The Mariposa Hotel

Julie Wright Melanie Jacobson Heather B. Moore

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The Mariposa Hotel

The Mariposa Hotel The Mariposa HotelA Tangerine Street Romance a novel in three parts Welcome to Tangerine StreetTangerine Street is a must see tourist stop with a colorful mix of one of a kind boutiques unique restau

  • Title: The Mariposa Hotel
  • Author: Julie Wright Melanie Jacobson Heather B. Moore
  • ISBN: 9781941145609
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • The Mariposa HotelA Tangerine Street Romance a novel in three parts Welcome to Tangerine StreetTangerine Street is a must see tourist stop with a colorful mix of one of a kind boutiques, unique restaurants, eclectic museums, quaint bookstores, and exclusive bed and breakfasts The Mariposa Hotel, a new resort, has revitalized Seashell Beach, bringing new life to the sleepyThe Mariposa HotelA Tangerine Street Romance a novel in three parts Welcome to Tangerine StreetTangerine Street is a must see tourist stop with a colorful mix of one of a kind boutiques, unique restaurants, eclectic museums, quaint bookstores, and exclusive bed and breakfasts The Mariposa Hotel, a new resort, has revitalized Seashell Beach, bringing new life to the sleepy beach town In the charming gardens of the hotel sits a three hundred year old wishing well transported from Mexico One toss of the coin, a sincere wish, and lives are changed forever Other books in the Tangerine Street Romance series The Fortune Caf The Boardwalk Antiques Shop

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      216 Julie Wright Melanie Jacobson Heather B. Moore
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    One thought on “The Mariposa Hotel

    1. Katie W on said:

      *I received a copy from Singing Librarian Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*These three authors are on my favorites list and I love to read their stories and how they manage to tie them each together with a common thread. In this case, it's a hotel. The Mariposa Hotel is in a great tourist town in California and is fairly new to town. A wishing well sits in the garden and is the source of many great wishes.The book begins with the story of Mari, a hotel maid. That would definitely be a [...]

    2. Melanie Jacobson on said:

      This is another Tangerine Street book that I wrote with Heather Moore and Julie Wright. I wanted to write a story about Tom Hiddleston, but I restrained myself and wrote him into the story as a minor character who doesn't actually show up. But I think it's pretty funny. And I love writing stories in this seaside town. Super confident Ridley meets his match in Brooke, who is not at all what he expects. :-)

    3. Jacob Proffitt on said:

      This is the third and last of the confusingly-attributed books by three authors telling three stories. You don't have to read them in order, or anything, because they're only barely related at all (though some of the characters from others stories do show up occasionally). If you're only going to read one, read the second book as I think it's the best. I'm going to take it easy on this review and rely on a) it's a lot like the other two and b) read my notes/updates if you want more individual ta [...]

    4. Heather on said:

      I wrote one of the novellas in THE MARIPOSA HOTEL with co-authors Melanie Jacobson and Julie Wright. What I love best about writing these Tangerine Street Romances is that each book has just a touch of magic realism and it's up to the reader whether or not to believe in dreams coming true and good things happening.

    5. Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...) on said:

      The Ghost of 913Mari, a hotel maid working to pay college tuition and studying criminology, notices the tiniest details and is intrigued by the "ghost" who barely leaves a trace in his room. U.S. marshal Grant is involved with witness protection and feels he can't share details about his work with Mari which sets the scene for misunderstanding as they instantly connect but his job eventually gets in the way.My favorite story of the three, I loved the dimension to each of the characters. Mari and [...]

    6. Julie on said:

      The Mariposa Hotel is the third installment of the Tangerine Street Romance series and it is probably my favorite one. This novel revolves around the Mariposa Hotel and the first story is The Ghost of 913. Mari is such a strong character and she's been through some difficult things in life already. She's specifically asked by her boss to take care of Room 913 and when she goes in, it doesn't look like anyone's really stayed there. When she looks closer, however, she sees that the pillows are arr [...]

    7. Sharon on said:

      I love this series. The Mariposa Hotel is the latest in this series of Tangerine Street. The three stories in this book, are fun and sweet. As with all novella's I wish the stories were longer!! One of the interesting things about this book is how each story has characters who assume things about each other and the only thing to straighten it out is a face to face chat.The Mariposa is a hotel that sits on the beach which makes for some fun scenes. It also has a magic wishing well that grants wis [...]

    8. Rachel on said:

      See my full review + a giveaway: smilingbookreviewsI loved this novella collection! All three stories had great romances! They are all a little on the quick side but that is to be expected with the nature of a novella. I felt like even though the romances were the instant attraction/falling in love type of story, the characters also got to know each other in depth to some extent. And even though there were some miscommunications to bring a little drama to the story they were resolved without som [...]

