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Behind The Gate

Behind The Gate Olivia Ambrose is the epitome of strength she just doesn t realize it For a single mom being a nurse in a maximum security prison has its risk She encounters the worst of the worst day in and day o

  • Title: Behind The Gate
  • Author: ReneeAdams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: None
  • Olivia Ambrose is the epitome of strength, she just doesn t realize it For a single mom, being a nurse in a maximum security prison has its risk She encounters the worst of the worst, day in and day out, but continually strives to make it home to her son, Jack She s never been shaken until Damian.Damian Shaw is the hit it and quit it type, never staying longer than zippOlivia Ambrose is the epitome of strength, she just doesn t realize it For a single mom, being a nurse in a maximum security prison has its risk She encounters the worst of the worst, day in and day out, but continually strives to make it home to her son, Jack She s never been shaken until Damian.Damian Shaw is the hit it and quit it type, never staying longer than zipping his fly Until he lands himself in prison His first day inside, he meets Olivia just another pretty face He soon realizes he feels a magnetic draw to her, but being on the inside doesn t help the urge to protect her When tragedy strikes and Olivia comes face to face with her greatest fear, will he be able to help her Behind The Gate

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    One thought on “Behind The Gate

    1. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛ on said:

      TITLE: Behind The GateAUTHOR: Renee AdamsGENRE: Contemporary Romance, RELEASE DATE: November 01st, 2015MY RATING:5 Mr Dark and Broody Stars So on the weekend I went one clicking on and this was one of the results, loved the cover, loved the synopsis and the reviews for this seemed good, then once I started reading this I was reeled in, the storyline is unique, has some pretty good sit on the edge of your seat gritty moments going on too which is a bonus!!And then I noticed that Behind The Gate [...]

    2. Paige on said:

      I loved the premise of this book but in general it just didn't work for me. I love a hero that comes from prison and I love a single mother so I thought this would be a great combination. It started out good. It kept my attention and I wanted more. But when these two actual became a "couple" for lack of a better word, was not at all realistic. In the grand scheme of things it kind of frustrated me that they would choose that moment to "cement" their feelings for each other. Like they couldn't ha [...]

    3. Heather andrews on said:

      I loved Damian he was an alpha man, “I like carrying you, then I know you’re safe. That’s all that matters is that you are safe.” Damian may not be a hearts and flowers kind of guy, but he is a raw man and that is sexy, “I can smell how much you want me, how much you need me. Don’t worry, baby, the feeling is mutual. That ache you feel? That ache will go away soon, I’ll make sure you get your fill.” I enjoyed this book I wasn't expecting the ending, no there wasn't a cliffhanger, [...]

    4. Shannon Gorilla McGee Winston on said:

      I'm so torn on how to rate this.The plot of this book is one that I like. Ever since I read , I've been interested in reading more convict/prison worker romances. And the bonus is that this was suspenseful.I read this avidly and quickly, certainly entertained through the whole thing.But (there's a big "but" here) A) It's not very believable. Normally, this isn't such a problem, but part of the issue is that the villain is ultra-vengeful and it seemed far-fetched. I prefer the villains of stories [...]

    5. Leonor on said:

      This book is dark but I loved it. Damian had me intrigued there were times that I was thinking that it was not gonna end well but I'm glad that I finish reading it!

    6. Glenna Maynard on said:

      Full review to come. I had to sit on my thoughts with this one. I wasn't sure of Damian's intentions,, at first, I had an idea but didn't want to jump the gun with my loyalty to him. Olivia is small but feisty and comes off as a strong independent woman, who is open to finding love after being crapped on by the father of her son. I can't go too far into this review without spoilers so I am being careful. Olivia works as a nurse in a maximum security prison and Damian is a prisoner who has set hi [...]

    7. Confessions_of_a_Serial_Reader on said:

      This is a likable story the whole way through. Olivia is a nurse at a brutal maximum security prison when she meets Damien, a hardened prisoner transferred from another institution. Olivia defends herself against a ruthless inmate, Xavier who is known for murdering and torturing his victims. Thus putting Olivia on his radar for revenge. Damien feels a pull toward the nurse and vows to protect her no matter what.When Xavier stages a prison riot in order to get to Olivia, Damien gets his opportuni [...]

