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Mansfield Revisited

Mansfield Revisited What happened after Fanny Price s marriage to Edmund Bertram Here by the author of Eliza s Daughter is a witty sequel to Jane Austen s classic novel

  • Title: Mansfield Revisited
  • Author: Joan Aiken Jane Austen
  • ISBN: 9780575400245
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • What happened after Fanny Price s marriage to Edmund Bertram Here, by the author of Eliza s Daughter , is a witty sequel to Jane Austen s classic novel.

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    One thought on “Mansfield Revisited

    1. Tracey on said:

      I’m not sure what made me read this when I did. It certainly wasn’t a deep devotion to either Mansfield Park or Fanny Price that made me long for a continuation of the story. I know I acquired the book a good ways back because Joan Aiken is on my List, and because I was curious about her continuations of Jane Austen… it just slotted itself into my reading schedule, I guess.So. Four years after the end of Mansfield Park, Fanny and Edmund are happily married and growing a family (MP spoiler! [...]

    2. Meredith Galman on said:

      I've always been a big fan ofJoan Aiken's children's books, but her books for adults, not so much. Here she takesMansfield Park, the least agreeable of allJane Austen's works, and sucks the life out of it. Any interest readers may have in the characters derive entirely from Austen, since Aiken doesn't bother to give us any character development or insight of her own (we're told repeatedly how fascinating Mary Crawford is, for example, but we never see it). Aiken rewrites history to suggest that [...]

    3. Lisa on said:

      Let me begin by admitting a vastly unpopular sentiment among "Mansfield Park" fans: I greatly prefer patient, long-suffering (oft-maligned) Fanny Price to devious sociopath Mary Crawford. This opinion, I realize, makes me one of very few people who have ever lived.With that disclaimer out of the way, if you care to read on:Plucky Susan Price -- younger sister to the aforementioned Fanny -- finds herself at the center of Joan Aiken's "Mansfield Park Revisited," a fairly consistent sequel to Auste [...]

    4. Wealhtheow on said:

      Set several years afterMansfield Park, this book follows Fanny's younger, bolder sister Susan. Four years ago she came to stay as a companion to Lady Bertram, and has bloomed into a handsome, intelligent teenager. Aiken has a good feel for the Regency--her book has none of that feeling of stiffness that most modern authors stumble into. The plot and romance, however, are disappointing. Fanny and Edward go off to the far-off plantation, leaving Susan at the mercy of her indifferent relations, the [...]

    5. Ceri on said:

      This review was first published on Babblings of a Bookworm: babblingsofabookworm.Mansfield Revisited is a sequel to Mansfield Park, set 4 years later. There have been a few changes to the family in this interval - Fanny and Edmund are happily married and proud parents to two children, Susan Price has been living at Mansfield, filling Fanny’s place as helper and general factotum to Lady Bertram. Julia (now Mrs Yates) persuaded her husband to buy a properly close to Mansfield Park and she is to [...]

    6. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) on said:

      TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Sequel to Mansfield Park, Minor CharacterTIME FRAME: Begins 4 years after the close of Mansfield ParkMAIN CHARACTERS: Susan Price, Tom Bertram, Mrs. Julia Yates, Lady Bertram, Henry Crawford, Mary Crawford, Mr. Wadham (a reverend filling in for Edmund temporarily) and Mrs. Osbourne (Mr. Wadham’s sister who is helpful and devoted to caring for her neighbors),WHY I WANTED TO READ THIS NOVEL:- In celebration of Mansfield Park‘s Bicentennial, I thought I should read at [...]

    7. Sarah on said:

      My main problem with this book was the same one I had with Joan Aiken's Jane Fairfax: She seemed to reach a certain page limit, then say, "Oh, I've got somewhere to be and I need to wrap this up. So everything worked out this way and these people realized they were in love all along even though there was nothing leading up to this elsewhere in the book." I sort of picture her playing with her characters like Barbie and Ken dolls and she just sort of picked a couple of them at random and mashed t [...]

    8. Leslie on said:

      What a delightful book! I thought the beginning was a little wobbly (but then I was on the rebound from "Orley Farm"-Trollope so it's hard to follow that) but about halfway thru I found that, even though I was very sick with a virus/sinus/earache something that this book was superior to sleep! I do so love sleep. I think about it when awake, relish that first moment getting all snuggled under the covers, feel lucky to be there in my comfy bed, etc. Anyway, the story's momentum really did get mov [...]

