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Owen Davey

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Smart About Sharks

Smart About Sharks It s time to learn about the sea s most feared and most misunderstood residents sharks Owen Davey returns to nonfiction to explain the mysteries of those denizens of the deep Some deadly some not so

  • Title: Smart About Sharks
  • Author: Owen Davey
  • ISBN: 9781909263918
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s time to learn about the sea s most feared and most misunderstood residents sharks Owen Davey returns to nonfiction to explain the mysteries of those denizens of the deep Some deadly, some not so deadly, and almost all just generally misunderstood Exciting and detailed illustrations fill the page and educate young readers about these thrilling residents of the seaIt s time to learn about the sea s most feared and most misunderstood residents sharks Owen Davey returns to nonfiction to explain the mysteries of those denizens of the deep Some deadly, some not so deadly, and almost all just generally misunderstood Exciting and detailed illustrations fill the page and educate young readers about these thrilling residents of the sea Delivering information with the same whimsical text and brash illustration that saw his previous book win the affection of the Wall Street Journal, Smart About Sharks is sure to have teeth Owen Davey is a freelance illustrator, living and working out of Leicester, United Kingdom He graduated with a First Class BA in Illustration from Falmouth University Davey s work has been published in every continent except Antarctica , including picture books in the United Kingdom, America, Australia, Germany, France, Portugal, China, and Korea He has worked for some impressive clients, including the New York Times, Microsoft, and Orange This is his first book about sharks.

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    One thought on “Smart About Sharks

    1. Kaitlin on said:

      * I was sent this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review *This book is one I requested as I loved the cover and the art style seemed really lovely too. I was so happy to receive the book as, like all Nobrow books, it was beautifully published and I found it a joy to read and learn from. This book is a non-fiction, illustrated look at sharks. It's quite simple as it's aimed at beginners and children, but I definitely learned a few things from it as I'm a bit of a novice [...]

    2. Jenny on said:

      Loved this book. Beautifully illustrated and I actually learnt quite a lot as a shark novice. This would be perfect for any child with an interest in the natural world.*I was gifted this book for an honest review

    3. Vicki on said:

      If Wes Anderson wrote a book about sharks. (In the very best way.)

    4. Jennifer B. on said:

      Very informative, attractive illustrations, and a little blurb about conservation at the end. Great!

    5. Nancy on said:

      Love everything about this picture book about sharks. Fun illustrations and oodles of fun facts for kids (and grown-ups) to nerd out on --

    6. KidsBooksWorthReading on said:

      A pink book about Sharks? Yes and yes.๐Ÿ’— Owen Davey has a ongoing series about animals. (Mad About Monkeys ๐Ÿ’ and coming out with a new one called Crazy About Cats ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…) The illustrations are sharp and the info interesting and thorough! #kidsbooksworthreading #kidsbook #kidsbookstagram #kidsbooks #kidsnonfiction #smartaboutsharks #sharks #flyingeyebooks #owendavey

    7. Suzanne on said:

      Owen Davey has created a beautiful book about sharks. My female students love animal books as much as the males do, but they are not always happy with the aesthetic appearance of nonfiction books. I think Smart About Sharks will not have that problem, especially with pink as the background color for the cover. The table of contents is located within a sea of grayish-blue full of sea weed and sharks. There is a large 2-page spread showing the relative size of each species that is awesome in its a [...]

    8. A Story A Day - Leah on said:

      Owen Davey returns with another glorious nonfiction book about one of the most fearsome creatures that live in the ocean, sharks. His illustrations and bold graphic details bring facts about sharks to life. Personally I learned quite a lot from this nonfiction book, considering my son is a shark lover and a nature enthusiast. Did you know that sharks are 200 million years older than dinosaurs and that there are over 500 unique shark species alive today? Did you know that sharks do not chew their [...]

    9. Miriam Downey on said:

      Read my full review here: mimi-cyberlibrarian.cWhat I learned from reading Smart About Sharks to my 3-year-old grandson is that he wants to interact with the books that we are reading together. This is different from his sister who wants to know the story. Davick really liked the pictures in this bookโ€”all the different types of sharks, their size and shape, and most importantly the size of their teeth. He wasn't particularly interesting in having me read all the interesting facts the book has, [...]

