Say to This Mountain

Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene

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Say to This Mountain

Say to This Mountain The families of Shiloh Arkansas face the troubles brought on by the Great Depression

  • Title: Say to This Mountain
  • Author: Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene
  • ISBN: 9781556611919
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • The families of Shiloh, Arkansas, face the troubles brought on by the Great Depression.

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    One thought on “Say to This Mountain

    1. Ed on said:

      An exciting finish to the Shiloh Legacy series. Very much scripture is used in this series and shows how God can work in the midst of danger, trials, and adversity in people's lives. This series starts at the ending months of World War I, up to the final times of 1930. It covers the stock market crash and the beginning of the great depression. If readers think that they have a hard time in the present days, they have no idea of people experienced that lived according to this time and the things [...]

    2. Debbie on said:

      "Say To This Mountain" is set in 1929 right after the stock market crash. It picked up immediately after the end of "A Thousand Shall Fall." This book was my favorite of the trilogy and was the third in the series. You really need to read at least "A Thousand Shall Fall" before this book to fully understand the events in this one. Besides, reading this novel out of order will spoil many events in the previous two novels.There were several point of view characters from different parts of America [...]

    3. Gloria on said:

      We were left on a cliffhanger regarding Jefferson, Lilly, and the babies. It turns out that (view spoiler)[J.D Birch's cousin (hide spoiler)] had not died, but had gone to OK for Sheriff Riggs. Jefferson was trying to hunt leads to his parent's whereabouts, but with the question of his identity, he was locked up until the trial. Birch and Trudy rather fade into the background as the readers get to see Ellis and Rebecca again. Life has taken its toll, and they are not newlyweds anymore. In their [...]

    4. Brenda Sandeno on said:

      Great seriesAs always, the author weaves a story line that covers all 3 books and finishes with an ending you are happy with. Also makes you think about how I would personally respond in many of the circumstances the characters find themselves in.

    5. Ellies on said:

      Bodie Thoene (pronounced Tay-nee)is my favorite Christian author. When I start reading one of her books ---I can't book it down. I love that she and her husband, Brock (the historian for her books)produce sequel books. The characters are real, like the people we meet every day. They experience good things, but they also experience horrible, awful things too. That's life. This is book 3 I have just started reading book 2 because I couldn't find if for a long time. Now, I (although out of sequence [...]

    6. Laura on said:

      The final book of the series Shiloh Legacy follow s Jefferson Canfield the son of Willa-Mae and Hock Canfield, Ellis Warner a medical doctor who is trapped into doing things other than what he vowed upon becoming a doctor, Birch Tucker who entered Jefferson's life after Jefferson saved his two sons from drowing in a river and a new comer David Meyer trying to escape the mob leader from New York and his final realization that small town has a lot to offer a person looking for a second chance. Thi [...]

    7. Jeni Enjaian on said:

      I may have just finished this book yesterday but I've already forgotten many of the details. For me that means that the book wasn't good or bad enough to make an impression. It's middlingly better than the first two books in the series because once again the Thoene's narrow the scope of the book. (I will say though, the mobster chasing Max and Davey to Shilohg stretch.) Also, the Thoenes seem to come close so many times to portraying difficulties in the lives of their major "good" characters tha [...]

    8. Angela on said:

      I like this book almost as much as the first two in the series but left off one start because of the ending. After the reading about and being emotionally immersed in the troubles of life toward the end of 1929 I sincerely doubt that everything could have ended so perfectly. The conclusion was just a bit too tidy and unrealistic considering the ups and downs of life that had been portrayed throughout the entire series. Otherwise this was a fantastic book and I would definitely recommend the tril [...]

    9. Sue on said:

      Third in the 'Shiloh legacy' series. This draws together threads from the first two books, although it could probably be read as a stand-alone novel. The story revolves around a large number of situations, gradually interweaving characters' lives, with a low-key Christian theme moving throughout: of hope even when life seems to be falling apart, and trusting God despite crises. Satisfying ending; eye-opening from the point of view of US history.

    10. Marlo on said:

      My to-read list is a mile long, and I'm currently reading several books for other purposes, so possibly that has affected my thoughts about this book. I generally appreciate the Thoenes' books for their historical insight and accuracy and for their faith-based encouragement. This book delivers that, but it just didn't hold my attention like others. I confess I skimmed the last third of it just so I could finish and move on.

    11. Angie on said:

      I'd actually rate it 3 and a half. Its a good book, with very interesting, twisted and different stories but the one thing they have in common apart from "Love" is a sort of depressing feel. Each story gave me the same feelings and it wasn't love and usually not sympathy. Is it worth reading? Possibly yes, possibly no.

    12. Barrington Library on said:

      It follows 5 groups of people and keeps you wondering how they will all fit together. What is the author's purpose for bringing a person up. It took a little to keep track of everyone, but I enjoyed the book.-patron review

    13. Dorothea on said:

      " love the part where God moved,worked miracles through those unsurmountable hard times that seems like eternity with their faiths.a great put together of art, the stock market, hard times in Arkansas and those surviving families.

    14. Allison on said:

      Third and final book in the series. Satfyin ending though I whish some of the endings would have been elaborated on a little bit more. But I enjoyed reading this series and learning more about the time frame around the great depression.

    15. Mika on said:

      A really good ending to this story, I like it when all ends are tied up. The way the US history is woven in to this story is very well done-it almost reads like a story that really could have taken place.

    16. Elaine on said:

      The third book in the Shiloh series. Bodie Thoene is a master of historical fiction. The three books are almost hard to read because of the description of the times, but the faith of the characters pulls them and you through.

    17. Karen on said:

      I really enjoyed this series of 3 historical, Christian novels. Easy to read, but not "too" easy. I loved following the soldiers back to the United States after WWI and how their lives continued to intertwine.

    18. Universitybabe on said:

      From war to crash to depression we have followed them far. From one of the other origional four points of view--a war vet turned financial reporter. I had to keep reading.

    19. Emo on said:

      really loved these as well! These authors researched their ancestors and wrote about their lives. Some of the stuff is fiction, but a lot of the stories are true.

    20. Deon Engelbrecht on said:

      I think it started a bit slow but once I got more than half way I could not put it down. Some great life lessons in the book as well.

    21. Emily Wilding on said:

      I really liked this whole 3-book series. It gives insight into the depression era

    22. Nancy on said:

      Best one so far. There is humor and heart ache. I don't usually read historical fiction but this book grabbed me and didn't let me go. Plus it has a great ending!

    23. Melinda on said:

      I loved this book because it made the peoples life so real and easy to believe. I also enjoyed the plot because of the redemptive qualities it has put together.

    24. Tisha on said:

      This was a pretty depressing read and things were probably resolved too quickly in the end. However, I fell in love with all of the characters. The author does such a good job of characterization.

    25. Tessa Palmeri on said:

      Amazing, outstanding, wonderful, epic. I love the Thoenes.

    26. Linda on said:

      I really enjoyed this series. This last book takes place during the depression in Årkansas. What a hard life they had! But it also brought out just how families survive during hard times.

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