My Kind of Forever

Heidi McLaughlin

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My Kind of Forever

My Kind of Forever Liam Page knows music and a life of solitude but that all changed when he returned to Beaumont The once notorious bad boy lead singer of West is now living the domesticated life with his wife an

  • Title: My Kind of Forever
  • Author: Heidi McLaughlin
  • ISBN: 9780990678847
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Liam Page knows music and a life of solitude, but that all changed when he returned to Beaumont.The once notorious bad boy lead singer of 4225 West is now living the domesticated life with his wife and high school sweetheart, Josie, and their son, Noah.Life is good for the Westbury family, until Liam is called back to Los Angeles and the place where it all started for him.Liam Page knows music and a life of solitude, but that all changed when he returned to Beaumont.The once notorious bad boy lead singer of 4225 West is now living the domesticated life with his wife and high school sweetheart, Josie, and their son, Noah.Life is good for the Westbury family, until Liam is called back to Los Angeles and the place where it all started for him.Liam and Josie s story continues in this last installment of The Beaumont Series.

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    One thought on “My Kind of Forever

    1. Michelle (Much Loved Books) on said:

      Reading My Kind of Forever, and then having to formulate my thoughts into a review has got to be one of the hardest things I've had to do. This series has just blew me away with each installment, and while I wanted to dive right in, devour the story and be finished in record time, I made this one last. I really did not want this book, or this series to come to an end.As I write this review it is so hard to keep it spoiler free and I hope, I do not only the book, but the author, Heidi McLaughlin, [...]

    2. Beverly on said:

      Soo Happy to be back in Beaumont! I have been in love with Liam Page since March 2013. I am a 4225 West die-hard fan and proud groupie, so OBVIOUSLY, "My Kind of Forever" was a MUST READ!I must say the level of drama and angst here was off the charts. I loved that. Finally some of the questions I had were answered. I have to say JoJo drove me absolutely crazy at times, but that's JoJo.I am sad this is the end of the series, but all of them will be in my heart forever.The end was absolutely beaut [...]

    3. Rejane on said:

      This is what I called unnecessary book. Causing stupid drama to couple who had a nice hea in their first book. I found out I have a couple of this series books in my kindle still unread. I decided to check out these books again because I went to watch FOREVER MY GIRL ( made into a movie). I have to say I don't know why the author allowed so many changes in the story. It just wasn't her book anymore. Actually, that's the reason I came to check the books again. Because I thought I was wrong and I [...]

    4. Sofia Lazaridou on said:

      My kind of forever concludes not only Liam and Josie's story but also The Beaumont Series. I have not read Finding My Way or 12 Days of Forever so keep that in mind while you read this review. I was hesitant about this book, mostly because I know how a story can be ruined for the sake of one more full-length novel (yes Find me I am looking at you). To be honest, I am still not sure if 4 stars is the right rating for the book, so don't seem surprised if the rating changes some day. I had a couple [...]

    5. lucie on said:

      I know, I know You must be thinking: Why are you giving up now? You read SIX books in this series, this is the last one. One more to go and you could mark this series as completed.Yeah, well, how about no. I know that I would hate it and either DNF it or be in physical pain the whole time. I can't stand how perfect the characters are.

    6. Yuana on said:

      4.5 * really love this book and book 1. Cannot wait to see the movie 😍

    7. Jenny - Book Sojourner on said:

      4.5 StarsReading 'My Kind of Forever' is like being reunited with old friends. This is not a standalone. If you haven't read at least 'Forever My Girl', you will be a little lost. The rest of the romances from this series also play varying roles in this book. So really, this was my chance to catch up with Liam and Josie, as well as the rest of my favorite Beaumont family.In brief, Liam and Josie have been married for a couple years now, very much in love, but also hitting a bit of a crossroads. [...]

    8. Jackie on said:

      Being Liam Page isn't easy. Especially when the crazy even from the dead manage to turn your life upside down. Sam is dead but not gone. Even dead she wants to screw Liam over and destroy him. Liam has been happy with Josie and Noah in Beaumont but his career has been suffering. 4225 West has slowly been sinking. Liam knows he has to go back to LA to revive his career. But at what cost? Can he keep his marriage and have a successful career?Josie is still having problems with Liam's past and what [...]

    9. Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews on said:

      3 - 4225 West Loving Stars Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of AuthorI was so flippin' excited to read this, as I have absolutely loved the Beaumont series, and more Josie and Liam I couldn't wait.  Sadly, though in the end I didn't love it.  Was it great to see more Liam and Josie? Absolutely but what we did see of them didn't wow me, if anything it was the opposite. Sometimes when books are continuation of couples after their epilogues it can be great and other times not so much, whi [...]

    10. Veronica LaRoche on said:

      I am sad to see the Beaumont Series come to an end. There were good times, sad times and times while I was reading wanting to throw my kindle lol. The emotions that I felt while reading, made me love Heidi as a writer all over again. With Liam having everything he has always dreamed of, his wife Josie, his son Noah and his band 4225 West can he have the life he always wanted? When Liam and his band go back to LA will his dream of the life he always wanted be shattered by his past? I couldn't put [...]

