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Winter Renshaw

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Arrogant Master

Arrogant Master I ve never felt alive than when I m on my knees before my master Some would say I should be ashamed Others might say I m filled with sin I say I m just a woman with unstoppable determination doing wh

  • Title: Arrogant Master
  • Author: Winter Renshaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I ve never felt alive than when I m on my knees before my master Some would say I should be ashamed Others might say I m filled with sin I say I m just a woman with unstoppable determination, doing whatever it takes to secure her freedom before the opportunity fades forever Nobody knows about us Not my father, my three mothers, or my seven brothers and sisters II ve never felt alive than when I m on my knees before my master Some would say I should be ashamed Others might say I m filled with sin I say I m just a woman with unstoppable determination, doing whatever it takes to secure her freedom before the opportunity fades forever Nobody knows about us Not my father, my three mothers, or my seven brothers and sisters I was bred to be chaste and true, expected to find a respectable polygamous man and carry on the tradition of our faith But this man The one who owns me with biting kisses and the crack of a leather paddle He might be the only thing that can save me Submission equals freedom It s an equation I never thought possible until the day Dane Townsend showed up in my life I m Bellamy Miller, and this is what happens when an angel loses her wings AUTHOR S NOTE This is a stand alone spin off of Top 10 bestseller, Arrogant Bastard You do not have to read Arrogant Bastard first though this book does give away the ending No cliffhanger HEA.

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    One thought on “Arrogant Master

    1. Cristina on said:

      I honestly didn't like this one. Why? 1) No romance whatsoever. The H keeps repeating there's nothing between them but sex. I almost believed him. Until, during the epilogue, they are getting married? Sorry, but that was hard for me to believe. 2) I didn't care for the h at all. 3) I was expecting more plot development. Overall, I wasn't happy with this one. A total pass for sure.

    2. Aղցela W. on said:

      Spoiler Ahead Read At Your Own RiskThis was a really good book. Bellamy Miller grew up in a home where her father has three wives and a lot of kids. At twenty-two she knows that its only a matter of time that her father will marry her off. Bellamy has been sneaking around with Cortland a boy she met at bible study who is also from a polygamous family also and he has a Dominate personality. Dane Townsend is a rich arrogant Dom who meets Bellamy in a bar when she lies to him telling him that she j [...]

    3. Raj on said:

      2.75 STARSI like the cover, it's hot It was exciting at first it was interesting but wasn't what I wanted it to be or what I thought it would be. The story was okay but I was hoping for more drama or a different kind of drama. I didn't get that attached to the characters, their love confession, wasn't a love confession at all.

    4. Jenny on said:

      I read this some time ago. It was forgettable enough that I have no idea when it was. This seems like many of the 50 Shades offshoots that have come out in the past few years, only with a twist of characters with FLDS/polygamist backgrounds. Somewhat interesting, but not captivating enough to make me want to go out and buy the rest of the series.

    5. Lisa Foyles on said:

      Oh DaneArrogant and demanding mixed with equal parts of softness make Dane the perfect Dom. His love for Bellamy showed through even when he was trying to be cold and indifferent toward her. These two complimented each other very well

    6. Octavia Ware on said:

      Great readGreat read. First read from this author. I look forward to more books by her. Great story line. Keep up the good work.

    7. Goth Gone Grey on said:

      Lovers saving each otherI jumped into this right after reading the first book in the series. As in the first, the heroine is a somewhat inexperienced, sheltered young lady brought up in a sister wives style family. The male lead is worldly, hawt, and sexually experienced enough to know exactly what he wants. He hires her to be a hybrid employee - real work as well as very specific additional tasks (ahem). We'll be polite and not call it prostitution, but she is a very indulged, kept woman as lon [...]

    8. April Symes on said:

      This was a emotional and thought provoking story. I enjoyed reading Dane and Bellamy’s story. At first meet, everything Bellamy led Dane to believe was a lie but she had a good reason to do so. Their meeting was a fluke—she landed in a bar after her job interview went bust—after the interview was her chance to get away from her poly family who were trying to sell her off to this boy she thought w as normal but was crazier than her father. She meets Dane in the bar she lands in and their me [...]

    9. Jamie on said:

      I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewWhat a ride. Arrogant Master is a fantastic follow up to Arrogant Bastard.I loved reading about Dane and Bellamy. I loved that we got to see how/why it all started. Dane is hot as fuckk. I'm talking scrumptious. I wanted to eat him.Bellamy, hm. I'm still on the fence about her. I liked her, but I wonder if she really was submissive or if that was her way, considering how she was raised?

    10. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ on said:

      Books in The Arrogant series are stand-alones, but most enjoyed if read in order:Book 1: Arrogant BastardBook 2: Arrogant MasterBook 3: Arrogant Playboy

    11. Kimberly Lawson on said:

      I would say that this is the best book out of the Arrogant series. It touches on religion, which might bother some. I don't mind It was sexy, although the heroine did get on my nerves some. I like that there is no instant love, and how Dane is a true asshole. Weird thing to like but I did. LOL There was some kink, but it's light,

    12. Lacey Thorn on said:

      Loving this series!I wanted Bellamy's story from the beginning. There was something about her that made me want to know more. Reading about her and Dane gave me exactly what I wanted. Loved their chemistry and the journey they took from start to finish. Great story!

