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Chasing Jane

Chasing Jane My mother named me Jane after Jane Austen or maybe Jane Eyre She said either one would do With a name like Jane I might not be a beauty queen or the most popular girl in the room but I would be smar

  • Title: Chasing Jane
  • Author: NoelleAdams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My mother named me Jane after Jane Austen or maybe Jane Eyre She said either one would do With a name like Jane, I might not be a beauty queen or the most popular girl in the room, but I would be smart and strong and make good decisions I guess I ve mostly lived up to my name My mother died before we could go on our trip to England to visit all of the best Jane spots,My mother named me Jane after Jane Austen or maybe Jane Eyre She said either one would do With a name like Jane, I might not be a beauty queen or the most popular girl in the room, but I would be smart and strong and make good decisions I guess I ve mostly lived up to my name My mother died before we could go on our trip to England to visit all of the best Jane spots, so I m going with my best friend instead That s Nate He s sweet and funny and adorable, and we ve known each other since kindergarten In fact, he was almost my stepbrother until my mom and his dad broke up But don t get the wrong idea about him It s never been romantic between us At the moment, I m crazy about this mystery guy I ve been talking to on a dating site, and he s nothing like Nate at all I don t know why I m suddenly finding Nate so attractive, and I don t know why he has started acting kind of strange Anyway, this is my Jane trip, and I ve been waiting for it all my life.

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    One thought on “Chasing Jane

    1. Onu on said:

      I haven't read a book for a long time, and certainly not a good one. So I took this up. It is a novella. Finished it in an hour and I must say it was a very pleasant read. The story was predictable but what kept me going was Noelle Adams' superb writing. I have one other book by her and it did leave a strong impression on my mind. She has a way of leaving an imprint on your mind and touching your heart with her stories.This is about Jane, as regular as you and me. No beauty here. As plain as peo [...]

    2. maggieandteddy on said:

      Short, sweet novella. Jane and Nate have been best friends since they were small children. Both are in their early to mid twenties, Jane's first person POV. There's a big reason for just Jane's POV. Nate and Jane are on a trip to England that Nate arranges. Jane is a big fan of the Janes- Jane Austen and Jane Eyre. Nate and Jane are touring the English countryside to see the sites where Jane Austen lived and where she based her stories. Nate is very sweet and devoted to Jane, They are such good [...]

    3. Jen_C on said:

      3.25 stars. Should brush up on your Jane Austen and Jane Eyre before reading.

    4. LJT on said:

      ​​​​​Chasing Jane by Noelle Adams is a short, slightly predictable romance with two wonderful characters. Jane, named for the famous English Janes, Austin and Eyre, is on vacation in England with her best friend Nate. They have been friends since grade school, and there was even a time when Jane's late mom dated Nate's dad. Nate was the rock Jane needed when she lost her mom to cancer. Up until this point, their relationship has been purely platonic. However, Nate has felt more than fr [...]

    5. Luli on said:

      2.5 stars.Normalmente me encantan todas las historias cortas de esta autora, aunque este no ha sido el caso. La he encontrado (demasiado) previsible, bidimensional y carente de sentimientos. No he conectado con los protagonistas y no he conseguido percibir qué sentían. A lo mejor es que ha sido excesivamente corta, o a lo mejor no estaba de humor…2.5 stars.I usually love all of these author´s short stories, although this has not been the case. I have found it (too) predictable, two-dimensio [...]

    6. Emily (Mrs B's Books) on said:

      **My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**This is a light and fluffy novella and delivers what you expect from a friends to lovers story. Its is also exactly what I needed to read after a long day looking after my twins.The book is only five chapters long and covers two days, but its sweet and fun is is the perfect read to relax to of an evening when you don't have too much time.It may have taken my two days to get through, but ordinarily i think it would [...]

