The Forbidden Land

Kate Forsyth

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The Forbidden Land

The Forbidden Land She stood on the ship s deck and stared down at the wild waves tossing about below There was a wrenching groaning sound and the caravel suddenly lurched sideways Jay seized her hand Come on Finn ju

  • Title: The Forbidden Land
  • Author: Kate Forsyth
  • ISBN: 9781740510219
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • She stood on the ship s deck and stared down at the wild waves tossing about below There was a wrenching, groaning sound and the caravel suddenly lurched sideways Jay seized her hand Come on, Finn, jump he urged Else the ship ll take ye down with her Finn hung on to his hand and jumped Finn the Cat is bored with life as Banprionnsa at Castle Rurach She s alwaShe stood on the ship s deck and stared down at the wild waves tossing about below There was a wrenching, groaning sound and the caravel suddenly lurched sideways Jay seized her hand Come on, Finn, jump he urged Else the ship ll take ye down with her Finn hung on to his hand and jumped Finn the Cat is bored with life as Banprionnsa at Castle Rurach She s always getting into trouble and smoking her pipe instead of sewing a fine seam like a banprionnsa should.Luckily a caravan of jongleurs arrives to break the monotony But this is no ordinary caravan led by Dide the Juggler, the jongleurs have come on behalf of the Righ it seems Lachlan the Winged has urgent need of someone with Finn s peculiar abilities Embarking on a clandestine journey that will take them beyond the Great Divide and into the Forbidden Land, Finn and her companions must face dangers that will test their courage to breaking point and set a new course for Eileanan itself.

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      261 Kate Forsyth
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    One thought on “The Forbidden Land

    1. Steve on said:

      This book was quite a lot shorter than the previous three, which was good, but also sad. Also sad was that the book focused on one of the minor characters from the first two books and made her the main character, but this also meant that the main characters from the first three books were pushed to the side. I did quite enjoy it, even with the chapters being too long, and am looking forward to the next one.

    2. Yassy on said:

      An engaging story, but not of the epic proportions of the first three books in this series and I really missed the multiple narratives of the earlier books. In the middle of the story, there was an error - Elfrida having stayed behind with the main army while Lachlan & Iseult rode off to rescue the crew of the Speedwell, but later Elfrida is with the group at Kirkclanbright, even though they have not joined the rest of the troops. The ebook version I read also contained numerous typos - whil [...]

    3. Amanda Botten on said:

      The forbidden land once again delivered in beauty, amazement and delight. I love how some characters return to who/how they were at the beginning of the series. It makes it feel more real and less forced. The settings are like the first of the series, the characters remain to grow in the book and in your heart. But the story does not slow down whatsoever and you find your self speed reading to find out what is going on.

    4. Phrynne on said:

      An enjoyable book with a very entertaining story but without my favourite character in this series, Isabeau. However Finn is also fun to read about and she entertains with her tomboyish behaviours and her delightful little cat. There is lots of action and magic and a whole array of interesting characters. Apparently the next book returns to the story of Isabeau which makes me happy!

    5. Rebekah Estey on said:

      Not to sound biased, but this was my favorite of the series because it features my favorite character, Finn as the lead. Her ability is so unique and her personality was really empowering when I was reading it back in high school.

    6. Vickey Foggin on said:

      I liked this more than the others because it is almost a stand-alone YA novel, with the major characters of the series shunted aside as distant figures of power. The book focuses on tomboy princess Finn moping about her castle yearning for the exciting life of thievery and adventure she enjoyed before she knew she was a princess. She gets an opportunity to roam the countryside having adventures and her quest is exciting and fun. To really enjoy the book I had to mentally revise her age down from [...]

    7. Chani on said:

      It was nice that this book was much shorter than the last one which nearly killed me in length. (Not that I mind reading long books, but since I'm reading all 6 of these in a row, it's been a lot of pages) However, I wouldn't really call this a continuation novel, it was more of a solo character peek. The Forbidden Land follows Finn the Cat through a new adventure. I am quite endeared to Finn so I didn't mind reading about her character or the others in the Healing Hand band, but I did miss Isab [...]

    8. ShariMulluane on said:

      Kate Forsyth does it again by completely changing focus. This book covers Finn almost exclusively and it is a great tale of magic, adventure, friendship, harrowing danger, and horrific war. You will not find Isabeau or Megan in this book, and you will see very little of Lachlan or Iseult. You will get to spend some time with Dide, Enit, and the remains of the League of the Healing Hands. You will also meet Finn's too perfect cousin who is the NicSian heir. Some readers have complained about the [...]

    9. Lauren Ferguson on said:

      The fourth book in the series set concurrently with the fifth we follow the tale of Finn and her role in the taking of Bride. Finn is one of those frustrating characters for me who could be magnificent even with all of her faults but she refuses to grow. I find it extremely difficult that after 5 years she has completely failed to develop at least some basic level of maturity and understanding such as the rest of the League of the Healing Hand was able to. That being said, Kate Forsyth has retai [...]

