The Log Goblin

Brian Staveley

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The Log Goblin

The Log Goblin On a cold winter s night a goblin is caught stealing firewood Then things start getting weird

  • Title: The Log Goblin
  • Author: Brian Staveley
  • ISBN: 9780765384997
  • Page: 133
  • Format: ebook
  • On a cold winter s night, a goblin is caught stealing firewood Then things start getting weird.

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      133 Brian Staveley
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      Published :2019-01-17T04:41:06+00:00

    One thought on “The Log Goblin

    1. karen on said:

      “Killin’ a thing,” he declared, “don’t make it yours.”“It was dying already,” I protested.“So’re you!” he said, stabbing a finger at me. “Doesn’t mean I come in yer house at night to chop you down.”i read this one because i saw the title "log goblin" and giggled, thinking "i shall make a witty remark about greg's mom in the review for this!"sometimes that's the only reason i need to read a book, here: "log gobblin'? sounds like a typical wednesday night for greg's mom [...]

    2. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ on said:

      Why would a goblin steal your firewood?Sometimes very short and simple stories work for me. This one didn't, so much; I think the language was a little too plain and choppy. But it had a few nice whimsical moments, and I liked the ending. The cover illustration is probably my favorite part, though.Free online at Tor.

    3. Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽ on said:

      This was a very short story for free from Tor's website. It is written by the author of the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne series. A man discovers a goblin stealing his fire wood. Why is he stealing it? Well, you'll just have to read on to find out. Short and sweet.

    4. Bentley ★ on said:

      As a Vermont native, I found myself easily transported into any number of the pastoral landscapes that make up my home state as I read this story. It's a very short story, deeply rooted in romanticizing those backwoods and picturesque landscapes I've fallen so in love with over the course of my life. Staveley is a Vermont author who has been high on my list for a year+ now. I own all of his Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne series but have not yet had time to prioritize them. I'm sure to change tha [...]

    5. TL on said:

      /I was a little sad to take down the huge old beech, a wolf tree three times as large as anything else around. Most likely, it stood there when the woods were fields—a marker between properties or just a spot for the cows to graze out of the sun—and it had remained after the farmers left and the fields gave way to forest once again. It seemed a shame, somehow, to cut it down, but it was dying, and besides, a tree that size was worth more than a cord of firewood.By the next winter I had it cu [...]

    6. Nandakishore Varma on said:

      The Log GoblinI have come to love these Tor shorts. Perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. :)This a curious story: part fable, part fairy tale. A farmer, the narrator, discovers the wood from and ancient tree he had cut down being stolen. He keeps watch, and unmasks the culprit - a goblin. The goblin's reason for stealing the wood, and the surprising turn the events take, form the rest of the story.This is a pastoral about love, loss and a vanished world where lovers kissed under trees and [...]

    7. GoldGato on said:

      This was a fairly quick read, as it is a short, short-story. Goblins always cast a spell upon me, so I gobbled up this tale of the wood-stealing Goblin.I'll keep this shortrfect for a winter's eve, preferably when the moon is out, because that's the best way to see a Goblin at midnight. It is both an adult read and one that can be told as a child's bedtime story. I wanted more, but why should the world take notice. 'Tis just a winter's tale.Book Season = Winter (crackle of boots on snow)

    8. Amy (Other Amy) on said:

      I told myself I was imagining it. But when you rely on wood to cook your food, to keep you warm, to stop the pipes from freezing, you know how high your pile is, almost down to the last log, and someone, I decided after three more days of this, was taking my wood.I caught him the next night. I stayed up late, waiting inside until full dark, then pulling on my coat and boots to go stand guard. It was cold enough that the snow squeaked. The stars were knife-sharp. I waited with my hands stuffed in [...]

    9. Zaz on said:

      A nice short story for winter. The atmosphere was good, playing with the cold and the warm, and the story was interesting, adding a touch of fantasy in a very normal life. I liked the Goblin's view on things and the overall philosophy. A pleasant and very quick read!

    10. Mili on said:

      A short story, had a small break and was looking for something to fill my time. It was magical with the winter landscape and the Goblin.