    9. Georgiana 1792 on said:

      Una vera eroina per Mansfield ParkMansfield Park Revisited è un sequel in senso stretto del terzo romanzo pubblicato da Jane Austen ma, nel contempo, è uno spin-off, in quanto i due protagonisti del romanzo originale, Fanny ed Edmund, vengono spediti all'estero per sistemare gli affari delle proprietà di famiglia nelle Indie Occidentali alla morte di Sir Thomas Bertram; mancano così per buona parte del libro, come se fossero due presenze scomode. Del resto, è risaputo che nei sequel è semp [...]

    10. Wendy on said:

      I love Susan (Fanny's little sister) as the main character of this one.

    11. Denise on said:

      A very nice follow-up to Mansfield Park although it was a long shot to see Henry Crawford as anything other than a scheming philanderer.

    12. Anna on said:

      I read Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park in 2008, so the book wasn’t fresh in my mind when I picked up Mansfield Park Revisited by the late Joan Aiken, though I did remember enough to follow the goings on in Aiken’s sequel. When Mansfield Park Revisited opens, four years have passed since the events that transpired in Mansfield Park. Austen’s heroine Fanny Price has married her cousin Edmund Bertram and moved to the parsonage, and her younger sister, Susan, has taken her place as companion to [...]

    13. Jess Swann on said:

      L'idée de base est de retrouver les personnages de Mansfield quelques années après la fin du roman de Jane Austen. Cela fait donc 4 ans que Susan a remplacé Fanny au chevet de Lady Bertram : Edmund et Fanny sont mariés et ont deux enfants (Mary et un fils), Maria est toujours en exil, Tom est resté célibataire et Julia a eu deux enfants avec Mr Yates. Le prétexte de l'histoire est le décès de Sir Bertram et le départ de Fanny, Edmund et leur bébé pour Antigua afin de régler les aff [...]

    14. Karen on said:

      Joan Aiken continues the story of Mansfield Park as the Bertram family deals with the loss of Sir Thomas Bertram. The family determines that Edmund and Fanny should go to the Antigua to oversee the family's interests. Susan is thus elevated to be Lady Bertram's companion. The lives of the Price, Crawford, and Bertram families continue to intertwine in new and surprising ways. Mansfield Park Revisited continues the original story in a genteel country setting and with true love triumphing in the e [...]

    15. Jolene on said:

      Author's "to do" list for Jane Austen sequel"The Old Blood Diminution" - Send one or two prominent characters from original work on a journey (preferably to a far away land) thus eliminating the need to indulge and simultaneously enrage die hard fans with too many or not enough awkward cameos.Sorry Edward and Fanny, but you must away to the West Indies for the duration of this book."The New Blood Infusion" - Find an excuse (see above example) for one or two houses in the neighborhood to require [...]

    16. Elisabetta on said:

      Se Mansfield Park non è riuscita ad appassionarmi a causa dell’eccessiva timidezza ed insicurezza della protagonista Fanny, Mansfield Park Revisited, invece, mi ha colpito proprio per la protagonista, anche se purtroppo, altri difetti sono sopraggiunti.Come suggerisce il titolo il romanzo della Aiken ripercorre le vicende del libro originale con alcune variazioni.Per prima cosa cambia la protagonista e pertanto arriva Susan Price che prende posto della sorella ma con tutt’altro spirito. In [...]

    17. SarahC on said:

      In Joan Aiken’s continuation of Austen’s Mansfield Park, readers get a second look at some of the classic Mansfield Park characters and find a few who are new. Aiken presents Susan Price in the center of this story, as she, younger sister of Fanny Price, has become a stable force in the Mansfield household. There is no significant storyline for Fanny or Edmund actually, as they leave the country to see to business affairs in the West Indies at the beginning of the novel.Aiken extends Jane Au [...]

    18. Andrea Hickman Walker on said:

      Mansfield Park is one of my favourite Austens. I've enjoyed this sequel both times I've read it, though there are a number of problems with it. I enjoy the characterisation and the style of writing. There are alterations to some characters I do not approve of. While I can fully believe that Mary Crawford would want to spend her last few weeks of life at Mansfield, I do not believe that she would have married within four years. I do not approve of the way Henry Crawford was handled. I believe tha [...]

    19. The Joyous Living on said:

      This is a recommended read for anyone who loved Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. The sequel is for the most part reasonable. The romantic coupling at the ending Spoiler was perfect but like another reviewer said, I feel that Joan Aiken seems to run out of energy when the going gets good and abruptly says 'the end' hence the reason I only gave this novel 2 stars. The other reason for the low rating is the one unbelievable part of the story and it takes a good majority of the novel to cover (way too [...]

