Seirsha of Errinton

Shari L. Tapscott

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Seirsha of Errinton

Seirsha of Errinton Sometimes the brightest love kindles in the bleakest of darkness The people of Errinton are cold but none is so than their distant and aloof princess At least that s how Seirsha hopes to be seen Aft

  • Title: Seirsha of Errinton
  • Author: Shari L. Tapscott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes the brightest love kindles in the bleakest of darkness The people of Errinton are cold, but none is so than their distant and aloof princess At least, that s how Seirsha hopes to be seen After living in the shadow of her father, the cruel King Bowen, the princess has learned to keep her distance, hiding her feelings and the love she has for her people SeSometimes the brightest love kindles in the bleakest of darkness The people of Errinton are cold, but none is so than their distant and aloof princess At least, that s how Seirsha hopes to be seen After living in the shadow of her father, the cruel King Bowen, the princess has learned to keep her distance, hiding her feelings and the love she has for her people Seirsha finds peace only with a peasant family in the village and a very unlikely friend from the caves near the castle But after her involvement in the death of the male heir to the Errintonian throne, Seirsha s defenses begin to crumble The search for another successor begins, and the one man with the power to strip away the princess s walls steps back into her life Seirsha knows she should keep her distance from Lord Rigel the only man in Errinton with a legitimate claim to her father s throne but when Bowen orders her to keep the dark lord close so she may spy on him, the princess must make a choice With another Dragon War looming and Errinton s oppressed rising against their leaders, will Seirsha betray her blood or turn her back on Rigel the man she s loved her entire life Author s Note This novel is darker than the previous two in the series and was written for a mature audience In writing this, I directly dealt with issues that the other novels only vaguely alluded to The point of the story, however, is not the cancerous evil that has spread through the kingdom, but the light at the end of the tunnel the hope in the darkness For my younger readers and for those looking for a lighter read, this novel can be skipped without worry of missing important elements needed for the fourth book.

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      453 Shari L. Tapscott
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    One thought on “Seirsha of Errinton

    1. Michelle Lynn on said:

      My kindle didn't even have time to cool in the time between when I finished book 2 and began book 3. I was very lucky that I just happened to start the series in the weeks before this was released so I didn't have to wait. Now the wait for the next one is going to be torture. I thought I loved Galinor. I really thought Archer was the ultimate love interest. Neither of them holds a candle to Rigel. We get a glimpse of the kind of person he is when he saves the day in Pippa, but he is so much more [...]

    2. Patrick Hodges on said:

      It was quite a surprise after reading the first two books in this series, Pippa of Lauramore and Anwen of Primewood - both of which were quite light-hearted compared to Seirsha of Errinton. Seirsha is no less a worthy heroine than Pippa or Anwen, and her situation is far more difficult. The daughter of a king that seems to be losing his battle to madness as he lusts for the power to put his country back on the map again, all she wants is to flee Errinton with her friends and her love, Rigel. But [...]

    3. Shari Tapscott on said:

      I so enjoyed writing this book. It's a darker than the rest of the series, and definitely intended for a slightly more mature audience, but I fell in love with Seirsha and Rigel, and I hope you will too.

    4. Chrissy on said:

      This one was hard one for me to rate. I have read the first two books in this series and loved them. The author says that this one is darker and meant for a more mature audience and I agree with that. At one point I was going to give it two stars but the cool hero and the romance bumped it up to three. So the good. I loved the sweet romance of our two main characters. I thought the story flowed nicely and didn't drag on and it wasn't too wordy anywhere. It was pretty well written, I only noticed [...]

    5. Jenny Koch on said:

      I liked the romance and respected some of the unexpected twists in the plot, but what knocked this book from 4 stars to a 3 was that the heroine was such a passive character that most of the real action occurred off screen. Basically, we mostly have VIP tickets to Seirsha's hopelessness and mental turmoil as court intrigues push her to and fro. Despite this, it was a surprisingly good book and I liked how forthright Seirsha was with Rigel about about her doubts - so that despite many signs point [...]