    8. Sue on said:

      Olivia and Damian both knew right from the start that they wanted each other and that the road to an HEA was going to be slightly (if not most definitely) impossibleter all, she was a prison nurse and he was an inmate. Wrong timing, right from the start but when sparks fly and there is an instant chemistrywhat's a girl and a guy to do but just go for it matter how hard the road to happiness will be. Throw in an evil criminal who just happens to be Damian's cellmate and who has Olivia in his sigh [...]

    9. GypsyBelle on said:

      This amazing book took me by my emotions and just shook me to the core. OH my world , I was so emotionally drained by the time I finished this book I had to just sit and stare into space. It was one of those books. I am honored to have gotten a ARC of it for my honest review. Set in a prison , with a mad man loose. The most sexy man is all that is between you and the crazies. FUDGE! It had it all to me, the excitement, the realness, the sex, and the HEA.Review by Dana JustaBooklovinjunkie

    10. Maari on said:

      Dark with laughs throughout. What a debut!! I loved it!!This book is more than 5 stars for me, not only does it have the suspense that I love, but it has two strong characters that make you hungry for more! This book is a standalone. I will be watching for more from this author. Highly recommended to anyone that loves intrigue!!I was gifted this ebook in exchange for my honest review. Opinions in this review are my own.

    11. Alicia at Mean Girls Luv Books on said:

      As soon as I read the synopsis for Behind the Gate, I was really intrigued. It really sounded interesting and a bit different (and darker) than your everyday contemporary romance. This story started off with promise, but it quickly fell flat. It soon became a chore for me to read it.Olivia is a single mother to a little boy named Jack. His father is not in the picture at all. She relies on her mother to help with his care after school. Nothing out of the ordinary about this. It's something that [...]

    12. Cheryl on said:

      Review of Behind The Gate (Nurses #1) by Renee AdamsReview done for Hooked on Books5 out of 5 starsWhat a fantastic debut novel. This book is dark, gritty, and action packed. It had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next.Olivia is a single mom who is working as a nurse at a dangerous prison. She needs the money to look after her son so she puts up with the job. Most of the prisoners don’t bother her but she can’t let her guard down.When the worst excuse for a human being [...]

    13. Hooked On Books on said:

      5 out of 5 starsWhat a fantastic debut novel. This book is dark, gritty, and action packed. It had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next.Olivia is a single mom who is working as a nurse at a dangerous prison. She needs the money to look after her son so she puts up with the job. Most of the prisoners don’t bother her but she can’t let her guard down.When the worst excuse for a human being enters the prison, her life is in immediate danger. Xavier is the devil incarnate. [...]

    14. Bookcrazy on said:

      1.5 stars - NO recommandation for this book from me - besides the writing failures it was really a "know out" (knock out) the further I've read it.!!!!slight spoiler!!!!The starting wasn't so bad, some chemistry yeah :) But which irritated me was his dirty language or let's be more precise his dirty thoughts. His outing wasn't surprising for me, but I hoped that it would be more interesting or something other. And then there was a lot of unnecessary cruelty and violence and that cheesy ending. O [...]

    15. StephanieMae on said:

      I either didn't read the synopsis of this book or forgot what it said because I had no clue what to expect from this book. Either way I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading it. Olivia is a single mother and nurse at a high security prison with some of the worst criminals in the country. She never had a real problem with any of the inmates until this new batch that got transferred over. She was instantly attracted to the inmate with crystal blue eyes that she thought burned with hate f [...]

    16. K on said:

      I did a stupidI read the second book in this series before I read this one. This was kind of a problem for me because I LOVED Behind the Mask and I just did not connect with Olivia's character as much as Cori in BtM. This was still a really good read, and while I did think some of Olivia's actions were a little sketchy, she was still a very strong character and Damian was super appealing (but that may be because I had spoilers from reading BtM first).Overall, I did enjoy this story a lot, and if [...]

