The Runaway Wife

Elizabeth Birkelund

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The Runaway Wife

The Runaway Wife Three beautiful French sisters entrust an American hiker with the mission of rescuing their mother high in the Alps But what if she doesn t want to be found Recently fired from his high power finance

  • Title: The Runaway Wife
  • Author: Elizabeth Birkelund
  • ISBN: 9780062431752
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three beautiful French sisters entrust an American hiker with the mission of rescuing their mother high in the Alps But what if she doesn t want to be found Recently fired from his high power finance job and dumped by his fianc e, Jim Olsen has come to the Swiss Alps to clear his head At the charming Cabane des Audannes, he meets Clio, Thalia and Helene Castellane, whoThree beautiful French sisters entrust an American hiker with the mission of rescuing their mother high in the Alps But what if she doesn t want to be found Recently fired from his high power finance job and dumped by his fianc e, Jim Olsen has come to the Swiss Alps to clear his head At the charming Cabane des Audannes, he meets Clio, Thalia and Helene Castellane, who are on a quest of their own their mother, Calliope, has fled to these mountains to escape her philandering politician husband s most recent scandal As snow threatens to descend upon the Alps, the women have come to bring their mother home But the sisters are at the point of surrender it is time for them to return to Paris Buoyed by wine and inspired by their beauty, Jim impetuously volunteers to assume their search, but soon realizes that he is in over his head The Alps are filled with beauty and danger, not the least of which is Calliope s desire to stay hidden And all the while Jim finds himself haunted by the memory of her daughters and conflicted in his desire for them.The Runaway Wife is a story of adventure, survival, and romance and of a man s discovery of a world outside his conventional life and a new vision of himself within it.

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      209 Elizabeth Birkelund
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    One thought on “The Runaway Wife

    1. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader on said:

      The premise of this was absolutely fascinating, but the execution fell just a little flat for me. More to come once I think about it more. Thanks to Caryn, The Book Whisperer, for the book. :)

    2. DJ Sakata on said:

      Favorite Quotes:Whose breathing did he hear How amazing it was to be privy to a stranger's sleep, something that belonged solely to that person. Sleep was not a break from life's continual sweep. In it, you were still living life, seeing things you would never see come morning, and it could age you as quickly as daytime.Even when she wasn't moving, she vibrated like a flame dancing in the wind.One of her dull-gray eyes was open, the other shut. As you go to death, Jim thought, perhaps there is a [...]

    3. Meg - A Bookish Affair on said:

      "The Runaway Wife" is the story of Jim, a man who is down on his luck. He travels to the Swiss Alps with his friend to simply relax and find some peace of mind. It's not to be when he gets roped in to finding the mother of three women that he meets. But maybe Calliope doesn't want to be found? This book is a good one for when you want to let go of reality for a little bit and get lost.I don't need my fiction to be reality based but if you do, this book may not be for you. The premise is a little [...]

    4. Chana on said:

      Hiking heals. Our main character is a 30-ish American man, recently dumped by both his fiancee and his job. Life hurts! He and a friend take a vacation hiking in the Alps, help our guy walk it off, leave the pain behind and get ready to begin the life struggle once again.Maybe such a hike can never be a "normal" experience, it is too intense, but for our story we take a distinct step towards weird when three women approach our hikers and ask our guys to find their mother and bring her out of the [...]

    5. AK Mama Reads on said:

      With an evocative voice and imagery sure to help you cool down during this heat wave, Birkelund's second novel, The Runaway Wife, is more than a story of a man finding someone who wants to stay out of the spotlight. It's a story of a man finding out what desire truly means, and thus what he genuinely desires. This book flew by due to its fairly small page count. I could have read another 10 volumes, it was such a pleasant experience if I'd had the time I would have re-read the book immediately u [...]

    6. Kathi on said:

      I was recommended this book because I loved "Where'd you go Bernadette," please be advised "The Runaway Wife" is not at all like comparable.

    7. Rebecca on said:

      This single story line book filled with references (many inaccurate) was dancing on the edge of a romance novel, but there was no sex. Here are my biggest points of contention:I realize the author was shooting for using names of the muses. Commit or go home. I respect why she didn't want to use Erato, being the origin of and sounding so similar to erotic, but when that didn't seem appropriate, there were 5 other muses (excluding the 3 already used) to chose from. She didn't need to make up a mus [...]

    8. Melanie on said:

      A fast read. It was an interesting premise for a story but only an "ok" read.

    9. Nancy on said:

      If you’re interested in hiking and the Alps read this. If not, don’t bother.

