Waggit's Tale

Peter Howe Omar Rayyan

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Waggit's Tale

Waggit s Tale He is nameless He is homeless He is friendless He is lost Until he is found by a team of mutts who shelter him and teach him how to survive the wilds of the city park And so he becomes Waggit the bes

  • Title: Waggit's Tale
  • Author: Peter Howe Omar Rayyan
  • ISBN: 9780061242618
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He is nameless.He is homeless.He is friendless.He is lost.Until he is found by a team of mutts who shelter him and teach him how to survive the wilds of the city park.And so he becomes Waggit, the best hunter and tracker in the pack, and the dog with the most powerfully wagging tail Waggit grows to love his team, especially its leader, Tazar, and his best friend, anHe is nameless.He is homeless.He is friendless.He is lost.Until he is found by a team of mutts who shelter him and teach him how to survive the wilds of the city park.And so he becomes Waggit, the best hunter and tracker in the pack, and the dog with the most powerfully wagging tail Waggit grows to love his team, especially its leader, Tazar, and his best friend, an old dog named Lowdown.But life in the park is dangerous and uncertain In winter, food and warmth are scarce Another team of wild dogs is a constant menace And always, there is the fear of capture by park rangers Waggit can t help feeling that something is missing something warm and cozy and human Then one day everything changes and Waggit must face a new threat and a new choice.Peter Howe s tale of an abandoned puppy s search for a home is an exciting mix of humor, adventure, and suspense Most of all, it is a story of how love can turn strangers into family.

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    One thought on “Waggit's Tale

    1. Faith on said:

      Waggit has been abandoned by his master and has been rescued by a kind team of dogs. He learns to survive in the park and becomes a good hunter, but unexpected things happen making life in the park more difficult.Reasons why I like this book-Reason 1- I couldn't stop reading.Reason 2- There are many dogs in the story.Reason 3- I could imagine what was happening.Reason 4- I could feel all the emotions that the dogs were feeling.

    2. Chelsea on said:

      Gosh, I feel like a real jerk rating this one star. I’ve had this book on my tbr since I joined , so when I noticed the whole series on one of my rare trips to the library I decided to grab it.I’m sure my younger self would have enjoyed this more; it’s very much the sort of stuff I read when I was eight or nine. The problem was that the writing feels just about on par with how I wrote at nine years old. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this to kids based on how poor the writing is.Premise w [...]

    3. Mike Benliyan on said:

      This book was a very informative and different book. It was written in the perspective of a dog! They refered to humans as the two legged ones and we were the ones spoiling their world. they had a whole system, territories, and rules. humans,especially the dog pound workers, are there most hated enemy. The main character, Waggit, is a dog thst has been left by his human family and adopted by a clan of dogs. he is faced by many chalanges and has to overcome his fear of being alone to survive. I r [...]

    4. MaryAnn on said:

      Parade Magazine in the Sunday paper listed this book as suggested reads for young readers for the summer.I thought it was neat story with lots of situations explored and resolved.I would wonder about how young a reader might enjoy it as there is a point where Waggit has to decide to hunt and kill small creatures for survival. Although the telling is discreet as possible, Waggit kills a rabbit. But what a great discussion opportunity - what things does one have to decide to do that one really doe [...]

    5. Vanessa on said:

      This book is amazing. It was so sad when Waggit's owner left him. When I first started reading it I could not stop. It is so detailed you could picture it so clearly in your mind and you can feel every single emotion that Waggit was felling. I loved the fact that in this book every single line changes they why you think about things. For example when Waggit went to the pound and the humans were taking them one by one to kill them you can't resist the urge to hate them. This book was one of a few [...]

    6. John Parker on said:

      Waggit belongs in the top shelf of "dog lit." It's not Sounder, or Old Yeller, and it's not as juvenile as Clifford, but it is a special book.Waggit is special because the story is told from the dog's point of view, and told well. Howe's masterful style will engage young and reluctant readers; it is both suspenseful and predictable.In a sense, Howe presents an alternate reality based on a dog's world, but that world turns out to be larger and more complex than a dog's one-day-at-a-time view.Whil [...]

    7. Arely L on said:

      In the story Waggit’s tale a dog named Waggit is abandoned and has no family/ friends. Until Tazar the leader of a pack finds him under a bridge. All the dogs had a story, of how they ended up in the park as a stray. This book is emotional if you love dogs and can also have hint action. The strengths of this book could be the detail, emotion, and how they compare the trouble of a reel stray dog could have. This book shows a lot of friendship and compassion. I would recommend this book for kids [...]

    8. Denise on said:

      The book was a poor attempt at personification. The author uses the simplest of phrasing, and a great deal of it, which causes the action to drag. The author invents new words such as Uprights (humans), Ruzelas (policemen), and Longlegs (horses) which may be confusing, at best, for young readers. Because of the agonizingly slow pace and strange phraseology, it's nearly impossible to use as a read-aloud.

    9. Sandy_E2 on said:

      This book is an emotional book that follows the journey of an abandoned dog. This book is amazing, with tons of experiences and watching Waggit change over time yet remain the pet he once was was really cool. The ending was so sweet and sad but also happy at the same time. You can really connect with Waggit and all the characters, and that was really impressive of the author. Would definitely recommend this book.

    10. Gina on said:

      If you have an adopted dog or known an adopted dog, or just love animals you have to read this book. Wonderful!!!!!!

    11. Laurie on said:

      I highly recommend this wonderful story of a homeless dog. This could be the next Charlotte's Web!!!!!

