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Skunkdog Dumpling is a dog of enormous enthusiasm excellent obedience skills and no sense of smell She doesn t care about flowers garbage or any of the other smelly things most dogs enjoy As a result Dumpl

  • Title: Skunkdog
  • Author: Emily Jenkins Pierre Pratt
  • ISBN: 9780374370091
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dumpling is a dog of enormous enthusiasm, excellent obedience skills and no sense of smell She doesn t care about flowers, garbage, or any of the other smelly things most dogs enjoy As a result, Dumpling has no dog friends With a useless nose, she can t relate Dumpling is lonely until she and her people move to the country And then the good dog has to choose bDumpling is a dog of enormous enthusiasm, excellent obedience skills and no sense of smell She doesn t care about flowers, garbage, or any of the other smelly things most dogs enjoy As a result, Dumpling has no dog friends With a useless nose, she can t relate Dumpling is lonely until she and her people move to the country And then the good dog has to choose between obedience and friendship with a skunk Ridiculous, touching, and a little bit disgusting, Skunkdog, with its lively storytelling and comic pictures, will spark conversations and giggles.

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    One thought on “Skunkdog

    1. Tasha on said:

      Dumpling (the dog) and her people move out into the country where she has room to run, a woods to walk in, and absolutely no friends! One special characteristic of Dumpling is that she has no sense of smell, making it very hard for her to relate to other dogs. So when Dumpling was digging under a bush and was sprayed by a skunk, she doesn't really notice. But her people do! They try one way after another to get rid of the stench, but nothing works until they try tomato juice. When Dumpling is fi [...]

    2. Robert Beveridge on said:

      Emily Jenkins, Skunkdog (Frances Foster Books, 2008)Cute story about a dog with no sense of smell who moves to the country and befriends a skunk (and the travails of his family, who finally learn to stock up on tomato juice). It's not the be-all and end-all of Jenkinsiana (I'm not sure she will ever come up with another book as downright darling as Sugar Would Not Eat It, which is on the short shelf of my All-Time Favorite Kids' Books(TM)), but it's gently funny, just tasteless enough to hook th [...]

    3. Angie on said:

      Different story. Cute little dog and skunk. One of those longer picture books too many words for the new reader to do on their own. Too long to read in one "storytime" sitting. But cute and worth individual readalouds.

    4. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* on said:

      Jenkins, Emily Skunkdog, illustrated by Pierre Pratt. Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 2008. PICTURE BOOK. Language - G, Sexual Content -G; Violence - G; Dumpling, a.k.a. Skunkdog, is a delightful pet, but her nose isn’t as great as she is; she can’t smell anything. Dumpling and her family move to a new place where she meets a new black and white friend that she is determined to keep. The illustrations are so adorable that I wanted to have Dumpling and the skunk for my own regardless of the smell [...]

    5. Natalia Lindquist on said:

      Skunkdog is about a puppy named Dumpling who could not smell anything. Dumpling had no dog friends because they didn’t have anything in common. One day, Dumpling’s family moved into a new house where he discovered a new friend. Dumpling met a skunk and started being friends but he soon started to smell. His owners covered him in tangerines and tomato juice but he still smelled. Dumpling continued to befriend skunk because they were very similar. This book should be read in classrooms because [...]

    6. John Sullivan on said:

      Skunkdog is an interesting book; Dumpling, a dog who lacks a sense of smell, moves to the country with her owners. Back in the city, dumpling did not have any dog friends because of her inability to sniff out scents, but in the country, Dumpling jumps at the opportunity to befriend a skunk. At first, the skunk doesn't have the same desire, but after Dumpling continues to want to play, even after being sprayed, the skunk loosens up and the two get along. The family tries everything to rid Dumplin [...]

    7. Dolly on said:

      This is a humorous tale about a dog who cannot smell. His disability does not make him popular with dogs, but it does enable him to make an unusual friend. This friend poses a few difficulties for Dumpling's family, but Dumpling is happy. The narrative is fun to read aloud and the illustrations are very colorful and cartoonish. The different methods the family tried for trying to remove the stench of skunk are certainly interesting, but our girls even knew the good old standby that finally worke [...]