    9. Kathy * Bookworm Nation on said:

      I really love this series and always look forward to the next book. Each book takes place at a different establishment on Tangerine Street. I totally want to visit this seaside town, it sounds like perfection. Each of these three stories was very unique, I liked that they all took place around the hotel and had that consistency throughout the whole book. There are some great romances and swoony moments, just an overall fun escape. Look forward to many more books in this series!Content: CleanSour [...]

    10. Melissa on said:

      What a fun book. I loved all three romances. They each seemed completely impossible but love triumphs in the end. I have liked all the books in this series. Clean, sweet, fun romances with a little sass and kick.Lots of great kissing scenes:} Each of these stories takes place around the mariposa hotel and each involve the beautiful wishing well. Each story was unique and didn't have much to do with the others. You can read the books in order or out of order.

    11. Kristina Applegate on said:

      It’s no secret that I read a lot, so when I get my hands on anthologies, I’m thrilled because I get several stories in one book; it’s like a treat to this book-a-holic. Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson and Heather B. Moore each spin a wonderful, clean and inspirational romantic tale. The Mariposa Hotel is a great read because it takes three separate characters and connects them in one beautiful hotel complete with a beautiful three-hundred-year-old wishing well brought from Mexico. With a to [...]

    12. Chrissy on said:

      3.5 stars. I liked it. This is a set of three novellas, love stories that all involve the Mariposa Hotel. They were short and sweet, all clean romance (meaning no sex) but with passionate kisses. By the time I got to the third story, I felt like I was kind of reading the same thing. Strong & independent heroine, misunderstood but equally strong hero. Because these are novellas, they fall in love really quick. It's the nature of the genre, I think. Part One: Ghost of 913. I think I enjoyed th [...]

    13. Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews on said:

      I enjoyed going back to Tangerine Street and peeking into the lives of employees at the Mariposa Hotel. The first story is about Mari, who is a maid at the hotel, and is also taking online classes to realize her dream of being an attorney. She doesn't have much time for men (especially with an ex that treated her badly) until she meets the US Marshall and he sparks something in her to give men another chance.The second story is not really about an employee - Ridley steps in as concierge as a fav [...]

    14. Shash on said:

      This is part of the Tangerine Street Romances. It contains three novellas, all set at the Mariposa Hotel. An old wishing well, brought from a small town in Mexico is featured in each story. I loved the whole legend surrounding the well and the wishes made there.Ghost of 913…Mari, a maid at the hotel, is asked to clean room 913 for the duration of a guests stay. When she goes to the room, it is spotless, with very little evidence someone has even been there. She begins to think of the room’s [...]

    15. Megan Pegasus on said:

      *3.5 stars*Although I haven't read previous editions of the Tangerine Street series, I still really enjoyed this. This has three novellas by three different authors in it which all have one thing in common: they all take place in a little hotel called The Mariposa and they all make wishes in The Mariposa's wishing well. The wishing well has a legend that the butterflies on the well will carry true wishes to heaven to be granted when someone drops a coin in the well. Each story tied into the wish [...]

    16. Rachel Devaughn on said:

      I have read all three books in the Tangerine Street Romance series. They are all stand alone books, but the characters and places are mentioned in all three stories, which I really like. I love that these authors have come together to write about a town's different stores. They are all very descriptive which makes me feel like I'm right there along side them. The Mariposa Hotel is written by 3 authors in 3 novel parts. Each short novel features different characters and stories all centered aroun [...]

    17. Nari on said:

      This is the third book in the series of novellas based in a California beach town named Seashell Beach. It is a stand alone. It did have some small references to characters from the other books. The first story is about a US Marshall and a hotel maid. His room is on her cleaning route and he keeps his room spotless but challenges her powers of observation by changing small things. The two eventually meet and a friendship and romance begins. The next story is about a photographer/ concierge and a [...]

    18. Mhay on said:

      I was given a copy to review. This book was a fluffy romantic read. I definitely love the concept of this book and the previous ones, where different stories are taking place in the same vicinity. It was cool to see characters from the previous stories pop up. The first story 'Ghost of 913' I have to say was the most well written. All the romance in the book are quick, but I thought the first was a bit more believable. Although I enjoyed the last one 'Dreams Come True' most, I felt there was so [...]