    10. Tammy on said:

      This installation of the series follows Finn the Cat, Iseult, and Lachlan as they wage war to unite the land, divided under Maya's rule, and fight the prejudice toward magic she has encouraged among her people.I think this is my least favorite of the series. It's still a wonderful book with an exciting plot and great action/adventure scenes, but it is missing the characters for which I had the most empathy. Especially, given the writing style of interleaved chapters following different plot line [...]

    11. Cathy (cathepsut) on said:

      Number four in the series is a detour from the main story line of the Witches of Eileanan. It centres on a minor character of one of the previous books. My favourite character of the series, Isabeau, is a total no-show. Others have commented that they did not enjoy the book because of that. But I liked it. Straight forward story, good action scenes, tongue-in-cheek, funny, steady suspense throughout.A word to the whole series - Although each book gives explanations of what has happened in previo [...]

    12. Kristen McQuinn on said:

      Okay, so I loved this book. It was focused on an entirely different character. Instead of Isabeau and Iseult, it focuses exclusively on Fionnaghal Nic Ruaraich, AKA Finn the Cat. I like her character a great deal anyway, and to put a book focusing on a different person in the middle of a series is perfect for me. It makes me feel like I'm reading something different, not still stuck in a series. It was a breath of fresh air. While clinging to a sheer cliff face by a hook, following an elven cat. [...]

    13. Richard on said:

      A fine book ruined by it's main character. In this book we see Finn become a main character and have no personal arc at all. Starts off as a ungrateful and prideful shit of a girl and ends up in the same place but with everything being just peachy. She acted more like a grown up when she was a side character and now she's apparently 17 and acting half her age.I was very glad this was a substantially shorter book than any other in this series. Honestly I feel like I should be rating this 2 stars [...]

    14. Delaney on said:

      I liked having a book from Finn's perspective, although it was clear that this was a filler book, meant to wrap up the Tirsoillearean issue rather than the original concept. I liked the faster pace, although I missed Iseult and Isabeau. Sometimes Finn's relentless take-no-shit attitude was grating, and "flaming dragon balls" was much overused, but other than that I enjoyed the different perspective. The shorter length was also MUCH appreciated, as my one complaint with Forsyth is her sometimes t [...]

    15. Monique on said:

      I'm definitely enjoying this whole series. The characters are strong and loveable. Sadly the writing is deteriorating with each book, with longer passages of unnecessary descriptions and less depth given to the characters, but even in its weak points i am finding the series on the whole very inspiring. The story lines are intriguing, thought and very creative in the way they weave together mythology, legend, feminist philosophy and ideas from cultural studies.

    16. Carl on said:

      This novel seemed to be at a different pace to the others and I realised it was because it was directed at only one plot line, rather than following a number of characters in their various parts of the world.Once again, it is an enjoyable read, and the characters aren't losing their shine, even after 4 novels.Funnily enough, I said I'd take a break after 3, but can't seem to put these novels down.

    17. Sue on said:

      After being a bit disappointed with book 3 I LOVED BOOK 4. The Forbidden Land was a great adventure and I easily connected with the main characters. Finn the Cat and her band of misfits were wonderful. The storyline really flowed easily in this one. Lots of twists and turns and a gentle lead on to the next book.I think I enjoyed it more bc it wasnt bogged down with war so much and you got a sense of their deepening characters eg Lachlan, Dide, Bran etc.A top read.

    18. T J on said:

      Finn the cat it needed to break into the black tower and she is so happy to get away from her family's castle. She didn't expect a sea voyage and running into most hated enemies on the way. With all the twist and turns in a tale of adventure you could ever want, this was one great read. On to Book five: The Skull of the World.

    19. Clark Cutchin on said:

      This book was good but didn't seem to make sense at book #4 in the series. I was a little confused at first but then it all tied in. I am not sure why the author chose to do it this way but I still enjoyed it.

    20. CaedyEries on said:

      This one is actually my favorite in the series, because of the focus on Fionnaghal (Finn). Finn the Cat is most definitely one of my favorite members of League of the Healing Hand. Also, gotta LOVE her little elven cat Goblin.

    21. Jessica on said:

      This book was definately more focussed than the previous installment and while some readers may miss beloved characters such as Isabeau and Isuelt who doesn't love Finn the Cat? I think this is my favourite so far because it's just so much fun. Well done, Kate. Another awesome read.

    22. Helen Watkins on said:

      This is book 4 and I am still reading so it is holding my interest. Not quite as in depth as the earlier books and this shown by the number of pages which are only about half of the previous book.

    23. Kari Gray on said:

      Again, another delightful, and sometimes delightfully suspenseful, novel.

    24. Kathi on said:

      The focus in this book is on Finn and she is a bit too immature, pig-headed, and whiny to carry so much of the story. There were excellent parts, just not enough of them to earn a higher rating.

    25. Shannon Ewing on said:

      loved reading finn's story. honestly, I was a little tired of the twins' voices. was a nice change. ready to get back to 'beau now!

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