A Partir de un Beso

Tanya Anne Crosby Silvana Borghi

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A Partir de un Beso

A Partir de un Beso Esta traducion esta scrita en el dialecto de Argentina Ella lleg para casarse con uno de los hermanos d Lucy y le rob el coraz n al Drag n el otro hermanoPara finalizar una disputa Dominique Beaucham

  • Title: A Partir de un Beso
  • Author: Tanya Anne Crosby Silvana Borghi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Esta traducion esta scrita en el dialecto de Argentina Ella lleg para casarse con uno de los hermanos d Lucy y le rob el coraz n al Drag n el otro hermanoPara finalizar una disputa, Dominique Beauchamp estaba resignada a casarse con el fin de sanar las heridas entre sus tierras Ofrecida en matrimonio por su hermano al se or de Drakewich, ella vino a tomar el nEsta traducion esta scrita en el dialecto de Argentina Ella lleg para casarse con uno de los hermanos d Lucy y le rob el coraz n al Drag n el otro hermanoPara finalizar una disputa, Dominique Beauchamp estaba resignada a casarse con el fin de sanar las heridas entre sus tierras Ofrecida en matrimonio por su hermano al se or de Drakewich, ella vino a tomar el nombre de d Lucy pero nunca cont con que perder a el coraz n por el hermano de su prometido, el Drag n Negro.Blaec d Lucy desconfiaba de ella desde el principio, cre a que era parte de infinitas traiciones de su hermano, pero era incapaz de resistirse a esa mujer de cabello como de fuego, que cabalg con tanto orgullo en medio de ellos.Su amor se sell a partir de un beso.Esta traducion esta scrita en el dialecto de Argentinia.

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      417 Tanya Anne Crosby Silvana Borghi
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    One thought on “A Partir de un Beso

    1. Liv on said:

      This book was brought to life by the swoon-worthy, sultry, masculine voice of Braden Wright. OMG! I could listen to him read from an almanac! The narrator did an amazing job in bringing the masculine characters to life. He did ok with the female voices, but that's not a big deal…I could totally overlook that part. :-)This book is for sure about an intriguing forbidden love, but it's also steeped heavily in FAMILY & most importantly sibling relationships. I became interested in the plot rig [...]

    2. Zoe on said:

      I probably should give up on this author entirely. I liked one of her early books and have read a few more, all of which are huge disappointments. Ms. Crosby writes well. I like reading her stories. But characters lack depth and plots are thin. Characters in her books often are together just because they are hot for each other. And I am not even convinced of the passion. This book has an interesting premise, the hero is the older twin but for some reason was cast aside as the younger son. His yo [...]

    3. Ðawn on said:

      3.5 stars rounding up. I love how Crosby creates the story and romance ever so slowly. I also love that I don't find myself hating any of the characters including the antagonist who I felt a bit sorry for even.But! On the same note, she could have pushed for more emotional impact on the reader by turning up the conflict a notch or two.The writing was excellent, no time gaps, no lulls, sweet slow romantic build up, and characters that have depth.It was a nice relaxing romance. Not massive emotion [...]

    4. Shannon L. Gonzalez on said:

      A wonderful story! Once Upon a Kiss is a wonderful story rich in history, in loyalty and in love. Crosby is very talented in transporting the reader back in time to live vicariously through these characters. It is a story of betrayal, of misperceived hurt and power hungry tirades, yet it is resplendent with honor, with family ties and most of all love. Love of family, love and care of community but most of all romantic love.

    5. Jessica on said:

      It took me almost a whole day to read this because I found myself putting it down to do other things subconsciously. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either, it was just mediocre at best. I tried to like it, I wanted to like it, but the characters more than anything made it difficult. I did like the storyline and that's probably what kept me going in trying to finish the story. The small twist with the antagonist was something I haven't come across before and that made it a little more int [...]

    6. celecia dibble on said:

      OutstandingI was drawn in within the first chapter. I could not put it down. Love the characters and their story.

    7. Connie S. Koog on said:

      A Kiss!This was the best of the series. I was very impressed with the quality of the storyline it really had my interest.

    8. KatieV on said:

      I really enjoyed this. I'm starting to appreciate Crosby's writing the more I experience it.The narrator did a really good job with the male voices and an okay job with the female voices. As well as any man could, I suppose. Has to be hard.This is yet another medieval that takes place in England in the period after the reign of William the Conqueror, when his heirs are screwing up left and right and mostly trying to kill one another and split up the kingdom. In this novel, England is ruled by St [...]

    9. Miranda on said:

      3 starsTo be honest, I wanted to read the book just because of the cover.  I mean, c'mon.  Look at this cover.  *swoon*I wasn't really wild about this book but it still was a nice read. Dominique Beauchamp was a decent heroine. She has the stubbornness that some heroines possess. I liked the banter between her and the hero in this story. For much of the story, they absolutely loathe each other and I found myself smiling at some of the stuff they would say to each other. He was the cause of he [...]

    10. Demelza on said:

      I liked the premise of this book – rival clans to be united by marriage, except the bride-to-be ends up falling hard for the wrong brother, all against a back-drop of uneasy alliances and court intrigue. What I didn’t quite realize was that this was originally written in 1995…which means…often…the plot tends to being overly melodramatic and crazypants.Things started out OK, but ultimately the writing style did me in. I couldn’t take it when the hero “knit his eyebrows” for the ga [...]

