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Susan Mallery

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Antes de besarnos

Antes de besarnos New York Times bestselling sensation Susan Mallery returns to Fool s Gold California where it s true that sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs El exjugador de f tbol americano Sam Ridge ten a mu

  • Title: Antes de besarnos
  • Author: Susan Mallery
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York Times bestselling sensation Susan Mallery returns to Fool s Gold, California, where it s true that sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs El exjugador de f tbol americano, Sam Ridge, ten a muy mala suerte con las mujeres, por eso se manten a alejado de ellas Aun as , la preciosa na que conoci en un bar de Fool s Gold parec a inofensiva hasta que lo llev aNew York Times bestselling sensation Susan Mallery returns to Fool s Gold, California, where it s true that sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs El exjugador de f tbol americano, Sam Ridge, ten a muy mala suerte con las mujeres, por eso se manten a alejado de ellas Aun as , la preciosa na que conoci en un bar de Fool s Gold parec a inofensiva hasta que lo llev a su casa y all l descubri una habitaci n destinada a atrapar a un hombre de por vida Dellina Hopkins jam s imagin que almacenar en su casa los vestidos de novia de la tienda de su amiga espantar a a su primera y nica aventura No hab a esperado amor eterno de Sam, pero una noche, toda una noche, habr a estado muy bien La que hab a sido una perfecta huida por parte de Sam se complic cuando su empresa contrat a Dellina para organizar un evento Y cuando largas horas de trabajo juntos dieron paso a largas noches, los dos sucumbieron a la tentaci n de nuevo Hab a cambiado por fin la suerte de Sam O ser a Dellina la que saliera corriendo esta vez

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      346 Susan Mallery
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    One thought on “Antes de besarnos

    1. Lisa on said:

      Somehow and i know i have said this before Susan Mallery keeps this series fresh. No idea how but she does. How she keeps track of everything and everyone. Again no idea. I think she must be the real life Mayor Marsha. She has to be. lol Anyway in this book we finally get a story for Dellina and Sam. Both have had interesting and in different ways difficult lives. Dellina had to finish raising her twin sisters when their parents passed away unexpectedly. Now they are grown and one married the ot [...]

    2. Arantzazu on said:

      Entretenido, ligero pero con personajes interesantes. Tiene partes muy divertidas y engancha. Genial para desconectar un rato con algo ligero pero de calidad.Seguiré con el siguiente

    3. Dee on said:

      Sam has had more than a few disastrous relationships in the past and definitely got burned from his marriage, so didn’t believe women could be trusted and didn’t intend on getting caught again. Dellina had lost her parents at an early age and despite the fact she was only eighteen herself, she took responsibility and raised her fourteen year old twin sisters. As far as she was concerned she had already done the family thing and now only wanted to have a good time.Before the book starts Sam a [...]

    4. Dalimar on said:

      3.5A mi me gusta mucho esta serie,pero el anterior me aburrió muchísimo. Este estuvo mucho mejor,la pareja protagonica era más entretenida y sentí mucha química entre ellos y aunque salieron habitantes habituales del pueblo y futuros habitantes,no le quitaron la chispa a los protagonistas como sentí con el libro anterior. La mamá de Sam me hizo reír un montón,esa señora estaba super loca y el perrito Caramel me encantó. veremos que tal sigue esta Saga que por lo visto tendrá como 20 [...]

    5. steph on said:

      This series. As soon as I think I'm over it, I get sucked back in. But I really liked Sam and Dellina in this book and all the rest of this darn town. I'm not too thrilled with the introduction of Shelby and Kip but I get the author is setting us up for future books. Speaking of future books, I already have the next two in this series checked out on my phone because they deal with Jack (LARISSA!) and Kenny (BAILEY AND LITTLE CHLOE!), both of who loved in this book and in the previous once since [...]

    6. Manda Collins on said:

      This was easily my favorite of this summer's Fools Gold trilogy. Mostly because Sam and Dellina were so darn cute together. Add in Sam's TMI sexpert parents and it could have been a weird ride, but as motivations for keeping one's personal life personal go, they make a lot of sense. I also appreciated Dellina's backstory of feeling like she's already raised her family because of having had to raise her younger sisters. I would have been happier if Mallery had pushed the envelope all the way and [...]

    7. Erin on said:

      this was the dirtiest book I have ever read by this author. and that is probably the only good thing I can say about this book. it was just ok, average, so-so, kinda boring. yes, for once, there was a hot sex scene, but other than that, this story left me cold and bored. my biggest problem was the main characters, they went from zero chemistry to totally cheesy romantic fools and that just did not work for me. the end just was so ridiculously roll-my-eyes cheesy that it almost ruined the whole b [...]