    12. Madison on said:

      Waggits tale was a very well thought-out book with a very good plot. It was mainly about how a dog named Waggit got lost from his owner and a group of other dogs found him and let him join in and they were like family and they taught Waggit how to fight and survive against other dogs but something unbelievable happens so you will just have to wait and find out yourself. I liked this book because I thought the plot was cute because Waggit found another home and they taught him the ways. I also li [...]

    13. Sophia He on said:

      I read this a long while ago but I still remember it. This was very special for me even though it's a replacement of dog instead of humans displayed I loved it. I remember it was about a dog named Waggit going out to rescue dogs and to find a new place to live because their last home was destroyed. It always got me at the edge of my seat cause I was afraid Animal Control would catch them, which some they did. The majority got somewhere safe and I felt relieved. Finding a new shelter was hard and [...]

    14. Liesl on said:

      This well-crafted tale presented from a dog's point of view was chosen as the winter school-wide book for the elementary school where I work. I was drawn in by Waggit's story right from the start and can see young children easily enjoying his adventures as well. I loved how the park that Waggit and the Tazarians inhabited is a simplified version of Central Park, and how the smaller landmarks throughout had heightened significance through the eyes of a dog. The book opens up interesting discussio [...]

    15. Kat (Lost in Neverland) on said:

      A very cute book. But it wasn't as 'cute' as you'd expect. Homeless and nameless, a puppy wanders the streets looking for food and safety, and that's exactly what he finds. A pack of strays find him and bring him into their home and name him 'Waggit'. This story goes through the hardships and the humorous times Waggit has with his pack. The Ruzelas (police, park rangers) and the Uprights (humans)try to capture the strays 24/7, and sickness and famine strikes in winter. A sweet, but sometimes sad [...]

    16. Mazzou B on said:

      Just as a reminder, I speed-read books for my younger siblings. I picked this one up at the library and read it while we drove homeBy the middle of the book I was sure it contained nothing objectionable but I must admit it was kind of interesting. The author is a good storyteller. But of course- he's British. My 7-year old sister really liked reading this book. It's not too much against humans, by the way. (not any more than any book focusing on a dog world anyhow. :) ) And not too fantastical. [...]

    17. Mr. Steve on said:

      I generally enjoy books with talking animals and this title did not disappoint. I thought it was well written and the characters well-drawn out. Definitely a good recommendation for dog lovers and fans of Ann Martin's book A Dog's Life. Not very intense as far as animal survival stories go, and I would feel comfortable recommending this book to good 3rd grade readers on up, even if they are sensitive to animals.

    18. Sarah on said:

      I loved it! I always love a good book about an animal. Waggit was an amazing character and it broke my heart to read that he was abandoned as a puppy. I'm so happy that he was found by the Tazarians and given a home. The lady that he is livng with ast the end of the story is a good person, but would really like to read that Waggit s back with Tazar and the other dogs.

    19. Daniel R on said:

      I absolutely could not have put this book down unless I needed to for a reason. It had me hooked the whole time and I couldn't like it anymore than I do now. It is hands down one of the best adventure books ever and I have no idea why this book doesn't have any awards under its belt. It's one of those books that forms an emotional bond with you and the character, which makes it so amazing.

    20. Jennifer Priester on said:

      I really love this book. It is basically the story of a dog, that like many dogs, get dumped by their owner. He finds a group of other stray/feral dogs and becomes a member of their pack. It is a good story for fans of warriors who also like dogs, or those who just like dogs in general. I believe it is a good story for any age to read.

    21. Heidi on said:

      Torin and I enjoyed this story, told through the eyes of an abandoned dog and the team of companions he finds in Central Park. I enjoyed the "dogs'-eye-view" and created vocabulary - read the book to learn about uprights, feeders, scurries, curlytails, rollers and ruzelas, and the roles they play in a dog's life. :-)

    22. Anna Sobczak on said:

      I loved it so much I still go back to the library and check it out, I loved how it was like another one of my favorites,Survivors By.Erin Hunter yet different in unique and adventurous ways.33dia.tumblr/947cd6b75

    23. Lara on said:

      all these books by peter howe are so beautiful, they give the story from a dogs point of view, and use the dogs 'language'. they are nicely written too and explain how hard it is for a street dog to live on the streets.

    24. Anaya on said:

      This book is really one of my favorites. There is also two more books called Waggit Again and Waggit Forever. The last book i have to read is Waggit Again. Once again, really great story and i hope whoever is reading this book also likes it too. Get the series if you do!

    25. Shayla on said:

      This is a heart-felt story about freedom, sacrifice, and survival. Waggit, an abandoned petulant, is adopted by a team called The Tazarians, lead by Tazar. Waggit is later forced to decide between life in the park, or the pampered eternity of a petulant. What will he decide?I know, but do you?

    26. Lynda on said:

      A group of dogs who survive in the "wilds" of Central Park accept Waggit to the pack.I love the unusual names the dogs give things - "uprights" = people and even though predictable, it was very good.

    27. Tessa 11-12 on said:

      Waggit's Tale is a book that show's teamwork and friendship. I really think this is such a good book that I have now read it book two times. The book is something that I can't really explain how good it is until you read it.

    28. Anne Marie on said:

      I think that it was a very good storyline. Of course, I lo♥e books that is from the animal's view. The only thing that didn't like was the dogs didn't seen to have a great sense of smell. Other then that, it was great!

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