The Collected Fantasies, Vol. 1: Upon a Star


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The Collected Fantasies, Vol. 1: Upon a Star

The Collected Fantasies Vol Upon a Star This out of print English translation collects The Repairmen Upon a Star Aedena and Celestial Venice by Jean Moebius Giraud

  • Title: The Collected Fantasies, Vol. 1: Upon a Star
  • Author: Mœbius
  • ISBN: 9780871352781
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • This out of print English translation collects The Repairmen, Upon a Star, Aedena and Celestial Venice by Jean Moebius Giraud.

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    One thought on “The Collected Fantasies, Vol. 1: Upon a Star

    1. J.G. Keely on said:

      This book collects early examples of Moebius' science fiction work, and is typical for showing his exploration of different artistic styles. Several of the works were commissioned by big business interests who wanted to inspire their employees and readers. The commercial aspects of these stories are a bit silly, as is Moebius' attempt to inject his humanitarian spiritual philosophies. Each story has a foreword and afterword, and in these Moebius talks briefly about his experiences with various s [...]

    2. Chris Kelly on said:

      Dream like and transcendent. Moebius craft stories that blend interests in classic science fiction and fantasy with mysticism and surrealist painting to create multi-dimensional tales of sex, death, and enlightenment. As a kid who gobbled up superhero comics, my world was rocked at a young age by the likes of Heavy Metal Magazine and Epic Illustrated, whose artists - Moebius among them - showed me that comics was as powerful an artistic and storytelling medium as any other. His death this week p [...]

    3. christopher green on said:

      Moebius is big in my life. And has been for a while, but reading through this book the other day (at the fantastic Merril Collection in Toronto) was a soul-slapping experience -- a wakeup. Giraud's spiritual philosophy shine through both the work itself and his forwards/afterwards, and this converged with my own internal thoughts and current struggle to create a better sort of comic and left me with a deeper understanding of what it is i'm setting out to do. Thanks for the peace Moebius, i hope [...]

    4. Andrew on said:

      This is a collection of short stories by Moebius. They are of varying quality. None of the stories really had any impact on me. I love his clear-line style, he's a master at it.

    5. João on said:

      The ending of the story commissioned by Citroen is actually pretty cool. It's a shame that Giraud's spiritual inputs on his sci-fi short stories are really shallow, at least when compared to what he does in his later works, such as the Incal. Yet, overall this was a entertaining reading, 3/5. His art for me is always 5/5, either when he is ultra minimalist or otherwise decides to fill the pages with thousands details. He's just a flawless genious at drawing, and he still makes me "whoaaa!" every [...]

    6. Alexander Lisovsky on said:

      Больше всего меня поразило отсутствие лёгкой скуки, с которой обычно читается классика. Been there, seen that Данного эффекта здесь и близко нет, повествование захватывает, сюжет интригует. При всём при этом основная история была в своё время заказана и оплачена рекламными ситроэн [...]

    7. Travis Mueller on said:

      Reading this (and especially the short "The Life and Times of Jean 'Moebius' Giraud" at the end) made me appreciate how much influence Moebius has had on works that have influenced or been of interest to me. But I have also realized that it is not worth trying to track down more of his stuff, since it just doesn't appeal to me. Most of what I have read has had this weird sort of cosmic spirituality, ideas of enlightened aliens guiding humanity to life among the stars. The ideals it professes are [...]

    8. John on said:

      An odd, wonderful book. It's kind of odd that Marvel chose this to kick off their Moebius reprint series back in the day. The title story in this book truly is amazing, but it's also a giant product placement and a tale without an ending. Then there are two other unrelated short stories drawn and written in completely different styles. There's a LOT to savor in this book, but ultimately it's kind of confusing and unsatisfying. I hope that one day someone starts a chronological or organized Moebi [...]

    9. Evan on said:

      Moebius is a legend, and all of his work fascinates me. I do not love his storytelling, but there's certainly something to his rambling stream-of-consciousness imagination-narratives. The titular story here, Upon a Star was lots of fun. One of my favorites in these early volumes.

    10. David on said:

      really enjoyed The Repairman, the shortest and simplest of the stories. a pilot's vehicle breaks down but it takes a psykik not a mekanik to repair his vehicle by revisiting his past troubled childhood memories

    11. Arthur on said:

      2.5 stars i wanted more from this i hope the series picks up enough

    12. Heathbrook Badhwar on said:

      Beautiful, beautiful work. The Aedena cycle blew my mind. The art & colours are simply dazzling.

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