A Golden Cage

Shelley Freydont

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A Golden Cage

A Golden Cage The author of A Gilded Grave returns to Newport Rhode Island at the close of the nineteenth century where headstrong heiress Deanna Randolph must solve another murder among the social elite With he

  • Title: A Golden Cage
  • Author: Shelley Freydont
  • ISBN: 9780425275856
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author of A Gilded Grave returns to Newport, Rhode Island, at the close of the nineteenth century, where headstrong heiress Deanna Randolph must solve another murder among the social elite.With her mother in Europe, Deanna is staying with the Ballard family, who agree to chaperone her through the summer season and guide her toward an advantageous marriage proposal or sThe author of A Gilded Grave returns to Newport, Rhode Island, at the close of the nineteenth century, where headstrong heiress Deanna Randolph must solve another murder among the social elite.With her mother in Europe, Deanna is staying with the Ballard family, who agree to chaperone her through the summer season and guide her toward an advantageous marriage proposal or so her mother hopes Relishing her new freedom, Deanna is interested in buying one of the fashionable new bathing costumes, joining a ladies bicycling club, and befriending an actress named Amabelle Deeks, all of which would scandalize her mother Far scandalous is the discovery of a young man bludgeoned to death on the conservatory floor at Bonheur, the Ballards sumptuous cottage Deanna recognizes him as an actor who performed at the birthday fete for a prominent judge the night before But why was he at Bonheur And where is Amabelle Concerned her new friend may be in danger or worse Deanna enlists the help of her intrepid maid, Elspeth, and her former beau, Joe Ballard, to find Amabelle before the villain of this drama demands an encore.

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    One thought on “A Golden Cage

    1. LORI CASWELL on said:

      Dollycas’s ThoughtsI want to escape right into that picture on the cover.This second book in the series picks up almost where book one left off. Deanna’s mother and sister are still abroad and her father is busy working so Deanna continues her stay with the Ballards. She goes on calls with “Gran Gwen” and they attend a few parties, keeping her in the eye of eligible bachelors that she really has no interest in. She wants a career as a detective and not many suitors would be happy to have [...]

    2. Chelsey Wolford on said:

      I started this series last summer and fell in love with the characters and the mystery. Deanna is a great leading lady with a somewhat young, naïve, but yet smart and mischievous outlook. The setting is absolutely to die for and the diction plays into the time period very nicely. I loved everything about this book and thought it was a nice addition to the series. I am usually skeptical about the second books in a series because they often lack luster compared to the first. I will say that I enj [...]

    3. Lorraine on said:

      A Golden Cage (Newport Gilded Age #2) by Shelley Freydont is great fun with a determined, strong woman as the lead character with her lady's maid as a 'Jill of all trades ' as the second lead character, one is in for quite a (bike) ride. Deanna Randolph is staying in Newport for her first season with a family friend, Gran Gwen, at her cottage, Bonheur. Gran Gwen is not at all similar to Deanna'a mother. Thus Deanna is having a summer full of freedom while also learning the ropes of society. The [...]

    4. QNPoohBear on said:

      Deanna Randolph is staying with Gran Gwen and the Ballards while her mother and older sister are off in Switzerland curing Adelaide's migraines. Deanna is thrilled to escape her draconian mother and do fun things like wear the latest fashions and ride her new safety bicycle. Deanna's independence drives Joe crazy. He worries she'll ruin her reputation or worse, once she becomes involved in a mystery. After helping to solve a murder a few weeks earlier, Deanna is on the case again after an actor [...]

    5. OpenBookSociety.com on said:

      openbooksociety/article/a-A Golden CageA Newport Gilded Age Mystery, Book #2By Shelley FreydontISBN#9780425275856Author’s Website: shelleyfreydontBrought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis:With her mother in Europe, Deanna is staying with the Ballard family, who agree to chaperone her through the summer season and guide her toward an advantageous marriage proposal—or so her mother hopes. Relishing her new freedom, Deanna is more interested in buying one of the fashionable new bathing cos [...]

