For the Love of Dixie

Shyla Colt

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For the Love of Dixie

For the Love of Dixie After having her heart broken by Echo Dixie Dunn makes a new life for herself away from the Kings Of Chaos Now she must return in order to get her stubborn father back to fighting shape after a hea

  • Title: For the Love of Dixie
  • Author: Shyla Colt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After having her heart broken by Echo, Dixie Dunn makes a new life for herself, away from the Kings Of Chaos Now, she must return in order to get her stubborn father back to fighting shape after a heart attack She knows she ll have to face Echo, as he has made it clear over the years that she still belongs to him But she refuses to give him any chance to crush her heartAfter having her heart broken by Echo, Dixie Dunn makes a new life for herself, away from the Kings Of Chaos Now, she must return in order to get her stubborn father back to fighting shape after a heart attack She knows she ll have to face Echo, as he has made it clear over the years that she still belongs to him But she refuses to give him any chance to crush her heart again Echo, Joel Spencer knows that Dixie hates him, but he also knows she yearns for him After being forced by his hateful father to practically leave her at the altar when they were teens, he realizes that he has his work cut out for him One thing is on his side, he knows what she wants and needs This time, he WILL make her his again, and to hell with whoever gets in his way.

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    One thought on “For the Love of Dixie

    1. Zandra on said:

      Great follow up minus the Daddy issues.A solid 3.5. I've been waiting for Dixie Rose's story and it did not disappoint. I liked that racism was not handled with complete kid gloves. In all honesty some parts could have been darker, but I'm not sure if it would have added anything useful to the story. Overall, I loved the honesty of the characters. Now, my only beef is one that I've shared over and over again. STOP WITH THE DADDY TALK! It makes my skin crawl and bile rise up. The words "daddy" an [...]

    2. Amber on said:

      4 solid stars for me. Although towards the end there rang a very scooby do moment. (I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!). It was an enjoyable read

    3. ★ Codie Abibliophobic ★ on said:

      Ugh felt like I had been reading this for years.

    4. Tracy *To the point Reviews* on said:

      Been actively looking for interracial romance stories. Why? Because they are necessary. because they are reality. Because they need to be out there. This story does it all. It exposes what racism is and what it does to people. How it can destroy lives and love. I like that Shyla Colt didn't shy away from the ugliness and the choices some people make when being influenced by family. When hateful suggestions and rhetoric is being plowed into your brain on a daily.We get some good backstory and sex [...]

    5. Emily on said:

      Dixie Dunn knew once all about soul mates and hope, until Echo single handedly destroyed her. Raised in a bikers world surrounded by racial hate, Dixie took the brunt of it all especially Echo's father. They fell for one another hard, but when Echo left her without word she was destroyed. Now back home once again to take care of her father, Dixie is thrust back into the biker world and Echo's life.Echo sees a second chance and he has been waiting for this day. He has to get Dixie to listen, ther [...]

    6. AlligatorSmith loves to read on said:

      I liked both Dixie Rose and Joel/Echo a lot, and their second chance at love was a great story. It took a while for Echo to grow up and be his own man, but when he did, he knew what he wanted - Dixie Rose.I've read the first five books in this series now, and I have grown to really like these MC guys and their women. I enjoy books where both the men and women aren't typecast into one type of behavior, and it's good to see real-life struggles and how the characters deal with them as they grow old [...]

    7. Nile Princess on said:

      I swear GoodReads is going to make me lose my religion. I wrote a detailed review for this today and bam! Lost. To recap!I really enjoyed this book, for the most part.Things that worked:Joel/Echo. Yassssss!!! Lawd geezus! Where do I find one of him? He was perfectly written. No nonsense, protective, authoritative and very 'don't make me say it twice, did I stutter the first time?' I love how he loved D'Rose, and how they saw their future together. Some authors try to do too much with alpha chara [...]