    11. Sarah Marie on said:

      The Log Goblin by Brian Staveley3 starsThe link for this Tor Short popped up on an FB group I'm in and I had some time to kill waiting around at the DMV. I definitely really enjoyed the story. It was incredibly short and I think that may have hindered my overall enjoyment for this tale.The Log Goblin follows a man who lives in the woods and is building a wood pile. He keeps noticing his wood supplies is dwindling and catches the thief, a goblin. It's a brief look into life after death and the im [...]

    12. Troy on said:

      A short and sweet story by the author of Chronicle of the Unhewn Thrown series. I just really liked this story as it didn't try to do to much and changed what you expected from the story. I think a lot of people marked this for being to short, but I think it told what it needed to tell and nothing more.

    13. Jen on said:

      Short and made some sort of sense, but left me kind of empty. Not a huge bang or anything. And kinda creepy that the dead couple had a goblin for a stalker "They made half their babies under that tree." Really? Kinda creeper there buddy.

    14. Izabella (pagesfullofstars) on said:

      A very short story but it still managed to bring out the magic of reading. It also left me a little conflicted - on one hand I wanted to see more but on the other hand it's good just as it is.

    15. Kes on said:

      Weirdly, ' description doesn't include a link, so here's the link: tor/2015/12/09/the-loI read this to the end and went: a It's a very self-contained piece, and, unlike most other short stories, doesn't seek to leave room for more. It's because of this that I'm giving it 5 stars.Basically: the narrator finds out that a goblin is stealing his firewood. He follows the goblin, who reveals that (view spoiler)[he's stealing it in memory of the old couple buried beneath where the tree used to stand. T [...]

    16. Michelle *The Bookish Hobbit* on said:

      Short and sweet, and one of the most perfectly heartwarming stories you could ever hope to read.It's free on Tor's website, here.

    17. Lukasz on said:

      3.5 stars.A very nice short story (it takes literally 5 -7 minutes to read it). Unpretentious and simple. You can never be too warm.

    18. Jennifer on said:

      (Short story bingo read)I liked this. It's self-contained and didn’t make me feel like I missed out on a huge world, also it was quite touching for such a short story.

    19. Caleb Ross on said:

      The Log Goblin is not a long story, even by the standards of short stories. Available for free on Tor's website, this charming little tale from Brain Stavely, the author of the Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne Trilogy, is exceptionally well done. Told in what feels like the format of a journal entry, this story follows a nameless man as he discovers who had been stealing the wood from his wood pile - in this case a goblin. Following it, he discovers the reason for the theft; ending an a melanchol [...]

    20. Nadine Jones on said:

      It was obvious at once that he was a goblin. I’d never seen one, of course. They weren’t supposed to be real, but what other creature is greeny-brown, pointy-eared and knobbly-fingered, barely taller than my knee? One of those little fragments of a story that sets a scene n's raises questions, but leaves the reader to decide on answersr/2015/12/09/the-log

    21. Alex Sarll on said:

      A sweet, slightly offbeat little winter tale. It very nearly manages the trick of feeling like a genuine old folk tale, which is a lot tougher than many writers who attempt this style seem to have expected.

    22. Jen Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ on said:

      A very enjoyable short story for the winter solstice and those that appreciate the natural world.

    23. M.T. DeSantis on said:

      3.5 stars. I feel like it needs more but also that it tells so much more than is on the page.

    24. La Coccinelle on said:

      I don't know. This story didn't really thrill me. It's extremely short, and while it did establish a good setting and painted the character of the goblin fairly well, there wasn't that much plot. The whole thing reads more like a scene from a story rather than a whole story.I guess the point is about appreciating the little things and living in the moment. Still, I would've liked a bit more plot to help flesh things out.Quotable moment:I caught him the next night. I stayed up late, waiting insid [...]

    25. Pedro Marroquín on said:

      Muy corto relato sobre un goblin que roba leña. Bien construido y bien resuelto, y además es gratis leerlo. B

    26. Serena W. Sorrell on said:

      A quaint, fairy tale-esque story with much heart and more meat on its bones than expected.

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