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Pamela Lynne

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Sketching Character

Sketching Character What if a tragic event involving a beloved sister shatters Elizabeth Bennet s confidence in her ability to accurately judge a person s character When she leaves Longbourn for Kent Elizabeth s heart i

  • Title: Sketching Character
  • Author: Pamela Lynne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if a tragic event involving a beloved sister shatters Elizabeth Bennet s confidence in her ability to accurately judge a person s character When she leaves Longbourn for Kent, Elizabeth s heart is full of worry for those she left behind She carries a secret that would ruin her family if exposed and she must deceive the ones closest to her to conceal the truth.She unWhat if a tragic event involving a beloved sister shatters Elizabeth Bennet s confidence in her ability to accurately judge a person s character When she leaves Longbourn for Kent, Elizabeth s heart is full of worry for those she left behind She carries a secret that would ruin her family if exposed and she must deceive the ones closest to her to conceal the truth.She unexpectedly encounters Mr Darcy on her journey and his gentlemanly behavior confuses, yet comforts her Their daily encounters in the woods surrounding Rosings soothes Elizabeth s weathered conscience and she soon falls in love Her doubts, along with the well placed words of another, threaten to destroy the peace she finds in Darcy s company and she wonders if she has again failed to correctly sketch his character When the truth behind her deception is uncovered, will Darcy shun her as Elizabeth fears, or will his actions prove that he is the very best of men

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      467 Pamela Lynne
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    One thought on “Sketching Character

    1. Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813 on said:

      Ever since I reread "Pride & Prejudice" last year, I have longed to read more about those three mysterious times during Elizabeth's and Darcy's visits to Rosings, where Darcy happened to meet Elizabeth during her early morning rambles… It was a part of P&P that I wished Austen would have written for us with more details in regards to their time spent together. How did Elizabeth not see Darcy's admiration for her after meeting her there "accidentally" three times? I have pondered that q [...]

    2. Erika on said:

      I was fortunate to have won an ebook from a contest on Austenesque Reviews.So the premise is that there is a significantly tragic event after the Netherfield Ball that alters Elizabeth's understanding of human nature and of her judgement. She is forced to reconsider her opinions and character sketches on almost everyone. Things stay initially in canon where the Netherfield party high-tails it to London after the ball. Jane with her heart broken, goes to London with the Gardiners. And Elizabeth g [...]

    3. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) on said:

      What If A Bennet Sister Got Herself In Trouble?TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice VariationTIME FRAME: Netherfield Ball through the summer + epilogueMAIN CHARACTERS: Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Lydia Bennet, Jane Bennet, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Anne de Bourgh, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr. and Mrs. GardinerSYNOPSIS: Elizabeth and one of her sisters carry some heavy and secret burdens in this variation. They face harsh realities, disappointment in those they thought they could depend on [...]

    4. Sheila Majczan on said:

      4.5 starsI, too, won this book through a drawing on a blog. I read it over the last three days and found that at times, I just had to put it down and take a break. NOW don’t take that in a negative way but realize that sometimes one has to take a break from tension and suspense. There were times I wasn’t sure where things were going…although I do depend on a HEA for our dear couple. But I had just finished another book with much angst and with one following the other, I needed a respite.Al [...]

    5. Carol Perrin on said:

      Sketching Character: A Jane Austen Inspired NovelExcellent story about the tragic affair that dealt with Wickham's treachery, and her father's reaction to what happened. Only he and Elizabeth know what happened and she's made up her mind to help her sister. Several months after the London group leaves Netherfield, Jane, Elizabeth, and one of her younger sisters leave for London. Her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner have found somewhere for the younger sister in Lambton, Derbyshire. In fact, the lady is h [...]

    6. Mary on said:

      A very clever storyline encompassing a secret with a twist,a very understanding, sweetly endearing Darcy,a brave, fiercely independent and strong Elizabeth,a naive and all too-trusting Lydia and a very different Colonel Fitzwilliam all add the necessary spice to this compelling story. I must admit that I loved it -I couldn't put it down in my eagerness to discover how ODC would overcome the many difficulties that lay in their path. Ms Lynne has a unique way with words, her very clever plot,quick [...]

    7. Janet on said:

      Once in a while I read a book that leaves me with a sense of complete satisfaction…a warm fulfilled feeling that the book was everything and more than what I had hoped for. Sketching Character by Pamela Lynne is that kind of book. That’s not to say that it contains no misunderstandings or angst because it does but all is resolved in such a way that everything felt perfect and as it should be, a truly feel-good novel.The story begins with a prologue of much importance. The incident that occur [...]

    8. The Book Junkie Reads . . . on said:

      What if what you thought was a person character just was a show that was put on for the benefit of others? How would you feel if everything you thought was true became more or less a mask easily removed?Here in this inspired novel we find that those you love and trust with the world are not exactly what you thought and those you thought to be one way in fact were the opposite. Elizabeth finds her trust, respect, and perhaps love shattered, crushed, concealed. This was very concerning for her. It [...]

