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Daniel Sweren-Becker

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The Ones

The Ones Cody has always been proud of being a One She and her boyfriend James were two of the lucky babies from the % of the U S population that were randomly selected to benefit from genetic engineering Now

  • Title: The Ones
  • Author: Daniel Sweren-Becker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cody has always been proud of being a One She and her boyfriend James were two of the lucky babies from the 1% of the U.S population that were randomly selected to benefit from genetic engineering Now, she and the rest of The Ones are excelling They are healthy, beautiful, and talented They aren t otherworldly, just perfect And to some, that s not fair The EqualityCody has always been proud of being a One She and her boyfriend James were two of the lucky babies from the 1% of the U.S population that were randomly selected to benefit from genetic engineering Now, she and the rest of The Ones are excelling They are healthy, beautiful, and talented They aren t otherworldly, just perfect And to some, that s not fair The Equality Movement, capitalizing on the growing fear and jealousy, gains political traction and actually outlaws their existence Society shows its darker side as The Ones are marginalized The line between right and wrong blurs in the face of injustice and Cody becomes closer to a group of radical Ones intent on fighting back James begins to fear just how far she is willing to go for the cause.

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      335 Daniel Sweren-Becker
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    One thought on “The Ones

    1. Dianne on said:

      Is it so farfetched to believe that selective genetic engineering is coming? We all want to be perfect or have perfect progeny and or those who have the money, it is entirely possible. Cody and her boyfriend James are part of the top one percent of the beautiful people, they are The Ones. Daniel Sweren-Becker invites us into the dark pits of a world that has lost its moral compass as a rebel movement created out of jealousy and fear is determined to put the Ones in their place.Lines are re-drawn [...]

    2. Carrie on said:

      Cody has always been proud of the fact that she is a One, one of the 1% of the population that was genetically altered before birth. She and her boyfriend James were both part of the lucky babies picked to be a part of the program. The Ones are beautiful, athletic and excel at everything they do due to their genetic make up. Unfortunately now after twenty some years of the lottery altering 1% of the babies people are beginning to believe the advantages are just not fair. The Equality Movement is [...]

    3. Morris on said:

      “The Ones” is a book that I am in the minority in regard to my views, so keep in mind that your mileage may vary when it comes to this review.The premise was good, but the execution was lacking. I think much of that is owed to the cardboard characters. They were YA dystopian stereotypes, which is not always a bad thing as long as there are unique motives and strong character development. There was none of that present. Even the backstory provided read like it was forced. Some secondary chara [...]

    4. Jacquelyn on said:

      I was sent an ARC of this from Macmillan in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way changed my opinions towards the book.This one was very quick and enjoyable and the first book that I've read in a while thanks (but not really) to my reading slump. The story was totally intriguing and something I wanted to learn more about. The first 50 pages or so, I was so hooked. It continued to be an intriguing and action packed story but it was just a bit too simple and predictable for my tastes. [...]

    5. NyxShadow on said:

      nyx-shadow/2016/11/theGlaçant !Une plongée bien trop réaliste dans l'enfer de l'intolérance et de la peur. L'humanité a peur de l'inconnu et réagit mal à ce qui lui semble être une menace même si cette menace est un enfant innocent. La leçon de ce premier tome ? L'Homme n'apprend pas de ses erreurs et aime torturer son prochainEnglish Review :It was a very disturbing reading. With just a little bit of dystopia, it was a realistic book. It was about genetic manipulations and, more impor [...]

    6. Taylor N on said:

      PERSONAL RESPONSE:The Ones by Daniel Sweren-Becker was a very interesting book. I really liked how the author made the book in third person because then I could tell what was going on with all of the characters. The emotions were so strong, I was able to feel what the characters were feeling. This book may be science fantasy, but it is also about equality that also is a thing in the real world. The book has many good points about equality in their world, that are similar to the our world. PLOT:T [...]

    7. Shannon (It Starts At Midnight) on said:

      You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight Look, this book had me from "dystopia". You know I love it. Can't get enough of it. So obviously I needed to read it! It's actually set not that far in the future, and is crazy plausible. "Designer babies" are already a thing that happens, so this isn't really that hard to imagine. Nor is it hard to imagine that anyone feeling threatened by the new crop of genetically modified folks woul [...]