    7. Loredana M. on said:

      A cute little novella that warmed my heart on a Sunday afternoon, that's the best I could describe Noelle Adams's Chasing Jane! I enjoyed the story and the two characters, but I just couldn't ignore Adams's too-showy writing style, which is why I gave this novella only 3 stars. That whole "mystery" surrounding Rochester? I figured it out from the very beginning I would have liked more mystery and more suspense. Romantic suspense, that is! :D But for what is worth, I actually enjoyed reading it a [...]

    8. Stephanie on said:

      A cute, fast, romantic read. I liked the premise of the Jane Austen/Jane Eyre tour of England and wish the book would've been long enough to really explore that, though.

    9. Kim on said:

      Adorable novella. A bit predictable, but who cares? It's a friends to lovers story that is set in England while visiting places important to Jane Austen. Hello? Perfect for me!

    10. Jessica Covey-Wannamaker on said:

      Chasing the JanesJane is a Jane Austen/Eyre enthusiast and after losing her mom her best friend takes her on the trip to England to discover the history of Austen and her characters. Janes best friend is Nate. He's been in her life for a couple of decades, and would do anything for her. The friendship is platonic especially since she's falling for the words and conversations from her online contact Rochester. But this magical trip starts to take the blindfold off how she sees Nate and how she's [...]

    11. Becca on said:

      Sweet short story of two friends that discover their true feelings for each other

    12. Maria Rose on said:

      This lovely friends to lovers short novella takes place in England as Jane (a huge fan of all things Jane Eyre and Jane Austen) visits with her best friend Nate. He set this trip up for her, a chance for her to recoup after her mother passed away and to give her what she's always wanted, a trip to all the Jane sites she's loved from the books for so long. Though Jane wishes she could have gone with her mother, being with her best friend is equally exciting and meaningful for her. At the same tim [...]

    13. Livia (travelingbetweenpages book blog) on said:

      This is such an instant feel-good novella whenever you feel sad or angry or just want to get cheered up a bit.Jane and her best friend Nate go on a trip to England together to visit all the Jane Austen spots that Jane loves so much. Her actual plan was to go with her mother, but she passed away before she had the chance to.Nate and Jane have known each other their whole lives. They almost became step siblings, but their parents broke up before it happened. It was never romantic between them, tho [...]

    14. Janelle Bennette-Wharton on said:

      short & sweet. very nice. the characters were quite likeable& realistic Noelle knows how to do it.

    15. Jessie on said:

      May contain slight spoilers.This book was ok, is the best i can say for it sadly.I liked the outline of the story, it was a good idea for a book. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this book overall.I felt like i was reading a book written by a child. The main female character seemed immature in a way that I felt awkward reading the sex seen. Also there was no fireworks when they eventually got together, it was more of a fizzle. like if you shake a bottle of soda expecting it to explode when you open [...]

    16. Jessica on said:

      See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:A spontaneous new release by one of my favorite authors? YES, PLEASE. And I love shorter stories--they're more focused and to the point. When the romance happens, it's not dragged out with unnecessary conflict.With Chasing Jane, it had everything you could wish for in a shorter romance. The best friends to lovers trope is always welcome in my books, and Nate and Jane are perfectly adorable together as friends. You can f [...]

    17. Kame on said:

      4 1/2 starsNate has given Jane her dream and is taking her on a tour of the Janes (Jane Austin and Jane Eyre). Best friends for 20 years they are great companions but could they be more?What a delightful novella.Two wonderful friends who care deeply for each over fulfill a dream. I felt the closeness between Nate and Jane even though this novella is told completely from Jane's POV. I actually am sad it is over - they warmed my heart.It is so refreshing to have a go to author when you just want t [...]

    18. Irisdiana on said:

      Love me some JaneChasing Jane is a sweet just what you need to remind yourself that yes there is romance out there kind of book! Nate and Jane had been friends forever and Jane has found herself on a personal trip of a lifetime that she should of been taking with her mom, that she recently lost. Nate stepped in and is on the Jane Trip.e finds herself looking at Nate in a way she knows she shouldn't because it could end up changing and possibly losing her best friend.I love Nate-and - Love love l [...]