    9. Leslie on said:

      I loved this book so much I stayed up until 5:45 am reading it. Now let me say that this is a P&P what if that is a bit dark and some of your favorite characters will behave badly. It also features much more of the Darcy family than the Bennets. Beginning immediately following the Bingley's departure for London, many at Longbourn are depressed. But things can and do get worse. We see the unpleasant side of the London Ton. When they arrive at Hunsford Lizzy is already aware of Wickham's fault [...]

    10. Caitlin Williams on said:

      I loved this book. I never like to see Mr Bennet as truly bad and I did have trouble with his characterization at the beginning, but then I was swept along with the story and it no longer mattered. In fact, I could see why he was portrayed the way he was, as it allowed Elizabeth to compare Darcy favourably against him - and part of maturing and growing is seeing our parents as human and fallible.The dialogue was great, the love story between Darcy and Elizabeth was very romantic. All the little [...]

    11. Talia on said:

      Had to read this one again since I reread Dearest Friends and then Family Portraits. Still in love! Le sigh!

    12. Susan on said:

      This Pride and Prejudice variation begins after the Netherfield Ball and Lydia's life changes forever, she has been seduced by Wickham and now bears the consequences. Can Elizabeth's visit to Rosings bring her happiness, and what of Lady Catherine de Bough, Anne, Darcy and the Colonel, a different Colonel then what I have usually read, a gentleman who is not happy with his situation.A delightful read, a lovely flowing writing style, and I have loved all three of this writer's works. I hope there [...]

    13. Marcie on said:

      The weather is dismal outside. For the past week we've fluctuated between severe weather (flooding and storms) or just humid and miserable. So the only thing to do is read (or in my case re-read) a book about a couple of fictional characters I can't get enough of--Elizabeth and Darcy.In Sketching Character: A Jane Austen Inspired Novelimage: ir-naazon-adsystem/e/ir, Elizabeth is having doubts about Darcy's character. She can't quite decide if he's honorable or a jerk. Because let's face it--Darc [...]

    14. Angela Withrow TheArdentReader on said:

      I was totally unprepared for the tragedy that befalls Elizabeth's dear sister!Elizabeth is dealing with some things when we meet her again in the beginning of this book!She is playing nursemaid for a certain person and is worried what will happen. She goes with this person to London to heraAunt and Uncle Gardiner's home in Gracechurch Street. There she will travel on with Sir William Lucas and his daughter Maria to visit Charlotte Collins (nee Lucas)She is worried for her sisters and her father [...]

    15. Hui Ting on said:

      Very interesting plotline. For me, it only picked up around half way through the book and I was really into it after that. The romance between Darcy and Elizabeth was really romantic and his proposal was simply swooning. Everyone ended up happy even for Lydia. Overall a good read.

    16. Kim on said:

      Wow. If you love JAFF, you should read this. Loved the epilogues, too.

    17. pamela k cronister on said:

      DelightfulSometimes hearing from the original plot is a good thing and in this case it was. I found Lydia most interesting this time. usually she's almost a throwaway character a pain but little more . In this one you see her grow finally into an adult I would definitely recommend this book to others .

    18. E. Davidson on said:

      Mostly goodThis variation was mostly entertaining with some plot twists that work well (no spoilers here). I found it slow at points though (especially the rambling Victorian-tinged kisses) and feel as though some of the best material was saved for the overly-long epilogue(s). Trim 100 pages for an excellent story.

    19. Laura on said:

      A nice romance with lots of ups and downs. My favourite part was undoubtably Lydia's story which is a definite first for a P&P story for me.

    20. Laura on said:

      Excellent book! Elizabeth and Darcy portray a much sweeter side at Kent due to Elizabeth learning early on about what a cad Wickham is and the banter/dialogue between Darcy and Elizabeth was extremely enjoyable with both characters at their most clever. Lydia gets a big limelight in this book and we get to see her learn from her mistakes and turn into a character you actually enjoy reading about. Her jab at Caroline is the absolute best! For those who love Colonel Fitzwilliam and Mr. Bennet, nei [...]

    21. Katherine on said:

      I really hated Colonel Fitzwilliams character in this novel - his jealously, and what he tries to do to Darcy just do not fit in with his character which made it difficult for me to thoroughly enjoy this novel. I already struggled with seeing Lydia go through ostracism from her father and inner turmoil and anguish over her pregnancy while only Elizabeth's bore the burden. Darcy was the protective figure Elizabeth and Lydia needed but he was still a man with a strong desire for Elizabeth which ov [...]

    22. Nicol Legakis on said:

      I liked the way this dealt with the reality of rape, in the Regency Era. A woman's (or girl's) life could so easily be ruined due to circumstances beyond her control. But somehow Darcy's character was a little too perfect in this variation. I felt like he, at any moment, would sprout wings and a halo!

    23. Sue Bee on said:

      This author is a good writer and I enjoyed the book despite some characters and situations being a little darker than I prefer. Not so much that I put the book aside without finishing it.

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