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Fern Michaels

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Captive Passions

Captive Passions Sirena C rdez Proud beautiful once humiliated by a band of ruthless pirates who used her brutally at will she escapes and commands an elusive vessel as the Sea Siren to satisfy her hunger for sweet

  • Title: Captive Passions
  • Author: Fern Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780345256102
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Sirena C rdez Proud, beautiful, once humiliated by a band of ruthless pirates who used her brutally at will, she escapes and commands an elusive vessel as the Sea Siren to satisfy her hunger for sweet revenge.Regan van der Rhys The impassioned sun gilded master of the Dutch East Indies whose lusty tastes are stifled by his marriage to the seemingly demure Sirena.BlazingSirena C rdez Proud, beautiful, once humiliated by a band of ruthless pirates who used her brutally at will, she escapes and commands an elusive vessel as the Sea Siren to satisfy her hunger for sweet revenge.Regan van der Rhys The impassioned sun gilded master of the Dutch East Indies whose lusty tastes are stifled by his marriage to the seemingly demure Sirena.Blazing desire engulfs the sultry vixen and the masterful sun god as they clash on land as man and wife and on the seas as enemies In an epic of endless vengeance and love, Sirena meets her lusty match in Regan the only man who can truly possess her

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    One thought on “Captive Passions

    1. Karla on said:

      What a great, old bodice ripper! Yes, it's silly and OTT with 1970s feminist rants from the heroine, cartoonish pirate costumes, a catty mistress-villain, a crass and dimbulb hero, references aplenty to maimed manhoods, and exploding volcanoes for a climax, but it was hellacious fun.The story starts right off with the hero banging his mistress, and chalk Regan van der Rhys up as one of the bigger horndogs I've come across in the old skool rippers. He can't keep it in his pants. Native girls, loc [...]

    2. Tory on said:

      While at a book sale my son ripped the cover off this book. The woman clucked and taped it back together, but I felt that I should buy it. Because my kid damaged it and all.On the front it says, "A tumultuous struggle between a fiery temptress and the violent man that sought to enslave her." Enslave her? When he said, "QUIT KILLING PEOPLE!" He was denying her rights? Because she was a woman! And men are horrible beasts that hate anything but docile and demure! But she was not! And she hated him! [...]

    3. Siobhan on said:

      My mom bought these books when they first came out and I snuck and read them! They were the start of my passion for reading. It's like that old ugly sweater in your closet that you can't get rid of no matter how much it clashes with everything on your closetah that's this book for me! They are my source of comfort, if I'm having a bad day or missing my mom, I open these books and read them! Some of my first fantasies were of Reagan and Caleb, no lie! I will never be able to get rid of the old, w [...]

    4. Paula on said:

      Mmmm, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed bodice rippers when I was a teenager! I cannot believe (or maybe I can) that I read these things at 15/16. I had also forgotten how intriguing stories based in the Far East were.

    5. Aves on said:

      I stopped after reading about 75% of the book.I just couldn't finish it. The historical inaccuracies didn't bother me, because I knew this wasn't a historical romance so much as a romance/bodice-ripper conveniently set in a historical era. The plot didn't bother me, because as eye-roll-worthy as it was, I knew what I was getting into before I started reading it. Even the blatant lack of research (for example: last I checked, there's no Greek sea goddess named Rana) didn't bother me.The main reas [...]

    6. Kris Rafferty on said:

      Read this a million times in my teens and twenties. It's dated now because of societal norms, but wow, I loved this heroine. The hero deserves to be bitch slapped, but he was a sign of the times. And who hasn't overlooked an overbearing man if we happen to love them? Love this book. Would love for her to update it. Is that sacrilege? Can you image? This book, updated? Oh my, but it would be colossal.

    7. Dendera on said:

      Definitely a five-star read! This book has a very special place in my heart. It was the historical romance which got me deeply interested in the genre and sparked my addiction! Also was the first time I read a Fern Michaels novel and it was only then when I discovered how historically inaccurate she can be but I overlooked that fault and just enjoyed it for the sake of reading HR. I recommend for everyone, especially historical romance lovers.

