Who Wants a Tortoise?

Dave Keane K.G. Campbell

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Who Wants a Tortoise?

Who Wants a Tortoise Could there be any better pet than a puppy One young girl is about to find out From beloved author Dave Keane and acclaimed illustrator K G Campbell a laugh out loud story of unexpected friendship Wh

  • Title: Who Wants a Tortoise?
  • Author: Dave Keane K.G. Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780385754170
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Could there be any better pet than a puppy One young girl is about to find out From beloved author Dave Keane and acclaimed illustrator K.G Campbell, a laugh out loud story of unexpected friendship When the spunky, loveable narrator receives a tortoise for her birthday, instead of the cuddly puppy she s longed for her entire life, she s than a little disappointCould there be any better pet than a puppy One young girl is about to find out From beloved author Dave Keane and acclaimed illustrator K.G Campbell, a laugh out loud story of unexpected friendship When the spunky, loveable narrator receives a tortoise for her birthday, instead of the cuddly puppy she s longed for her entire life, she s than a little disappointed But while her new lump of a pet isn t what she dreamed of, it doesn t take long between tortoise on skateboard walks, sparkly shell makeovers, and a lemonade stand selling chances to hold a real life tortoise for the little girl to change her mind sort of But when her pet goes missing, all she wants is to be reunited with her new best friend.

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      362 Dave Keane K.G. Campbell
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    One thought on “Who Wants a Tortoise?

    1. Tasha on said:

      A little girl has been longing for a puppy for her entire life. She has lists of dog names, read about training, and dreamed about life with a puppy. So when she opens the box with holes in the top on her birthday, she is dismayed to discover a tortoise inside. Her father had told her he was allergic to dogs, but she had still dreamed of having one. Now she has a cold-blooded reptile. She has no ideas for names for him, so she doesn’t name him anything. She figures out that he can’t play fet [...]

    2. Elizabeth on said:

      I think I still just what a dog but it might have changed other kids minds!!!!

    3. Jillian on said:

      Okay, but seriously, parents - do what mine did and have an actual conversation about why puppies/dogs are impractical for the family, don't just get your kid something they never wanted but still expect them to take care of.(Also, don't paint a tortoise's shell or nails. Bad!)Anyhow, ranting aside, I liked this book. I like that our young narrator made the best of things, and even got quite attached to her pet. I like the focus on finding silver linings, dealing with disappointment without gett [...]

    4. Samantha on said:

      A little girl desperately wants a puppy for a pet, but finds herself the new owner of a tortoise. It takes a while for her to see the tortoise's charms, but they become the best of friends.Watercolor and colored pencil illustrations. Great story, fun read aloud for PreK-2.

    5. Barbara on said:

      As is the case with many youngsters, the narrator desperately wants a puppy and is sure that her wishes will come true on her birthday. To her disappointment, her parents give her a tortoise. Her tortoise cannot do any of the things that a dog could do. Still, over time, she starts to see that there are plenty of interesting aspects to her new pet. Everything changes when the tortoise disappears, and the narrator desperately searches for him. When he finally returns, having had quite an adventur [...]

    6. Alexis Zappitelli on said:

      This cute children's story is about a young girl who wished for a puppy as her birthday present, which to her disappointment does not come true. Instead, she receives a pet tortoise because her dad is allergic to dogs. Filled with humor, This requires a list of don'ts for the girl to know about what tortoises do not do, such as don't like your face, don't roll over, don't fetch, and don't beg for bologna. Soon on the tortoise becomes missing which requires flyers to be put up all around town aft [...]

    7. Liz on said:

      The illustrations in the book really bring the story to life and made my kids and I laugh a lot. Even the inside of the book cover has clever illustrations contrasting the girl's attitude about having a tortoise for a pet in the beginning and end of the story. I think it is a great book to talk about how a person's ideas and opinions can change with experience and knowledge. We even talked a little about stereotypes. This library book was requested many times and it isn't a book I mind reading o [...]

    8. Serina on said:

      The girl reminded me as a kid. I wanted a dog, got a fish. Yay. I liked the girl was Asian but didn't like her attitude. I also didn't care for the improper treatment of the animal. The kid is left to her own devices with the tortoise and makes me glad they didn't get her a dog. I didnt come away thinking a tortoise is a cool pet to have.A unicorn named Sparkle seemed a have a more solid plot and alot more fun.

    9. Buffie on said:

      This read aloud is a great example for a character changing over time. Also, it lends itself easily to drawing conclusions and inferences as the illustrations enhance the story by adding more than the text. We had great discussions with this book in my classes.

    10. Lauren on said:

      As a turtle owner (not a tortoise, I know, but close), I felt really bad for the poor tortoise that wasn't wanted by the little girl. But I think the book tells a nice story about how something may not be exactly what you wanted or hoped for, but is exactly what you end up needing. Adorable :)

    11. Pam on said:

      The young girl wants a dog for her birthday and is surprised to get a tortoise instead. She struggles to figure out how a tortoise can be a good pet. She learns to love her tortoise and they have plenty of adventures together.

    12. Ruth on said:

      The expressions and body language of this little girl are priceless. Also, I support any book that has the protagonist employ both duct tape and Sparkly Raspberry nail polish.

    13. Ms Threlkeld on said:

      Good book for talking to kids about character development and how your perspective can change.

