Twelve Days Of Faery

W.R. Gingell

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Twelve Days Of Faery

Twelve Days Of Faery King Markon of Montalier is at the end of his tether His son Prince Parrin is afflicted with a rather nasty curse that slaughters maims or brutally attacks any woman with whom he so much as flirts

  • Title: Twelve Days Of Faery
  • Author: W.R. Gingell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • King Markon of Montalier is at the end of his tether His son, Prince Parrin, is afflicted with a rather nasty curse that slaughters, maims, or brutally attacks any woman with whom he so much as flirts After the rumour that sweeps around the kingdom, promising that any woman breaking the curse will be eligible to marry the prince, there is no shortage of willing volunteKing Markon of Montalier is at the end of his tether His son, Prince Parrin, is afflicted with a rather nasty curse that slaughters, maims, or brutally attacks any woman with whom he so much as flirts After the rumour that sweeps around the kingdom, promising that any woman breaking the curse will be eligible to marry the prince, there is no shortage of willing volunteers Unfortunately, there is also no shortage of bodies piling up Markon needs to do something, but what Can a visiting enchantress from Avernse help, or is she simply another accident waiting to happen And will Markon be able to give her up to his son if she does break the curse

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      273 W.R. Gingell
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    One thought on “Twelve Days Of Faery

    1. Sherwood Smith on said:

      What a thoroughly fun story!We have a fairy tale secondary world, with Doors appearing from Faerie, not a great thing for humans: as the mysterious mage Althea says to Markon, the king whose son and heir keeps losing fiancees to a horrible curse, the Seelie will off humans with a smile, and the Unseelie with a wink.But if they are going to solve this mystery--and get Althea positioned for the future, something hinted at in the curious contract she signs with Markon--they're going to have to vent [...]

    2. Intisar Khanani on said:

      Actual Rating: 4.5A fun, intriguing, puzzle-box of a story. Oh, I loved this read. First off, standing ovation for a story told from the male POV (King Markon, who is not young, dashing, and full of passion, but actually turns out to be older, able to dash quite fast upon demand, and both practical and passionate) that also stars an extremely clever, fast-thinking and capable young-ish woman (enchantress!) who really, really carries the story. Oh my goodness, I loved Althea. Talk about smart, sp [...]

    3. Kira Simion on said:

      1st impression: I liked the title and the cover so they both dragged me in. I am ready for cuteness and faeries![Edit: 9-30-17]•Cute moments every-so-often.•Unique fairy plot. Who doesn't like a 'good' murder? Though, it did get a little boring for me (remember I am one person, so you or another may like it more), it was mainly because the only large plot I could find was centered around the murder and there wasn't much tension anywhere else to me.•Definitely a lot of characters (which can [...]

    4. Estara on said:

      On my 2nd read I still really enjoyed it. Made me grab my other favourite of hers, Spindle, and am now reading that. Might reread Wolfskin after that. She has a voice of her own and I like her world and characters.This book can be read standalone, as the protagonists of the other books in the series switch over. The shards of the sword being the thread that binds the story. There'll be a single volume edition at the end of Januar 2017 so I'll get that and see what happens (it includes a short st [...]

    5. Andrea on said:

      A very readable story, and plays thoroughly into my appreciation of competent female mages. Althea is very enjoyable (except, perhaps, for a little too much blushing).Markon was a nice, honourable king, but what I call 'plot blind'. There are so many things that he failed to notice or realise and so (while the man was not by any means incompetent) I was frequently exasperated with him. I did think we would have benefited from more time spent with the culprit before the denouement, but did apprec [...]

    6. Olga Godim on said:

      King Markon has a problem. Every girl his son, Prince Parrin, seemed to be interested in – a fiancé or a sweetheart or simply a ballroom flirt – has met an unfortunate accident. Some died. Others disappeared or ended up maimed. Nasty magic is obviously at work, and the poor prince is now reluctant even to smile at anyone, lest she suffers. Royal succession is in jeopardy. The king needs help to find out what is going on and remove the vicious curse.Enchantress Althea offers her services. If [...]

    7. Sadie Forsythe on said:

      Honestly delightful in an irreverent, slightly absurd, but purposeful way. I love that the POV is slightly off from what you would expect for a fairytale, that what Markon thinks of himself and what we're shown don't align in a charming way, that Althea runs circles around everyone without even batting an eyelash, that the hero/heroine are mature (Markon in his mid forties at least) and that the whole thing is written in a witty, engaging voice. My only complaints are that I'm never pleased with [...]

    8. Athena on said:

      4.5 stars--------------I really enjoyed this short novel, so much that it set me off on a (very worthwhile) W.R. Gingell reading binge. She writes wonderfully readable, interesting prose; good sturdy stuff that makes it darned hard to put-the-story-down-and-get-to-sleep-cuz-it's-3am-already!Gingell has created a fascinating world where, amongst other things, magic is a routine matter, practiced by some people but not all, and generally taken for granted in the same way we viewed early technology [...]

