To Follow Her Heart

Rebecca DeMarino

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To Follow Her Heart

To Follow Her Heart It is and Patience Terry is devastated to learn that Captain Jeremy Horton s ship has been shipwrecked off the coast of Barbados with no survivors She had hoped that Jeremy would someday give up

  • Title: To Follow Her Heart
  • Author: Rebecca DeMarino
  • ISBN: 9780800722203
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1664 and Patience Terry is devastated to learn that Captain Jeremy Horton s ship has been shipwrecked off the coast of Barbados, with no survivors She had hoped that Jeremy would someday give up the sea and settle down with her in Southold, Long Island.Unaware his memorial service is being planned, Jeremy is rescued and aboard a British Naval Gunship with secret ordIt is 1664 and Patience Terry is devastated to learn that Captain Jeremy Horton s ship has been shipwrecked off the coast of Barbados, with no survivors She had hoped that Jeremy would someday give up the sea and settle down with her in Southold, Long Island.Unaware his memorial service is being planned, Jeremy is rescued and aboard a British Naval Gunship with secret orders to attack New Amsterdam and claim it for the British Crown When he makes his surprise return to Southold and to an overjoyed Patience it s not the happily ever after his beloved had hoped for.

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    One thought on “To Follow Her Heart

    1. Brittany on said:

      To Follow Her Heart was a book that kept me turning the pages to the very end, wondering what would happen next. These characters did not always do what I wanted them to. They frequently made choices I did not agree with. And things happened in this book that made me upset. But, I was amazed at the realistic feeling of this story. I was totally immersed. To Follow Her Heart is book three in the series, and I think a reader could probably follow along fairly well with this story if they hadn’t [...]

    2. Kristine Morgan on said:

      To Follow Her Heart by Rebecca DeMarino is the third and final book in the Southold Chronicles. The story loosely follows the history of the author's family as they settled Long Island in the 1600's. This novel focuses on Patience Terry and her longing to marry Jeremy Horton sea captain. I love the way Ms. DeMarino brings history to life. Her love of history is quite evident in all of the small details and I really enjoyed the recipes she included. I also enjoyed the scripture that she used thro [...]

    3. Dawn on said:

      I wanted to read this one only to find out how the series ended. I honestly wasn't impressed with the first two books, so I had very low expectations for this one. Like the first two, this one didn't really hold my attention. Also like the first two, it is rich in detail. I didn't care for Patience from the first book. But I'll admit that she grew on me, and by this book, I actually liked her. I did love Jeremy though. He made the first two books bearable. And this was his story. I found that th [...]

    4. Lynda Edwards on said:

      Finishing a series always leaves me with mixed emotions; when I have come to love the characters and feel as if I know them, it is always sad to leave them behind. Yet there is also a compulsion to know how the story ends. For those reasons, I eagerly began this story and also dreaded the final pages.I love this cover—the models are good matches for the characters and the expressions fit the story so well. With the ship and the sea in the background, I can’t imagine a better design. But that [...]

    5. Victor Gentile on said:

      Rebecca DeMarino in her new book, “To Follow Her Heart” Book Three in The Southold Chronicles series published by Revell brings us into the life of Patience Terry.From the back cover: Duty and love are powerful forces. Only one has the power to make her life complete.It is 1664 and Patience Terry is devastated to learn that Captain Jeremy Horton’s ship has been shipwrecked off the coast of Barbados. There were no survivors. She had hoped that Jeremy would someday give up the sea and settle [...]

    6. Becky on said:

      Does Absence Really Make the Heart Grow Fonder?PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW ON MY BLOG: bookreadingtic/2016/08/30/ THANK YOU!Patience Terry loves Captain Jeremy Horton. Jeremy claims to love her, too, and has even promised to marry her. However, he seems to love just about everything else more. First, he had to assist the militia to convince the Dutch to give up New Amsterdam. Afterwards, he wanted to help in case there were uprisings during the transition. Each time, he asked Patience to put off the [...]

    7. Carole Jarvis on said:

      Reviewed at The Power of Words: bit/2bP8eFWTo Follow Her Heart concludes the Southold Chronicles series, three stories that I have greatly enjoyed. They are steeped in early American history, my favorite historical era and one that is sadly neglected in Christian fiction. Each book can technically stand alone, but as characters are interwoven throughout, reading in order would make for a richer experience. I loved following Barnabas and Mary from A Place in His Heart, and reconnecting with Dirk [...]

    8. Rebecca on said:

      America's history runs deep and wide, covering vast territories and including innumerable generations of honorable patriots just like Southold's beloved Hortons. Within the pages of Rebecca DeMarino's "Southold Chronicles" lies an amazing tapestry of truth, based on meticulous research of her ninth great-grandparents lives. Decisions did not come easily, life was precious, love ran deep, worship was vital, and accomplishments were the result of an entire family's commitment to excellence. Thus, [...]