    10. Iowa City Public Library on said:

      From Morgan:"Smart About Sharks by Owen Davey showcases all sorts of shark facts using vintage style illustrations. Did you you know that a Dwarf Lantern Shark is the size of a pencil? Or that the Megamouth Shark has a glow-in-the-dark mouth? The silhouette of a seal and turtle next to a human on a surfboard next helps explain why sharks might sometimes attack humans, but the importance of sharks in mythology and ocean ecology emphasize more positive human-shark connections. Standard exploration [...]

    11. Christyn on said:

      3.5/5 StarsSmart About Sharks was a fun, colorfully illustrated introduction to sharks. It is a good introductory book (aimed toward children, but even adults can enjoy it) about sharks, what they are, parts (and their function) of a shark, eating/hunting, behavior, sizes, interesting facts about sharks in general (and specific species), reproduction, myths, and human impact on sharks. I enjoyed this book, I certainly learned some new things about sharks that I didnโ€™t know before, and the illu [...]

    12. Ambur on said:

      Full of lots of information on sharks with fun illustrations and facts. My favourite shark facts were:1. There are over 500 unique species of shark!! I had no idea. 2. Some sharks are capable of producing venom!!3. Shark offspring are called pups!I also loved that this book touches on the fact that many shark species are on endangered and at risk lists, and it gives tips on what we can do to help keep their oceans healthy! :)

    13. Melanie Knight on said:

      I fell in love with this book immediately. Love at first site! The science is solid and completely age-appropriate (5+), the design is gorgeous, and the subject is epic for kiddom. I can't decide whether to buy it and display it or carry it with me everywhere I go (the way the child me did with my favorite, favorite things).

    14. Heydi Smith on said:

      This is one of my new favorite non-fic books. The retro presentation and simple but informative text means this book will be of interest to all for years to come. The author's witty chapter titles leave a grin on your face as the knowledge leaps off the page to caress your welcoming neurons as you soak up this invigorating wealth of information.

    15. Tina Grove on said:

      Really enjoyed this book. Great art and interesting facts. Explained shark anatomy, taxonomy and some other fun shark facts very well. Loved the variation in page layouts and typography as well. Great for any shark enthusiast K or 1st grade and up.

    16. L Schwarzman on said:

      This is a great book about sharks. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think that kids will really love it. It is very informative and engaging. The artwork is a beautiful palette which provides wonderful depictions of sharks I had never even heard of! I learned a lot from this little book.

    17. Jon(athan) Nakapalau on said:

      Owen Davey does a fantastic job of making learning fun! The illustrations are perfect - young marine biologists will love this book.

    18. Suzanne on said:

      Informative, very thorough, and a pleasure to look at. I felt as if I were in the shark exhibit at a natural history museum.

    19. Karen on said:

      Beautiful illustrations with just enough text on each page - will definitely purchase for my library.

    20. Kristina Jean Lareau on said:

      Highly informative with phenomenal and stylish illustrations.

    21. Mehsi on said:

      Haaien zijn echt geweldige dieren, dus ik moest dit boek gewoon lezen toen ik hem in de bibliotheek zag. En wat was het een leuk, mooi boek. Superleuk geillustreerd, heerlijk en heldere informatie, en nog veel meer. Ik vloog door dit boek, ik weet nu nog een paar dingetjes meer over haaien! \o/ Zeker een aanrader.

    22. Francis S. Poesy on said:

      A great format. Fantastic illustrations. I can see kids interested in sharks and animals perusing this book over and over again.

    23. Amber on said:

      3.5 starsReally cool illustrations accompany these neat shark facts! I liked it more then I thought it would and it made me more curious about these critters.

    24. Kayla Edgar on said:

      Wanted to check out this series of animal facts books since there will be a beetle one coming soon. Really like the illustration style combo with little facts.

    25. Julie on said:

      My review is published on the Children's Book Council of Australia's Reading Time web page - readingtime/smart-about

    26. Bobby on said:

      Really 4.5 stars but rounding up because I'm always happy to see more book about science/nature.

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