    19. Lisa(Bookworm Lisa) on said:

      The Tangerine Street series are excellent. The books are fun to read and have interesting characters that I like. This is the third book in the series, but each can be read as a stand alone.This book centers on the Mariposa Hotel. There are three stories that deal with guests and employees of the hotel. I enjoyed each story. I don't know that I could pick out a favorite, because all were well written and had great characters.The books of this series are ones that I would highly recommend. They a [...]

    20. Nicole on said:

      Ghost of 913: This was well written and an interesting concept of Mari and Grant meeting through her working at the hotel and him staying there as a guest but as a U.S. Marshal staying there while protecting a witness, something he kept from her for quite a while that ended up causing a rift, which kinda bugged me because he seriously, in all reality, could have said something to her about what his job is without compromising anything. However, the rest of the story and the characters and the se [...]

    21. Maria Thomas on said:

      For some reason our library only has the 1st and 3rd in this series. No idea why. And as in the 1st one, my personal preference was the 1st and the 3rd story. The second one is a little edgier. Some innuendo and a reference to sexually transmitted disease. But the stories are cute and it makes me want to visit Tangerine Street. I found I missed the Fortune Cafe since I got attached to it in the first book. In this book they got take out from the cafe but didn't ever read the fortunes so there wa [...]

    22. Claire Sayan on said:

      I reviewed this book free in exchange for an honest review via Inspired Kathy.4 StarsThis book is a set of 3 stories together in on book, for the purpose of this review, ill be reviewing the first book about Mari and Grant.Mari is a hotel maid working while she studies for her degree before going to law school. She is divorced and has no interest in looking for another man anytime soon. She has friends at work who try tirelessly to set her up but she's not interested. When the hotel manager asks [...]

    23. Cathy on said:

      I really enjoy reading these Tangerine Street romances. The books are written by some amazing authors. They are filled with three different contemporary romances written by some of my very favorite authors. I love the way that Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson and Heather B Moore write. I love that these books all have a commonality, this one is the Mariposa Hotel and it's famous fountain. It's kind of fun when the characters from each of the stories show up in the other stories too!Ghost of 913 is [...]

    24. Anita on said:

      I immensely loved this collection. The setting is all at the same hotel and some of the characters crossover between stories. Each story is a stand-alone, but the crossover is a welcome addition.The Ghost of 913This story contained some great scenes which had me chuckling. I loved the chemistry between the two leads. I like a story that is a little different than the norm. This isn’t exactly Cinderella, but has an overcoming situations feel. I much prefer misunderstanding due to reasonable sit [...]

    25. Alisa on said:

      This is another 3-short story collection in the Tangerine Street collection. These stories all take place at the Mariposa Hotel, named after the 300-year-old butterfly wishing well imported from Mexico. I liked how each story incorporated the wishing well into the story line.Ghost of 913 - Mari works as a maid at the Mariposa Hotel, even though she could comfortably live off the alimony provided by her ex-husband. When she discovers the guest in 913 has requested her to take sole charge of his r [...]

    26. Pascale on said:

      The Mariposa Hotel - Part One"The Ghost"I hesitated to read this part at first because of the title. I'm really not into paranormal stories. At. All. But, then I figured I'd better start at the beginning of the book because "part one" What if I missed important details? I figured I could probably skip over the "spooky" parts Turns out I had nothing to fear since the title is really tongue-in-cheek and there is no "ghost"; just a man of mystery who occupies the room. He must keep a secret identit [...]

    27. Corey on said:

      This is three novellas in one, all by different authors but created around a central theme. (I've read Heather B. Moore before and love her and after reading this will try more from the other two authors as well.) I worried that they might all be too similar: they take place at a resort-type hotel so romance has to take place quickly but I was happy to see at least one variation in which one party refused the other at the start. I also liked that the last book didn't continue (for long) with the [...]

    28. Marybeth on said:

      The Mariposa Hotel was a novel broken down into 3 novellas all based inside the Mariposa Hotel. All three of the stories were cute and fun. The first story – Ghost of 913, the occupant on room 913 requests Mari as its maid and asks for discretion from the hotel. Mari and the “ghost” of the room start to interact with each other and then Mari meets a guy that she is intrigued with and discovers that he is her “ghost”. I liked this story and the characters. As with most novellas I could [...]

    29. Barbara on said:

      Given to me for an honest review. This book is really 3 books in one. The authors are listed at the beginning and no where else so I don't know which story belongs to which author. There are listed in this order---Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson, Heather B. Moore.Part 1 Ghost of 913---Mari is working in housekeeping at the hotel. She is assigned room 913 because she cleaned room to his standards. None of the other housekeepers will clean that one while this particular guest has this room. Her fir [...]

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