    10. Rachel on said:

      Just as pretentious as it is poetic. Exactly the kind of book i wanted to be able to whip through on my short vacatIon this week- 3 days of pocketed reading, and i enjoyed the scenic Swiss vistas and muse-inspired female characters. As a fluent French speaker and degree holder in French language, culture, and history, i was less than impressed with some of the translations, but i did only have an ARC- the proper edition might be better. compelling, fast, romantic, and kind of a throwaway. But ha [...]

    11. Juliana Knight on said:

      I read this novel while walking on the treadmill, so it's perfect for a light read and can be finished fairly quickly. However, I didn't find the story terribly engaging and felt unsatisfied at the ending. There are beautiful passages of prose featuring descriptions of nature, but the characters themselves (and their conversations) leave a lot to be desired. I feel as though many of the issues are unresolved at the end.

    12. GriseldaAlvarez on said:

      This story needed character development. The story although somewhat entertaining, I failed to understand why Jim would take on a search mission requested by three young women he had just met. The women wanted Jim to find their mother in the mountains and bring her home, when the mother had ran away to the mountains to get away from her cheating and controlling husband. I was disappointing to get to the end of this book and read that she decided to remain in the marriage and in the household eve [...]

    13. Paulita Kincer on said:

      The Runaway Wife by Elizabeth Birkelund transported me to a world I've never visited, to an oasis high in the Swiss Alps where a woman can be her true self, unworried about what others think.The book begins with Jim, an overworked financial investor who hasn't had a vacation in 8 years taking a vacation with a friend. They hike in the Swiss Alps and at a remote hut, they meet threesisters who entice them to search for the women's lost mother. The mother was raised in the Alps, but she has never [...]

    14. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance on said:

      No, the setting isn't France, but it's so close that you can see France just over the border. To add to the book's France factor, most of the characters are French right down to their occasional poutinesses and their love for art and beauty and minor surreptitious affairs. Giving the book a quite high Frenchiness overall.SPOILER ALERTThe story is a bit of a stretch, but then again don't be looking for realistic fiction, folks. Three sisters, all of whom have lovely mythological names, (do you se [...]

    15. Rachel on said:

      A simple readSold as a blend between eat pray love and where'd you go Bernadette. Too choppy and not as entertaining as either of those.

    16. Sandie on said:

      Jim Olsen has always done what was expected of him. He studied hard in college, graduated and got a great job with a great salary. He got engaged to a woman he loved. Everything was going along smoothly when the bottom fell out. His company unexpectedly fired him. His fiance decided perhaps they weren't a great match after all and left him. Jim gets another job but won't start for a while. His friend is hiking in the Swiss Alps and asks him to join him. Since Jim hasn't taken a vacation in years [...]

    17. Lee D'Anna on said:

      I enjoyed this book, not because of the plot (which was a bit of a reality stretch), but because it was different from any book I can recall reading. I loved the descriptions of both the immense beauty and the unforgiving harshness of the Swiss mountains, which can ultimately have the power to transform a person's life. In this book, a young American man who is going through a life crisis finds new meaning while on an unexpected "mission" to find a missing person (albeit one who prefers to stay [...]

    18. Harvee on said:

      I loved the setting and the poetic descriptions of the high Swiss Alps in late autumn and under snow. An interesting story about the reluctant wife of a prominent French politician. Quite a timely topic.

    19. Allison on said:

      Interesting premise but mid-way through the book, the actions/setting changes seemed stilted and confusing. The conclusion was also not quite what I was hoping for. However, this was a quick read and I did enjoy parts.

    20. Barbara on said:

      I liked it , it kept my interest . It is a quick , easy read. Is it great? No. But I like anything that involves the outdoors and hiking , so that helped me like the story more. There are some holes and I don't know why the sisters were the way they were. But , I will give it 3 stars.

    21. Kara Lohse on said:

      A story about 3 French sisters looking for their mother who disappeared after her husband's continuous infidelity is leaked to the press. They request the help of an American hiker to bring her home. A bit trite but still charming!

    22. Andrea Meier on said:

      This was a light, quick read. About 2/3 of the way through I really got into it. Basically, it just made me certain that I need to travel to and hike the Alps soon!!!!

    23. Mary on said:

      A book about self awareness? At least a fast read. I know I won't be hiking the Alps in a snowstorm!

    24. Kathleen Widner on said:

      I could picture the scenery very clearly and look forward to one day seeing the Swiss Alps in person!

    25. Gerbina on said:

      beetje ongeloofwaardig en zoveel verwijzingen naarwat? en.halve verwijzingem, teveel in een dun boek.

    26. Becca on said:

      I almost gave up on this, but finished reading anyway. Just a little slow and not very interesting.

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