    9. Elisabeth Wheatley on said:

      I loved this book and not just because the author spells “faery” the same way as me. I lost count of how many times I busted out laughing because of the snark and sarcasm. Markon is a wonderful narrator who manages to be both sympathetic and entertaining. It was wonderful to have a fresh slant to the “cursed prince” archetype and the author made it amazingly new. Things like the repeated pie-related proverbs were particularly funny.The plot:I read this in two sittings with one brief brea [...]

    10. C.J. Brightley on said:

      I adore everything I have read by W.R. Gingell and this is no exception.

    11. Loralee on said:

      I enjoyed reading this fun book written in a light, almost playful style despite the terrible things that keep happening to the girlfriends/fiances/casual female acquaintances of the heir apparent to the throne of Montalier. Althea, an enchantress, comes along, a practical level headed lady who doesn't do dumb, random stuff (unlike some characters I've read about who do dumb, random stuff, usually only because the author told them to) and who moves the plot forward with her intelligence, wit, an [...]

    12. Suzannah on said:

      A bit of mystery, a bit of humour, a bit of romance, and a lot of fun.

    13. Lyndi on said:

      This was cleverly written and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot was fun and the characters were witty Mary Sues. You never doubted they'd succeed and any problems were solved with a MacGyver kind of ingenuity.It's a clean romance with some magical action and suspense. Zero character development, just straight action and a teensy bit of 'falling in love' angst. It was exactly what I needed on a lazy Sunday. I didn't have to think too hard and I didn't have my emotions jerked around by soap opera [...]

    14. Brianna on said:

      This was delightful! A fun fairytale -esque fantasy with excellent pacing, a great story, and fantastic characters. I loved Markon- it was so refreshing to have such a wonderfully pragmatic and mature protagonist and his dynamic with Althea was just perfect. Althea! What a great character! Every scene she's in gets instantly more fun and keeping the story in Markon's POV kept her even more mysterious and unpredictable. (view spoiler)[ I may have clapped my hands in glee at the ending because tho [...]

    15. LPJ on said:

      Madcap. That's the first word that comes to mind with this story. Zany and fast paced and oh so fun.The story is told from the POV of a non-traditional hero (only in sofar that he's a bit older and more mature than your average hero). It's different and works perfectly. There's mystery and a lot of magical adventure. Basically all of the things that make Gingell one of my new favorite authors. Her mind works in such a special way, and I love it!

    16. Cheryl on said:

      I loved reading this book!!! You just had no idea what would happen next

    17. Marley on said:

      Great fun, one of my favorite books so far this year. Bought the rest of the trilogy immediately after finishing this one!

    18. Diane on said:

      A fun twist on classic fairytale tropesMy first introduction to W.R. Gingell was with the utterly delightful "Masque", and this book proves it wasn't a one-off. Some of the same elemernts are present: magic, mystery, and a good sense of humor, but this has a very different take. The amiable and handsome young prince isn't the hero -- he's just a very secondary character, and it's his father who winds up on perilous excursions with the enchantress to find the perpetrator and solution for what may [...]

    19. Evelyn Hill on said:

      I enjoyed the two main characters: the king (pov character), and the practical but cheerful enchantress. None of the other characters ever felt real to me, but I liked author's voice a lot. This is the first book in a series, but apparently the only thing that makes it a series is the fact that broken pieces of a sword appear in the stories. Probably this will make sense in the final story, but the sword was an intrusion into this story; there was no reason for it to be there. I read this second [...]

    20. Jenn on said:

      What a pleasure to read a fairy story from a male point of view - especially a male point of view that isn't a young gallant with ladies swooning all over him. Don't get me wrong, Gingell definitely writes Markon as swoon-worthy! In fact, he may be one of my more favorite male characters. Again - love that there is well written fantasy I can recommend to some of the young people in my life! I truly enjoy Gingell's writing. I bought this to read on a. Trip and very quickly found myself purchasing [...]

    21. Elaina on said:

      Oh, I loved this! It’s funny, witty, clever and imaginative. The interaction between Althea and Markon had me smiling, while the author’s asides while telling the story brought on a giggle or three. The tale weaves between an old castle and the realm of faery, with much intrigue and shenanigans; you simply have to read this!

    22. A. Powers on said:

      I really loved this story! It's been a while since I've read a good Faery story, and this one hit the spot. I like how it was concise without needing to go into all the details about the rules of the fae and courts and all of that. The romance was unconventional but I was cheering them on and cooing as I followed the budding relationship.

    23. Bill Tillman on said:

      How do you solve a mystery where you have to visit both seelie and unseelie lands? King Mark on has to use the aid of a mysterious young woman (or is she). It takes 12 trips to unwind this delightful mystery.

    24. Jenny Koch on said:

      Loved that the hero of the story was the prince's father - a fun twist on the standard epic quest type novel.

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