Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship

Kelly Light

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Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship

Louise and Andie The Art of Friendship In this stunning companion to the acclaimed Louise Loves Art Louise has a new neighbor the creative and offbeat Andie but can they overcome their differences and be friends Louise loves art than any

  • Title: Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship
  • Author: Kelly Light
  • ISBN: 9780062344403
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this stunning companion to the acclaimed Louise Loves Art, Louise has a new neighbor, the creative and offbeat Andie but can they overcome their differences and be friends Louise loves art than anything Imagine her delight when a new neighbor, Andie, moves in and she loves art too It s the best day ever.But liking the same thing doesn t always mean you agreIn this stunning companion to the acclaimed Louise Loves Art, Louise has a new neighbor, the creative and offbeat Andie but can they overcome their differences and be friends Louise loves art than anything Imagine her delight when a new neighbor, Andie, moves in and she loves art too It s the best day ever.But liking the same thing doesn t always mean you agree on it Can they overcome their creative differences Sometimes friendship, like art, can require collaboration.

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      255 Kelly Light
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    One thought on “Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship

    1. Danielle on said:

      Kelly Light is doing picture books right, and with panache. Introducing Andie, Louise's Andy Warhol-inspired new neighbor and dog, Bacon (and the color blue). Opportunities for discussions of friendship, art, and art history here, not to mention the narrator-cat from the first installment (reluctantly) gets a new friend too. Plus, little brother Art!

    2. Ms. Yingling on said:

      ARC from Young Adult Books CentralLouise is excited when a new neighbor moves in, and Andie likes art as much as Louise does. The two embark on a variety of projects, but when they argue over one picture, it rips in two and the friends stop playing together. Andie cleverly remakes their project so it is an extension of both of them, and shows their differences as well as their similarities. This is a great story about making new friends, but also about the type of fight that is so typical to you [...]

    3. Traci Bold on said:

      Louise and Andie have creative differences which is celebrated in author/illustrator Kelly Light's newest book, LOUISE AND ANDIE THE ART OF FRIENDSHIP. Even when friends have differences there is always something they have in common.Fun read and loaded with creativity.Published by Balzer & Bray.#PB #creativity #artRocks

    4. Sylvia on said:

      Fun and funny! Cute story about two new friends with "artistic" differences. Perfect book for a little girl. I also enjoyed the illustrations of the cat and dog interacting in hilarious ways while the story is going on. Category: Fun, funny, girlie, friendship

    5. Margie on said:

      Moving into a new neighborhood, a new community, can be a bit daunting regardless of your age. You wonder about the similarities and differences between you and your neighbors. You are curious to know if they are friendly and supportive or if they prefer to quietly go about their lives in isolation. It's also safe to say those "Welcome Wagon" days are a thing of the past.In a companion to Louise Love Art (Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, September 9, 2014) Kelly Light works [...]

    6. Becky on said:

      First sentence: Art, this is the BEST day ever! I'm so excited to meet our new neighbor. I hope she loves art too.Premise/plot: Louise and Art are back in a second book! (Though the focus is on Louise and not her adorable, little brother Art!) Louise and Andie, the girl next door, become good friends quickly. But things don't stay wonderful long, soon, these two realize they have artistic differences. Can this friendship be saved?! My thoughts: Loved this one. I did. I really loved it!!! It is s [...]

    7. Tj Shay on said:

      I fell in love with Louise Loves Art so much that I was almost nervous to look at the new book when it arrived, but I was not disappointed. Kelly Light has a way of telling a story that it unfolds in a sweet way. When this book comes out, buy it for all your friends.

    8. Cynthia on said:

      Louise meets Andie, and they both love art! Everything's perfectly alright until they realize they see art in a different way! Can they still be friends? Blue meets red in this follow-up to LOUIS LOVES ART.

    9. Michele Knott on said:

      Louise and Art (and the cat!) are back in this new book that celebrates art, and artistic differences, along with friendship.

    10. Sara on said:

      I sang Emily Arrow's "Louise Loves Art" song in my head while reading this book. I love the lesson about friendship presented in the story.

    11. Michelle Gray on said:

      I really liked how Andie was a Warhol fan. It was cleverly done.

    12. Kelly on said:

      This book is about Louise, who loves art. She has a new neighbor who also loves art. But can the two girls agree on what makes the best art? Can they create a friendship with these disagreements?I like the illustrations in the Louise books. They are at the same time colorful and simple. The characters are distinctive.

    13. Morgan on said:

      I really liked this book. I picked it up at the library with the intention of reading it to elementary students in art class to teach them the value of collaboration & that we can have "artistic differences" and still make amazing art together!

    14. Dierdre on said:

      Sweet characters, bold colors, nice story of friendship and compromising when you have different tastes, while incorporating art. Eagerly awaiting the next Louise book.

    15. L. on said:

      the story is straightforward but a bit short and simple. Fun illustrations.

