto the end of this book was no help. It lead to two more Archer names. See, the issue is that I've read two books by a Lexi Archer. One of those being a book. Which is also on Mia Archer's book page. Here and on . Cover is exactly the same but for one having Lexi Archer and the other having Mia Archer listed as the author on the cover. Description of the book contents are also the s [...]

    6. Sascha Broich on said:

      Not your usual MMORPG story. I never heard of this way to use those online games. The revelation of Amber's crush real life personality was not unexpected but nevertheless well done.

    7. Charlie Avocado on said:

      I was going to go 3 stars, ultimately decided on 2. I'm a nerdsbian, through and through. WoW, other gaming, fantasy books (though not lately), I shy away from cons because I don't like such crowds, but I've been. Look, I can suspend some reality, quite a bit in fact, but this was just asking for too much. No mmorpg will let you do that much with your character. Perhaps the author intended most of it to be typed by the characters. That was not indicated in the least. Very confusing trying to fig [...]

    8. Barbara on said:

      WonderfulThis is an excellent little read pertaining to a young woman who buries yourself in the online gaming world . There her online persona meets a dashing female warrior . The young woman has never had any feelings for her own sex and is confused but also intrigued by how things are unfolding in the online world . Eventually the young woman starts up a conversation with the owner of the other online persona . They start to have a quasi relationship both in the online world of the computer g [...]

    9. Sajiko on said:

      I started reading this then I realised this is just a rip off of Girl on Geek by Mia Archer (From chapter 14) like pretty much word for word until it got to the sex scene then it became futa instead of lesbian. I stopped reading coz well I don't really wanna read the same thing twice. Makes me question if all her stories are a knock off up until the sex scene.

    10. Ruby Ridge on said:

      Updated Cinderella story, kinda cute. More R rated than some of her other books. guess it falls into the erotica category (this does not make it a bad book)Did like the 'worst case scenario' thing. know the feeling.Would make a good beach book.

    11. Jesper on said:

      I'll give it 3 stars. But it could be anywhere from 2 to 4 stars.I definitely feel as if you need to be a little geeky yourself in order to enjoy this book. It dwelves quite a bit into roleplaying, fandom, gaming, conventions, and all that. So you have to know what a raid is, a dungeon party, a boss monster, an MMORPG, and so on. If you've played World of Warcraft or a similar game, then you're good to go. If you don't know what World of Warcraft is, then I'd think twice about this book.Story-wi [...]

    12. Jasmin Sveum on said:

      Loved it!This is the second story I have read by Ms. Archer, and I love that she writes in this geek-genre! As a bit of a gamer, this story really hits all those fantasies that happen during downtime between fantasy play! Loved the role-playing element, both online and LARPing!I found it easy to relate to the protagonist, even with all her quirks (which I know more than a few introverts I know share with her!). Thankfully, the first person POV, as opposed to switching POVs, kept the story moving [...]

    13. Blink51n on said:

      I enjoyed this book (even ignoring the glaringly obvious plot twists) until about 70% of the way through. Then, it all kind of dissolved into I'm not sure what. It felt like the author needed some conflict to create a big scene and that started off well enough, but then just fell flat. Also, by the final scene I disliked Amber a whole lot. She became increasingly pushy and immature. It could have been handled a lot better. Finally, I'm so tired of how quickly the "I love you"s come in these roma [...]

    14. Enrique on said:

      I liked it. It was all well and good, but there could have been more character development and some questions were left unanswered. For example: (view spoiler)[The origin of futas was glossed over -- something about a curse. I would have liked more detail. What about futa reproduction. Do futa get pregnant? Can they impregnate a woman? Would the child be a futa? Do they have a vagina too?The protagonist transforms from being a regular woman to being a futa and she never once considers what she h [...]

    15. Tessa on said:

      This book never disappointed and was enthralling from the start to the end. Mia Archer effectively uses a sense of wonder (and ending chapters on delightful cliffhangers) and candor as Kaitlyn and Amber's relationship blossomed. Mia Archer uses humor very strategically making the writing seem conversational, friendly, and comforting. I was drawn into the story with the sexy AF descriptions of fantasy or real-world sexy times and remained captivated throughout with the mystery of what might happe [...]

    16. Steve Going on said:

      Cute story, butThe writer needs to tighten her prose. 'Of course', I'm talking about her constant use of this phrase. At one point, she used the phrase on get consecutive pages. Additionally, I was confused by the total lack of secondary characters. In an average day we interact with several people. For realism's sake, you need more characters.

    17. Skip Maslan on said:

      SweetThis was a sweet, lovely story. Perfect for a nice relaxing was the third book by Mia Archer I've read today. Great morning and afternoon.

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