    20. Judy on said:

      A very clever and engaging revisit to Mansfield Park. Joan Aiken seems to effortlessly take on the characters already drawn by Austen and continue them without raising any jarring notes. In particular I admired her depiction of Mary Crawford, a character as cleverly written as she is clever in personality. I can't imagine being able to write her dialogue. It's beautifully done. And given that Fanny, in the original Mansfield Park is a character with whom many readers feel frustration due to her [...]

    21. Jean Ahn on said:

      I have enjoyed reading but I found that Tom and Susan's marriage is quite rushed up without really mentioning in the book that they liked each other.Susan just seemed to be worried and impatient about Tom while Tom seemed indifferent about Susan. Therefore, it was quite sudden when Tom and Susan declared their mutual love feelings for themselves when there was not a single line in a book mentioning that they were in love with each other.However, I still liked this book. Joan Aiken has a similar [...]

    22. Sarah on said:

      I have really mixed feelings with this one. On the one hand I really felt it was a good recreation of the Austen world. On the other I felt like it wasn't so much Mansfield Revisited as Mansfield Rewritten. In Mansfield Park Fanny finds herself living with her Aunt and Uncle, being bullied by her cousins, meeting the Crawfords, going on an outing with the group where Henry Crawford starts to like her, she faces a ball, a conflict and ultimately after Henry's indiscretions falls in love and marri [...]

    23. Rebekah on said:

      Mansfield Park is probably my favorite movie. Mansfield Revisted by Joan Aiken was a nice visit back. I don’t know if I buy Mary Crawford’s reformation at death’s door, or her so fake seeming affinity for Fanny and Edmund. Beyond that the fun of seeing how Tom manages the household against his sister’s interference. I have to wonder about why it was so acceptable a practice to marry ones cousin as Tom is linked with Susan by the end just as Fanny and Edmund are married at the end of it. [...]

    24. Michaela on said:

      I felt that Joan Aiken changed some of Austen's original characters to make them fit better in her story. It also seemed to me that the main romance of the story was just thrown together, and I actually found myself rooting for Henry Crawford. Honestly, I didn't support the match at all (Emma Woodhouse would definitely have disapproved, I think). It was fairly well-written, however, which is why I gave it two stars instead of one. I will say it is hard to write sequels to the already wonderful w [...]

    25. Kate on said:

      "After Fanny Price marries Edmund Bertram, they depart for the Caribbean, and Fanny's younger sister Susan moves to Mansfield Park as Lady Bertram's new companion. Surrounded by the familiar cast of characters from Jane Austen's original, and joined by a few charming new characters introduced by the author, Susan finds herself entangled in romance, surprise, scandal, and redemption."~~back coverA very nice Austenesque plot, but I found the book lacking in "Austen essence." The book never took me [...]

    26. Doria on said:

      I was very impressed with this book, much more so than I thought I would be. Mansfield Park Revisited - a sequel to Jane Austen's much-beloved and widely read Mansfield Park - represents a daunting challenge to even a seasoned and gifted writer. However, the late Joan Aiken proved herself more than competent; not only did she wear the style and setting of the original book like a glove, but she wrote what turns out to be a genuinely good book. Well-written, funny, touching, surprising, and almos [...]

    27. Mary Beth on said:

      I have been a Joan Aiken fan for years, so when I picked this book up from the library, I was expecting a fanciful romp through Jane Austen's world. I was a little apprehensive, since I adore JA and don't always appreciate the liberties some new authors take with the characters.What I read was something completely unexpected! Ms. Aiken continued the story of Mansfield park without ruining a single aspect! She remained true to the remaining characters while adding a sprinkling of new, appealing c [...]

    28. Karen on said:

      This was well-written, though I was disappointed with the plot -- it was basically a rehash of the original, with much less intrigue about the Crawfords. I haven't read any of the other JA sequels, so I don't know how it compares. I think the author did a pretty good job recreating Austen's writing style, but I wish the plot had been more interesting. Though I suppose it would be difficult to think of someone else for Susan to marry -- not many choices for suitors in those days. Still, it's mild [...]

    29. Jennifer Kim on said:

      I love most of Jane Austen's books, but Mansfield Park is not one of them. I think Mary Crawford (comparable to Lizzie Bennet) is a more compelling woman than Fanny Price (comparable to Mary Bennet Or Anne Elliot).So, going into this book, I wasn't quite sure if I was going to like it. And I did. I probably liked it moret han 3 stars worth, but at the end of the day, I thought Susan Price's romance came out of nowhere. And more importantly, I thought she should have gone for the other guy.I woul [...]

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