    6. nikkia neil on said:

      Thanks Berkley Publishing Group and netgalley for this ARC.I love this series! It's feel good reading. There's always something surprising at the end to look forward to the next one.

    7. Marta on said:

      I love spunky Deanna and the wonderful Ballard women. I didn't figure out the culprit, and found it interesting in that it was a murder caused by its time in history. I'll say no more.I love how clueless Joe and Deanna are about each other. They too are growing into themselves and figuring out their identities in a society that very much wants to tell them who they should be.

    8. A Holland Reads on said:

      This was a fun book for me as it included two of my favorite things history and mystery. We get to go on another adventure with Deanna and then what does she stumble upon but a dead body. Following Deanna, Elspeth and Joe on their journey to find Amabelle before it is too late was quite the adventure. I like how the author gives us enough clues to make us think we know what is going on then her comes another twist. The descriptions that Shelley uses are very good as I feel as if I am right there [...]

    9. Shelley Giusti on said:

      This was a great book to read. I love the historical era and the cast of characters are becoming so well developed you feel like you know them even more.The story takes place in the nineteenth century where Deanna wants to be more her own woman. getting in to fashion and joining clubs is the life she wants. What she gets instead is a murder to help solve. It pulls you in from the first page and keeps you captivated until the very end. Those who love history and the Victorian Era will want to add [...]

    10. Marissa Alexander on said:

      This one takes place just weeks after book #1 making it sound like Newport is a hot place for murder. But it was cute. Freydont brings up social issues of the time (birth control, women's rights, new fashion, women riding bikes, and homosexuality) all wrapped in a murder mystery featuring a troupe of actors and actresses.I would read a #3 if she comes out with one.

    11. Laura Lee on said:

      I read the first in this series a few years ago but forgot. I had given the first book two stars and said I would pass on the second.Well I am drawn to certain covers and eras and this fit the bill for me. I was suckered! I did try to read but gave up on page 164.

    12. Gretchen on said:

      I like this series set in 1895 in Newport, Rhode Island. Deanna is a society girl in her first season. She is staying with family friends while her mother is abroad. She and her maid keep getting involved in mysteries and murders. They love to read the dime novels about female detectives. These books are interesting because of the glimpse into the time period when the Newport cottages were filled with parties and social rules and excess. I can't wait to read another of these!

    13. Amy on said:

      Pros: Another reviewer commented that the female relationships in this series are the best part, and I agree. It's an easy read (which is a good thing IMO).Cons: Overall the book fell flat for me. The investigation isn't terribly interesting or action-packed. Joe doesn't have a lot of appeal as a love interest.

    14. Julia on said:

      I normally love a good romance, but the reality of Deanna's limited options makes her "will they, won't they" with Joe hurt my heart. I love the relationships between female characters, and enjoyed the mystery as well.

    15. Whitney Millirons on said:

      I couldn't get past page three. I think "Deanna" was written nearly 15 times on one page. Drove me nuts.

    16. Geralyn on said:

      Good mystery and interesting characters. Will look for first book to read--I think this is a series I will be following.

    17. Savannah on said:

      I really enjoyed this lighthearted book. It was a page turner, fantasy, and fun. It's not something you take too seriously.

    18. Shirley on said:

      Did enjoy just not as much as the first. The theme was not my favorite and then too many characters and not enough of the regulars.

    19. Silvara Wilde on said:

      Check out my other reviews, discussions and link ups at Fantasy of the Silver Dragon.I received this book for free from Berkley Prime Crime in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.The cover is my favorite part of the book. The book itself isn't bad, but the cover is lovely! I especially love the yellow dressI found myself finding other things to do during the course of reading this. Never a good sign with a book! But it was never [...]

    20. Katreader on said:

      A GOLDEN CAGE by Shelley FreydontThe Second Newport Gilded Age MysteryDeanna Randolph is enjoying her new found freedom spending the summer with Gran Gwen far from her stifling mother. Much to Gwen's delight and Joe's consternation Deanna has joined a bicycle club and is consorting with theatre folk. Amabelle Deeks, a chorus girl who has run away from her upperclass background, literally, turns up at Bonheur apparently seeking refuge. When morning comes a young actor is found murdered in the con [...]