    8. Christi Snow on said:

      My Review:I absolutely LOVE the background story to this book with their one-night stand five months before. The idea of Sam freaking out about the wedding dresses and then dodging Dellina ever since is just a great start to this romance. It's such a guy thing to do and it just makes me giggle every time I think about it especially since all the women in town know about it and view it the same way. And this is also why I love Dellina. She's a tough, independent character who simply lets things r [...]

    9. Jonel Boyko on said:

      Ok, this settles it. I’m moving to Fool’s Gold! Mallery has developed this enchanting sound in such a vividly real manner that I feel like I’ve walked through the town. Although Mallery’s descriptions and narrative make everything vivid in the reader’s mind, the story itself remains firmly planted in reality. Everything is so easy to believe and immerse yourself in that you can’t help but fall in love with it. The storyline was also completely unique with twists and turns that I coul [...]

    10. Estoydeliciosa on said:

      I stumbled upon this book because it was in the top 10 romance books in amazon (where my favorite books of 2014 - It Happened One Wedding and Once in a Lifetime by Julie James and Jill Shalvis, respectively, are included). I read the summary, it looked interesting and right up in my alley so I immediately downloaded a sample and then bought the whole book. The book started off great The hero and heroine were likable and they have chemistry. However, there were just TOO MANY characters and sub-pl [...]

    11. Kate Vale on said:

      A Fools' Gold story that focuses on Sam Ridge, one of the three pro football players who run SCORE, and Dellina Hopkins, a party planner. Sam reluctantly, and after a 5-month delay, approaches her, desperate for her to help him out. SCORE wants to give a party to their clients as a special thank-you, but they're guys. Don't do parties. Dellina does. A no-brainer, right? Wrong. The previous Valentine's Day night, Dellina went to bed with Sam and both are now embarrassed about the one-night fling [...]

    12. Selena Blake on said:

      I wish I could give this one 3.5 stars. I really liked the heroine but again, as I said in my last review, I'm getting tired of the "I can never trust again" trope and so the hero wasn't quite as much of a win for me.I did love the set up though. And talk about a way to kill a one night stand! A room full of wedding dresses? Hilarious.The thing that really bugged me about this book was the sister's relationship. I've read that book. I liked it a whole lot. (4, maybe 4.5 stars a lot) Which makes [...]

    13. Elizabeth Urian on said:

      Muy en la linea de la serie. Me he divertido mucho con el reparto coral, pero los padres de Sam han sido brillantes. Tanto Dellina como Sam me han satisfecho y la historia de amor me ha gustado.Muy bien.

    14. ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰ on said:

      Book #14 - and we finally get to hear about Sam and Dellina ☺We already met them in the previous book/s and I was really looking forward to hearing their story.It's summer in Fool's Gold!Last Valentine's Day, Sam (who has the worst luck with women) meets Dellina in a bar (she never had a one-night-stand before - but this former football star would be totally worth it)They go back to Dellina's place and spent some amazing hours together - but when Sam gets up to get something to drink he accide [...]

    15. Susan on said:

      Poor Sam just cannot catch a break when it comes to women. As a pro football player he had his pick, and managed to get losers every time. Even the woman he married was just interested in his fame and what he could do for her. When they divorced, she wrote a terrible tell-all book about their marriage. For a man who values his privacy it was a horrible betrayal. He's given up on finding his dream woman and having his own family, convinced that any relationship will go down in flames. When he mee [...]

    16. Jasmine (singprettyreadbooks) on said:

      3.5Former football-kicker Sam Ridge has terrible luck with women. One ex slept with both of his best friends right under his nose while another published a book, delineating their entire relationship after they broke up. Gaining Sam's trust is not easy, that is, until Dellina Hopkins comes into the picture. Dellina had to step into the parental role after the death of her own parents, meaning she grew up way too fast and had to take care of her sisters. She definitely isn't looking for commitmen [...]

    17. Brianna (The Book Vixen) on said:

      Review copy provided via NetGalley3½ starsWhy I Read this Book: Ever since Sam and his associates from Score PR firm came to Fool’s Gold, I’ve been waiting for each of their books.What I Liked: The best part of this book was Sam's parents, mainly his mother. She reminded me of Greg’s mother from Meet the Fockers (played by Barbra Streisand), who’s a sex therapist. Every scene that involved Sam’s mother was absolutely hilarious! She had no filter, no respect for personal boundaries, an [...]

    18. Jo-Anne on said:

      This Fools' Gold story is about Sam Ridge who is one of the three ex-pro football players who run a PR company called SCORE and Dellina Hopkins who is a party planner. Sam’s company is throwing a big party for their clients and their families which is to take place over an entire weekend. Sam is not getting far with the plans so he has to ask Dellina for help which he now needs fast. He doesn't want to talk to Dellina because he had a one-night stand with her and hasn't talked to her since. Ho [...]