    8. Lustful Literature on said:

      **JOSIE'S REVIEW**I have read most of this author’s work, but For the Love of Dixie is one book that will forever be engraved in my memory. This book is a very emotional and controversial read. I love the fact that this author was not afraid to touch on a sensitive real area of life. Not everything is a fairy tale. For the Love of Dixie deals with the ugliness of racism and the hatred that comes along with it. When I started reading this book I was not prepared for just how much this book woul [...]

    9. Heather andrews on said:

      When it comes to his woman Echo doesn't do anything half a**, “with me. Non-negotiable. You can pick a place you like and I’ll pay the rent, but I’m not doing this part time ***t. When I get to be home, I want it to be with my woman at my side.” I loved the more relaxed Echo, “there’s a lot I’d like to show you right now, but I’ll keep myself in check. If anyone here even sees a part of your a**, I’d be ready to kill them.” She bites her lower lip. “You like it when I go al [...]

    10. Jennifer Pierson on said:

      This is my second book by Shyla Colt, and the more I read her, the more I fall in love with her writing! I LOVED this story!Dixie Dunn hasn't had the easiest time growing up. Being the daughter of a member of the Kings of Chaos and of mixed race leaves her open to a lot of people messing with her. On top of that, she gets her heart broken by Echo so she leaves and makes a life for herself away from the hurt. She has to return after her father has a heart attack, and comes face to face with Echo [...]

    11. Tracey on said:

      For the Love of Dixie is a Romeo and Juliet story with a happy ending, although in this story the opposition is only coming from Echo's father who dislikes black people with a passion. Dixie Rose comes home to the Kings of Chaos MC, when her father has a heart attack. She is thrown back in the world that she left behind when makes a choice to be there for her father. Her best friend Blue remind her that she will have to face her past and soon because Echo will come for her. What Dixie doesn't kn [...]

    12. She Hearts Books on said:

      Dixie made a new life for herself after no one in her life stood for her. This hurt my heart for her more than anything. Not even her father or the man who loved her did that. She comes back when her father has a heart attack and is faced with all that she left behind including Echo. He has a story to tell about why he walked away which still made me want to kick him at least once. Dixie has suffered such a nightmare at the hand of his father and it began way before they were together. I wanted [...]

    13. Chandra Johnson on said:

      WowIf you're a biker or a lover of a biker this book is for you. I was also disappointed toward the end after the secret was revealed .

    14. Johanna on said:

      I Liked this story! It was a 3 and a half stars for me. I enjoyed the love that Echo and Dixie shared it was so sweet the way he loved her. I liked the little drama thrown in I feel like it would have been helpful to read the first two books in the series but I stilled enjoyed the story. My one question would be why Dixie chose to call Echo to help her at that party. The love scene were hot and just a good love story.

    15. Sonya on said:

      I really enjoyed this IR romance it does not sugar coat the issues of race and is very passionate, a hot read and sad as some people can't change who they are and express their hatred for that in self destructive ways.

    16. Amanda Griffith on said:

      Filled with love forgiveness, redemption, betrayal, and much moreDixie finally comes home to her dad and the MC but because of her past issues with a few members, she's leary. Echo still pines for Dixie Rose and he's determined to make her his.Love this series.

    17. LaTanya Galloway on said:

      GrittyAnother great MC read. I really wish there was an epilogue for this story, though I understand it being a part of a series. Really great that Echo and D'rose were able not only make their way back to each other but also defeat his dad.

    18. Rebecca Bistel on said:

      Loved Echo and DixieThis book seemed to have a little more drama then the others and I loved it. I am loving the KOC

    19. Kimberly on said:

      Just okTook me two attempts to finish. Wasn't all that interested a read. But I still will read the others. Enjoy

    20. Mandie Foxylutely on said:

      *ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the third book in the Kings Of Chaos MC series. This is a second chance romance of Echo and Dixie.Dixie was brought up in the heart of the Kings of Chaos MC but never really felt part of it, from being a young child she always felt an outsider, little understanding until she was older it was down to one man and the colour of her skin. Her love for Echo never dimmed until that heart breaking night when he left her. Little did she [...]