    8. Susan on said:

      0-7Cute story of a city dog with no friends because he can't smell, and therefore can't relate to other dogs. Upon moving to the country with "his people" he meets a skunk who sprays him, which is no deterant to skunkdog! His "people" fret over how to get the lingering stink out and forbid him to play with skunks. The dog, usually obedient, goes against them, because skunk is the first friend he has had. The two remain close friends, with dog occasionally getting sprayed and the family keeping c [...]

    9. Angie on said:

      I enjoyed reading this story to my younger kids. It was far "wordier" than most picture books, and most kids probably won't be able to sit still for the entire story. The friendship between the dog and the skunk was very sweet and I admire the patience of the little boy and his parents.

    10. Marcy Turner on said:

      This was a very fun, cute book about a dog who has no friends. Since the dog has no sense of smell, it befriends a skunk, much to the horror of his family. A sweet story about friendship being more important than, well, stinkiness! :)

    11. Michelle Young on said:

      thought of my dog because she's stinky. but it was literally about a dog being sprayed by a skunk whom he befriended. and it used a big word on the second page that just seemed weird--paroxysm of delight or something like that. eeh.

    12. Jessica Bennett on said:

      In this book, Dumpling the dog keeps getting sprayed by a skunk but it doesn't bother him because he can't smell anything and they become best friends. There are great vocabulary words in this book that children could learn and it would give them a good laugh!

    13. Molly on said:

      I feel for this lonely little dog and I like how he just wants a friend. I thought this was a cute book and I really enjoyed this when I did not need to think to much. Ages 4+

    14. Jami on said:

      we learned a new word today; paroxysms. I'm not sure it'll get much mileage from the six year old.

    15. Lauren on said:

      Cute book. could really relate because our dog was sprayed by a skunk twice. My daughter enjoyed listening to it.

    16. Bree on said:

      Notes:with the mention of 'throw up' in the first few pages I found this book revolting and it never redeemed itself

    17. Liz Todd on said:

      A great story about an unlikely friendship between a skunk and a dog. Kids ALWAYS ask me to read this to them, and I really don't mind! :) A fun read--expressive, funny, and a little surprising.

    18. Katie on said:

      Kids loved it. Great pictures, interesting premise. The dog has a small nose and can't smell things or relate to other dogs. He makes friends with a skunk, gets sprayed often just silly.

    19. Heather on said:

      O likes this story enough she asked for it by name from the library a second time. A lonely dog with no sense of smell befriends a skunk. Cute and oh so stinky!

    20. Krista on said:

      Cute story but a little long winded and odd vocabulary choices- for example- "She went into paroxysms of joy" Not appropriate for a picture book- a different word would have been a better choice.

    21. Tricia on said:

      great tale of dog who cannot smell and makes friends with a skunk.

    22. Serena McGlashen on said:

      Q was bored with the story and asked me to stop reading it.

    23. Roxanne Hsu Feldman on said:

      A sweet little story of an unlikely but reasonable friendship between a dog and a skunk. The illustrations are strong and expressive.

    24. Rose on said:

      I love dogs, so this picture book is a winner with me! The story of a dog who can't smell - other dogs find him a bore. However, for a skunk, he makes a great friend :)

    25. Katey on said:

      Strange story but its all about friendship and love. The dog befriends a skunk and doesn't mind the smell. The owners hate the smell but love the dog enough to deal with it.

    26. Sharon on said:

      Pea-yew, watch out what a story of a dog without a sense of smell and her canine context. Better load up on the tomato soup!

    27. Erin on said:

      A cute little story about a dog with no sense of smell who befriends a skunk - much to the chagrin of her family who mut buy LOTS of tomato juice.

    28. Heather Chang on said:

      Very funny picture book as it deals with stinky smells coming from under a skunk's tail as he repeatedly sprays a dog.

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