    16. Karen on said:

      Without a background of knowing who Andy Warhol was, all the little asides, visual etc will be lost on a reader. In general it's got hipster appeal, and the story of working out differences won't be lost on kids. But this is meant to appeal more to art insider parents than children.

    17. Sarah Rusk on said:

      "Louise and Andie: The Art of Frienship" is a companion to "Louise Loves Art" by Kelly Light, although you do not need to read one to comprehend the other. In "Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship," Louise gets a new neighbor and is so excited to meet her. She runs over with her brother, Art, and their pet cat to meet Andie and her dog, Bacon. The girls immediately bond over their love of art and begin to draw together. Light's use of pencil and watercolor make this book really stand out. She [...]

    18. Marcie on said:

      I wish I remembered the first book better because I didn't feel that this one stands alone. I can see reading the two together and the joke of little brother named Art might come through. Do think the cat in the illustrations makes it fun for multiple reads.

    19. Jennifer Strong on said:

      Louise loves art, and so does her new neighbor, Andie! Louise is sure their common interest means they will be the best of friends. That isn't exactly how things work out. They have "artistic differences" and struggle to work together on their art projects. Finally, after hurt feelings and a torn drawing, Andie comes to make amends with Louise. She reveals an art installation that shows them just how amazing their two styles can be when combined.•The girls are so cute! Louise wears her red rim [...]

    20. Becky B on said:

      Louise is thrilled to discover that her brand new neighbor Andie loves art just as much as she does. However, when their artistic tastes clash, will their friendship be over before it barely begins?A cute story about how to mend misunderstandings. I love Art's role in this story. First off, I love that he is welcomed into the girls' play and isn't made a third wheel. Secondly, I love how he's the peacemaker. Way to go Art! And of course, for comic relief there's Andie's dog and Louise and Art's [...]

    21. Jennifer on said:

      In a world where "resting bitch face" is a thing mostly because we expect women to smile at all times, I deeply appreciate a picture book where an important female character is allowed facial expressions (most particularly including happiness) which are not merely wide-eyed delight. I was initially put off by Andie's mien - my mistake - and had to walk one of my students to an understanding that she was not a terrible villain, but that complexity of understanding is an important one and I thank [...]

    22. Serina on said:

      Very nice, quiet book made for reading out loud. I loved that the one girl wasn't actually stuck up, she was just new. They have a difference of opinion and Andie takes steps to resolve the issue. Especially useful life skill when we're living in a culture that promotes arguments instead of agreements. Simple art style lets you focus in on the expressions on each girl's face and their pets. The cute poodle and cat lurk in the background having their own relationship. Which gave it a level of lev [...]

    23. Jana on said:

      This is a terrific book to share with young readers, because it has a wonderful message about making new friends. We see the situation through the lens of Louise, whom we grew to love in Louise Loves Art. Louise has a new neighbor and she's anxious to meet her. She goes next door with her little brother and shares her drawings with Andi. When they start drawing together it becomes clear they don't see eye to eye on everything. Kids will enjoy reading to see how these two are going to reconcile t [...]

    24. Bmack on said:

      I really like this book because it is simple but give the kids something to think about. Louise loves making art and she hopes her new neighbor does too! When she meets her she finds out she too loves art so they create pictures together. The problem comes in when they have different opinions about what makes good art and a picture gets ruined. Louise goes home with the ripped picture and Andie is heartbroken. Louise, however, comes back having made another piece of art with the ripped pages and [...]

    25. Jtimko on said:

      Louise is thrilled that her new neighbor Andie loves art. That is, until an “artistic difference” threatens their friendship. Kelly Light has put a delightful spin on an old topic. The two new friends have something in common until a difference of opinion splits them apart. The resolution by the new kid is imaginative. The sparse text relays the story succinctly while the illustrations complete the story. This would be an excellent purchase for the elementary library. It would be a good rea [...]

    26. Teresa Edmunds on said:

      This is the cute story of two girls who develop a friendship through their love of art. Louise meets her new neighbor Andie and wants to be friends. There is the awkward moment of breaking the ice, the hurt feelings when an accident happens, and the making up and forgiveness. I appreciated that Light told how friendship can have challenges, but they can be overcome. The illustrations are clever. I especially liked the side story of the the cat and dog friendship.

    27. Diane on said:

      Will artistic differences put an end to Louise and Andie's friendship before it even gets started? Will Louise's best day ever turn into the worst day ever? Just because you have things in common doesn't mean you won't see things differently. True friendship means compromising, when necessary and allowing for differences of opinions.Love the progressive relationship between the two pets as told through the illustrations.

    28. Nicole on said:

      A new girl moves in next door. Louise is excited to share her art with the new girl and hopes that she appreciates it. Andie is an artist herself and the two begin to create and collaborate until artistic differences arise. Read the book to see if these very two can mend their creative differences. I liked the concept, overall it was very cute, but sparse writing, not a ton of depth to it.

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