Caedmon Wolves; 6 Books Collection

Ambrielle Kirk Amber Ella Monroe

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Caedmon Wolves; 6 Books Collection

Caedmon Wolves Books Collection Special Anniversary Limited Edition Includes full books in the Caedmon Wolves series With the fate of the Caedmon Pack hanging in the balance their leaders devise a strategy for peace and prolonged

  • Title: Caedmon Wolves; 6 Books Collection
  • Author: Ambrielle Kirk Amber Ella Monroe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Special Anniversary Limited Edition Includes 6 full books in the Caedmon Wolves series With the fate of the Caedmon Pack hanging in the balance, their leaders devise a strategy for peace and prolonged existence One Alpha leads the pack to overcome grief and hopelessness during a time of chaos His enemies make attempts to tear down the unity holding the pack togetherSpecial Anniversary Limited Edition Includes 6 full books in the Caedmon Wolves series.With the fate of the Caedmon Pack hanging in the balance, their leaders devise a strategy for peace and prolonged existence One Alpha leads the pack to overcome grief and hopelessness during a time of chaos His enemies make attempts to tear down the unity holding the pack together Rivals infiltrate their territories and threaten to claim possession at the first sign of weakness Many lives are destroyed in the quest for dominance and peace The rules must evolve to fit their ever changing society before deception, jealousy, and hatred ruin the Caedmon Pack This collection focuses on the Caedmon Pack Council members as they face tough choices between loyalty and true love 6 Sexy Alpha Males and 6 Happily Ever Afters included.Author s Note These are full length paranormal romance stories of the 1st six books in the Caedmon Wolves series.The following titles are included Wolf s HavenWolf s PromiseWolf s TouchWolf s DesireWolf s StrengthWolf s Honor

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      174 Ambrielle Kirk Amber Ella Monroe
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    One thought on “Caedmon Wolves; 6 Books Collection

    1. Sandra Crow on said:

      Great SeriesI really enjoyed books 1 - 6 of this series. The storyline was consistent from the first book through book six. The plot twists and turns from book one continuously to the last page of book six. I can not wait to read book seven.

    2. Questian on said:

      I was able to buy this six book collection free from . It was really a good deal. I liked how the stories was connected to each other. At the same time, the level of conflicts were a mite to much. Who would have thought past transgressions would be carried to the present. Reviewing each book would take time, so I'll do this a whole. From book one to the last book of this collection we are given the lives of the Caedmon Pack, from how their Alpha rises, to the discovery of the Alpha's half sister [...]

    3. Ana LibrariAna on said:

      I needed an escape and I definitely got a long one with 6 books in a series.I am not quite sure what to make of it. Parts of it felt too rushed, especially in the first book, parts too smut and parts amazing. I love the whole idea of a pack and the way they function, as well as the whole mate thing. I had a feeling I was reading a book on Native Americans today that are also wolf shifters and that was the best part of the series for me. The romance parts sometimes felt too rushed, but I loved me [...]

    4. Susan Otto on said:

      Riveting series of Caedman wolves culture and characters.Awesome Caedman wolves culture consist of shifters, humans that are wolves but can't shift, and humans in the outside world. Each book is about several main characters intertwined with characters and scenes relating to the same events (over a period of time). Each book is a different grouping of characters and storyline. It is fascinating how the various stories intertwine and more stories are coming. Yay! These authors put out a terrific [...]

    5. Samantha Machin on said:

      Excellent stories. Great value for money, Win win.This SIX book collection is six paranormal romance stories, that can be read separate or altogether, they read nicely together and the story flows well.So what's it about well in short, very short, wolf shifters, two rival packs, hot powerful men and beautiful women who face threats on their secret life. They battle to get rid of the dangers, keep their world sheltered from the normal human population. All this while finding their one TRUE mate.T [...]

    6. Pamela Gramlisch on said:

      A Must Read SeriesI so enjoyed this series and glad I got it free in my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I think I'll read more of these authors interesting books. This collection has 6 books in it. It's all to do with Caedmon Pack of wolf shifters. In this collection you also meet their enemies who are also wolf shifters, but split off from Caedmon history many many many years ago. Each one of these books deals with a Caedmon wolf who finds his mate. Along the way is romance, action, betrayal, su [...]

    7. Pumpkinpuddy on said:

      With so much intrigue going on in this series, the author is far too focused on the sex that's happening and not focused enough on character development. Also, characters seem to take too much in stride too quickly when they really don't know what's going on.

    8. Jill Urbanek Gauger on said:

      I absolutely loved this book and series so far. I love the Shifter world and this series is full of surprises, betrayal, romance and more. I enjoyed the finding of their True Mates. Each one is so different yet have lots in common. A must read Author.