    17. Kelsey Walker- Under The Cover Book Blog on said:

      This book was fabulous! When I started it, I really wasn't sure how it was going to go, it's very different than what I normal read but I really loved it!This story takes place in a prison. Olivia is a nurse who started to develop feelings for her "inmate" Damien. This isn't the typical roses and hearts love story. I was hooked from page one, captivated trying to figure who Damien really was and Renee did not disappoint! The story was well written and very intriguing. The only thing that got me [...]

    18. Shay on said:

      Behind the Gate is a fast paced story about Olivia, a prison nurse and Damian, a prisoner that had me from the get go. He immediately protects her even though he cannot understand why. She is instantly drawn to him even though she shouldn't. I had time with both of these characters, shaking my head. They were juvenile yet others times I could understand why they did the things they did. They had some depth but felt like they needed more. It's like I could hear their voices but at times it was mu [...]

    19. Maria Vickers on said:

      Woah! Behind the Gate by Renee Adams was intense, brassy, in your face, and amazing. Though not your typical romance, this is a serious must read!! Oliva is a nurse for one of the worse prisons in the state, trying to make a better life for herself and her son, whom she is raising on her own. She does her job and does it well and ever since Damian walked in with a new crop of prisoners, something happened inside her.Damian finds himself in Olivia’s prison and can’t seem to fight the attracti [...]

    20. Dana Busenbark on said:

      Wow. I did not expect what I read in this book. Olivia is a nurse at a prison. One Friday she is on new inmate transport duty. One of the inmates tries to get personal and Olivia takes him down. How does she do it? What is going on in the background while she is fending off the convict? Who is Damian Shaw? What is it about him that captures Olivia's attention when he comes in on the transport with Xavier? What happens in this book as far as the prison riot, dirty guards, and such did not surpris [...]

    21. Alwaysreadingbooks - Reading Drinking and Relaxing on said:

      I must say that this book was not what I was really expecting. I figured out the twist early on but that did not take from the book. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and I was a little disappointed when it ended. I loved reading about Olivia and Damien and of course Xavier. This book had all of the things that I liked and needed and there was never a dull moment to be seen or read. I can't wait to read more from Renee cause I have a feeling that I won't be disappointed at all.

    22. The Book Fairy Reviews on said:

      Sexy and unexpected this book gives us a new Alpha to love, Damian. Olivia is smart and beautiful and lucky. Yeah Lucky because she falls for the dark and sexy Damian. This book is filled with twists and turns that leave you gasping and begging for more. But don't worry it isn't a cliffer, but you will still want more of Damian. I mean a man that loves carrying you around and make you feel sexy at the same time? Yeah a total keeper. 5 Stars and more!!!

    23. Chianti Summers on said:

      This book left me in a fog! Renee Adams brought two characters together and boom an explosion of chemistry. You get the alpha in Damian. You get the sexy and strong Olivia. There are twists and turns throughout this read that will have you with many thoughts in your head. This is an attention holder and holds you there until the end. Renee Adams is sure to leave you wanting more!

    24. Renee on said:

      Page turnerDamien was hot Olivia was a good mixture of tough, sweet, and naive. Their relationship was super fast but it's a story so I guess it works lol

    25. Theresa Shaw on said:

      I won this book in a comp I loved this book so much ,loved Damien , this book differently a must read , looking forward to reading the other books

    26. Brandy on said:

      This was one of the best books I've ever read! It was so unlike anything I have read before!I can't wait to read the next one!!!

    27. Meaghan Royce- Love Infinity Book Blog on said:

      I loved this book! Olivia is a strong, single mom who works at a prison. She meets Damien, an inmate and sparks fly. Things are definitely not always what they seem and the ending is perfect.

    28. Robin Parrish on said:

      Interesting plot lineThis is one of those stories where I wish I could have met the characters 6 months before the book started. The chemistry is insane and the villain is an absolute mind trip.

    29. Crystal on said:

      Not bad for a first bookSeriously this is a great start to a book series and a new author. I will enjoy seeing where this goes.

    30. Diana Kopszywa on said:

      GateIt's rough and tumble a sometimes a bit crazy! But it's a pretty good read! I read book two first and man, makes me want to read it again.

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