No Need for Tenchi!, Volume 1

Hitoshi Okuda

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No Need for Tenchi!, Volume 1

No Need for Tenchi Volume Tenchi Ryoko and friends are at it again In this clever send up Sasami little sister of Princess Ayeka stars as a transforming schoolgirl superheroine Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Here is the Tench

  • Title: No Need for Tenchi!, Volume 1
  • Author: Hitoshi Okuda
  • ISBN: 9781569311806
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tenchi, Ryoko, and friends are at it again In this clever send up, Sasami, little sister of Princess Ayeka, stars as a transforming schoolgirl superheroine, Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Here is the Tenchi cast in all new roles Tenchi s childhood girlfriend also shows up to put her new rivals through their paces, and the team comes to the aid of a savage wolf.

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      356 Hitoshi Okuda
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    One thought on “No Need for Tenchi!, Volume 1

    1. Ian on said:

      Created in a time before ratings in the manga industry I am going to assume this book is rated Teen due to violence and typical harem anime story lines. Picking up after the original OAV(or so I assume considering Tenchi Muyo has more alternate stories then any anime I know and the first few pages review sounds like the OAV) the Tenchi gang are confronted by creature that looks like Ryoko and before long they discover the powerful warrior Yakage ho wishes to fight Tenchi. If you are into harem a [...]

    2. Miss Ryoko on said:

      Tenchi Muyo was one of my favorite animes when I was in high school, and I still love it to this day. The only problem is I'm not entirely sure how this series even starts. It seems a bit like the Bible and has two different beginnings that don't match up. But despite that, I love the characters, especially Ryoko, who, in my opinion, is the greatest female anime character ever! She is greatness!Okuda-san's artwork looks exactly like an anime, so he did a great job! And even though I was reading [...]

    3. Candace | Evianrei on said:

      Now take my review with a grain of salt, I've never seen the show this manga is based on. I walked into the store and my husband pointed it out and said the show was hilarious, so I gave the manga a try. I really enjoyed this first volume, especially after the 22% mark. For the first 22% of the book I was completely confused and reaching out to my husband to get some clarification. The transitions and explanations are sort of wonky and fast paced for someone who hasn't seen the show. I've read m [...]

    4. Samantha Bustos-Hubeny on said:

      It appears to have a plot! Let's see if it lasts beyond this arc.

    5. Artemis on said:

      An entertaining follow-up to the Kagato battle from the original 'Tenchi Muyo!' OVA. It's rather hackneyed, and some of the characters, like Sasami and Mihoshi, end up being superfluous. Not to mention that a lot of the derivative plot - bits and pieces taken from other 'Tenchi' series's - makes no sense whatsoever. But the action and humour are great. Why I mostly enjoy it? For the same reason why I keep coming back to this zany anime franchise: I adore the characters. The hilarious, spectacula [...]

    6. Rebecca Gatzlaff on said:

      This is a continuation of the Tenchi Muyo show. There is a new Gillian on board and she wants Tenchi's miraculous sword. This manga is hilarious and classic. If you loved the show you are sure to love this book. The art is the same as the show. The only downfall was that the battle scenes were too short.

    7. Scribblescribe on said:

      I have to say this is a lovely manga. It truly is, albeit a bit episodic and I'm disappointing they didn't utilize the wonderful character back stories that existed. I can't say this isn't one of my favorite cast of manga characters. I only wish I could find more manga with them.

    8. Drew Perron on said:

      Takes the basic ingredients of the classic series and uses them to tell its own stories. Fun!

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