    9. Lynne Young on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I enjoyed the whole series. This is book 3 in The Southold Chronicles series but is a great book on its own.What do you do when you return home to find everyone thinks you died when your ship sank? You find the love of your life and tell her you must leave again, right? Well, no that's not the way Patience Terry thought it would be when Capt. Jeremy Horton came back from the dead. Patience has been waiting - patiently - for Jeremy to make her his bride but so [...]

    10. Elizabeth on said:

      To Follow Her Heart ( The Southold Chronicles Book #3- A Novel )By: Rebecca DeMarinoTo Follow Her Heart is the third book in The Southold Chronicles series . This book could be read alone , but I highly recommend reading them in order. I really enjoyed the story and the characters , both were easy to follow. Rebecca DeMarino had me captured right at the start and did not let go till the end. She weaves a story of Duty and Love , which are two powerful forces. Patience and Captain Jeremy Horton , [...]

    11. Sam B on said:

      This is the last book in the Southold Chronicles and it's probably the most emotional one too.I feel for the author. I know she must be very sad to see all of her characters go as she ends this series! At least, I know I am. This book left me heartbroken, but not without hope. It's a real roller coaster read as we navigate a myriad of emotions with all of the beloved characters we learned to know so well in the previous two books.I loved that the series ends with Patience and Jeremy's love story [...]

    12. Rachael on said:

      This is the third book in the Southhold Chronicles. Although it's possible to read them as stand alone novels. I highly recommend you read them in order.In this book, the character Patience is much more patient than I was while reading this book! It was one of those books that you know how it is going to end, but the reader really doesn't know how. It did have a mild surprise ending which I enjoyed and one that was bittersweet.The author did a great job of wrapping up the many characters that th [...]

    13. Hayden on said:

      Despite the fact that I found this author's previous book less than engaging, I wanted to finish this series. The first book in the Southold Chronicles (A Place in His Heart) wasn't bad, and since Patience and Jeremy are two characters that I remember finding the most interesting, I decided to give To Follow Her Heart a chance.I did like this novel better than To Capture Her Heart, mostly because the main protagonists were characters I'd already been introduced to, so I was interested in them. H [...]

    14. Kasey Cocoa on said:

      I would recommend reading the first two installments prior to this one so you get the whole picture and why these characters make the choices they did, and why those choices held so much weight. That said, it is entirely possible to read this one without reading the first two and still having an enjoyable read. DeMarino's writing style is elegant and flows nicely throughout the book. For me, it feels authentic and well researched. I like the way everything comes together towards the end, leaving [...]

    15. Tina on said:

      Love “To Follow Her Heart” and Rebecca DeMarino. I did read books 2 and 3 of The Southhold Chronicles and want to go back and read #1. I love that this series is based on Rebecca’s ancestors. So cool! If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend that you do. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Some of the best historical fiction I have read!

    16. Patti on said:

      Yes, I have read this out of order. It’s #3 in the series, but it seemed fine all by itself. The time is 1664 in Long Island, NY. The story opens as young Patience Terry is shocked when she receives word that her beloved Capt. Jeremy Horton’s ship has been wrecked off the coast of Barbados, with no reported survivors. Jeremy’s family is devastated, but Patience refuses to believe he’s dead until proven. I loved that she’s the only one who dresses in purple at Jeremy’s funeral in a se [...]

    17. Alyssa Tillett on said:

      To Follow Her Heart written by Rebecca DeMarino is a captivating book. It is the third book in The Southold Chronicles. The story takes place in 1664. Patience Terry is grief-stricken when she learns that Captain Jeremy Horton's ship had been shipwrecked and no survivors were found. She holds a small hope inside that he somehow is still alive.Jeremy, unaware of the mourning for him going on at home, sails on a British warship. He is sent on a mission to attack New Amsterdam and claim it for the [...]

    18. Billy on said:

      When I read To Capture Her Heart (aka the second book in the series) I thought it was standalone novel, but I was wrong, as characters that appeared in it returns for final the book, To Follow Her Heart; though main focus are on different characters.I thought the third book was better written than the previous the book. The plot is really intriguing, the characters are great, and the descriptions throughout the novel are beautiful.Overall, To Follow Her Heart is a fitting conclusion to the serie [...]

    19. Beth Erin on said:

      Full review on Faithfully Bookish wp/p7ngfE-ksWe’ve seen little Patience Terry grow and mature from a flirty young woman fawning over Barnabas Horton before they crossed the Atlantic into a virtuous and compassionate woman respected throughout the Southold community. Jeremy Horton does have flaws and unfortunately for Patience it seems he didn’t learn much from his brother’s missteps in the dance of love.This final installment in The Southold Chronicles is full of adventure, heartache, rom [...]

