Maggie: Diary 1

Ann M. Martin

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Maggie: Diary 1

Maggie Diary Selected poetry editor of Inner Vistas Maggie Blume an aspiring song writer struggles with feelings of inadequacy

  • Title: Maggie: Diary 1
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590298377
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • Selected poetry editor of Inner Vistas, Maggie Blume, an aspiring song writer, struggles with feelings of inadequacy.

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      236 Ann M. Martin
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      Published :2019-01-24T12:21:59+00:00

    One thought on “Maggie: Diary 1

    1. Julia on said:

      Believe it or not, I actually read this Diary first. And this is like, the 3rd one is the series!!! lol, but that was because my sister had all these books hiden in her room somewhere, *rolls eyes* shes so odd. anyway, it actually made sence. Into the book, when Maggie plays "Hey, Down There" for her band, Vanish, you feel like your feet aret touching the ground. It was a deep moment for me when I read that part because Maggie seriously realtes to the song is so many ways. So I could just imagin [...]

    2. SR on said:

      So Maggie basically is me, except with added singing abilities and a famous dad - family situation, position in school, identity among friends, tendency to capslock when excitedThis one really struck me. She's a great well-rounded character and I love her voice. Should probably track down her other two diaries for the hell of it

    3. Samantha on said:

      Of all the California Diaries books/characters, Maggie was really my least favorite. At least in this first journal of her's anyway, she just didn't resonate. Her plot got more interesting when they really dove into her eating disorder issues, but this book just didn't pack much of a punch. While her family issues are pretty messy, especially her mom's hinted at drinking problem, it didn't get into her issues deep enough. Though her Britney Spears-esque hair chopping off melt down WAS pretty goo [...]

    4. Logan Hughes on said:

      Maggie's not going to sing. Don't make Maggie sing.Full disclosure: this diary is peppered with Maggie's poems and song lyrics. I did not read them. When Maggie was originally introduced in BSC #23 Dawn on the Coast, she was vaguely characterized as the Stacey/Claudia of the club: the fashion-experimental daughter of a movie mogul. She had a green rat tail. By the time of California Diaries, she's aged out of that punk nonsense--she judges Sunny, now, for her black lipstick--and she's become The [...]

    5. Kiana Cook on said:

      Of all the California Diaries characters, Maggie was never my favorite (as a child, Sunny’s story always stuck with me the most, simply because of how horrifying it was)—upon reread, I don’t really have a favorite (though it might be Ducky), but I can easily say that Maggie is the one I relate to the most. She is such a tightly-wound mess of insecurity, anxiety, and low self-esteem, and she sounds a hell of a lot like my teenage self. Of course, when I first read the books I didn’t recog [...]

    6. Tanya on said:

      I read this book initally several years ago. It's part of a series that I never managed to find all the books to. Well just recently I found several of the missing books, so I decided to reread the ones I'd already read combined with the ones I hadn't. As I mentioned in my quick synapsis of the first book in the series DAWN, it's from the same author who wrote the Babysitters Club books. And even those these feature characters from teh BSC books, these are decidedly NOT the same books. They're a [...]

    7. Julie Suzanne on said:

      Because she writes the babysitter's club series, I figured this may be an easy read for some of my 7th grade girls. I couldn't get into it, and I'm 3/4 finished. The protagonist is really into singing, is an over-achiever, goal-oriented, and totally rich. She writes and revises her own songs throughout, which was kind of cool, but really, nothing sparked my interest. Blah, blah. I don't even know to whom I'd recommend it, so I guess I'll get rid of it and make room on my shelves for something I [...]

    8. Lorien on said:

      I will never understand parents that control their kids. I justn't get it. Maybe it's because of my family, but I just can't understand a person that thinks a child is a robot, something to control. You can't. You can't choose a damn thing for them, once they can start moving. Which is before their born.That is a lesson that the main character and her family have to learn. Maggie learned to let go, live, and be herself, the person no one can control but herself. It was nice, and I hope she'll co [...]

    9. Maggie on said:

      2.5 STARS!! Basically I picked up this book at my local library for two reasons: 1. It was a really short novel and it would get me out of my slump. (I needed something light) 2. The main character is called Maggie (yeaaaay like me!!)I actually thought this book would be nothing good for me, since I don't usually read books in diaries format. It turned out better than I expected though. Light, quick and nice. But finally it was probably just something to get out of my slump. Still good :p

    10. Sarah Crawford on said:

      This novel is about a girl named Maggie who is an incredible student, getting extremely high grades. She's close to what would be considered a "perfect daughter" in almost every way.Yet she worries about getting good grades and whether or not she has the ability to do various things. She has a chance to become a lead singer for a small band but self-doubt and her father's opposition causes her problems.It's a fairly short book and somewhat limited in scope but still interesting.

    11. Amanda on said:

      This book is the third book in the California Diaries series by Ann M. Martin. In this book Maggie is pressured about her grades. He dad is working on a new movie and is very stressed out about that. Maggie joins a garage band and is the lead singer. She cuts her hair and changes her clothes. Her band gets second place in the battle of the bands.

    12. Maisha on said:

      Not a very good book. I found it hard to side with the protagonist. On a side note, the font was big and it hurt my eyes (I don't mean to sound snobby). I used to love the Baby-sitters Club, but I'm not a fan of this book.

    13. Bouvardia on said:

      Maggie is not one of my favorite characters in the series but her story is wonderful. I loved how some of her entries where songs and poems while the rest was typed out but there were just too many little things with her personality that just made me dislike her in general.

    14. Laura on said:

      I didn't love this book as well as the Dawn book. However, I do love reading a diary. It was interesting to read about someone who has a famous dad and imagine what the may be like. I also think this book is a good set up for Maggie's next diary.

    15. Tara on said:

      I loved i think it's a perfect book that is a sort of a life of tennager they think ever their going throgh is the worst in the world.

    16. Ashley on said:

      #CompNtBkBorrowed from library.FS: "Monday 7/13 2:30pm. Breakfast: small bowl of cornflakes with skim milk, black coffee (no sugar)."LS:

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