Dream Caller

Michelle Sharp

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Dream Caller

Dream Caller Jordan and Ty are finally together as in living together mortgage and all Now they intend to enjoy a little down time They ve purchased an aging horse ranch with plans to renovate but their domestic

  • Title: Dream Caller
  • Author: Michelle Sharp
  • ISBN: 9780996739504
  • Page: 294
  • Format: None
  • Jordan and Ty are finally together, as in living together mortgage and all Now they intend to enjoy a little down time They ve purchased an aging horse ranch with plans to renovate, but their domestic bliss is put on hold when Ty is called in to investigate a murder case.Coincidentally, an unusually graphic nightmare about a young college student s murder catches JordanJordan and Ty are finally together, as in living together mortgage and all Now they intend to enjoy a little down time They ve purchased an aging horse ranch with plans to renovate, but their domestic bliss is put on hold when Ty is called in to investigate a murder case.Coincidentally, an unusually graphic nightmare about a young college student s murder catches Jordan by surprise In the dream, Jordan can see the girl s pretty blonde hair She can see the snowy ravine the girl was strangled in Most shockingly, this time she can even see the killers face.Being at home and still on vacation is making it challenging to figure out how to connect with this latest victim, until Jordan visits Ty s precinct and recognizes a young man in interrogation as the murderer When Ty insists the suspect is innocent, Jordan debates just how far into Ty s career she can interfere Influencing another cop s investigation on the basis of a dream is a line she s never dared to cross Even if the other cop is the man she loves.Making the situation all the frustrating is the sexy, red headed Isobel Riley from Missouri Highway Patrol who is partnering with Ty for the duration of the case And Isobel is a lot than a mere detective consultant she s Ty s ex lover.

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    One thought on “Dream Caller

    1. Angel Hatfield on said:

      Jordan had moved in with Tyler.Jordan was a St Lewis narcotics detective. She could also connect with the spirits of murder victims while sleeping in her dreams. No way could Jordan come across normal. This last dream Jordan had actually seen the murderer as well as his victim - Hailey- as she died. Ty knew Jordan had dreams often from cases she was working on and the information came from the dead. This was the first time Jordan had really tried to work out a relationship. Ty was a homicide det [...]

    2. Karsyn on said:

      Finished ~ Dream Caller (Dream Seeker 02) by Michelle SharpCompleted 10/313 of 5 starsI received this book from NetGalley for my honest review.I loved the first book in this series. I didn't read the 2nd one (which was just a novella, so not sure why on GR, this one is listed at book 3, when it should be book 2) but it seems as not too much time has passed. I was excited to read this one, but didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the first.Jordan is a cop who "sees" the dead, often during or soon af [...]

    3. Kristi Metcalf on said:

      I received a copy of this book for a honest reviewI love how there is no lag time between books in this series!! We catch Jordan and Ty a week into they're vacation, picking up where book two ended. Ty has been called back to work to deal with a murder and Jordan is taking her week that is left to find out more about her father.I say it every time and I will keep saying it, Jordan is strong as hell to deal with her dreams and all that life had thrown at her.I adore Ty!! You can see that he truly [...]

    4. XxTainaxX on said:

      I liked that this story goes into the insecurities of a newly budding love. Once you move in, it's not always roses and candy. It's hard to keep a relationship going and there can be insecurities. Ty and Jordan are a good couple. It took me a bit to warm up to Ty because I was looking at the story from Jordan's point of view lol It's a good story with an interesting plot and the twist was a nice surprise. Ty and Jordan together are HAWTC received in exchange for an honest review.

    5. Claudia Shelton on said:

      Another great book in the Dream Seeker series. Ty and Jordan keep getting better and better, or is that hotter and hotter, but that red-head thrown in the mix was a surprise. Dream Caller kept up the fast paced action right until the end. What's next, Michelle? Novella or novel? Either one will make it to my TBR pile.

    6. Beth on said:

      Series keeps getting better!This book is a fantastic addition to the series. It's an emotional rollercoaster and there are some great reveals in the back story on Jordan's family along with a new intriguing case. I hope there are going to be many more chapters to Jordan and Ty's story! Highly recommend.