    20. Kathleen E. on said:

      Tuesday, August 23, 2016To Follow Her Heart by Rebecca DeMarino, © 2016The Southold Chronicles Series, Book 3Duty and love ~ only one has the power to make Patience Terry’s life complete in a world of high seas, tall ships, daring journeys, and yearning hearts.Southold, Long Island, 1664Book 3 can be read as a stand-alone if you haven't met the characters in the previous two books; those you will want to read for the closeness experienced in their lives, so evident here. I especially liked ho [...]

    21. Mardell on said:

      To Follow Her Heart (The Southold Chronicles Book 3) is the story of Patience Terry and her enduring love for Captain Jeremy Horton. As the story begins, word has arrived at Southold, Long Island, that Jeremy's ship, the Swallow has sunk along the coast of Barbados with no survivors. While his brother Barnabas' family are planning a memorial, Patience refuses to believe that Jeremy is dead. Just as his funeral begins, he walks in on the very ceremony and proves he is very much alive.As the story [...]

    22. Claudia on said:

      To Follow Her Heart is book three in The Southold Chronicles based on Rebecca De Marino’s ancestors, Barnabas and Mary Horton’s, settling in what is now Long Island, New York. In her author’s notes DeMarino clearly separates the fact from the fiction. While this latest addition to the series focuses on the romance between Patience Terry and Barnabas’ brother, Jeremy, it continues the story of the deep love between Mary and Barnabas.Life in the 1600’s wasn’t easy with illness and deat [...]

    23. English on said:

      I did enjoy this story, but like a lot it wasn’t a favourite. The first half was better, with fair amount of tension and drama, after that it started getting rather repetitive and just felt drawn out with the constant angst and uncertainty over Patience and Jeremy’s courtship. The details about everyday life were interesting on one level (and I’m a sucker for social history at the best of times), but again, after a while they did become something of a drag. This was probably due to the som [...]

    24. Sally on said:

      Patience Terry has long lived up to her name while waiting for Jeremy Horton. Her feelings are reciprocated, but Jeremy’s first love is the sea. After being shipwrecked, Jeremy realizes his seafaring days are over and wonders what God has planned for his future. He sees Patience in that future, but isn’t sure what he’ll be doing. Will he be part of the militia going against the Dutch, will he build ships, or will he be called away from Long Island?To Follow Her Heart is the third book in T [...]

    25. Elizabeth on said:

      I might have enjoyed To Follow Her Heart more if it wasn’t so obvious that this was the third book in a series. Now, DeMarino does a good job of introducing each character and giving brief descriptions of what has happened to them in the past, but without having read the previous two books, I felt as if I was missing something. Plus, all the characters were hard to keep track of and it was difficult to remember who was related to whom, etc.The other thing that held me back from enjoying the bo [...]

    26. Doreen on said:

      This was the first book I’ve read by this author. I liked a few things about it but it wasn’t my favorite. To be fair, this is book three in a series. Some of my impressions may have been different if I’d read the whole series.This book seemed like a hodgepodge. The beginning seemed to be more historical with a focus on kicking the Dutch out of New Amsterdam. It was pretty slow for me. There was talk about what was going to happen but not a lot of action. Then there was a new focus on ship [...]

    27. Meagan Myhren-bennett on said:

      To Follow Her HeartThe Southold Chronicles #3By Rebecca DeMarinoPatience has waited for years for Captain Jeremy Horton to marry her. Now it seems her heart has lost to the ocean when word reaches Southold the Jeremy's ship was lost with no survivors. Patience refuses to believe that Jeremy is dead, but how can she convince those closest to him to not lose hope?Jeremy Horton survived and is given a mission by the British which returns him to Southold. But his return is temporary one as he fulfil [...]

    28. Becky on said:

      First sentence: "Did you hear me?" Patience Terry stood silent, her mind awhirl. Had she not guarded her heart against this day? Against this pain that ripped through her like a thunderbolt?To Follow Her Heart is the third book in the Southold Chronicles. Does it stand alone? Not really. Not if you want it to be emotionally rich and satisfying--as the blurb says. Is the trilogy worth your time? Probably. I'd add in one qualification: if you're looking for a little romance with your history, pick [...]

    29. K P on said:

      In Rebecca DeMarino's latest book, To Follow Her Heart, her third installment in her Southold Chronicles series, the year 1664 has arrived with the news that Captain Jeremy Horton's ship, along with his entire crew, have been lost at sea. Most in Jeremy's hometown of Southold believe that he is dead. The single holdout is Patience Terry. She believes in her heart that Jeremy is still alive!On the day a funeral is being held to honor Jeremy's life, the mourning is suddenly turned into a celebrati [...]

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