Wet Dog!

Elise Broach David Catrow

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Wet Dog!

Wet Dog On a hot hot day a good old dog just has to get some relief Around the steamy country lanes he sniffs and searches until he finds a chauffeur washing a shiny car a baker scrubbing some sticky pans

  • Title: Wet Dog!
  • Author: Elise Broach David Catrow
  • ISBN: 9780803728097
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On a hot, hot day, a good old dog just has to get some relief Around the steamy country lanes, he sniffs and searches until he finds a chauffeur washing a shiny car, a baker scrubbing some sticky pans, and a florist spraying a pink bouquet they re all getting ready for a country wedding, and this overheated pup just wants to plunge into the fun and water but will the weOn a hot, hot day, a good old dog just has to get some relief Around the steamy country lanes, he sniffs and searches until he finds a chauffeur washing a shiny car, a baker scrubbing some sticky pans, and a florist spraying a pink bouquet they re all getting ready for a country wedding, and this overheated pup just wants to plunge into the fun and water but will the wedding party in their fancy finery welcome this gotta be cool pooch Zany characters, zingy lines, and high spirited scenes abound in this witty and affectionate story by author elise broach and New York Times best illustrated book Award winner David Catrow.

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      152 Elise Broach David Catrow
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    One thought on “Wet Dog!

    1. Carmen on said:

      It's very hot and a dog goes off on an adventure.He meets a chauffeur washing a car and the dog steps into the hose spray. The chauffeur shoos him.He sees a lady washing dishes and jumps in the sink. The lady shoos him.He sees a lady spraying flowers with a squirt bottle, and he steps in so she can mist his face. She shoos him.He sees a band playing in the swamp for some reason. A mariachi band? Unclear. The dog shakes muck all over the band and is shooed. He comes to a lake and sees a wedding. [...]

    2. Steve Holden on said:

      On these hot mid-summer days, this one seemed appropriate for a review (Buddy agrees!). Any dog owner can relate to the fun pictures and subject of this one. What's a dog have to do to stay cool on a hot sunny day? Agh, this is Buddy at every moment he can find when outside! Of course, he's an enormous dog bred for the water, but the connections crack me up from this book! I'm rating this one down a bit for myself, simply because as a read aloud, I struggle some when they're intended to be read [...]

    3. Lisa Vegan on said:

      This is one of two books that I read today with David Catrow’s illustrations and I am now a huge fan of his art for kids’ books; I’ll be looking for all the books that he’s illustrated.I love dogs and any child who knows dogs will especially love this book. This is a really terrific read aloud book.

    4. Kelly on said:

      This book is right up Catrow's alley because he puts dogs in nearly every book he illustrates! Even when the repetition gets to be a bit much in the story, Catrow varies each picture of the dog to put him in a different pose or give him a different expression. It's really cute though, and I like how everyone joins in in the water.

    5. Bridgitte on said:

      I love the lyrical quality of this book. My kids choose it at night because it's my favorite. The pictures are great, but the rhythm makes it a great read. I feel myself going into the voice of the Dukes of Hazard narrator.

    6. Kendall Evilcizer on said:

      This book was great to read, it would be really easy to read with younger students. The illustrations in this book really brought it to life and it helped you capture each moment. This gives you a perspective on everyday lives of dogs who do not have a home, and how people mistreat animals.

    7. Dolly on said:

      We absolutely adore David Catrow's books - ever since we read I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!, a book he illustrated (written by Karen Beaumont), we have sought out his books at our local library. So we were delighted to find that this one was a collaboration with Elise Broach. Our youngest had done a book report on her story Masterpiece, and is a big fan of hers as well.This is an entertaining tale about awet dog. The repetitive narrative, filled with onomatopoeia, and the hilarious illustrations [...]

    8. Jess on said:

      Wet dog!I like this one. One of these years I'm going to get the rhythm of the text. It's there, but I can't get on beat. I'm always half a step off. I'm fairly certain it has something to do with a Southern accent, though.Using it at school - Great when discussing the importance of both listening to the words and looking at the illustrations to understand the story. As dog looks for a way to cool off, he passes by a fancy car, a cake, a band, flowers, etc. He sees people preparing for a wedding [...]