    8. Lucie on said:

      Ma note: 2,5/5Chronique également disponible sur mon blog: callmeeluh.wordpress/2017/04/14/the-ones-tome-1-de-daniel-sweren-becker/Cela faisait quelques mois que ce livre traînait dans ma bibliothèque, et malgré les quelques avis mitigés que j’ai pu lire dessus, j’ai décidé de lui laisser sa chance.Avec un résumé aussi accrocheur et des sujets qui sont plus d’actualité que jamais, The Ones avait énormément de potentiel, mais malheureusement ça ne suffit pas toujours.Ma lecture [...]

    9. Sylvia on said:

      I loved this book! The story was amazing. It was suspenseful and some parts horrifying. Then the end happened. It left you on such a cliff hanger! The end ruined the entire book for me. There better be a sequel to this book coming out soon!

    10. Jared on said:

      I think that this was a good book and I hope that the author continues with this series.

    11. Austine (NovelKnight) on said:

      Okay, see, I generally avoid YA dystopian anymore and this book didn't change my mind about the genre.We're in the future, though not too far this time around, where some people are extra special with great genes and all that. Not everyone is like this and those that are have been named the Ones. I could get behind all this because the idea of creating the "perfect" human has come up time and again. It's familiar but not enough that I'm tired of it, especially as I haven't found one I enjoyed as [...]

    12. Barbara on said:

      Seventeen-year-old Cody and her boyfriend, James are products of good genes, of course, but their genes have been altered so that they are intelligent, attractive, and talented. Their future should be bright; after all, they are part of a group of privileged Ones, the one percent of the population whose genes were altered before birth, to their benefit. But in a plot that could have been stolen from the not-so-distant future, unrest grows against these privileged individuals. Hate crimes, restri [...]

    13. Sarah Myers on said:

      I'm a horrible person I haven't picked up a book in almost a year. I am glad I decided to purchase this novel. I finished it in 4 hours (that's not unusual for me), but from the first pages, I was engrossed in the world Mr Sweren-Becker created. Genetic manipulation is something we've heard talked about in the media, so to have a novel focused on what future ramifications could be was eye opening. I really don't want to give too much away, but I will say the story line was refreshing and brought [...]

    14. Maïla Led on said:

      On découvre un monde où 1% de la population a été génétiquement modifiée afin d'être quasi-parfaite. On y suit Cody et James, tous deux des Ones, donc génétiquement modifiés. Seulement, dès le début du roman, on sent la tension grandissante entre les Ones, et les autres. Une tension palpable que les personnages du roman sentent grandir, et Cody va vouloir tout faire pour garder ses droits. On suit le personnage de Cody dans cette histoire, une jeune fille forte, indépendante et fra [...]

    15. Marie-Eve Barbeau (S'évader par la lecture) on said:

      4 étoiles Enfin une nouvelle chronique à vous mettre sous la dent. Je dois vous avouer que ce mois de décembre n'a pas été très productif côté lecture pour moi. Je dois même vous dire que je me suis découragée moi-même. The Ones est le deuxième roman que je réussis à lire, mais c'est aussi le roman qui m'a permis de retrouver la petite étincelle afin de recommencer à lire un peu plus. Ce roman n'étant toujours pas sorti au Québec, vous devez sûrement vous demander comment j'a [...]

    16. Taylor Gonci on said:

      The ones opened my mind to the fact that maybe genetic engineering isn't too far fetched. This book kept me hooked the entire time and I read it in 3 days ! Can't wait for the next book :)

    17. Charles Hamel on said:

      This was an incredible book, I instantly fell in love with it! Daniel Sweren-Becker did a wonderful job writing this story, I’m amazed about the fact that even though the plot is still a little ways away he still made it seem like this could actually happen and its like I’m reading a historical book because of the way he made it sound so real.

    18. Christy on said:

      I moved this book to the top of my TBR because I love sci-fi and the concept of X-Men. I finished this book in a day because it's thought provoking and very well a possibility in our [not too distant] future. It is not impossible to think of the day when we can genetically screen out and engineer embryos. A lot of people wish for this day when they think about all of the negative outcomes of genetics. But what if we not only eliminated the negative outcomes but also all the average ones, too? Ri [...]

