Forever Betrayed

Kathleen Brooks

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Forever Betrayed

Forever Betrayed Zain Ali Rahman is in line for his country s crown Granted he s two names down the list but it still meant he was in the family business of politics While hosting an international summit in Keenesto

  • Title: Forever Betrayed
  • Author: Kathleen Brooks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 463
  • Format: ebook
  • Zain Ali Rahman is in line for his country s crown Granted, he s two names down the list, but it still meant he was in the family business of politics While hosting an international summit in Keeneston, Zain just hopes to make a difference in the world by making it a safer place What he didn t count on was losing his heart and being betrayed by someone close to him.MilaZain Ali Rahman is in line for his country s crown Granted, he s two names down the list, but it still meant he was in the family business of politics While hosting an international summit in Keeneston, Zain just hopes to make a difference in the world by making it a safer place What he didn t count on was losing his heart and being betrayed by someone close to him.Mila Thiessen has traveled the world as a translator for the German embassies The last thing she expected in the small, quaint town of Keeneston was having her life put in danger for something she uncovers something so powerful it could turn an entire country upside down and topple kings Turning to the one person Mila thinks she can trust results in losing her heart, but will she also lose her life

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    One thought on “Forever Betrayed

    1. Jo on said:

      Yeah, no disappointed but no surprise either. There were so many books about the small town, I started the amazing journey from Davis's family, the bothers then their friends related, n went to my best love, Lily, Violet n Daisy, now the next generation, it's awesome, I need to admit I fall in love with the small town. However, the lines seems repeated, dramatic either, when u first read, it's nice, the later u found its amazing, but when it's on n on, the repeated, similar lines u think about b [...]

    2. Lindsay on said:

      Great story as usual but lots of mistakes or would have been 5 stars.

    3. Kathleen on said:

      When reading one of Kathleen Brook's books that are set in Keeneston, KY, her readers are never disappointed. As we have come to know all of the citizens who make up this town.Zain Ali Rahman and Mila Thiessen meet while she thinks she is receiving stolen designer clothing, that is being offered to her when her luggage is lost on her arrival at the airport. She has come to KY to be an interpreter for the German Chancellor, who has come to Summit Zain is holding that will globally make the world [...]

    4. Bette Stanek on said:

      I absolutely love Kathleen Brooks’ Bluegrass and Forever Bluegrass series and feel like I just spent another few days with some of my best friends. Although, I guess technically it’s the parents’ generation that I’d be friends with. Kenna, Will, Dani, Mo, Paige, Cole….our kids are the same ages. I can totally relate to the characters in this entire series. Plus, I have the added bonus of living in the Bluegrass! Dani has finally had her turn to be a matchmaker for one of her kids. It [...]

    5. Sierra Eriksen on said:

      Holy sexy prince!! I love reading about royalty and a normal person, because it is not likely to happen. Miss Kathleen puts a new spin on this old idea and make it better than most if not all. Mila and Zain make the cutest couple, Miss Kathleen’s books are so well written that you can just see yourself there. I really enjoyed this book, I read it in a day. I hope you enjoy it too. Happy reading!!!

    6. Andrea Akers on said:

      Forever Bluegrass 3Zain is in need of a Princess but the girls he is often seen with just don't interest him until he meets Mila. Mila is an interpreter who is used to staying in the background until she finds herself in the middle of an attempt at an international soup attempt and in true Keenston fashion the town turns out to help its own. Catch up with your favorite characters and the latest gossip in the Keenston grapevine.

    7. Doni on said:

      WOW!! Forever Betrayed is an excellent book!! It is Romance/Suspense at it's finest!!And, what Kathleen Brooks book, be without the wonderful townfolk of Keeneston.This story will have you laughing, & cheering, & on the edge of your seat.I loved this book & thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE!!!

    8. Sandra Webb on said:

      I just keep saying the same thingese books are great!!! I love them all and every time I finish one, I think it is my favorite.until the next one and then it becomes my favorite!

    9. Jessica on said:

      I am loving the kids books! I'm excited to read more about them. Longer review to come.

    10. Cynthia on said:

      My favourite book so far in this series. Kathleen you did a fabulous job on the humour throughout the entire book, thank you!

    11. Mary Moody on said:

      Another great read in this series full of romance and suspense as we continue to follow the lives of everyone in the small town of Keeneston, KY.

    12. Amy on said:

      With “Forever Betrayed” Kathleen Brooks has another hit on her hands. How fun it is to go back to Keeneston, KY and reunite with the Davies clan and their friends. While numerous authors write series, few continue with the offspring (Allison Leigh and her “Double C Ranch” series is one great example). Ms. Brooks has done this with her “Forever Bluegrass” books. These are the stories of the sons and daughters of the original “Bluegrass” and “Bluegrass Brothers” heroes and hero [...]

    13. Carlise on said:

      I am a fan of Kathleen Brooks and read her books beginning day 1 every time one is released and this one was no different. I started this book at 1215am on "release" day and LOVED every last minute of it. I loved Zain and how mature he has becomehe is truly his father's son. I loved Mila and her personality. She was a perfect fit for Zain and his need for a strong willed woman with a hint of vulnerability. It's hard to say what my favorite part the book would beI mean, the entire book was funny, [...]

    14. Shy on said:

      versusthewriter.wordpressOnce again, reading a bluegrass series novel is like coming home. And every time I come home, I don't want to ever leave, which meant I just wish I can keep reading about this series, each character, the place and simply anything Keeneston.Dani is one of my most favorite character from this series. Reading about his son is such a joy. Kind of brings back the old times in my memory although it wasn't very long ago when I read her story. As always, I loved how Kathleen wea [...]