    19. Jess on said:

      This is the 14th book in the series and features Sam and Dellina. Sam is one of the football players who has come to Fool's Gold. Dellina is a party planner that has been hired by Sam's company. Unfortunately, Sam and Dellina already know eachother and Sam has been doing his best to avoid Dellina ever since. Now that they might have to work together, they both have to try to move on and get along with one another.I liked the plot of this book and found the situation between Sam and Dellina reall [...]

    20. Kelly at on said:

      Review will be posted atbooks-n-kisses MBER OF HEARTS: 4 3/4REVIEW: Poor Sam. He has had his share of bad luck when it comes to woman. A little gun shy now with who he trust the last thing he ever expected when moving to a sleepy little town of Fool’s Gold would be Dellina. But of course he had to go and screw that up too. Dellina had to grow up fast when her parents were killed and she took over the raising of her little sisters. While she would like to have a man in her life the last thing s [...]

    21. Summer on said:

      I’ve enjoyed other Susan Mallery books, however, this one didn’t quite work for me. Before We Kiss is about Sam and Dellina, months after a one-night stand, they're tasked with planning his company party. There’s a couple subplots, too, one involves a world-class skier and his abused sister, the other features Dellina’s sister who expects her boyfriend to read her mind about marriage.Caramel the dog was a cuddly little sweetie, and I always appreciate supportive friendships and siblings, [...]

    22. BBMoreB ~ on said:

      Before We Kiss features former pro-football kicker Sam Ridge and party planner Dellina Hopkins. Things are getting hot in Fool’s Gold; Susan Mallery added extra fervor to this installment. Witnessing these two fall in love was amazing – I love when fate takes over. Poor…Poor *shakes head* Sam – he has the worst luck when it comes to women. This is a guy that seems destined to end up alone. His notoriously bad luck has even followed him to Fool’s Gold. A one-night stand with the gorgeou [...]

    23. Dani C. (Paulette's Papers) on said:

      The Fool’s Gold series is one of those enjoyable, small town romance series that I just enjoy. Before We Kiss is a wonderful addition to it and I am so happy I had a chance to read it. Sam Ridge and Dellina Hopkins almost share one night together. That is until he discovers she has a room filled with wedding gowns and a board devoted to catching a man. Without pausing to ask her about it he makes a run for it. Now Sam is in desperate need for Dellina’s help in planning an important weekend f [...]

    24. Cara on said:

      This romance disappointed me. Sam and Dellina never even went on a date. They were two decent people but a bit boring, and their story was really easily told in a novella. Each had issues that led to a fear of commitment--such an overdone retread plot. It seemed as though Susan Mallery used Dellina's sister's convulted story to fill enough pages and then looked ahead to a skier's story that will obviously be in some future book. Both these subplots really interrupted the main story's flow. The h [...]

    25. Kathy on said:

      I think this is the steamiest Fool's Gold book yet by Susan Mallery. I'm blushing just thinking about it!The main character in Before We Kiss, Dellina, is an event planner which I found particularly interesting as it is one of the jobs that I most enjoy. And she is an excellent event planner, on top of everything. Dellina is working with former pro-football player Sam Ridge to plan an event for his company and the sparks do fly and they sizzle! The secondary stories are quite interesting. I'm fi [...]

    26. Tawnya on said:

      I have to say upfront I think Lark was one of the best side characters ever written in any book. Susan Mallery outdid herself with Lark.Before We Kiss is an excellent book. Sam had been hurt many times in the past, but really liked Dellina, you know once he got the truth about what happened that caused him to freak out during a one night stand. Dellina is a sweetheart that couldn't hurt anyone if she tried and hurts herself to keep others happy. Reading their story on finding their Happily Ever [...]

    27. Judie on said:

      This book had me laughing out loud one minute and sitting there with my jaw hanging open the next. Sam and Dellina are a very charismatic couple and I loved how their relationship developed throughout the book. Sam's parents, especially his mother, were an absolute hoot and supplied many of the LOL moments along with some OMG's at what would come out of Sams' moms mouth. This book definitely has more steamy moments than we've read up until now, but in pure Susan Mallery style it's handled with c [...]

    28. Darlene Torday on said:

      If you are looking for very detailed sex this is the book for you. I could not get into this story because of too many details. I had the audio version. The romance part of the story was okay but his mother was just too much for me. I was disappointed as have read other books by this author and loved them. I hope her next book is not like this one. Sex might sell but not to this reader. Give me a real romance story with a little sex thrown in not the other way around.

    29. Carrie Zagzebski on said:

      I just love this series. Its like taking a step into the small town it's based on. Susan Mallery does a great job of getting all of the characters from as far back as the first book into each book, even if they just have small supporting roles. I always look forward to the next book in this series :)

    30. Megzy on said:

      Another successful book in the series. Well written, perfectly paced, introduced two complete new characters to arrive in town soon. I loved Sam's parents and at the same time cringed at all the right places. I enjoyed the secondary love story too.

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