    19. Kathy Martin on said:

      THE ONES is a fast-paced science fiction dystopia that will leave the reader with lots to think about. The United States National Institute of Health instituted a project to correct the genetics of one of every ten babies born in the United States. Babies were chosen at random and now those first babies are in college. Public sentiment has changed toward the project. Now the public is convinced that those children who make up one percent of the population have an unfair advantage. The Supreme Co [...]

    20. Allison Halat on said:

      Personal ResponseI thought that The Ones was a very interesting book. It was a fantasy of futuristic technology. The Ones captures the attention of anyone who reads it. I did not want to put the book it down and cannot wait to read the next one in the series.PlotThe National Institutes of Health began a testing program twenty years ago to study the effects of advanced genetic engineering in one percent of the population. One out of every hundred newborn babies had been genetically engineered. Co [...]

    21. Jessy Mpdl on said:

      Lien ici : wp/p5AuT9-2e5Des romans Dystopies Young Adult, je n'en lis pas beaucoup. Mais celui-là a su attiser ma curiosité. Résultat ? Ce livre est tout simplement Hallucinant ! Il est unique dans son genre. Je n'ai jamais rien de tel… "The Ones" de Daniel Sweren-Becker.Les Ones sont un petit groupe de personnes (1% de la population) qui ont été sélectionnées à leur naissance au sort pour être modifiées génétiquement afin de devenir des êtres parfaits et de pouvoir faire parti de [...]

    22. Anytha Manson on said:

      The Ones . . peut-on réellement parler de ce livre sans évoquer un peu d'histoire`?Il faut le dire, j'ai un peu eu le sentiment de lire le journal d'Anne Frank. Je m'explique:L'histoire commence, les Ones sont comme tout le monde, puis ensuite quelqu'un accède au pouvoir et les Ones deviennent des parjures se faisant rafler à tout va.Ca ne vous rappelle rien`? On jurerait faire un bond dans les prémices de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale.Mais au delà de ça j'ai apprécié ma lecture alors que [...]

    23. Abigail on said:

      I received this book as an ARC through . All opinions in this review are entirely my own. Absolutely phenomenal. This novel by Daniel Sweren-Becker was the best I have read in quite a long time. It hooked my attention within the first few pages, which is extremely rare. I found myself growing remarkably attached to the characters and the relationships they developed with each other. Each time something jarred or changed one of them, I felt those emotions and reactions reflected in myself. They w [...]

    24. Valerie Brett on said:

      I don't normally post reviews, but I felt compelled to warn people not to read this book. It hits you over the head in its obviousness; it's lazy. It's like the writer tried to ride the wave of YA dystopia enthusiasm and it doesn't work. The characters are completely one-dimensional. I also agree with other reviewers who thought the use of water-boarding to interrogate a teenager (before any other methods were used, too) was absurd; that's when I stopped reading (and I was about 2/3 through. It [...]

    25. Ava Budavari on said:

      This book is a fast-paced dystopian thriller that questions the possible integrity of a society that could exist in the very near future. The book really makes the reader ponder the morality of genetic engineering, and introduces the very blurred lines when it comes to ethics. The story really shows how in the midst of injustice, everyday citizens can become activists and change the entire world around them. The sacrifices the characters make in this book are incredible and are true examples of [...]

    26. Juliana Riccio on said:

      I got this book as an ARC from San Diego Comic Con this year and only now did I manage to get to it.And what I can say? Seeing the political situation that this country is in today, it was scary to see the similarities betweeb this world written by Sweren-Becker and our world. The prejudice in it and people turning against each other reminded me of the results of this past election and that made this book so much greater in my mind. So maybe it's a good thing that it took me a while to get to it [...]

    27. Becca on said:

      A new series that is sure to grip teens who love a good dystopian thriller. Cody and James are Ones-they were genetically modified at birth to have the best DNA possible. Meaning, they are basically super human. 1% of the US population are Ones-winning the genetic lottery. A small political faction decides that everyone should be equal and this grass roots organization quickly takes over the government. The Equality Movement is born and laws are soon passed that eliminate the Ones freedoms. Most [...]

    28. Susan Beamon on said:

      This is a small book to contain such major questions. Genetic engineering has come to a point that it seems very safe, safe enough for the government to authorize a "trial" of its' use. Only 1% of the babies can be fixed to be faster, stronger, smarter than everybody else. And nobody thought there might be problems down the road with people being people. After some 20 years of this, changing only 1% of the children, backlash makes the government think maybe they need to lock up all these childre [...]

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