    7. Marney Dragoo on said:

      Wonderful series!I love these books. Can't wait for the next one!! Would definitely read in order and start with book 1. So glad I stumbled upon this author/series.

    8. Mignon Mykel on said:

      Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.I may not have read Ty and Jordan's first book, missing a few key things that have been talked about in this and the previous book, but what I have read, I've absolutely enjoyed.The last book had Ty and Jordan going on vacation -- she's expecting someplace warm and he ends up (nervously) bringing her to a ranch home with stables that he knew as a kid and wants to make into a home for him and Jordan. No proposal, but essentially a promise for more. [...]

    9. Lynn Brooks on said:

      This one picks up just days after where Protecting the Dream ended. Jordan Delany, a St. Louis Narcotics Detective is still on vacation, while her boyfriend Ty McGee, an officer with Longdale Police Department has just gotten called back in off of vacation because a murder has occurred.Jordan is still trying to get used to the fact that she and Ty are living together now She's still hoping that he doesn't one day wake up and realize that her weird dream situation is too much for him. She's relie [...]

    10. Ellen Parker on said:

      Learning to accept the past.Jordan Delany, an undercover detective in St. Louis, has one of her vivid, psychic dreams of a murder. The dead – murder victims – frequently visit her in this fashion and sometimes leave clues to solve their cases. But she has other things on her mind – like using these final vacation days to add pieces to the puzzle of her past.When Detective Tyler McGee’s vacation is interrupted to work the murder case of a college student, he doesn’t have an opportunity [...]

    11. Patricia on said:

      Another wonderful addition to the Dream Seeker series.We have two very stubborn and strong characters who make for one very interesting couple. This time Jordan's dream has her peeking into Tyler's current case. And once learning it's his case she is conflicted on weather or not to share this information.Now add a red headed firecracker into the mix and it just adds more heat to the fire.The series offers a detective like story, a bit of spice in the romance category along with a paranormal aspe [...]

    12. Tammy Hall on said:

      Dream Caller is a wild psychological, mystery, thriller, with a whirlwind of romance that just wrapped around me and drew me in. This was my first meeting with Jordan and Ty but trust me I am so glad I got to meet them. Jordan's abilities are just amazing and I loved being able to visualize what Jordan was seeing. I was just blown away by the vividness of this book. Ty and Jordan together was heart melting at times and hot, hot, hot the next! I just enjoyed reading this book and am sure I need t [...]

    13. Dísir on said:

      The rocky post-sunset relationship of Jordan and Tyler continues in this series and I must admit that the crime and the ongoing mystery of Jordan's family interested me more than the difficulties and the volatilities of couplehood at this stage. (Hint: it has to do with a one-night stand that sends an already-insecure woman off the rails) I do understand Michelle Sharp's eagerness to explore Jordan and Tyler beyond their HEA, but I'm also ready for other characters to see their share of the acti [...]

    14. RCA on said:

      I really enjoyed The Dream Seeker novels. They are fantastic thrillers with a really hot couple Ty and Jordan. This book is a new case but adds to some situations from the first book and novella. I will say that this book has the best cliff ever! One I don't mind waiting to resolve but may just beg this author to let me ARC read the next one.

    15. Seanna Yeager on said:

      A unexpected romantic suspense serial, with plenty of twists and turns for a reader. I liked that this story surprised me with how the case was solved. There is a mini cliffhanger at the end, but nothing that will keep you up at night. I will definitely check out the first two books.

    16. janie terrell on said:

      A day in thre life of a undercover cop who also a medianEnjoy all three books the ending gives room for another book there marriage and the drug cartel finding who killed her family

    17. Kerry on said:

      A great addition to the series! Jordan and Ty are awesome characters, mostly because they are real. They fight, they have insecurities, and they still love each other. I liked learning more about Jordan's past--it's a great subplot mystery. And I just adored the ending! So perfect!

    18. Marilyn on said:

      Goodthis is a book that keeps you reading be cause there are two cases going on one a cold case that had three ow murders years ago and now a new murder.

    19. Christine Wells on said:

      Amazing. Please tell me that there are more books in the series coming. I love the chemistry between these two. Keep'm coming!

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