    11. ★MC's Corner★ on said:

      *MC’s Corner*Liam, Josie & Noah are my favorite characters on Beaumont Series.I never finished or started the other ones. When I found out there’s this… a finale novella. I was so excited! LOVE IT!This is what I call ending the story.There’s not much blah blah blah and dramas. What I want to see on this kind of novellas is HEA. Heidi McLaughlin did. *thumbs up*@gleekidMC

    12. Rebecca on said:

      Can I give this more than 5 stars? I absolutely loved it, and couldn't put it down. As the highly anticipated final installment of the Beaumont series, this story once again followed Liam and Josie on their quest to forever. Everything about this book drew me in, and it was nice to catch up with each of the couples I came to love throughout the last few years. While I'm sad to see the end of the Beaumont series, Heidi did the ending justice and I was not disappointed.

    13. Tamara on said:

      So sad that this is the conclusion but Heidi could not have written a better book to end it!! We watch as Liam tries to handle his happy ever after and his music career. This book had me on an emotional roller coaster! It was great to catch up with all the other couples and kids in the Beaumont gang!

    14. Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic on said:

      This series was amazing! I love Liam and Josie and this was a perfect ending for them.

    15. Donna Potter on said:

      ❤❤❤. I just wish Liam wasn't such a manwhore!!! & stage or not don't disrespect your wife. If your wife is appalled by your behavior act or not & feels disrespected it is! & if it's your past or not both characters should share it if they every expect to move forward w a solid trusting relationship! In addition, for being all in charge kind of personality why couldn't he stand up to these women?!? He's a rockstar for god sakes & cant tell someone (Tricia & Layla) no he [...]

    16. Emily C on said:

      Wow!! My Kind of Forever gave me just the closure I needed with Liam and Josie. I didn't even realize I needed it until I started reading it!! All the lingering doubts and questions about the past all get answered. And it's not always easy. In fact it is hard which makes it so real!!! I must admit I shed a few tears and my heart was hurting at times, but so worth it all. This journey for Liam and Josie completely solidified their bond and made it a completely mature one! They completely just gre [...]

    17. Darcy on said:

      For a lot of this one I was annoyed. It seemed like we had already covered the issues for Josie and Liam. I wanted them to stay in their HEA, not run into problems. Josie's self doubt drove me nuts, even as I understood it. It didn't help that Liam's actions seemed to feed those insecurities. What saved the book for me was the last bit at the end. I liked the Christmas morning scene, loved the wedding, the song and finally the family dance.

    18. Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri on said:

      4.50 stars! My Kind of Forever is my kind of book. Heidi did it again! This rock and roll romance pulled on my heart strings in the latest installment in this fantastic series. Liam, Josie, and 4225 West fans do not want to miss this one! This review appears on kindlecrack, facebook/kindlecrack, , , Google+ and Twitter. A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

    19. Olga on said:

      I don't know what happened. I loved other books by this author, not this series though. There must be something wrong with me since everybody and their mother seem to love it. Oh, well, you can't have everything you want.

    20. Bethany on said:

      This was a nice ending to a series I've loved. I really can't wait for the kids to get their own story's.

    21. Janell Wheeler on said:

      Oh my this book took me on a roller coaster. You know going in that your couple is going to be okay, but wow what a ride this was. I have to say though I'm happy this book was written the way it was. I absolutely loved Forever My Girl, and it was written quite a while ago and the author's writing has come a long way since then. Some of the issues that were in forever my girl I think really got an opportunity to come full circle in this book. You got to really see Josie and Liam battle their sepa [...]

    22. Iricha on said:

      the Beaumont series is amazing from the beginning to the end. I enjoy the fist book so much that I was reading Harrison story and them JD story and suddenly I was reading my  kind of forever! I love that is so good with the fans that Heidi considered to continue the series. I hope to read it! be there when the kids have their own stories to tell.

    23. NinaReader on said:

      4.5 Stars!Ahtisfaction! It's the ending that I wanted Liam and Josie to have! So thank you HM for that!

    24. Audrey on said:

      First of all, knowing this book was the very last book I would be getting for the Beaumont series made reading this all that more special. I didn't know what to expect and what more conflict and trials lay ahead for Liam and Josie. I may have even been a bit hesitant and afraid to see one of my favorite couples, who are so solid in subsequent Beaumont books as they helped their friends get through their own ordeals, face new challenges as they already went through a lot to be together. Well, wha [...]

    25. Trudy Dowling on said:

      My Kind of Forever is my kind of book. Except for one thing, it is the final book. I have been deep into the Beaumont series since the beginning. It has been a rollercoaster ride with their ex-manager at the controls. When you think everything is going smoothly someone or something comes along to cause problems. Liam is struggling. He needs LA for the band and success. He needs the town of Beaumont for family and stability. The band goes to LA to help a friend, leaving Josie and her insecurities [...]

    26. Becca on said:

      5 OUTSTANDING STARS!What a way to wind up a fantabulous series!Liam and the gang are hitting a slump. They are perfectly happy living their lives in Beaumount with their families. But in order for them to start touring and getting themselves out into the music scene, there is only one place they need to go Los Angeles.Los Angeles is the place where Liam Westbury found Liam Page and that scares Josie. A lot. Things are starting to get comfortable for them. They are moving forward. With Liam leavi [...]

    27. Lisa A on said:

      I couldn't wait for this one to come out and yet I didn't want to read it because I knew this was the end of the Beaumont Series. An amazing series with a phenomenal cast of characters,that you fall in love with and want to be part of.From the moment I meet Liam and Josie in Forever My Girl back in 2013 , I was hooked on their story. This is their conclusion. Liam and the guys have to go back to California. The venue where they got their start is in jeopardy of closing so they go to lend their s [...]

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