    9. Alisande on said:

      Borrowed this from the library to read to my dog-enthusiast almost 2-year-old. I was born in the South, but spent a few years away and worked on trying to erase the accent. But this book brings it all home and every time I read it aloud, I am a pure Southern Belle. My children have never heard me sound like this. But for this book, I can take glory in the roll I was born to, in a way I never have before.

    10. Laura on said:

      Well, aside from the total ridiculousness of this book, it was pretty amusing. There were a couple pages where I scoffed at the absurd things the people were doing. I did love the bright and crazy striations of color on the pages though. I might recommend, but probably only to dog-lovers.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2009

    11. Samantha on said:

      One of my all-time favorite read alouds, especially because it stars a lovable dog!It's a hot day and a stray dog is suffering. He busies himself trying to find a nice pool of water to cool off in, but he keeps getting chased away. Careful study of the vibrant pencil and watercolor illustrations reveals that a wedding is in the works. PreK-2.

    12. Laura Pharis on said:

      At first glance, I wasn't a huge fan of the illustrations in this book. I thought they were a bit strange. However, as I progressed through the book I grew to really like them. I think this is a fun read-a-loud book for primary grades. The students would definitely enjoy seeing all the adventures wet dogs has throughout the day.

    13. Alice Gold on said:

      This is a cute book although I think the illustrations are much better than the story which goes something like this: a dog likes to get wet to cool down but nobody likes a wet dog shaking out on themuntil they realize that the dog has the right idea, and they all follow him into the lake. Could be used to teach cause and effect.

    14. Auttumn C on said:

      What a fun dog book! This would be a great example of repeated phrases. The moral of this story would be to never loose sight of who you truely are because there will be someone who likes you for you are! This was a fun read aloud for all ages and great pictures too!

    15. The Brothers on said:

      A charming little story about a hot dog who goes out in search of all sorts of different kinds of water to cool himself off. (Spoiler alert: In the end all the people he got water from are related by circumstance!)Awesome and fun illustrations.

    16. Linda on said:

      I bought the book because David Catrow would be in town to sign it. It is a delightful story about a dog who keeps trying to cool off in the hot summer, but the people he sees keep shooing him away. Delightful illustrations. The four-year-old I brought it out for had me read it to her TWICE.

    17. Cathy on said:

      Wet Dog has a simple but charming storyline and whimsical illustrations. But what really sets this apart from other children's books is its masterful rhythm. It is lyrical and almost poetic, and begs to be read aloud - many times over.

    18. The Reading Countess on said:

      Youngest son enjoyed this title more than I did. Admittedly, it is a cute story about a dog who gets into all sorts of trouble on his journey. At the end, he spoils a fancy wedding, but all guests are delighted by their suprise visitor.

    19. Katie Casey on said:

      Such a cute story about an old dog who got hot one day and decided to do something about it. A dog and a baby star.

    20. Jennifer on said:

      This book is really funny. Students with dogs would really find this funny. The pictures are also really fantasic. This would be a great read-aloud.

    21. Heidi Tighe on said:

      This book had the rhythm of Robert Service and the groove of Jack Kerouack all wrapped up in a rambling dog who just wants to cool down on a hot day. A very fun read. Cute illustrations.

    22. Brooke on said:

      So good. Love the rhyme. Love the rythm. Love the pictures. Kids love it.

    23. Jennifer on said:

      I thought this was such a cute story. It would be great to use in the classroom and get the students involved.

    24. Deborah Harris on said:

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    25. A. on said:

      This book is adorable and fun. I absolutely love the rhythm it creates when you read it out loud.

    26. Rebecca on said:

      Illustrated by the unfailingly hysterical David Catrow. Great read-aloud, participation book (shake like a dog, etc.).

    27. Sarah on said:

      This story is fun to read-aloud to students. They enjoys hearing about what all the dog goes through to cool off. Great illustrations.

    28. Lenore on said:

      Really liked the pictures in this book but the story seemed to be missing something. My son lost interested.

    29. Tiffany Smith on said:

      This book is great. The text is sing-songy, which small children absolutely adore. They will definitely chime in when wet dog pat-a-pats down the street and shakey-shakes when he's wet.

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