    6. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) on said:

      I love this series. I think I am now all caught up and I wonder if there are going to be more? This book was engaging and heartbreaking and so good. This is a good book and series for young adults, teens and adults, I think. It is easy reading that will transport you to another land. This one is more violent and heartbreaking than the others, but it fit the place and people it represented. Have I said heartbreaking yet? sigh. I love books that engage my feelings.

    7. Elentarien on said:

      Wow. This book was a bit intense. Unlike the first two which were quite light-hearted, this one DID take a darker turn. However, I felt the author handled some rather grim subjects quite tastefully. Little was actually said and those topics were not focused on.The story of Seirsha herself was - rivetting. I have seen some people complaining about a passive character, but I did not find her so much passive as. . oken. Growing up in a war-torn country, having a rather traumatic past and being caug [...]

    8. Kerri on said:

      This book definitely did a fair bit of yoyo-ing, both with the storyline, and my feelings about it. To be honest, I wasn't all that stoked with it after about 100 pages; Seirsha's dad was too mustache-twirling villain to pull me in, and you could see his actions coming from a mile away. The only person who could really be surprised by them was Seirsha, because I certainly wasn't.Tapscott really managed to surprise me, however, with (view spoiler)[ Bea's execution. No last minute miracle, no repr [...]

    9. Skye Hegyes on said:

      Lord Rigel came across as a cruel man in “Pippa of Lauramore”, but we discover he’s not as bad as he’s made out to be (going so far as to be seen as a good friend of Pippa and Hunter in this book), but we don’t learn much about him until this book. Discovering more about Errinton and the people there really put his attitude in perspective and allowed us to see why he comes off cold and cruel. His country is cold and cruel and ruled by an even colder and crueler man who forces Rigel to [...]

    10. Lenni Jones on said:

      **THIS REVEIW AND MY PUBLIC NOTES CONTAIN SPOILERS**Can you believe this book? It was AWESOME!!!! I mean, not parts like the evil father or Bea’s death, but the first kiss was good. And the ending!!!! WOW!!! I thought for sure Rigel was dead and then I was so confused. Before we find out he’s really alive, I was ready to send a hate letter to Shari L. Tapscott. Did anybody else feel that way? That’s all I have to say, but you can read the notes I make public.

    11. Emily on said:

      The first two books in this series are fun and lighthearted, but this one is definitely more serious. the author adds a disclaimer to her book warning people that it's "darker" and may not be appropriate for maybe the younger end of the readers in the series, but I didn't feel like it was so dark that it delves into the sick and twisted. It just covers more serious topics

    12. Greta Riordan on said:

      A very dark tale, that gets much darker. A darkly beautiful love story that grows in adversity and suffering.

    13. Becky Dirks on said:

      EnchantingDefinitely the best of this series!!! I love them all but this one is exceptionally good!!!! Pictures live how u never " know what the next page will bring!!! READ THIS BOOK!!

    14. Tenille Berezay on said:

      Easily the most intense and moving book of the series. Seirsha is the child of a power-crazed king. He’s demeaned and allowed her to be abused her whole life. She is a broken character, struggling to find a way to make her kind heart fit in a cruel world. Pippa returns in this book and she’s perfectly herself. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but a lot of times a book written in first person gives you one impression of a character and then when you see them as a secondary character, they [...]

    15. Zoby on said:

      I truly enjoyed this book. I was eager to begin reading it as soon as I was finished reading the second book in the Eldentimber series, "Anwen of Primewood". In the meantime--while I was impatiently waiting for the next book in the series to come out--I read the prequel, "Grace of Vernow", which only made me more impatient. I just couldn't wait to get into this next book and I was not disappointed. The book is very well written. The character build is amazing--makes you feel like you truly know [...]

    16. April on said:

      4.5 Stars!!!I have really enjoyed this series, and I am highly anticipating the release of Book 4 next month! Tapscott has crafted endearing characters, stories that breath and move you, as well as speak to deeper truths. Creating a magical land and people that will warm your heart.Book 3, as is stated is darker; there is loss and pain, evil verses good, there is hope, good and victory. I enjoyed the adventure, the drama and the unfolding tale. And was delighted to see characters from the previo [...]