    15. Karen Bowman on said:

      Let me start by saying I LOVE Kathleen Brooks writing. I have read everything she has written. I have NEVER been disappointed with her writing. This book is NO exception! When I first saw the title for this book I thought oh no she is breaking from the norm and we are not going to have a HEA. This book we are introduced to Mila who catches the eye of Zain. Zain like his father falls fast and hard. Zain is trying not to be distracted by MIla as he has an important summit his is hosting to try and [...]

    16. Michele A. on said:

      Zain and Mila meet when she is sent as an interpreter for a summit that Zain is holding at the farm for global peace and a new nanotech initiative. Mila works for the German contingent and she and Zain meet after she wrongfully thinks that Sydney is giving her stolen merchandise to wear after her luggage gets lost by the airline. Zain is intrigued and begins to see Mila as being different than the other girls who tried to worm their way into his life. There was a whole lot of bumps and bruises f [...]

    17. Sylvia Haenga on said:

      The Best Serier EVER!!!Each book in this series just gets better and better and the best part is the whole town of Keeneston coming together to place bets, cook the best meals and makes the best ice tea with bourbon, which will help in loosening the next unsuspecting person to get match tongue, how protective and caring the whole town is of one of their own. Love the Rose Sisters, and all the mothers with that gleam in their eye when they write down and discuss in secret which one of their kids [...]

    18. Christie on said:

      Another great addition to this series!Sometimes when you start a series there is one book or another that you simply love and others that you don't. In this case, every single book in the previous series and the spinoffs of that one has been an amazing one. Now that we are meeting all the kids of the previous series, it became clear that this author it's brilliant Here we have a crown prince and a interpreter surrounded by dignitaries, suspense, action, romance, the whole town and of course the [...]

    19. Ginny Lamere on said:

      Love Love Loved itThis Is book 3 in the forever bluegrass series. Zain Ali Rahmin the oldest of Dani and Mo's boys is holding a summit in Keeneston where other countries can learn about some advanced technology which will benefit them all, there is a need for an interpreter for Germany so they hire Mila. And following in his father's footsteps there is an instant connection and so begins the fun, suspense and ultimate betrayal by someone close to Zain. We get to visit again with all our old frie [...]

    20. Kandis Redman on said:

      Forever Betrayal Zain is hosting a international meeting and needs interpreters for different countries. Mila just so happens to be an interpreter for Germany. When she arrives her luggage is missing. She meets Abby who helps her get some clothes. Mila thinks the clothes are stolen along with believing that Abby and Zain are a couple. She learns that he is single and interested in her, she does not want to get fired for missing around with the prince. Mila hears threats made to the Royal family [...]

    21. Nancy on said:

      A guaranteed good time!While this book is one in a series, it has the ability of being a standalone book, but once you read it you will be itching to read them all.It is a rare talent to be consistent in writing a series of stories, but Ms Brooks is one of those rare talent phenomenal writers. Small town charm with a healthy dose of love in the air and excitement to boot! Alpha gentlemen with extraordinary women that catches the readers hearts. Guaranteed a good time and a welcome escape to a pl [...]

    22. Shirley on said:

      🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Another brilliant read from Kathleen BrooksZain Ali Rahman is prince of Rahmi and is hosting a summit in Keeneston for a new nanotechnology laboratory to be built in Rahmi and wants other nations to join him in parntership to help their countries against cyber crime and disease outbreaks but nothing goes to plan their are attacks on their lives also riots in Rahmi so someone doesn't want it happeningMila Thiessen is an interpreter and is ask to go to Keen [...]

    23. Lisa Smith on said:

      Wow, that was exciting. I have always loved the action in the this small town of Keeneston. This Forever series is Awesome, seeing the kids all grown up and just as wild as their parents, frankly just leaves me speechless. Zain has just become my brand new favorite, strong authoritative and in control. Just fearless as all the training he received to be the next king. Mila was perfect, strong and a lot like Zain's mother Dani. The action and suspense in this book was good. Like a good action mov [...]

    24. Judy Lavik on said:

      Another winner from the town of KeenestonKathleen Brooks tells wonderful stories filled with love, romance, danger, and suspense, and this one is no exception. We have Zain, 2nd in line to the throne of Rahmi, falling for Mila, an interpreter who's come to town for the summit he's hosting. And, of course, we have plenty of action from the townsfolk we've come to know and love. This book can be read as a standalone, but where's the fun in that? Read the entire series. You'll be glad you did.

    25. B.K. Harrell on said:

      Another Kathleen Brooks masterpiece. Everything stops for her new book releases and once again I was not disappointed. This was another page turner that I could not put down and finished in a day. The only sad pet is having to wait for Riley and Matt's story.This was a book full of suspense, intrigue and the southern humor we have come to know from Kathleen. If you have not read her books please start at the beginning and catch up on all of the fun filled suspense and romance of a quaint Kentuck [...]

    26. Mayas on said:

      I knew Zain was a badass but dang him and Abby brought it in this book. With the help of Mila and the gang, there was no stopping the Summit from being a success. The children showed their parents they they are a solid force just like they were growing up and they also found some truths in the way their parents were when they were their age.This book was fun, sexy, funny and oh don't forget squirrel and how he defended his momma.

    27. Lisa Mitchell on said:

      Another Amazing book by Kathleen Brooks. I have read all of her books and they get better and better. if thats possible! This book had me laughing out loud at several times and I was actually crying towards the end of chapter 25, tears of joy for these characters. Deffinately a page turner, I had to force myself to put it down because I was reading it too fast and didn't want it to end I love being in Keenestown with all these characters!

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