    19. Melanie on said:

      This was such a cute romantic little story, I LOVED it. I love reading about best-friends falling in love. The story captured my attention immediately due to the references to Jane Austen and Jane Eyre, which are among my favourite authors and books. This book was perfect and such an enjoyable read.I loved the ending and how it was related to the ending of Jane Eyre, very nice.

    20. Anais Torres on said:

      A little dry but cleverThis has two stars because it reads like the first draft of a book. While I did enjoy the story I felt it was predictable and classic. I wanted more from ante and I wanted a little less Jane. Essentially I feel like I've read a brief fantasy rather than book I paid for. So while only 99 cents, I wouldn't recommend it for any one who loves to read long stories with a cup of coffee and warm sweater. This book was like a quickie and I don't know about you, but if I pay for it [...]

    21. Dana on said:

      I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This story is told from Jane's point of view. Jane is taking a trip to England with her best friend, Nate. But she has an online relationship with someone else. Who will Jane choose?This is a short but sweet read. Noelle Adams is a great writer and I love her books. In this book, I really love how she describes the things in England. I also like the characters. I would like to read more about this couple.

    22. Tessa on said:

      This was a really short but good read. I read it in a couple of hours but it was just a light read that you don't have think about too much. I love the character development which you would think would be hard with such a short book. I also like the romantic element of the story that you can expect from the cover of the book. I would recommend people to read it and you can find it on the book store on tablets

    23. Aimee Suter on said:

      I loved this book!! I love how it was written as like you were reading someones journal!! It made the story feel real and close to home! A must read by an amazing author!!! Jane and Nate are best friends on a dream trip to England a trip she was supposed to take with her mom, unfortunaly her mom loses her battle with cancer and Nate surprises her with an amazing trip and in the end finally tells her he is in love with her!

    24. Savannah on said:

      I've loved almost everything I've read from Noelle Adams so far. I don't know what is her secret but she knows how to write a book, period. Chasing Jane is a short, romantic and sexy story of two friends (almost stepbrothers) who falling in love without notice it. I really don't want to drop any spoiler so purchase your copy asap, you won't regret it

    25. Ana Paula on said:

      I loved this novel . Chasing Jane is a sweet novel with a charming couple. Full of references of Jane Austen and with a good prose Noelle Adams hit it again. This story is short but full of good moments and talk about a friendship that becomes more for the main couple, their affinity is so great and the development of their romantic relationship is so adorable. Jane Austen would be proud! I recommend!

    26. Angie on said:

      This is a short story that took me about an hour to read. In just a few pages, you see the longing of Nate's unrequited feelings for his childhood best friend and the gradual awareness of Jane's own feelings for him. It's not too hard to figure out the who and what, but the story flows smoothly and it's a lovely read to see how the couple gets to their HEA.I received a complimentary copy of this story from the author for an honest review (thank you!).

    27. Patricia on said:

      I really enjoyed this sweet story. I find I like novellas, they are short and sweet. This story is of two best friends that grew up together, finding love in each other in a very romantic trip. The twist in the story was a cute one that you kind of see coming. I really enjoy the stories Adams write, she really can get into the feelings of the characters with great love story endings.

    28. Tirza on said:

      This novella was short but sweet, although I thought it was slightly cliché compared to Noelle’s other stories. I would have liked this to have been a full-length novel. Because it was so short, the love scene was a little bit sudden for me, and I really would have liked it to have been longer. I wish I had a guy friend like Nate…

    29. Helen on said:

      A short sweet story of two best friends that become more. Childhood friends that have been there for each other for more than 20 years. Jane still sees Nate as her best friend while Nate has loved Jane for quite a while. Nate goes about things in quite a unique way for Jane to see him differently. This story is a feel good one, when you want a guaranteed HEA.

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