    21. Joann on said:

      This was my first time reading anything of Shyla's, which is always nerve wracking, as you never know what to expect from an author that you've never experienced. Luckily, I wasn't disappointed. While I do feel as though maybe MC books aren't the exact market that Shyla could excel in, I did enjoy this one.The story of Dixie and Echo, two high school lovers ripped apart by Echo's venomous and racist father, was really tough to endure at times. It was hard to think that racism could play such a p [...]

    22. Michelle Austin on said:

      5 stars - Romance, Dark, Hot Alpha Biker, Heart Wrenching at timesShyla Colt captured me with “For The Love of DIxie” book 3 in the “Kings of Chaos” series. This was my first time reading Shyla's books, she really captures you and brings you right into the story.“You were gone a long time, Bit&&. Best remember your place and the way things work around her,” Mouth says. You meet Dixie who has returned to help care for her father who is a member of the Kings of Chaos. She is al [...]

    23. Marie on said:

      I have read both of the previous books in this series so I was really looking forward to this one. What I wasn't prepared for was how emotional and controversial it was. I adore that Shyla Colt wasn't afraid to tackle the very sensitive subject of racism in this book. It is a real part of everyday life and something that we all deal with.Dixie Dunn is the daughter of one of the members of the Kings of Chaos MC. Although she was raised around the club she has never been treated like family the wa [...]

    24. Nerdy Dirty & Flirty on said:

      This was my first book by Shyla Colt, and first things first. I have to say, she knows how to write about a controversial topic! It didn't take long to get to the racism issue, and it is handled very, very well.Dixie Rose is the daughter of a member of the Kings of Chaos Motorcycle Club, she's also biracial. She's grown up in the club her whole life and ridiculed and shunned due to her race. The story starts out with her being away, which is where she's been for years, avoiding the club life and [...]

    25. Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog on said:

      4.5 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, pain, secrets, betrayal, racism, grief, and heartbreak. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) firstSpun (Kings of Chaos, #1)A Lighter Shade of Blue (Kings of Chaos #2)This is Dixie and Echo’s story. Dixie and Echo were together in a relationship years ago but when Echo broke all contact Dixie had to let go. Now she needs to come back to town and take care of her father. She knows some of the peo [...]

    26. Dana Busenbark on said:

      In this third book of the Kings of Chaos series, we find out more about Dixie, her father, and what drove her away from the clubhouse and the Kings. Though as she puts it, she comes back when she needs to or when she is asked to. I loved that comment when she stood up to someone that really didn't like her because her mother was black. His son makes life more interesting. She ends up coming back, because her father is admitted to the hospital. What happens when she comes back to the club house 2 [...]

    27. D.E. on said:

      I love a good MC romance and I enjoyed the previous book in the Kings of Chaos series by Colt. So I was excited to get my hands on this novel. I really liked the idea of this story. It’s not just an MC romance with suspense, but also touches on the very important issue of racism and interracial relationships. Colt handled this well. I felt how much of an outsider Dixie was and the betrayal she felt when no one said anything about the racist comments. There’s a lot going on in this story and [...]

    28. Vera Quinn on said:

      I love Dixie Rose!!Dixie Rose Dunn loves her dad and is brought back home to take care of him after his heart attack. Coming back home also means coming back to the Kings of Chaos MC. They were also her family and she loves them but she has been away making her way in the world for some time now. Now she is back and she will face her old demons and she will have to face Echo. Joel " Echo" Spencer has lived with one regret . He let Dixie go. He had her but a situation interfered with him keeping [...]

    29. FMR Book Grind on said:

      ERIN'S REVIEW4 STARSThis story really digs into the inner workings of the MC. It really brought out the true colors of the characters. The author did an amazing job tackling a difficult issue. Echo and Dixie are kept apart by club rules. They have a deep connection that has been tested time and again. Both have to do some soul searching and determine if they are all in. There were times that I wanted to punch Echo and tell him to grow a set. Likewise, I wanted to tell Dixie to pull up her big gi [...]

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