    9. Tammy Sowards-Sanchez on said:

      great seriesThis set has books 1 thru 6 and i had a hard time putting the book down I just had to know what happened next and who was the next one to find there mate. Cant wait to read the next books

    10. Jackie on said:

      I could only finish the first book. It was just too rushed and I had difficulty staying in the story.

    11. evette w on said:

      So So Good!!When I started this series it was with the impression that I'd probably get one are two good stories and the rest would be okay,well boy was I wrong!This was a series that is so good from beginning to end that you are going to be hard pressed to pick one over the other.The plot is so well developed and written that you don't get a dull moment and you don't experience a slow moment.It was also so refreshing to experience a series that covers a multitude of subjects.This is a series of [...]

    12. Zeinab Dh on said:

      I got this in exchange of an honest review, I like Ambrielle work a lot I love shifters and my favourite are wolves and this one was one hot bundle of wolves I loved each book was filled with action suspense thriller drama love desire lust sparks the best were the sparks between each wolf and his mate ah I was so sad that the series ended cause I wanted more of them the stories and flow of events were perfect I recommend this to everyone you will love and enjoy and desire to be in the arms of th [...]

    13. Michelle Butterly on said:

      Brilliant seriesI loved this series it has everything a little bit of mystery, a little bit of vengeance, and a whole lot of loving. It was well written and all the books came together it got me that involved I felt part of it I could feel everything the packs went through I soaked everything up I will gladly read this series again and again. I was that involved with it I only hope whoever reads this series for the first time that they find the same enjoyment in it as I did loved everything abou [...]

    14. Coral Mitchell on said:

      This includes the first six books in the Caedmon Wolves: Wolf's Haven, Wolf's Promise, Wolf's Touch, Wolf's Desire, Wolf's Strength, and Wolf's Honor. All of the book are about the Caedmon Pack and their struggle to achieve peace with each other, a rival pack, and outside forces. Separately, each story follows a different wolf's individual battle through these difficult times and their search for their fated mate.I enjoyed every book and the overarching story line throughout the six books. Wolf' [...]

    15. Mei on said:

      Cute and cuddly. A break from the Caedmon-Arnou-Others pack triangle. Connor is a slow burn hottie! But took me a while to warm up to him but when I did! Antonia seems a bit young for Conner. Not only in age but mind as well. The Cobra storyline was briefly introduced and unfortunately not developed. Too bad because I think it would be an interesting plot. On my Were Scale of Hotness, 2.5 stars.

    16. Allyson on said:

      I read other booths in between this series. This series alone did not keep my interest from one book to another. The first book was very interesting and I assumed that the books would flow better into each other. I would have liked to see more interactions between the previous characters, etc. the romance/chemistry was spot on, loved the steamy scenes, also, I liked the action/dominance of the wolves over their mates. I just think it should have flowed better.

    17. Vickie on said:

      A page TurnerI had read wolf's haven a while back, then found the box set. I found each story compelling. From Tamara and Devin's story through Conner and Antonio's story. Each one filled with action and passion. Looking forward to the next story in the series about Dawson and his search for a happy ending

    18. Renee on said:

      Overall this is a good set. Stories you can read in a day. Book 5 needs an editor. Mistakes took away from story. Book six had a couple errors and was not as good as the first few books. That being said, I would read more books by this author.

    19. Vicky on said:

      I liked this seriesA lot. The whole web of packs and others and all paranormal beings existing just behind the layer of reality the characters are set in is intriguing and enjoyable . Looking forward to the next story arc.

    20. Michelle Frey on said:

      This series was a great addition to the many shifter books out there. This is a series I will highly recommend. I really and truly enjoyed reading this series.

    21. Donna Lane on said:

      Great collectionLoved having all in one set. Each story was unique and had a HEA. A must read if you love shifters.

    22. Kimberly Anderson on said:

      DAMN!!I loved this series! It was great I love to have the whole thing at one time. L get lost in it and that I did. I want more of the stories. When can I get Dawson's story?

    23. verma tean neal on said:

      Thanks A.K and A.E.M.I had already read up to book 4 and loved them all but I bought the collection and decided to start at the begining. Loved them all. keep up the good work.

    24. Caryl Davies on said:

      ShiftersWhat a great collection telling a whole story of families of shifters, the trials and tribulations. Fantastic read enjoyably gripping

    25. Sherry Vitaniemi on said:

      ChanceEveryone one of these couples has to take a chance. And they do. But they all fear the cost of it as well.

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