    13. Argie on said:

      2.5 starsthis book!!! i was so looking forward to it and them boom just fell flat. completely unrealistic in all aspects.

    14. Margarita on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book, but at the ending it was jumped to one year later needed more details as to how they got to that point.

    15. Lynn on said:

      it all felt very forced, loved the cover but not the book :/I hate book slumps

    16. Dee C on said:

      Another good one by WinterThis is the second book in the arrogant series and it's about Bellamy While reading the first book in this series I must admit I was curious about Bellamy , she just stood out . Bellamy is the oldest sister in the Miller family a family that practices polygamy . They are a very guarded family and it was luck that Bellamy was able the get a job , she claims she is saving for her wedding . Her interview for said job did not happen due to a schedule mix up .e decides to ha [...]

    17. SℓιM on said:

      ladiikeiii.wordpress/2018I actually enjoyed this book as I did part 1 with Bell’s sister Waverley.Few spoilers. Here and thereI knew that Dane was truly in love with Bell even though he tried to fight it he was falling in love with her just as she was to him. This story reminds me of the fifty shades series, but it’s entirely different from fifty shades. It only relates to the Dom and the Sub. Winter Renshaw has not disappointed me as of yet with either of her books I have read. Even though [...]

    18. Rose Maniscalco on said:

      This is the second book in the story and tells Dane and Bellamy's story. We met Dane at the end of Arrogant Bastard. I was curious as to how Bellamy and Dane met. Dane hires Bellamy as his "concierge" aka sex toy and offers her an insane amount of money to do so. Bellamy plans to save enough money to get herself and Waverly away from her toxic family and she agrees to the job before she really understands what it will entail. She lies to Dane to get the job. Dane seems like a hardass at first, b [...]

    19. Kim BookJunkie on said:

      If you read or listened to ARROGANT BASTARD, you’re probably curious about the elusive Bellamy, wondering what secrets she keeps close to her chest. In ARROGANT MASTER (which is what you get when you combine the polygamist reality show SISTER WIVES with your favorite BDSM Master) all is revealed! Although ARROGANT MASTER is not a detailed or dark BDSM story, the focus is not on polygamy either. However, both of these factors are integral parts of the character’s lives therefore the two do in [...]

    20. Reva Coomer on said:

      I fell in love with these books from page 1I can't get enough. I started this last night and finished it last night. I'm running a little behind for workbut it was so worth it! I can't get enough of these arrogant men and the girls home life. It's something that has always fascinated me, not because I'm interested, but because it's so different. Wrap that up in a delicious story, Hooked with a capital H! I need more. On to Beck!

    21. Debbie on said:

      MehI love Winter Renshaw's work. She's amazing. But this one? Eh, not so much. I don't really know what it was lacking but that's just the feeling I got. I'm still, very impatiently, waiting for the release of her book Dark Promises!

    22. Christa on said:

      Sometimes confusing and boring. I would have liked a more comprehensive ending.

    23. Joanna on said:

      There really isn't much actual "romance" in this, but you can see where Dane does start to care for Bellemy, he just can't accept it at all.

    24. Elsa Gomes (BookishAurora) on said:

      Rate : 4 / 5 stars I enjoyed getting to know the real Bellamy Miller and of course Dane. I really enjoyed reading about Dane.

    25. B.E.L.L.A.Mc on said:

      It started off in a cute and lighthearted way, but then the plot holes began to appear and the descent into silliness began.(view spoiler)[The reason I gave this only 2*'s is as follows:** Plot holes abound; he takes her virginity using a 7" glass dildo. She utters not a sound of pain or discomfort, and takes it using no lube, just her natural 'juices'. Then weeks later he takes her 'innocence'/ her virginity by fucking her?? Eh no mate, you already did that 2 weeks before with a dildo. Has he a [...]

    26. Jordan Bates on said:

      Arrogant Master by Winter RenshawPurchased: Kindle - $.99 [Gifted form author in exchange for honest review]My Rating: 4 of 5 StarsSpoilers!What's it all about:Bellamy has lived in her AUB lifestyle for too long. She knows that he father would never allow her or her sister to leave, so what must she do? Bellamy finds a jobs, one that her father will only allow her to have until she is married, but now with an unexpected job thrust at her, and a man back at home Bellamy has to lead a double life. [...]

    27. Book Loving Fairy-Blog on said:

      ***ARC received in exchange for an honest review***I was given an ARC for an honest review for Arrogant Master by Winter Renshaw. The book is not for everyone it contains some religious content and hot sex that might not be for every one, but it definitely ended up being for me. This book was written well and I'm glad I read it. When I first started to read it, I didn't think I would like it, but once I got into the book I realized it wasn't a book just about a man controlling a women, it was a [...]

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