    21. Laura Reading on said:

      I will start by saying I did NOT see this ending coming. Wow- talk about scandal!Deanna Randolph feels to me like an Edwardian Nancy Drew. More modern than other girls of her era, when not under the watchful eye of her extremely strict mother, and more daring than those who care about her desire, especially former almost-fiance Joe. Joe is much more attentive to Deanna now that they are back to being friends instead of assumed betrothed. You'll have to read the first book of the series, A Gilded [...]

    22. Debbie on said:

      This is a romance and mystery set in 1895 in Newport. What I loved about the first book in the series was how friends from different stations in life worked together to discover whodunit. But in this book, Will (the police) is ineffectual and hardly plays a role. Elspeth and Joe discover a few clues but their main role was to keep Deanna from getting caught when breaking into homes and to prevent her from getting hurt while investigating. I thought Deanna might get wiser about what situations ar [...]

    23. Trish on said:

      A Golden Cage is the second book in Shelley Freydont's Newport Gilded Age series. (I enjoyed reading the first book, A Gilded Grave, last year.)Deanna Randolph is enjoying staying at the Ballard family's "cottage" while her family is in Europe. However, when an actor from a traveling theater troupe is found dead in the Ballard's conservatory, and a young actress goes missing, the mystery begins. Deanna works to solve the mystery with her lady's maid and friend, Elspeth, and her former beau, Joe. [...]

    24. Sasha on said:

      Wow. I really enjoy this series. Deanna reminds me of a heroine out of Heyer and I do so love reading about her coming out season in Newport. I like her interactions with Elspeth, Gran Gwen, Joe, Will, Laurette, and Lionel. Her uncertainty about her future and finding her passions is something I certainly empathize with. How she is beginning to come into her own and recognizing all that she still has to learn.Yet again, the plot was by no means bad, but, for me, it was a vehicle that allows us t [...]

    25. Studentofparables on said:

      I really need to get and read the first of this series! And all subsequent, of course! I’m definitely hooked.Incredible depth of language. That’s how I can sum up this work in one sentence. The author’s use and mastery of description, dialogue, and story is amazing. The characters are given more and more facets with each scene, which brings amazing depth to this “cozy mystery” – a genre where many authors often focus on the plot and only scratch the surface of their subjects.The auth [...]

    26. Gabi Eagon on said:

      This is an excellent romance, mystery, and historical series. Deanna is a strong woman who is trying to get out from under her mothers strict ways. Her opportunity comes when her mother takes her sister to Switzerland for healing. She is allowed to stay at Bonheur a cottage near the ocean She stays with Aunt Gwen a liberated woman with strong ties to the rich and famous like the Vanderbilts and Oscar Wilde. Perfect situation for Deanna to learn about scandals and how to outwit the fake Newport g [...]

    27. Linda on said:

      A Golden Cage, by Shelley Freydont, is different than most of the mysteries I've read. Freydont transports you to the happenings of the Gilded Age with its social elite flaunting their wealth. Detailed descriptions make it easy to visualize the characters and setting as young Deanna Randolph spends the summer with the Ballard family. While she is there, a man is mysteriously found dead in their conservatory. This leads to many questions and detective work from Deanna, her maid--Elspeth, and poss [...]

    28. Daniele on said:

      This is a nice period mystery with a young, independent minded, yet a little naive, protagonist. She is spunky and likable, but her age is sometimes her worst enemy. I enjoy Joe's character and look forward to seeing how their relationship changes over time. The mystery itself is solid with enough red herrings to keep me guessing for a good portion of the book. In fact, I was sure I knew whodunit almost throughout until one final turn. Freydont's style is is good, providing just enough details a [...]

    29. Teddi on said:

      Its just not holding my interest at all. A story about a pampered moneyed teenager who puts herself into dangerous situations because she fancies herself like the detectives in the novels she reads. Then of course there is the romance angle where she is always pouting because she thinks the man hates her and the man who constantly denies he secretly loves her because she is a spoiled child- we all know how that is going end up. Then there is her trusty maid and her boyfriend who works for the ma [...]

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