    11. Samantha on said:

      I actually listened to this historical romance on audible and found that for this particular book, I was glad I used that particular format. The narrator was fantastic and did an excellent job of rendering additional life and color to the characters already so vividly drawn in the novel. Set in Medieval England, Dominique Beauchamp is offered to the Duke of Drakewich as part of a treaty to settle a long-standing feud. Unfortunately, she arrives amidst an atmosphere of suspicion of herself and he [...]

    12. Tash on said:

      I'm such a sucker for the "happily ever after" endings. Although this started off really, really, it turned out to be a good-read!Dominque, the heroine in this story got on my nerves ALOT!! There were plenty of times throughout the book I just wanted someone to slap some sense into her.Her brother William was so disgusting, he totally got what he deserved in the end! This guy freaked me out and gave me goosebumps.And then there was Blaec and Graeham, twin brothers who were so loyal to each other [...]

    13. Heidi on said:

      Once Upon a Kiss has a naive but strong-willed heroine, an alpha-male hero, and a fiendish villain. What's not to love? Dominique finds her happily ever after through many misunderstandings and some stupid choices. She is betrothed to Graeham and is brought to his keep by her brother who has designs on the place, himself. Graeham's twin brother Blaec, who is the leader of the keep in spite of not being the heir, spots her and it seems the sparks fly long and hard. Thrown together again and again [...]

    14. Kathy on said:

      Dominique's betrothal an offering of peace or betrayal of the heart?Dominique's brother William arranges marriage between his sister and Graeham as a means to join their families and lands. Unbeknownst to Dominique peace is the farthest thing from her brothers mind and the trechery begins to unfold upon their arrival. What William didn't count on is the strong bond of the twin brothers and Blaec beginning to foil his plan from the moment of their arrival.The character development is outstanding [...]

    15. Jayne dArcy on said:

      Blaec and Dominique are trying so hard to do the right thing as ordered by the king but love will out, and these two are headed for a rocky romance.Both Blaec and Dominique are strong, fascinating characters. I love the way the author approaches each and reveals what is beneath the surface. Consider it a bonus but the author gives the reader a very good look into Blaec's brother.The story moved quickly but was tightly engaging.

    16. Maura on said:

      An entertaining read - lots of Sexual Tension between the two main characters!!! Honestly though, I couldn't figure out why they fell in love. They hardly knew each other. Throughout the whole book, other than their furious shouting matches, the two shared nothing of themselves with each other. More internal monologues than dialogue. So that was a little disappointing because it was hard to buy into why they suddenly loved one another.

    17. Daneesha on said:

      this made me love medieval romances all over again! the dark and delicious hero thrilled me to the tips of my toes. I really liked the bond he had with his twin brother. they were steadfast in their brotherly love. the heroine was a typical medieval girl sold into a marriage for an alliance once she meets the hero, the tension between them is electric. zip! at first, she's all nay, nay, but later, it's more like oh yes, deep sigh!really enjoyed this plot of treachery and love!

    18. Pavlina on said:

      hmmm, started off very promising but then the characters did stupid, predictable things. Very yawn -worthy. I thought I had read another decent novel from this writer so I hope this poor storytelling's is s one-off.

    19. Susanna Chin on said:

      Interesting literary style, but not sure I really liked it. It seemed to be a mix of old English with contemporary which ended up sounding very strange. Story line predictable but cute. I am not in a hurry to read any more of her books.

    20. Barbara on said:

      Great medieval romance. Fast paced. Several surprising plot twists. Hunky knights in shining armor. Beautiful damsels in distress. Plenty of angst, but also laughter and tears. Great romantic read. I will definitely read more by this author (this was my first book by her.)

    21. Charlene Vertefeuille on said:

      This book was great. Nice slow build, love/ hate dynamic that was super hawt. There were a lot of words to look up and highlight :) good vocabulary usage! Gave everything I was expecting and a little bit more. Excellent read for a lazy day in the sun.

    22. Layne on said:

      Oohhh!!! So gooood!Once again Tanya Anne Crosby takes you on a journey where the heroes (and there are two) and their heroines (and there are two) are so real with warts and all that you lose yourself and become one with them all!! Don't miss this one!

    23. lover of passion on said:

      Didn't let me downI recommend the book to whoever likes romance and little heat. I dislike having to make a review with 20 words when just simple enough to say you like the story and the writer

    24. teresa dailey on said:

      Good book for those who love romanceI liked this book because of the adventure and of course the romance. I didn't want the book to end

    25. Marta Cervantes on said:

      Loved it!!Could not out this down and stayed up late to finish it! You won't be disappointed with these brothers! What a kiss indeed!

    26. Kirby Hamann on said:

      I don't know why I had such a hard time understanding it made more sense the second time around

    27. Gigi on said:

      ‘Once Upon a Kiss,’ was a very engaging read. It was filled with passion, intrigue, and betrayal. The love and devotion shown by the characters of this book was admirable.

    28. Hattie Walden on said:

      I have never been one for romance novels, but this one was really good!

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