    8. Vanyel Kane on said:

      This lady's rant is the only reason I would consider reading this. Bloody hilarious!smartbitchestrashybooks/bl

    9. Razzy Ron -- Hoh! Hoh! on said:

      I hate to be negative but I just have to give my 2 cents. I'm not a fan of cheating MCs' but I'm always willing to give it a chance. However, if the MC cheats more than once, you're most likely going to lose me. This doesn't drive me to give up quite yet though because I believe in miracles and for this book I kept hoping there'd be a miracle to override the discrepancy. But then they cheat and cheat again and with no explanation. well no thank you, you've completely lost me.Because of this, it' [...]

    10. LuvGirl on said:

      I have to confess! I cannot finish this book! The heroine being brutally gang rape is a huge pet peeve of mine but I wanted to try and step out of my comfort zone and read this book anyway because it had so many other things I love reading about and the hero seemed like the kind of hero I love. I really wanted the the angst of the cheating, the evil mistress ,and the mean hero, but couldn't get pass the gang rape. It just isn't my cuppa. It ruined the whole book for me. The book became a chore f [...]

    11. Bonnie Binger on said:

      The story itself, I loved. I've become very fond of Fern Michaels, and historical fiction itself. Though it's hard to truly believe a lot of things in the story, like the fact that no one puts two and two together to realize that the sea siren is, in fact Sirena, I can understand that this is fiction and can enjoy the story itself. What bothered me far beyond simple irritation was that the editors didn't care enough about Fern and her story to take their job of proofreading and editing seriously [...]

    12. Marnie on said:

      First in a series of 4 books. This is based during the time of Pirates. A Spanish woman is on a voyage with some family members, angry that her holy sister is contracted to become wife of a Dutchman that during this time would be considered going against the competitor in the trade system of goods. The ship is overtaken by Blackheart and her family is brutally murdered and raped. She thinks that the Dutchman caused this, thus takes the part of her sister with the vow for revenge. While doing thi [...]

    13. Meredith on said:

      I was in the "What was that book called?" group and someone was looking for a book that called to mind this one. I'd forgotten about it until then. It was one of the romances I sorta snuck as a teen when books were passed along to my mom.What I remember best is that the heroine knew her mind and chose to be master of her own destiny. Yes, there were things she didn't have full info about, but she worked with what she did know - and adjusted and she had more info. Which is likely not what would b [...]

    14. Kathrynn on said:

      This is actually book #1 in the Captive Series and should be read in order or you will be L.O.S.T.I read this set about 20 years ago and I remembered that I liked them. In 2007, I picked them up to reread and I was so annoyed at the style, characters, and plot, that I was unable to reread them. Times they have achangedor maybe me. This is old style romance/pirate theme. Bad things happen to the heroine, hero is overwhelmingly macho, yetupid. There are some great old style romances that I love, S [...]

    15. Lorelle on said:

      The problem I had with this BR was that I really did not like the H or h. I really didn't see a romance between them develop that would make me believe that they actually love each other. Regan just wants to screw around, the male whore. Sirena (AKA the Sea Siren) just wants to kill and possibly castrate her enemies. There is a brutal group rape scene. There was a lot of action and the story did move swiftly. I liked VALENTINA better.

    16. Janet Meeks on said:

      I gave this book 2* because the first 60% of the book was BORING. I do applaud the author for writing the rape scene in the beginning of the book, in the year it was written that was a bold move(1977). I will read the other "Captive" books in this series. This is the first Fern Michaels I have read . I will decide after reading more of her work to decide if I like her writing .

    17. Finn on said:

      I love the older bodice rippers, like this one, but somehow I just couldn't get into this one. It was just too sillyminded me of some of those Korean dramas with ott plots and nonsense scenes.

    18. Margaret Fraleigh on said:

      I was completely captivated with this story. Loved the characters and the story line.well done

    19. Amanda on said:

      These books are a guilty pleasure. They are fun bodice ripper novels if your looking for a nice laid back summer read.

    20. Kristal Taylor on said:

      This book is off the chain. Such love, adventure, and the romance was heavenly. Giving props to Fern Michaels!!!!!! A have to read book. Muchluv book lovers

    21. Lori Russie Judkins on said:

      I don't normal care for pirate type books. This one has changed my mind. It also taught me to look on before starting a new book to see if it is in a series.

    22. Kaylynn Johnsen on said:

      I was young when I read this and I would probably not read this book now, nor would I recommend it to anyone. That being said, I liked the idea of a women pirate.

    23. Susan on said:

      This was the very first bodice ripper romance that I ever read. Very racy to me in the early 1980s!

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