    14. Chris on said:

      We don’t always get what we want. So goes the theme of “Who Wants a Tortoise,” a catchy picture book by Dave Keane. Illustrations by K.G. Campbell depict a little brunette, and establish her problem on the title page, where the girl reclines on a bone-shaped, furry rug reading “My Puppy and Me!” It’s clear from the get-go this kid’s in for a let down, “I’ve been waiting my whole life to get a puppy, a rascally guy with a waggly tail,” she exclaims. The girl’s parents have a [...]

    15. Clare Rossetter on said:

      Interesting idea for a story. A little girl who wants a puppy gets a tortoise for her birthday. Not something she wanted, but she tries to discover just what can a tortoise do? Not much of anything that a puppy can, but when the tortoise disappears during a game of hide-n-seek a strange thing happens. The little girl misses the tortoise. Well written text with some fun twists. The main character never has a name we know of, but the supporting characters all do. It seems in books, movies, tv and [...]

    16. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* on said:

      Keane, Dave Who Wants a Tortoise? Illustrated by K.G. Campbell Alred A. Knopf, 2016. $17.99 Content: G. The adorable little girl in this book has been asking for a puppy her entire life. She has a birthday party but when she opens her present with the breathing holes in it, she is disappointed to find a tortoise. The girl’s father is allergic to dogs and so this is the animal he gives her. After pointing out all the ways that her tortoise has disappointed her, she comes up with inventive ways [...]

    17. Tayler K on said:

      I realized I can read kid's books on my 15 minute break. (Unless it's an evening shift when I'm scarfing down dinner. But isn't 15 minutes a useless period of time for a work break? Like, yeah, lemme chug a bottle or two of water and then twiddle my thumbs just to take 10 minutes off my feet Anyway.) So I noticed this one while I was shelving today and read it.The little girl has always wanted a puppy, but her dad is allergic, and she gets a tortoise for her birthday instead. She is not too happ [...]

    18. Ruth Anne on said:

      A little girl has been waiting her whole life to get a puppy. "A rascally guy with a waggly tail." That's the ONLY thin she wants for her birthday. So of course, her parents get her a tortoise. Yes, a tortoise. "WHO WANTS A TORTOISE?!" Turns out that Daddy is allergic to dogs. She tries to play with him like a dog, but end ups giving the tortoise a makeover. Grammy and Grandpa bring her a tortoise book and she learns a little bit more about her pet. Then the tortoise gets lost and there is a wel [...]

    19. Jill Pickle on said:

      It is very unsafe to paint tortoises! Even if you are just painting their nails--paint could chip off while they eat. Giving kids the idea that it is okay to paint tortoises is problematic, especially if they use permanent paints. There is a rash of permanently disfigured animals because their shells will not grow in the areas that are painted./Rant. I love K. G. Campbell's illustrations. I really enjoyed them in Flora & Ulysses. I thought they fit the text well here. Aside from the potentia [...]

    20. ReadRibbet on said:

      A familiar topic (child wants a dog) with a familiar conflict (but has to settle for another pet instead) but because the alternative pet is a tortoise the book is a little different from some others and since author Dave Keane reveals some actual facts about tortoises (also conveyed in a written report inside the cover pages) there's a little informational text feel to the book. Funny scenes and a dramatic moment solidify the bond between the reluctant pet owner and the tortoise named Rover. Th [...]

    21. Phoebe on said:

      My sons and I read this book critically since we are tortoise owners, but found nothing that did not ring true. Clearly Keane knows and loves his own pet tortoise, Shelly, and this tale of a little girl who badly wants a puppy but gets a different, rather alien kind of pet instead, is adorable. She is slowly converted to the unique and unusual traits of her tortoise, and soon can't imagine life without him. Fabulous and funny art captures that almost inexpressive, wrinkly little tortoise face.

    22. Jillian Heise on said:

      What happens when the pet that you want is not the pet that you get? Don't miss the end papers.Pair with Prudence Wants a Pet, Sparky!, & A Pet for Petunia.

    23. Amanda on said:

      This made me crack up several times; loved the illustrations (especially how her friends matched their dogs); loved the resolution and how things didn't work out immediately. Found the attitude realistic but never overly negative and the creativity displayed as she worked through her feelings toward a solution a positive way of addressing her disappointment. Hope that the MC gets a dog someday if she still wants one though.

    24. Roben on said:

      Have you ever wanted a pet -- really, really bad?? Our young hero desperately wants a dog. It is the only thing she has requested for her birthday. But instead? She gets a tortoise. YUCK! (Dad is very allergic to dogs but still.) But pets do have a way of growing on you. When tortoise goes missing, a massive tortoise hunt takes place. But will tortoise ever be found? Or given a name.

    25. Katie Fitzgerald on said:

      This book kept making me think of Prudence Wants a Pet. I can't imagine that the world really needs yet another pet story, especially one where a kid wants a dog and gets something else instead, but the illustrations by K.G. Campbell make this one worth a second glance.

    26. Mary on said:

      I really enjoyed this picture book - about a little girl who very much wants a puppy. Due to parental allergies, she gets a tortoise. It's a funny account of trying to play with the tortoise. Despite her earlier disdain, she comes around to loving her new pet. The front and back inside covers have stick figure drawings and facts comparing dogs and tortoises. A fun read.

    27. Sarah on said:

      After a lifetime of longing for a puppy, a little girl receives a tortoise for her birthday instead. Disappointed at first, she eventually sees there is much to love about her new pet. The story is nice, but the characters facial expressions made the book for me. In real life it may be hard to tell what a tortoise is thinking, but this tortoise's emotions are 100% clear on every page.

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