    17. Katy on said:

      Wow, this was one intense story! From what I learned about Errinton from previous books in this marvelous series, I was not surprised. What did surprise me was how attached I became to Seirsha. She and her friends endured many perilous situations, and not all of them came out unscathed. I loved that Pippa and Archer from Book 1 are present through much of this book. And the ending--wow! What an emotional roller coaster! If you like medieval fantasy with dragons, romance and lots of danger, you w [...]

    18. Michelle on said:

      I really enjoyed the start of this story, with the tension of the hero and heroine having to pretend to not care about each other. But it got really dark as the story progressed. Then just a little pet peeve for me was the way the magic element was handled. I felt like it followed some established rules up until the end where the magician seemed to act in a way that ignored those rules. By the time I finished, I felt irritated and exhausted, which is not what I am looking for in my stories.

    19. Kara on said:

      Fun readPro's As good as the other books in this series.I liked Serisha character I felt like I could relate to her.This book has a different feel than the other books it's a little bit darker.They bring characters back from the 1st book which was fun.This book is great for your teenage daughter to read there's no swearing or sex.Con's Sometimes I felt like Serisha needed to grow a back bone and stand up for herself.Couldn't figure out why her father loved but hated her?

    20. Anna on said:

      On the one hand, this was a very well-written book --- probably the best in the series so far. The author doesn't pull her punches, which gives both the characters and the story depth in a way that reminds me of the Westmark trilogy.On the other hand (view spoiler)[the trick ending made me really mad. Not only did it feel unfair, it eliminated the possibility of that happily ever after glow. Sure, the couple end up happy in the end, but you don't know until the last possible minute and it just l [...]

    21. Leah Feltner on said:

      I was surprised by how much I liked this book. I was super hesitant to read it because it was going to be darker than the other books but I'm glad I read it. I really liked the two main characters. This book felt more like watching a big cinema movie with the evil King, beautiful dragons, and several side characters that completely engaged you as well. It was also fun having Pippa and Archer in the story. I didn't like the Bea and cousin plot, thoughI would have preferred that storyline to have [...]

    22. Karla on said:

      This was such an intense book! The first one was so light and almost fluffy, and it was a quick read, but Seirsha and Rigel's story was much more complex and the story was longer than the first. Although I knew they were going to end up together in the end, it was still interesting to see all that they went through to be happy together. I loved their story almost as much as I did Pippa and Archer.

    23. Frances Shellings on said:

      Must read series!!!Shari has done it again!!!From dragons, princesses, murder and deceits. This book keeps you on your toes! In the harsh kingdom of Errington can love prevail? Can Seirsha find happiness when her father takes everything she holds dear from her? Will she fight for what she wants? As the story continues with the characters you already know and love you will become invested in others! So read on and enjoy!!!

    24. Lisa Rector on said:

      Charming tale. Lots of back and forth. Just as Seirsha has something good happen, then wham, something awful happens. The ending has a few surprises. A few parts lagged, but despite that, the characters are fun and cute. And all the earlier novels meshed with this one. You'll want to read from the beginning to really immerse yourself into this world, and you will love all the characters.

    25. Tracy on said:

      Loved this one! Darker than the first two, yes, but also more intense, which made me a lot more emotionally invested. One of those books that I hated to get to the end of, becauseen what? Looking forward to the next one.

    26. Kevin on said:

      I thought this was more complex than the last two books, perhaps too complex for me. I enjoyed the story but found my attention wandering at times. I also liked the cameos from the other books. It was a bit of a downer though.

    27. Emily on said:

      4.5 stars. While I really liked the first two books in this series (they were both interesting, fun reads), this one is my favorite. Yes, it did have a darker, more serious tone, but that made it more real in my opinion, especially with the setting of the book. I loved the characters.

    28. Julie on said:

      One more story that takes you back straight into magic, with knights and princesses. It might be an easy read and sometimes a little too chicky but I love it anyways.And this one finishes with unprecedented suspens. One to enjoy cozily.

    29. Nancy on said:

      A little more grim than the first two books, but I still enjoyed it. Thank you to the author for keeping these books clean!

    30. Teya Peck on said:

      Pulled me right in and held me to the end. Interesting, well written and an enjoyable love story.

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